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SCORE Infographic: Retail


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Infographic on trends in online and brick-and-mortar retail stores

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SCORE Infographic: Retail

  1. 1. As of 2013,RetailAccounted for 70% of US GNP! 93% of US Consumers Believe it’s Important to Support Local Businesses Retail and Online ComeTogether SOURCES: • U.S. Census Bureau • National Retail Federation's "Retail Means Jobs" website • • The American Express OPEN Small Business Saturday Consumer Pulse (July 2011) • will-increase-in-2013 • • &highlightTerm=online%20retail%20forecast&isTurnHighlighting=false#AST925226 • • • in association with Presented by Boutique or Big Box,Retail’sA Huge Economic Impact RETAIL SALES 73% consciously shop local... ...because they don’t want small businesses to go away. Say it’s important to support local businesses93% Believe small businesses are a crucial element of overall US economic health 87% Agree that local independent businesses contribute positively through taxes and jobs 89% 90% of US retail sales are still projected to occur locally. 2012 2016 Online Sales $226B $327B % of Retail Sales 7% 9% # of US Consumers 167M 192M Average Spent Online $1207 $1738 65% Browse online then purchase locally 64% Shop on their PC/Desktop reference their mobile device rather than ask for in-store help say bad customer service led them to purchase online instead 73% 40% 36% Shop on their Smartphone and/or tablet FACT:Half of all working teenagers have a job in retail And small businesses are a big part of it: *2010 statistic