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Best College in Bareilly region SSVIT

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Career introduction of Engineering Student SSVIT rizwan

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. A Career Guidance FromFor Senior Secondary Students 2
  3. 3. • Why Career Guidance ? • Current Status• Current Trends • Career Plans• Who are Responsible ? • Further Impacts• Career – A Foundation • Career Selection• The Career Cycle • Course / College Selection• Why Select a Career ?• Planning Your Career• Stumbling Blocks• Reading Skills 3
  4. 4. Why Career Guidance ?Today’s Generation Students.…• Never plan for their future. • Select a career in dejection.• Follow the crowd. • Jump into any career.• Choose by influence of others. • Are totally away from• Accept the parent’s verdict by realities. force. • Lack Counseling facilities.• Get tempted by current trends. • Live in Fantasy World.• Influenced by media. • Lack Motivation. • Fail to “Discover their Lives” 4
  5. 5. Current Trends• AIM LESS process• Focus is lost• Efforts to increase quantity• Less Statistical Analysis• No match between Current Process & Future• Increasing Competition• Survival of the fittest • Less influence – Parents, Teachers, etc. • Education for all – Good & Bad • Increasing demand for quality. • Increasing Dropouts • Decline in the efforts of Good people. • ……. ( can we end this list ?) 5
  6. 6. Who are Responsible ?• Students themselves.• Parents – Most of them.• Society / Social strata.• Social Organizations.• Government.• People who have knowledge.• People who can influence others for Good.• People who achieved success but forgot others. 6
  7. 7. Career – A FoundationWhat is Career? Profession or occupation with opportunities for advancement or promotion and not just livelihood.Time Management Prioritize works. Take tough job and don’t delay. Make schedule with 5minutes break per hour.SWOT Analysis [Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats] 7
  8. 8. Career Life SystemCareer Cycle - 1Career Planets Family Education Self Society Vision A path that leads to Advancement & Promotion in Life 8
  9. 9. Career Cycle - 2Steps to Progress Facts Commit- ment Self Belief 5 Crucial Factors Plan Perseverance A path that makes some obtain their wishes: course, job and location 9
  10. 10. Why Select a Career ?• We have been created Unique [Ex. Fingerprint].• We are born only once.• We spend almost 40 years on our work.• A total of over 80,000 hrs we “work”.• Ask yourself.• A billion Dollar Question “How should I spend these 80,000 hrs before I die ????? ”• Better an original cow than a duplicate Tiger 10
  11. 11. Planning your career - 1• Course Selection.• Better Family Life.• Helping the Nation.• Develop Skills, Motivation, Plan Intelligently.• Improve Reading.• Enlist Interested Career/Profession.• Make Check-list.• Crack the Entrance Exam that suits you.• Get Advice.• Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. 11
  12. 12. Planning your career - 2• No short-cut to success (Hard work)• Career plan at 9th standard• Formal schooling, subjects at school, professional/technical course, job offer• change of job, place of work, type of organization you want to work for, your career and home life.• Marks secured in 10th, 12th Std and Bachelor degrees are considered for jobs. 12
  13. 13. Lets ThinkAbout Engineering… 13
  14. 14. What is Engineering?
  15. 15. Engineers apply principles of mathematics and science for the betterment of society What is through: engineering?According to Webster’s Dictionary:Engineering The application ofmath and science bywhich the properties of matter and thesources of energy in nature are made useful to people. Above all, engineers are problem solvers who make things work better, more efficiently, faster and economical.
