Small Business and Transportation


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Infographic showing the rise in shared vehicles and other new modes of transportation for small businesses.

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Small Business and Transportation

  1. 1. How Success Gets Around... A Quick Look at Getting About Presented by Small businesses pour 32% more money getting around when they travel by car: $91 $143 Ground Transportation $160 $189 Big Biz Car Rental Spending Small Biz But at home there are creative ways to save money for owners and employees Commuter Tax Benefits $245/mo for can be set aside pre-tax mass transit or vanpools (plus payroll tax savings for the employers). More People Telecommuting Means Reduced Travel Expenses Number of people working at least 1 day a week at home: 1997 9.2 million 13.4 2010 million Car Sharing Is On The Rise And Expected T Keep Growing... o 46 active Programs Each shared vehicle replaces 15 individually owned vehicles. The average user can save up to $435/month vs. owning! for sharing cars in North America. 1 million+ members sharing 15,603 cars! in association with SOURCES: • Concur Expense IQ Report 2013 • • Research by Frost and Sullivan Automotive Practice • University of California Berkeley transportation Stainability research center • • raphic.pdf