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Why Travelers Need Travel Insurance for a Domestic Trip

Many travel planners mistakenly believe that domestic trips do not need travel insurance.

Join travel insurance provider RoamRight as we review situations that can arise on a domestic trip and the best way to address them. With real-life case examples, RoamRight will walk you through various travel mishaps and emergencies and offer advice so you can better care for your travelers.

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Why Travelers Need Travel Insurance for a Domestic Trip

  1. 1. Why Travelers Need Insurance for a Domestic Trip
  2. 2. Things You Should Consider for a Domestic Faith-Based Trip #RoamRightFTA
  3. 3. Who Are We? Scott Walton 443-279-7340 #RoamRightFTA
  4. 4. • Member of US Travel Insurance Association • Senior Vice President is on the Board of Directors • A+ Ratings • Licensed in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Who Are We? #RoamRightFTA
  5. 5. Who Are Our Clients? • Affinity Groups • Aggregators • Brokers • Clubs and Organizations • Colleges and Universities • Corporations • Host Agencies • Mission Groups • NGO/Non-profits • Online Travel Providers • Tour Operators • Travel Agents
  6. 6. Poll Do you regularly recommend travel insurance for your domestic travelers? You should! Keep watching to find out why.
  7. 7. Poll According to a USTIA survey, which generation is most likely to purchase travel insurance? Millennial
  8. 8. Domestic Travel Concerns Travel Difficulties Health, Illness, Injury Natural Disasters and Security Events #RoamRightFTA
  9. 9. The Answer to All Travel Insurance! #RoamRightFTA
  10. 10. Helping Travelers Understand Understand and educate your travelers on the importance of Can travelers afford to lose their travel investment? Can they pay out-of-pocket costs for out-of-network, co-pays, and deductibles? Can you get your travelers home quickly? TRAVEL INSURANCE #RoamRightFTA
  11. 11. When a Traveler Needs Help Understand types of travel problems Know travel insurance coverage Know what tools are available Know who to call #RoamRightFTA
  12. 12. The RoamRight Mobile App Mobile app – communicate with local medical personnel using translation services Health Planning Immunizations Transportation Entry/Exit Requirements & Regulations Communications/Technology Important Dates Legal System Environment Medical Facilities / Services
  13. 13. Real Life Situations Flying Through Boston When Bombing Occurs Winter Storm Cancels Church Retreat Broken Arm on Tour Family Member Passes Away Mid-Tour Sick Traveler Cancels Trip Lost iPad on Flight #RoamRightFTA
  14. 14. Terrorist Attack How will your travelers get home? What if a traveler needs to cancel a trip? #RoamRightFTA
  15. 15. How Travel Insurance Helps May help rebook flights May cover change fees from rebooking May help with missed connections, flight delays May cover cancelled trips for a specified time frame #RoamRightFTA
  16. 16. Weather and Natural Disasters When can you cancel a trip? Hurricane Joaquin and South Carolina flooding Winter storms #RoamRightFTA
  17. 17. Real Life Case for Travel Insurance May cover trip cancellations and interruptions May provide trip delay coverage #RoamRightFTA
  18. 18. Poll The airport with the most delays due to weather is: San Francisco
  19. 19. Domestic Medical Emergency Health Insurance does not cover everything. #RoamRightFTA Co-pays Deductibles Out-of-network costs Possible evacuations Family travel arrangements
  20. 20. Medical Evacuations Not all hospitals are equipped for all situations #RoamRightFTA
  21. 21. Cut trip short to come home? Family Implications Stay in destination and care for patient? #RoamRightFTA
  22. 22. Real Life Case for Travel Insurance Woman breaks arm 3,000 miles away from home #RoamRightFTA
  23. 23. Cancelled or Interrupted Trip How did you raise money for the trip? Don’t lose your group’s investment! #RoamRightFTA
  24. 24. A Few Covered Reasons Court orders Illness / injury Assault Home is damaged (fire, flood, wind, burglary) Inclement weather Job loss Military assignment & revocation of leave School year extending unexpectedly #RoamRightFTA
  25. 25. Real Life Case for Travel Insurance Traveler’s sister passes away one day into their trip. #RoamRightFTA
  26. 26. Real Life Case for Travel Insurance Joint inflammation forces woman to cancel tour to Glacier National Park #RoamRightFTA
  27. 27. Let’s Talk Luggage #RoamRightFTA
  28. 28. Poll How many bags were mishandled by US airlines in 2014? 22 million
  29. 29. Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Luggage In 2014 30% of RoamRight claims are related to lost, stolen or damaged items Most commonly reported missing:  Jewelry  Clothing  Travel accessories  Personal electronics  Computers & accessories #RoamRightFTA
  30. 30. Real Life Case for Travel Insurance Ipad missing from carry-on luggage Suitcase stolen from bus #RoamRightFTA
  31. 31. Additional Benefits Cancel for Any Reason Cancel for Work Reasons Missed Connection Trip Delay AD&D Repatriation of Remains Rental Car Damage Hazardous Sports Upgrade #RoamRightFTA
  32. 32. Best of All? It’s Affordable! Lower medical coverage needed = lower plan costs Coverage starts as low as $11 / day Individual and group plans #RoamRightFTA
  33. 33. Talking to Your Travelers About Insurance Offer it every time Print out ID cards Remind clients to keep receipts #RoamRightFTA
  34. 34. Connect With Us Questions Scott Walton 443-279-7340 Lisa Minton 443-279-7337