  16. 16. Engineering Disciplines Core Disciplines Other Disciplines•Computer Science Engg. • Automotive•Information Technology • Aerospace•Electronics & Communication Engg. • Agricultural•Mechanical Engg. • Biomedical•Civil Engg. •Environmental•Electrical Engg. • Materials • Nuclear • Robotics • Safety • Chemical • Industrial
  17. 17. 17
  18. 18.  Computer science is the study of computation (more than just machinery) It involves all aspects of problem solving, including 1. The design and analysis of algorithms 2. The development of computational devices for executing programs 3. The theoretical study of the power and limitations of computing Whether this constitutes a "science" is a matter of interpretation  Certainly, computer science represents a rigorous approach to understanding complex phenomena and problem solving 18
  19. 19.  The process developed by the scientific community for examining. Observations and events is known as the scientific method. 19
  20. 20. The distinction between computer science and natural sciences like biology, chemistry, and physics is the type of systems being studied.  Natural sciences study naturally occurring phenomena and attempt to extract underlying laws of nature  Computer science study human-made constructs: programs, computers, and computational modesHerbert Simon coined the phrase "artificial science" to distinguish computer science from the natural sciences 20
  21. 21.  since computation encompasses many different types of activities, computer science research is often difficult to classify  three recurring themes define the discipline 21
  22. 22.  Hardware refers to the physical components of a computer and its supporting devices. Most modern computers implement the Von Neumann architecture  CPU + Memory + Input/output Devices Ongoing research seeks to improve hardware design and organization 22
  23. 23.  Software refers to the programs that execute on computers. 3 Basic software categories  Systems software: Programs that directly control the execution of hardware components (e.g., Operating systems)  Development software: Programs that are used as tools in the development of other programs (e.g. Microsoft.NET, java SDK)  Applications software: All other programs, which perform a wide variety of tasks (e.g., Web browsers, word processors, games) 23
  24. 24. "Computer Science" is the mixture andapplication of "Applied Mathematics","Electrical Engineering", and "ComplexityTheory/Algorithms" to understand and/ormodel information. In other words, the"field of computation". "Information Technology" is the mixture and application of "Programming", "Hardware Administration", "Software Administration", "Networking", "Network Security" and "Technical Support". In other words, the "management of computers".
  25. 25. Other Definition
  26. 26. Hardware (computers, data storage)Software (programming, operating Systems)Digital systemsComputer architectureNetworks
  27. 27. Major Employers
  28. 28. What is Civil Engineering? Do you enjoy solving problems and putting your ideas into action? Are you curious about how things work and how to make them better? Are you interested in improving the environment? Are you socially aware and interested in helping people live better?
  29. 29. What is Civil Engineering?  If you share some of the traits, civil engineering may be the perfect career for you.  Civil engineers also are usually good problem solvers who make sound decisions.  Civil engineers are good communicators, using speaking, writing, and listening skills.
  30. 30. What Is Civil Engineering?Civil Engineering: The PastFrom the pyramids of Egypt to the exploration of space, civil engineers havealways faced the challenges of the future - advancing civilization and buildingour quality of life
  31. 31. What Is Civil Engineering? Civil Engineering: has developed from observations of the ways natural and constructed systems react and from the development of empirical equations that provide bases for design. Civil engineering is the broadest of the engineering fields. Civil engineering is still an umbrella field comprising many related specialties.
  32. 32. What Is Civil Engineering?Civil Engineering: The PresentIn modern usage, civil engineeringis a broad field of engineering thatdeals with the planning, construction,and maintenance of fixed structures,or public works,As they are related to earth, water,or civilization and their processes.Most civil engineering today dealswith power plants, bridges, roads,railways, structures, water supply,Irrigation, environment, sewer,flood control and traffic.
  33. 33. What is Civil Engineering? Civil Engineering: The Present►The first self-proclaimed Civil Engineer wasJohn Smeaton (1724-1792).►In 1818 the Institution of Civil Engineers wasfounded in London and received a RoyalCharter in 1828, formally recognizing civilengineering as a profession.►The first degree in Civil Engineering in theUnited States was awarded by RensselaerPolytechnic Institute in 1835.►The first such degree to be awarded to awoman was granted by Cornell University toNora Stanton Blatch in 1905.
  34. 34. Careers in Civil Engineering Structural (buildings, bridges, tunnels) Transportation (highways, railroads, canals) Environmental (air pollution management) Water resources (flood control) Geotechnical (mining) Surveying & Construction
  35. 35. Jobs in Civil Engineering Major Employers
  36. 36. What is Mechanical Engineering? Mechanical engineering plays adominant role in enhancing safety,economic vitality, enjoyment andoverall quality of life throughout theworld. Mechanical engineers areconcerned with the principles offorce, energy and motion. The menand women who work asmechanical engineers areprofessionals with expertknowledge of the design andmanufacture of mechanical systemsand thermal devices and processes.
  37. 37. What is Mechanical Engineering? Some examples of products andprocesses developed by mechanicalengineersinclude engines and controlsystems for automobiles and aircraft,electric power generation plants,lifesaving medical devicesand consumer products rangingfrom air conditioners to personalcomputers and athletic equipment.
