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5 Ways to Reassure Your Travelers in an Uncertain World

In the aftermath of Paris and other terrorist attacks, how do you reassure your travelers that it’s okay to keep traveling? This webinar, presented by RoamRight travel insurance, will give you five ways to address the concerns many travelers have in today’s global environment.

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5 Ways to Reassure Your Travelers in an Uncertain World

  1. 1. 5 Ways To Reassure Your Travelers in an Uncertain World
  2. 2. Who Are We? Scott Walton 443-279-7340 #RoamRightFTA
  3. 3. • Member of US Travel Insurance Association • Senior Vice President is on the Board of Directors • A+ Ratings • Licensed in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Who Are We? #RoamRightFTA
  4. 4. Who Are Our Clients? • Affinity Groups • Aggregators • Brokers • Clubs and Organizations • Colleges and Universities • Corporations • Host Agencies • Mission Groups • NGO/Non-profits • Online Travel Providers • Tour Operators • Travel Agents
  5. 5. Travel Concerns • Safety, Security, Terrorism • Natural Disasters • Health, Illness, Injury #RoamRightFTA
  6. 6. How to Keep Your Travelers Traveling
  7. 7. 5 Ways to Keep Your Travelers Traveling Reassure your travelers and help them understand  The world is unpredictable × Stop traveling?
  8. 8. Acknowledge Concerns
  9. 9. Equip Your Travelers Information Tools #RoamRightFTA
  10. 10. Cancel for any Reason • Apprehensive travelers • Coverage for terrorism • Good travel insurance plan Help in an emergency #RoamRightFTA
  11. 11. Translation Resources 24/7 emergency availability Translation services via mobile app #RoamRightFTA
  12. 12. Poll What percentage of Americans speak more than English? 18% Placeholder
  13. 13. Language Barriers Only 18% of Americans speak another language Many resources to overcome this obstacle
  14. 14. Review safety and security with traveler Evaluate the Safety of the Destination #RoamRightFTA
  15. 15. Addressing Concerns Websites, blogs, government agencies Look to other countries RoamRight mobile app #RoamRightFTA
  16. 16. Mobile App Up-to-date information based on • Travel destination(s) • Proximity #RoamRightFTA 24/7access to assistance agency
  17. 17. Demonstrate Your Knowledge Travelers trust you for recommendations They need to know you know how to respond to an emergency #RoamRightFTA
  18. 18. Review Travel Assistance Services 24/7 Emergency Assistance • Access to world-class medical and security services • Evacuation services for medical, security, and natural disaster emergencies • Help with missed connections and other travel delays
  19. 19. Luggage Issues Did the airline lose your suitcase? Review Travel Insurance Coverage We can work directly with the airline to track your suitcase and ensure that it reaches you Baggage benefits allow you to buy incidentals #RoamRightFTA
  20. 20. Medical Assistance Review Travel Insurance Coverage #RoamRightFTA Network of physicians and hospitals, available for consult in remote areas 4,500 medical providers globally 200+ countries and democratic republics Manage 43,000+ cases each year
  21. 21. Poll In 2014, what percentage of US travelers visiting overseas did NOT have travel insurance? 72% Placeholder
  22. 22. Answer – D. 72% According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Travel and Tourism Office, 72% of U.S. travelers going overseas, did NOT have travel insurance.
  23. 23. What if your travelers were in Paris in November? #RoamRightFTA
  24. 24. RoamRight Takes Action Travelers in affected areas identified RoamRight outreach via email
  25. 25. RoamRight Takes Action “I've used roam right [sic] several times and couldn't be happier. They helped me when flight delays led to a missed flight home from Argentina and covered my hotel and taxi the next day. And in my most recent travels, I was in Paris during the terrible attacks and awoke Saturday morning to an email from roam right assuring me that they were there to help with any difficulties in travel home that I may face. That proactive email from them meant the world to me.” - April
  26. 26. Help Travelers Prepare Information Tools
  27. 27. Hospital lookup Research destination- specific information Access to Destination Information #RoamRightFTA
  28. 28. Policy and ID cards 24/7 contact info Access to Travel Insurance Policy #RoamRightFTA
  29. 29. Access to Important Travel Documents One place to store documents Strongly encrypted #RoamRightFTA
  30. 30. Events that could impact traveler’s plans Alerts based on • Travel destination(s) • Proximity Access to Important Travel Alerts #RoamRightFTA
  31. 31. Help Your Travelers Once They Return Home #RoamRightFTA
  32. 32. How You (and Travel Insurance) Can Help 1. Acknowledge concerns 2. Evaluate safety of destination 3. Demonstrate you know how to respond in an emergency 4. Help travelers prepare for an emergency 5. Assist your travelers when they return home #RoamRightFTA
  33. 33. Connect With Us Questions Scott Walton 443-279-7340 Lisa Minton 443-279-7337