Telecity Corporate Overview


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Corporate Overview 2009

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Telecity Corporate Overview

  1. 1. company Security | Reliability | Connectivity | Expertise TelecityGroup – Europe’s leading network independent data centre provider
  2. 2. TelecityGroup: where content meets connectivity 03 TelecityGroup TelecityGroup is the leading provider of premium, network independent data centres in Europe. We offer a range of flexible, scalable and highly connected data centre and value-added services to all types of organisations. Our services are supported and delivered by highly experienced staff who are on site 24x7. “ oth the quality of the data centre and the support B provided by TelecityGroup’s engineers help us deliver excellent IT services for our customers and strengthen our market leadership in IT outsourcing; a win-win situation for us.” Paul van Roozendaal Managing Director, CSC Headquartered in London, TelecityGroup Built to the highest industry standards, TelecityGroup’s data centres operate with a number of sophisticated features to offer comprehensive operates data centres located in prime levels of physical and environmental resilience. These include: positions across Europe for commerce and • Fully-redundant and resilient power supplies connectivity, including Amsterdam, Dublin, • xtensive physical security including round-the-clock monitoring, E Frankfurt, London, Manchester, Milan, Paris, controlled access using biometrics and visual identification and Stockholm. From colocation to fully • Highly-sensitive fire detection and protection systems managed hosting environments, we offer a Exceptional customer experience suite of premium data centre and associated We believe in delivering the best possible experience to all our IT and internet services that are designed customers. To this end, we have invested heavily in our frontline staff: over 80% of our employees are in customer facing roles and their to meet organisations’ evolving needs for primary concern is the delivery and support of your business-critical scalability, flexibility, efficiency, security and data centre services. These experienced and responsive employees are available 24x7 to deal with all issues ranging from implementation and connectivity. provisioning, through to maintenance and support, throughout the project lifecycle. Our secure, resilient data centres house mission critical technical, web and internet infrastructure under one roof. By serving as secure Services: Colocation to managed hosting locations for IT infrastructure, our data centres enable you to run, TelecityGroup offers a full range of core data centre services to meet store, share and distribute applications, content and media effectively. your specific needs. These include: reliability Highly connected data centres • olocation services: secure, resilient, and fully redundant facilities C for companies looking to house their mission-critical equipment For many organisations, the effort involved in building, owning and managing their own data centre infrastructure and supporting services • lexible power densities: our facilities are designed to support F is an expensive diversion from their core competence. TelecityGroup a wide diversity of power requirements offering up to 20kW per offers an efficient, cost-effective and pan-European alternative. customer rack • anaged hosting: bundles of the best-of-breed hardware, M security, storage, connectivity and monitoring services with ongoing management
  3. 3. TelecityGroup: where content meets connectivity 05 connectivity Our services Enterprises turn to TelecityGroup for premium web, IT infrastructure hosting, connectivity and value-added services. This allows them to reduce costs, improve service levels and focus on their own core excellence. Additional IT and connectivity services To complement our core data centre solutions, we also provide a wide range of value added services. From online security to network services, TelecityGroup tailors these services to suit your business processes and meet your objectives. They include: • IT infrastructure design & consulting • Network services • Internet security services • Data storage & security • erver management & S performance optimisation • isaster recovery and data D centre replication TelecityGroup’s mission is to deliver operational excellence for all customers. At the heart of our business “ Our customers choose us because of the state-of-the-art facilities and enterprise- are reliable, secure, resilient and highly-connected data class network we offer them, and it was important to replicate this same high standard in Europe. TelecityGroup is highly regarded for both its premium data centres centres, coupled with a range of services provided by and operational expertise. As well as being housed in the most advanced data centre dedicated and experienced staff. in Europe, our customers will benefit from local connectivity to Tier-1 providers and a 10GB private fibre interconnect back to The Planet’s core network in the USA.” Douglas J. Erwin Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Planet
  4. 4. 06 TelecityGroup: where content meets connectivity resilience Why choose TelecityGroup? Building, owning and managing your data centre infrastructure and supporting services can be an expensive diversion from your real focus - running your business. Working with TelecityGroup gives you access to premium data centres operated by experts, leaving you free to concentrate on achieving your business goals. Read the following 10 reasons to see how we offer a first-class, cost-effective alternative. Customer-centric approach Unrivalled choice of connectivity From your account manager, through to the TelecityGroup’s network independent data highly-skilled engineering and facilities experts centres are connectivity hubs offering direct who manage your infrastructure, our expert, and unrivalled access to almost every local, hands-on team work closely with you to national, pan-European and international understand your business right through your network operator, including all major broadband project’s lifecycle. networks and internet exchanges such as LINX, DE-CIX, AMS-IX and NETNOD. Experienced people Over 80% of our employees are in roles Environmental leadership providing direct customer support and their With the extensive experience of our facilities primary concern is the delivery and support of teams, many customers find that our data your business-critical data centre services. centres are more efficient than their own. But that’s not good enough for us - we want to Financial stability make them even more efficient. We were the Telecity Group plc is a profitable, financially- first