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X-Men: The Price of Evolution

  1. T H E P R I C E E V O L U T I O N : Breaking DownBreaking Down O FT H E P R I C E E V O L U T I O N : VEHICULAR O F DAMAGE
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  3. The following mutants are known to be extremely dangerous and have been known to cause a lot of damage to vehicles throughout the X-Men saga. If you have any information regarding their whereabouts, immediately contact the Department of Mutant Affairs! WARNING!
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  5. MAGNETOERIK LEHNSHERR real name DAMAGE INFLICTED: $270,749,585 205 VEHICLES DESTROYED: Throughout the films, Magneto destroys over 200 vehicles, a feat understandable given his ability to control metals. Some of the more impressive instances of destruction occur in X-Men: First Class when Erik picks up and drops an entire submarine and uses an anchor to completely demolish a luxury yacht. Magneto is arguably one of the most powerful mutants. His powers first surfaced during his imprisonment at Auschwitz during WWII and include the ability to control all forms of magnetism, the iron in a person’s blood, and the Earth’s EM field, which enables him to fly. VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  6. PROFESSOR X DAMAGE INFLICTED: $251,783,532 VEHICLES DESTROYED: CHARLES XAVIER real name 1 Professor X, the leader and creator of the X-Men, is an incredibly powerful telepath and scientific genius. He has a wide array of telepathic powers, including the ability to make himself invisible by manipulating the minds of others. Professor X isn’t really known to cause much damage, which makes the $251 million dollar price tag so surprising. What tipped him over to the destructive side was when he took over the mind of a Russian commander in X-Men: First Class to destroy a Russian cruiser. VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  7. T O T A L V E H I C U L A R D A M A G E C A U S E D B YT O T A L V E H I C U L A R D A M A G E C A U S E D B Y $285,383,532 VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  8. pyro While this powerful mutant can control fire, he cannot create it. Pyro was a student of Professor X and lived at the X-Mansion for a short time until he left the X-Men and joined Magneto’s Brotherhood. Most of Pyro’s damage was inflicted at the end of X-Men: The Last Stand when Magneto threw car after car while Pyro torched them. He also imposed severe damage on a couple of cop cars outside of Bobby’s house in X2: X-Men United. DAMAGE INFLICTED: $175,439 VEHICLES DESTROYED: JOHN ALLERDYCE real name 15 VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  9. ICEMAN Iceman, a student of Professor X, has the ability to generate and manipulate ice and snow and can freeze most things. He has also been known to have the ability to turn his body into an organic ice form, rendering him able to withstand being completely surrounded by fire without being hurt. The only vehicular damage Bobby did was to a single sedan in X-Men: The Last Stand when he froze a car that had been tossed and torched by Magneto and Pyro. DAMAGE INFLICTED: $5,292VEHICLES DESTROYED: ROBERT ìBOBBYî DRAKE real name 1 VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  10. T O T A L V E H I C U L A R D A M A G E C A U S E D B YT O T A L V E H I C U L A R D A M A G E C A U S E D B Y $776,098,665 VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  11. sabertooth DAMAGE INFLICTED: $8,788 VICTOR CREED real name VEHICLES DESTROYED: 3 Sabretooth, born in 1830, is half brother to Wolverine. He has several animal-like abilities and has a healing capacity like Wolverine. Sabretooth is generally allied with Magneto's Brotherhood, though there are times that his allegiance to family, his half-brother, wins out. Despite Sabretooth’s fearsome appearance, he isn’t that destructive. He causes minor body damage to three vehicles, including Logan’s truck in X-Men: Origins when he scrapes the hood with his claws. VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  12. WOLVERINE This mutant is one of the most popular mutants throughout the X-Men saga. His past is murky and somewhat unknown, even to him. Born in 1832, his regenerative healing factor allows him not only to heal from most wounds in a matter of seconds, but also dramatically slows down his aging process. He goes by Logan, his biological father’s last name. Throughout the films, Wolverine slashes and claws up both foe and vehicle. Most of his damage was done in X-Men Origins: Wolverine when he slashes two military Humvees and destroys a Boeing Apache AH-64D Helicopter. This second one cost a cool $18,000,000 in damages. DAMAGE INFLICTED: $33,280,989 JAMES HOWLETT, AKA LOGAN real name VEHICLES DESTROYED: 8 VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  13. FORD CROWN VICTORIA, If you want to escape mutant destruction scratch-free, don’t hop in a the standard police vehicle in these films. 