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From Heart Attack to Terrorism - RoamRight/FTA International Webinar

Do you know all of the contingencies you should consider for an international faith-based trip? Mission trips – and even church vacations – can present any number of situations: unexpected illnesses or injuries, political uprisings, and even terrorism. How do you prepare?
Join travel insurance provider RoamRight as they evaluate several locations around the world and outline the best ways to protect your travelers’ health and safety – no matter where they travel. With real-life case examples, RoamRight will walk you through an international medical emergency, a security situation, and a natural disaster to help you better care for your travelers.

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From Heart Attack to Terrorism - RoamRight/FTA International Webinar

  1. 1. From Heart Attacks to Terrorism: Preparing for the Unexpected
  2. 2. Things You Should Consider when planning an International Faith-Based Trip #RoamRightFTA
  3. 3. Who Are We? Scott Walton 443-279-7340
  4. 4. • 1971 • Member of US Travel Insurance Association • Senior Vice President is on the Board of Directors • A+ Ratings • Licensed in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Who Are We? #RoamRightFTA
  5. 5. Who Are Our Clients? • Affinity Groups • Aggregators • Brokers • Clubs and Organizations • Colleges and Universities • Corporations • Host Agencies • Mission Groups • NGO/Non-profits • Online Travel Providers • Tour Operators • Travel Agents
  6. 6. International Travel Concerns Natural Disasters Safety, Security, Terrorism Health, Illness, Injury #RoamRightFTA
  7. 7. Survey In 2014, what percentage of US travelers visiting overseas did NOT have travel insurance?
  8. 8. Answer – D. 72% According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Travel and Tourism Office, 72% of U.S. travelers going overseas, did NOT have travel insurance. #RoamRightFTA
  9. 9. Helping Travelers Understand Understand and educate your travelers on the importance of Can you afford to lose your travel investment? Do you have medical insurance that will travel with you? What would you do in an emergency? TRAVEL INSURANCE #RoamRightFTA
  10. 10. When a Traveler Needs Help Understand types of travel problems Know travel insurance coverage Know what tools are available Know who to call #RoamRightFTA
  11. 11. Real Life Situations Heart Attack in Haiti Terrorism in Israel Earthquake in Nepal Here are a few scenarios:
  12. 12. Haiti Haiti is a common destination for volunteer work
  13. 13. Haiti – State Department Warning “ We strongly encourage visitors to Haiti to obtain evacuation insurance.” Source: DOS Website:
  14. 14. What would you do if . . . Your traveler had a HEART ATTACK in Haiti? #RoamRightFTA
  15. 15. How Travel Insurance Can Help 24/7 Emergency Assistance Network of physicians and hospitals, available for consult in remote areas 4,500 medical providers globally 200+ countries and democratic republics Manage 43,000+ cases each year
  16. 16. How Travel Insurance Can Help Medical referrals to credentialed providers Evacuation to higher level of care Repatriation home Translation services Payment guarantee Arrange payment to foreign provider Trip interruption benefits for unused, prepaid travel expenses Emergency accident and medical expenses cover charges incurred for treatment and possible evacuation
  17. 17. How Travel Insurance Can Help #RoamRightFTA
  18. 18. How Travel Insurance Can Help Mobile app – communicate with local medical personnel using translation services Health Planning Immunizations Transportation Entry/Exit Requirements & Regulations Communications/Technology Important Dates Legal System Environment Medical Facilities / Services
  19. 19. Survey This summer, a RoamRight traveler experienced a medical emergency while in Europe. He had to take an air ambulance home to the US. How much do you think his air ambulance ride across the Atlantic Ocean cost?
  20. 20. Answer – C. $70,000 Hospitalization Costs Air Ambulance Repatriation Total Covered Medical Expenses $47,000 $70,000 $117,000
  21. 21. Survey How much do you think his policy cost?
  22. 22. Answer – A. $28 Hospitalization Costs Air Ambulance Repatriation $47,000 $70,000 $117,000 Cost of RoamRight Travel Insurance Policy $28 Total Covered Medical Expenses
  23. 23. Israel
  24. 24. What would you do if . . . Tel Aviv was bombed?
  25. 25. How Travel Insurance Can Help Cancellation coverage if terrorist attack occurs prior to visit Protect trip investment Protect travelers
  26. 26. How Travel Insurance Can Help International Security Resources 19,000 sources of information in more than 30 languages 50+ intelligence analysts across 5 continents 24/7 global monitoring Up-to-the-minute informational alerts and details
  27. 27. How Travel Insurance Can Help Security / political evacuation Security team evaluates situation Arranges for transportation out of the country assistance
  28. 28. Nepal
  29. 29. Natural Disaster Natural disasters can happen ANY TIME ANY PLACE 905 world wide* 45% storms 36% floods 12% weather 7% geophysical *2012 figures from
  30. 30. What would you do if . . . You had travelers in Nepal this past April when the STRUCK?
  31. 31. Earthquake in Nepal 9,000+ killed 23,000+ injured Entire villages flattened 20,000 foreign nationals were visiting Nepal at time of earthquake
  32. 32. How Travel Insurance Can Help Contact the victims and stay in communication Assess and monitor the situation Identify and address medical concerns Arrange evacuation out of the country
  33. 33. Travel Insurance Trip cancellation / interruption Lost luggage Delayed trip Technology not just for Major Emergencies
  34. 34. Connect With Us Questions? Scott Walton 443-279-7340