Teach us UK Q&A


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The Roamler team tried answering your questions. And it proved to be difficult...

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Teach us UK Q&A

  1. 1. Who is this "famous" person?A: Carl Pilkington from Idiot Abroad
  2. 2. This is a famoussporting venuein the UK. Whatis its name, whatsport is predominantly played here andhow many people does it hold?A: Telcome Dome, football and 35.000?
  3. 3. This is thesecond largestlake in the LakeDistrict. Whatis its name?A: Big Lake (sorry, wedon’t know)
  4. 4. Who inventedafternoon tea?A: The British?
  5. 5. Who is this and whatis so significant abouther?A: Looking a bit likeEmma Watson, butshe isn’t in thispicture, is she?
  6. 6. Who is this person?!A: The mayor ofLondon, Boris…. ??
  7. 7. This is The Angelof The North.It is inGateshead ...Which road canit be seen from:A1, A2 or A3.A: A2
  8. 8. One of the mostfamous monarchs inBritish history is KingHenry the eighth, doyou know how manywives he is famous forhaving (all onseparate occasions)?A: 5 wives?
  9. 9. What was the originalname of theManchester UnitedFootball Club andwhat was the colourof their kit?A: MFC or Mancunian,blue?
  10. 10. What is the name ofthe tower in thephoto?A: Big Ben
  11. 11. Who is this man?A: Is a standup comedian? Michaelsomething..
  12. 12. Which city skyline isthis?A: Leeds?
  13. 13. What are these guyscalled?A: Party people
  14. 14. What is thename of thisstatue and inwhich part ofEngland is it?A: We were told it is the Angel of theNorth and situated in… Scotland?
  15. 15. Who owns adog like this?A: TheQueen!
  16. 16. In which famousroman city are thesefamous Baths? Andhow was it heated?A: In Bath, heated bythe source itself?
  17. 17. Whats this?A: Custard pie?
  18. 18. Who is this English person?A: Looks like a football coach
  19. 19. Who is this man?A: No idea, sorry!
  20. 20. What is thename ofthis famouslandmark?A: the Big Benand House ofParliaments
  21. 21. Which universityin England is theonly universitywith their ownrailway station?A: Oxford?
  22. 22. What food itemcommonlyconsumed forbreakfast is shownin the picture?A: Croissant?
  23. 23. A typical English postbox, what do theletters on the frontstand for?A: Elizabeth Rules?
  24. 24. What sort of watermakes the besttea, and why? Hint -the answer us NOTboiled water.A: Heated water froma private well?
  25. 25. How is a typical cup oftea made in the UK?A: Black tea, milk andlemon.
  26. 26. Which artist createdthis?A: Banksy
  27. 27. Which part of Englandwould this bookbelong in?A: Wales?
  28. 28. The Union Jackis made up ofwhich othercountries flags?A: the flag ofScotland, Wales,England and NothernIreland
  29. 29. Which of these is nota slang name given toa policeman inBritain?1) bacon2) old bill3) kipper4) BobbyA: We would go for4, Bobby
  30. 30. What is thisquintessentiallyEnglish alcoholicbeverage?A: euh… strawberryice tea?
  31. 31. What were thenames of themascots for theLondon Olympics?A: Good one! Don’t know.
  32. 32. What is the name ofthis famous bridge inthe north east ofEngland called that isgetting struck bylightening ?A: Sorry, only knowthe Tower Bridge.
  33. 33. In which area (onthe show, notwhere its set) isthis very famousstreet, on theBritish SoapCoronation Street?A: Simpleville? Sorry, don’t know
  34. 34. Name this famous UKlandmarkA: Big Ben and Houseof Parliaments
  35. 35. Who is this?A: Simon Cowell
  36. 36. Is wine produced inthe UK?A: Yes
  37. 37. Who is the manin this photoand what doeshe do?A: Simon Cowel and he is thejudge and producer of X-factorand brought us the Spice Girlsand One Direction? Right?
  38. 38. Who are these?A: Spitfires?
  39. 39. This is a chicken thatwe have with atraditional EnglishSunday roast, whatelse do English havein a Sunday roast butchicken?A: (mashed) potatoesand vegetables?
  40. 40. Why is Big Bennamed so?A: Because it isbig.
  41. 41. What is this?A: Bakewell pudding,as it says in thepicture?
  42. 42. Who is this man?What is he famousfor?A: Don’t know
  43. 43. What type of Britishentertainment is thephoto a typicalexample of?A: Absurdist play
  44. 44. This is Boris Johnson.What job doeshe do?A: He is the mayorof London. Good toknow his last name isJohnson.
  45. 45. Who is this wellknow person orwhat is theirrole in the UK?A: JamesCameron, he isprime minister ofthe UK
  46. 46. Whos this andwhat sport doeshe play ?A: we don’t know butdoes he playbasketball??
  47. 47. This is obviously QE2.But what does "QE2"stand for? Careful, aswhatever answer, itsgoing to be wrongunless VERY specific!A: Guess: Queen Elizabeth boat numbertwo?
  48. 48. Who is this? thA: Henry the 4 ?
  49. 49. How many MPsare there in theHouse of Commons?A: 300 members?
  50. 50. Who is this andwhat did she do?A: MargretThatcher, the IronLady. The firstfemale PrimeMinister of the UK.
  51. 51. Who is thisman? What ishis job?A: Boris Johnson,mayor of London.
  52. 52. This is a top place tovisit in the UK. Whereis this?A: Stonehenge
  53. 53. Which famousEnglish footballplayer is this?A: David Beckham
  54. 54. Who is this?A: An Olympic runner,but we don’t know thename.
  55. 55. Who is thisfamous, Britishtelevision host?A: JonathanRoss
  56. 56. What doesthis yellowbox mean?A: Don’t stop?
  57. 57. Who is this woman?A: Does she host acooking program?
  58. 58. Who is this importantperson?A: Boris Johnson,mayor of London.
  59. 59. "Youre actinglike a real bakedbean!" Whatdid I just callyou in cockneyrhyming slang?A: Stupid
  60. 60. Despite this industrialpast, what other factmakes Sheffieldunique amongst all ofthe UKs major cities?A: It doesn’t have ariver.
  61. 61. Do the UK havelandscapeslike this if sowhere is itlocated?A: Yes andis it a big city likeManchester?