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Music video


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Music video

  1. 1. Here is the song:Here is the video: will analyse the video via four important rules:• Voyeurism-how is the audience viewing the scene and is there any interaction?• What is the relationship between the music and the visuals?• How do you know that this video is made by this person?• How is the artist portrayed?Also I will talk about the director and why I have chosen the video tolook at.
  2. 2. In this video there is a lot of audience-artist interaction. The artist, Alex Day, is a story teller who is creating a world made out of words and spinning them together to create the visuals we see.The establishing shots and titles help toillustrate and introduce the video. Inthese shots the audience is just aninvisible eye viewing the situation.This invisible eye trick is also used toshow differences in time. For exampleLady Godiva’s husband does not lookat the camera whereas modern daygirls view Alex as he parades around ina wig do look at the camera.
  3. 3. The music and the visuals do relate to each other a lot as the lyrics describe each scene. For example the lyrics “AHollywood director came into town” are being sung as the image aboveis shown.Alex also sings in the video as another person, i.e. the Hollywooddirector. He sings “How’d you like to be a star” while being the director.
  4. 4. /watch?v=8o54ccUHXtc& feature=plcpHow similar is it to his other musicvideos? Well to be honest with youthis video waved in a whole new lookfor Alex’s videos as it looks morepolished and defined.Before this video his style was cheapbut effective. It still conveyed thesame message but it just wasn’t asgood as it could have been. (Highestimage.)Now he has finally cracked that http://www.y look that reassures his watch?v=X45 cfwRs8ak&fea ture=plcpaudience to trust him. He carriesthat on in his next video. (Lowestvideo.)
  5. 5. In the video Alex is portrayed as many characters throughout the video.This suggests to the audience that he is someone who is up for anythingand isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Also by playing every character barLady Godiva and a horse, his face is being drummed into their heads sothat they know who he is. By doing this the audience can get to know Alexalmost as a distant friend. Someone who is cool, fun and reliable.Narrator Husband Singer Peeping Tom Director Singer/Lady Godiva
  6. 6. Believe it or not this music video was directed by none other than AlexDay himself. He has directed several music videos before but there wasa change this time as he was joined by an influential friend; CiaranO’brien.Ciaran is a masterful photographic director. A short list of his work:He is one of those people who can see in two different lights and has atch?v=CmLBWg1xKBUthe equipment to implement it. He is a shycharacter and does actually live with Alex He has no Youtube account that I can atch?v=Z4HwAUEvkIQ&featufind but he does have Twitter. re=plcp
  7. 7. So why do I think that this music video is special?. Well Alex Day is aVideo Blogger or Vloger for short and I have been watching his videosfor over a year. He is a nice person with good intentions and a desireto top the UK Christmas charts with a number one. Last year he camehis closest with a number 4 on Christmas day with Forever Yours. Thatpropelled him so far that he was able to fly on a whim to Iceland forNew Years.But I find that the video is a vast improvement on all of his others. Inthis he leaves his shared London house and heads to Coventry. This issomething alien to his music videos as the furthest he has gone beforeis a grave yard.