8 are obliterated Throughout the X-Men saga, at least VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  14. TOAD Toad, a member of Magneto's Brotherhood, is probably one of the lesser-appreciated mutants all around. His tongue can stretch up to 13 feet, he can leap far distances, and he once spat slime on Jean Grey's face, leaving her unable to breathe. The damage Toad does happens when he grabs Cyclops’s visor, causing Cyclops to shoot his Optic Blasts at several nearby vehicles. DAMAGE INFLICTED: $15,237 VEHICLES DESTROYED: MORTIMER TOYNBEE real name 2 VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  15. Phoenix Jean Grey, one of the most powerful mutants, was able to lift objects at will with her mind from a young age. For years Professor X works to create psychic barriers to restrain her powers, but this ultimately causes her to develop a suppressed alter ego, known as the Phoenix. Among Jean’s incredible powers is the ability to disintegrate her opponents through powerful telekinesis. Jean may be mostly well-intentioned, but in In X-Men: The Last Stand, she, as Phoenix, disintegrates the X-Jet. This pricey plane, based on the SR-71 Blackbird, is valued at well over $247 million with inflation taken into account. DAMAGE INFLICTED: $247,971,790 VEHICLES DESTROYED: JEAN GREY real name 6 VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  17. CYCLOPS This mutant is one of the first members of the X-Men, and as such, is chosen to succeed Professor X. He has the ability to fire beams from his eyes called Optic Blasts, though these blasts are uncontrollable; he wears glasses made of ruby quartz which allow him to control them. Most of the vehicular damage Cyclops inflicts is somewhat unintentional; in X-Men, he shoots Sabretooth off of the Statue of Liberty who falls and destroys a fishing boat valued at around $300,000. DAMAGE INFLICTED: $315,471 SCOTT SUMMERS real name VEHICLES DESTROYED: 3 VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  18. RIPTIDE Riptide is a mutant who is able to create and manipulate powerful whirlwinds with his hands. He can also, by spinning his body, essentially become a human tornado. The majority of damage Riptide racks up comes from the destruction of the first X-Jet in X-Men: First Class. The valuation of the X-Jet was based on the SR-71 Blackbird with additional technology and inflation taken into account. DAMAGE INFLICTED: $247,969,290 JANOS QUESTAD real name VEHICLES DESTROYED: 5 VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  19. RUSSIAN BATTLESHIP $251,783,532.24 Most expensive damaged vehicle: The Russian Battleship destroyed by Professor X in X-Men: First Class tops out at the most expensive damaged vehicle, followed closely by the X-Jet ($247,961,790), of which three are destroyed throughout the films. VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  20. JUGGERNAUT Juggernaut, after being freed from US Forces imprisonment, is recruited into Magneto’s Brotherhood. His immense strength, speed and force make him a formidable weapon and his skin, muscle and bone structures are four times denser than that of a normal human being. Juggernaut racks up all of his vehicular damage in a single occurrence: in X-Men: The Last Stand, this destructive mutant barrels over an Up-Armored Humvee, an easy though costly feet for Juggernaut. DAMAGE INFLICTED: $219,899 CAIN MARKO real name VEHICLES DESTROYED: 1 VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  21. THE BLOB Blob’s main source of power and strength comes from his extensive proportions. The fat tissues in his epidermis absorb the impact of any blows and his nerve endings do not transmit tactile perception to his brain, causing him to feel very little pain. He usually knocks his opponents out by merely bouncing off of them with his immense midsection. Fred’s single vehicle-damaging act was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine when he stops a missile inside an Abrams M1 Tank gun, causing the tank to explode. DAMAGE INFLICTED: $8,851,124 FRED DUKES real name VEHICLES DESTROYED: 1 VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
  22. T O T A L C O S T O F V E H I C U L A R D A M A G E I NT O T A L C O S T O F V E H I C U L A R D A M A G E I N $1,833,836,503.87 VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC
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