network-independent data centre to sign up strong UK FTSE 250 company with a strong to the new European Code of Conduct for Data balance sheet, and a diverse customer base. Centres and are members of the Green Grid, and we continue to pioneer innovative ways to Resilient power and security maximise energy efficiency in the data centre. TelecityGroup operates some of the most secure data centres in the world with fully redundant Pan-European presence in city centres power and cooling infrastructure to ensure We have a standard product set and common resilient and reliable always-on services. data centre infrastructure across Europe that allows for rapid solution deployment and Capacity for growth provisioning. Our programme of data centre expansion is the “ In TelecityGroup we have found a reliable partner who has biggest in Europe, expanding our capacity in all Value added services the capacity to cater for the very strong growth in our IT our markets through building new data centres Whether you need help backing up your infrastructure requirements while at the same time meeting and expanding existing ones ensuring we have critical data, ensuring your online environment our exacting needs for redundancy, high availability, physical the capacity to support your growth. is secure or with reliable network services, security and service quality in the data centre.” TelecityGroup offers a wide range of Value for money M. Simon complementary value added services. Technical Director at Digiplug Our premium, network independent, data centres deliver value for money and savings to your bottom line.
  5. 5. expertise 08 TelecityGroup: where content meets connectivity Our data centres TelecityGroup’s data centres are hubs for commerce, content and connectivity offering access to hundreds of carriers across Europe. Highly connected network independent data centres TelecityGroup’s data centres are at the heart of In addition, ten of our data centres host the key the digital economy. Hundreds of carriers are national Internet Exchange Points (IXP) allowing located in our sites across Europe, representing networks to interconnect and exchange Internet all major network and broadband operators. traffic at national and international level with This means that in addition to TelecityGroup’s speed and efficiency. They include: own resilient managed connectivity services • Amsterdam – AMS-IX (such as IP Multihome), you can interconnect with hundreds of Tier 1 and Tier 2 global and • London – LINX and LoNAP national network providers and ISPs within our • Frankfurt – DE-CIX facilities for your settled peering, settlement • Stockholm – Netnod free peering and transit requirements’. • Dublin – INEX • Manchester – MaNAP • Paris – Sfinx and Panap • Milan – MIX TelecityGroup: Europe’s most advanced data centres, expertly run “ By outsourcing the data centre we have the freedom to concentrate on what is unique for Ernst & Young.” Dr. Harold Klein CTO, Ernst & Young SFINX
  6. 6. 10 TelecityGroup: where content meets connectivity Standards Pan-European presence We lead in environmental data centre initiatives and Our extensive and highly-targeted programme of data centre expansion is the adhere to stringent industry standards. largest in Europe. We are expanding our capacity in all our markets through building new data centres and expanding existing ones ensuring we have the Adherence to standards that dramatically improve the efficiency of Operational excellence is vital for TelecityGroup, data centre power and cooling. These designs capacity to support your growth. Since 2008 we have opened new facilities in and we are demonstrating this through our have generated considerable savings for London, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Milan. In addition, a second new data centre adherence to key industry standards. TelecityGroup’s customers by reducing energy We have achieved the information security consumption and cutting data centre carbon in Paris is currently under construction and will open during 2009. standard ISO 27001:2005, ISO 9001:2000 in emissions in the process. In addition to these many of our data centres and Payment Card initiatives, a number of our data centres use Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) renewable energy sources including Paris, accreditation. Stockholm and Powergate in London. STOCKHOLM (2) To help influence both developers and end SWEDEN users of data centre technology, TelecityGroup is a member of the Green Grid. This global consortium seeks to provide industry-wide TelecityGroup is a member or patron of a recommendations on best practices, metrics and number of industry associations including: technologies that will improve overall data centre Internet Watch Foundation, Federation Against and business computing energy efficiencies. We MANCHESTER Copyright Theft, The Green Grid and Euro-IX. are also an early adopter of the European Code UK In the UK our data centres are audited by the of Conduct for data centres, a new initiative to Centre for the Protection of Critical National provide benchmarks for data centre efficiency Infrastructure. and best practice. Our work was recognised in 2009 when we won the “Best Leadership and DUBLIN AMSTERDAM (4) Telecity Group plc is listed on the London Stock Innovation in Environmental Policy” award at the IRELAND NETHERLANDS Exchange (TCY.L) and a member of the FTSE Data Centre Europe Awards. 250, techMARK and FTSE4Good indices. Contact TelecityGroup Environmental leadership If you would like to contact someone at Businesses are ever more reliant on their TelecityGroup please email LONDON (8) computing infrastructure and face a huge or view our website UK challenge in managing the energy costs and For your individual country contact details carbon emissions associated with such a FRANKFURT (2) please see the back cover. critical element of their organisation. To help GERMANY our customers meet this challenge, we are continuing to develop innovative technologies PARIS (3) FRANCE MILAN (2) ITALY
  7. 7. security “ We made the decision to outsource the hosting and security of the site to a specialist, to guarantee we could deliver consistent quality of service while focusing on the site’s content. TelecityGroup’s highly resilient and secure facilities, combined with their skilled staff, offered just the service we were looking for. Our focus is to maintain a good customer experience on the website; it can make the difference between a sale and someone looking elsewhere.” Mike Coogan Marketing and E-Commerce Director, Toys”R”Us Amsterdam Dublin Frankfurt London +31 (0) 20 564 0800 +353 (0) 1 433 2000 +49 (0) 69 900 210 +44 (0) 20 7001 0101 Manchester Milan Paris Stockholm +44 (0) 870 750 2990 +39 02 489 8000 +33 (0) 1 49 97 30 60 +46 (0) 8 799 3800 CM001/UK/06/09/V.1