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1.15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Online Advertising:
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SCORE Infographic: Online Advertising


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Infographic on stats and trends in online advertising

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SCORE Infographic: Online Advertising

  1. 1. SOURCES: 1.15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Online Advertising: 2.15 Alarming Stats About Banner Ads: 3.A rosy outlook for online ad sales: 4.What Do Small Businesses Spend on Web Marketing: 5. Small Business Ad Spending in 2013: 6. SMBs Spend An Average 46% of Marketing Budget on Digital: 7. 8. 9. Than-Facebook-Twitter-New-Data.aspx Presented by Go for the right eyeballs and you’ll see real results! One Thirdof small and mid-sized businesses Buy OnlineAdvertising Spending an average of $6,800 Annually (Paid Search & DisplayAds) 3% think that pay-per-click ads are effective ATypical Person Sees 1,700Banner Ads Per Month But clicks just 0.1% of the time! Delivers 25% of the ads on the internet. Clicks up 29% Revenue/Click up 176% (2012 vs. 2013) Facebook... Ads build awareness and 30% greater brand favorability. 55% greater purchase intent than non-engagers Twitter... 60% of users have clicked an ad. Has a visitor-to-lead conversion rate 3X higher than Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn... ...So many businesses are shifting their $$$ to social media advertising: $3.8B 2011 $4.8B 2012 $5.9B 2013 $7.0B 2014 $8.3B 2015 $9.8B 2016 % of ads that are never seen: 77(!)