When Social Media Meets Social Intranet


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In this talk, I share about the importance of combining social media and social intranet to transform businesses to be social business and deliver values such as service innovation and improved productivity

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When Social Media Meets Social Intranet

  1. 1. SocialWhen Media Social meets intranet@roanyong
  2. 2. Source: http://blog.tweetsmarter.com/social-media/spring-2012-social-media-user-statistics/
  3. 3. Social 50% of Web Sales to Occur viaMedia Social Media by 2015 http://mashable.com/2012/11/01/facebook-sales/
  4. 4. Social BusinessSocial SocialMedia intranet
  5. 5. Social BusinessSocial Business is a business that embraces networks ofpeople to create business value. Social businesses embracetechnology to enhance relationships between employees,customers, and partners. Social Social Media intranet
  6. 6. Business Values Social media1 An Effective Platform for PR 2.0 A Platform to Emotionally2 Connect With the Customers
  7. 7. Social Using Social Media Is No Media Longer a ChoiceToday’s Customers Are Citizen Journalists!Organisations Must Have Social Media Presence To Avoid PR Nightmare
  8. 8. Social Using Social Media MeansMedia Putting Social Media Policies in Place
  9. 9. Social Using Social Media Means Media Putting Social Media Policies in Place Facebook Posting Absolutely! Examples of Social Media Policy: • [Ford] Play Nice, Be Honest • [Oracle] Employees must Profanity establish that all opinions are their Others own and not Oracle’s, but at the same time, distinguish that they are indeed employees of Oracle.Source: http://techland.time.com/2011/05/24/47-of-facebook-walls-contain-profanity-but-should-employers-give-a-darn/
  10. 10. Social 1. An Effective Platform for PR 2.0 Media Facebook is the new magazine Youtube is the new TVTwitter is the new RadioSocial Media is Free, Two-Way Marketing & PR Tools with Wide Reach
  11. 11. Social 1. An Effective Platform for PR 2.0 MediaA means to showcase social proofSocial Media is Free, Two-Way Marketing & PR Tools with Wide Reach
  12. 12. Social 2. A Platform to Emotionally Connect Media with the CustomersSocial Media provides means to visualise / storytell to harness peer influence
  13. 13. Social When Social Media BackfiresMedia
  14. 14. No 1 Reason Social Media Backfires Not Using Enough Collective IntelligenceCaution: Let Go of ControlYou can’t 100% predict the outcome of social media campaign
  15. 15. Social Not Using Enough Collective Media Intelligence Some staff give responses to a number of angry peopleNot testing assumption!The use of Social Media in organisations has to be backed up by Social Intranet
  16. 16. Social intranetSocial intranet is an intranet where all employees canauthor content and connect easily.Or,Social intranet is an internal social media for organisations. Social Media
  17. 17. Business Values Social intranet1 A Platform for Internal Collaboration A Means to Reinforce Purpose2 and to Facilitate Change
  18. 18. Social 1. Making Work “Social”intranet (A Platform for Internal Collaboration)
  19. 19. 2. Igniting Organisational Culture Social Revolution intranet (Facilitating Change)Communicate top mgmtpurpose/vision via:• Blogging on the intranet• Facilitating a discussionforumSource: http://www.thoughtfarmer.com/blog/2012/06/27/social-intranet-case-study-financial-institution-banking-on-employee-engagement/
  20. 20. 2. Igniting Organisational Culture Social Revolution intranet (Facilitating Change) Launching a mock “internal social media” campaign Breaking information silos in organisations via • “Internal Twitter” (Yammer) • Opportunities for personal brandingSource: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwwtcl6BDqU
  21. 21. Social Anatomy of Social Intranet intranetSource: www.cmswire.com/cms/social-business/the-social-intranet-tools-trends-and-whos-using-it-infographic-017606.php
  22. 22. Social intranet 3 Products to Consider Microsoft Sharepoint + Yammer 1 http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/en-us/Pages/default.aspx https://www.yammer.com/ 2 Jive Software http://www.jivesoftware.com/ 3 Thought Farmer http://www.thoughtfarmer.com/Note: Singapore SMEs may want to try a free, cloud-based social intranet: Bitrix24. Here is theURL: http://www.bitrix24.com/
  23. 23. Social Business 1 A Platform for Internal CollaborationSocial Social 2 A Means to Reinforce PurposeMedia intranet and to Facilitate Change1 An Effective Platform for PR 2.02 A Platform to Emotionally Connect With Customers
  24. 24. Business Values Socialbusiness1 Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience Collaborate Better ->2 Improve Productivity/Innovate Be a More Nimble Organisation3
  25. 25. Social Example #1 - Samsungbusiness Create Service Innovation
  26. 26. Social Example #2 - Xilinx business Raise Engineers’ Productivity by 25%URL: http://sloanreview.mit.edu/improvisations/2011/12/02/using-social-media-for-peer-to-peer-collaboration-the-xilinx-example/
  27. 27. Key Take-Away1. Organisations have to be in Social Media2. Social Media has to be supported with ValueSocial Intranet3. Transform your organisation to be SocialBusiness Experience Services Products
  28. 28. e-bookAbout MeStrategist | Consultant | Speaker www.roanyong.com @roanyong roan_yong@yahoo.com roan.yong roan julius indra bit.ly/sociacol