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Rose orange the project


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Rose orange the project

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Roses are the universal symbol of love. Orange roses stand for Desire, Passion, Fascination, Enthusiasm Orange Chakra stands for Self-respect, having the freedom to be ourselves, it connects us to our senses and It inspires Happinness, Confidence and Creativity
  3. 3. Mission & Vision RoseOrange is a sensuality campaign with merchandise. We plan to be a truly open, creative and socially engaged programme of projects and objects for sensual and sexual wellbeing and intimacy. RoseOrange celebrates love, desire, creativity, beauty and intimacy. We believe that we can all be more aware of all our senses, our physical intelligence and our connections to others. We have the right to feel our feelings, and to respect our sexuality as the source of life and humanity. We believe that having the ability to give ourselves the freedom to be ourselves sensually and sexually - with respect to ourselves and to others - we might unlock positive social change and bring beauty into our daily lives.
  4. 4. The Story So Far Not so long ago, we first had the idea of something called 'Rose Orange'. It would be some kind of a shop, or a campaign, or a series of exhibitions or events... Whatever form it would take, though, it would be about love, beauty and the senses. "This is my unfinished business," says Roanne, "sensuality, truth and beauty, intimacy, love, generosity. Somehow I need these things to have a place in the world." "There's a story to tell that's not been told: about the complexity of intimacy, about different kinds of love, about the politics of generosity, the importance of truth (whatever that might be) and the importance of beauty (in all its senses), and fundamentally how we are motivated by desire and pleasure." "These are things we weren't brought up with understanding. Most popular culture doesn't know how to handle the subtlety of these things. How different would the world be if we understood these better?" We are starting gently. Tentatively. These are the start of ideas that have inspired us. But we have many more. But we also know that you will have others. We want you to think as artists, as artisans, when you sent us ideas, quotes, poems, images, stories and things you would like to see us make and sell. All things that will helps us change the world with love. I hope you will join us on this mission.
  5. 5. ROSE ORANGE: HOW IT WORKS We want everything possible about Rose Orange to be public. We want to work openly and invite help from everyone. These are the principles we're working with. Rose Orange: Working at its own pace Start small and simple Keep making things happen Finding people through networks of friends Rose Orange: Maintaining a sense of intelligent quality Working with people as artists and artisans Taking care of where products come from and how they are made (in terms of ethics, ecology and quality) Rose Orange: Leading a process of conversation Making space for the personal, curiosity and uncertainty Making products, producing projects, sharing ideas that we love. We hope to treat the things we make as real, creative works. We hope they work as nice, simple products that make you feel good .
  6. 6. THERE ARE THREE WAYS IN WHICH PEOPLE CAN HELP One. If you're an artist, an illustrator, a jewellery designer, a writer, a producer, a theatre maker, a creative campaigner... if you're someone who makes things or makes things happen, we want to hear from you. Two. If you have an idea, if you like something on this site, if you don't like something on this site, if you've seen something you think we should know about, if you know someone you think we should know about, if you wish that someone would do something and you want to tell someone but you don't even know quite how to explain what you want... let us know. Three. If you like what you've found and if you'd like to support Rose Orange, buy some products and join our campaign. Most importantly tell your friends Thank you!!
  7. 7. PRODUCTS and PROJECTS We want to make products and projects that move people. Simple things that inspire intimacy, relationship, beauty, connection. That's why Rose Orange commissions artists and artisans, designers and producers to create products and develop projects that mean something to them. We hope they mean something to you too. Products/projects could include: – Essential oils from all over the world from essential oils, to pomegranate extracts, extracts of unguents used by native South Americans, ancient eastern products – all that reflect the different moods of sensuality and different stages in women’s lif – & clothes and garments – & jewellery,, and other designs – & apps, games, performances – & writing _ & images, - & music _ & films – & tv series about intimacy in different cultures – Travelling exhibitions and talks – & events at all kinds of Festivals
  8. 8. – CURRENT ASSETS: – Logo – Website text – Designs for some products and packaging – Twitter following – Poorly updated Facebook page – Connections to others in the intimacy arena in UK - Cassie Robinson, Sam Roddick, and many more – Lists of artists and designers and manufacturers waiting to get it going – Potential angel investment: – url and email – A group of people waiting for it to start – Suppliers and factory – Postcards as workshop – Documentary treatment for factual series on the development of RoseOrange and some footage – Masses of market and other research
  9. 9. – PRIORITIES – Get the easiest and cheapest products up for sale - candles/massage oils/app – develop jewellery partnership with Vanilla Ink – Research and create lubricants – Develop an app that connects people through imagery, poetry, chakras – Make tv/documentary series about sensuality in different countries - with associated book – Create a talk series on sensuality - once we have products to sell: Edinburgh and Glasgow – Develop the postcards as workshops – Work out how much capital we need – Raise the capital – write a book
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