  38. 38. What is Mechanical Engineering? They also design themachines that mass-produce these products.Virtually every aspect of lifeis touched by mechanicalengineering.If something moves or usesenergy, a mechanicalengineer was probablyinvolved in its designerproduction.
  39. 39. Careers in Mechanical Engg. Mechanical Engineering  Energy (power plants, heating and air conditioning, alternative energy)  Structures and motion in mechanical systems (cars, planes, machine tools, medical systems)  Manufacturing (tools and processes, automated assembly lines, robotics)  Project Engineering  Petroleum Engineering
  40. 40. Jobs in Mechanical Engg. Top Companies Employers
  41. 41. What is Electrical Engineering? •Electrical engineering is a field ofengineering that generally deals withthe study and application of electricity,electronics and electromagnetism.•The field first became an identifiableoccupation in the late nineteenthcentury after commercialization of theelectric telegraph and electrical powersupply
  42. 42. What is Electrical Engineering? •Electrical engineering is consideredto deal with the problems associatedwith large-scale electrical systemssuch as power transmission andmotor control interconnectiontechnologies.•It now covers a range of subtopicsincluding power, electronics, controlsystems, signal processing andtelecommunications
  43. 43. Careers in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering Electronics (circuits, microchips, lasers) Communications (cell phones, antennas, networks, fibre-optics) Power (transmission and distribution of power, electric motors, and generators) Controls (automated control systems, aerospace control systems) Instrumentation (test equipment)
  44. 44. Jobs in Electrical Engineering Major Employers
  45. 45. What is Electronic & CommunicationsEngineering? •Electronics & communication isone of the largest & mostsophisticated branches ofEngineering.•Electronics is the branch ofScience, engineering andtechnology that deals withelectronic circuits.
  46. 46. What is Electronic & CommunicationsEngineering? •In India electronics is one of thefastest growing industries.•The programs aim to impartexpert knowledge in electronicsand communication Engineering.•With Special focus in design,analysis and manufacturing ofelectronic devices andcomponents , Integrated circuits,Wireless Devices , digital andanalog circuitry.
  47. 47. Careers in E&C Engineering
  48. 48. Jobs in E&C Engineering
  49. 49. Jobs in E&C Engineering Major Employers
  50. 50. What Types of Jobs Would a Engineer Do? Normally will be assigned as a member of a project team Research (analysing and solving problems using scientific skills and logic) Designing (need imagination and creativity) Testing (lab work, conducting experiments) Development (improvement or adapting existing products)
  51. 51. What Types of Jobs Would a Engineer Do? Sales (must have a very good knowledge of the product, because the marketing people may not be engineers) Management – organising and expediting projects Consulting Teaching
  52. 52. What can you expect from an engineering career? Varied opportunities (opens the door to many areas) Challenging work (brain exercise) Social impact (improving our way of life) Prestige (engineering is a well respected profession) Lifelong education (always new things to learn about) How do they do that (curiosity) Creative thinking (dreaming)
  53. 53. Welcome toShri Siddhi Vinayak Group OfInstitutions
  54. 54. Approved by AICTEAffiliated to G.B. Technical University, LucknowAn ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution
  55. 55. An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution
  56. 56. MISSIO N
  57. 57. Shri Siddhi VinayakGroup Of Institutions Reception Hall
  58. 58. Institute for Management
  59. 59. Institute for Management Management Block
  60. 60. “Our Mission at Shri Siddhi Vinayak Group of Institutions is that every student of ours becomes a success story”To strive for excellence in education , research & technology to enable our students to become responsible & useful citizens of the country.It is true that destiny of our nation & global village are shaped in the class rooms of educational institutions. With this dream in mind was sowed a seed in the fertile soil of the luscious landscape of Bareilly.I trust that your stay in the college will be richly rewarding & immensely memorable. I Wish my Students all the best ……… Anupam Kapoor
  61. 61.  Holistic approach to impart Quality Technical Education Highly Experienced and Committed Faculty (M.Techs and PhDs) Assured Placement Wi-Fi, Eco-friendly campus and most modern infrastructure with lift (Lift facility proposed) Well Stocked Air Conditioned Library Separate Furnished Hostels for Boys and Girls Modern and Comfortable buses for students and Faculty State of art Computer Lab and Workshop Attractive scheme for Scholarships and Awards on recognition of merit Strong Industrial Linkage
  62. 62.  Well Stocked Air Conditioned Library State of art Computer Lab and Workshop
  63. 63. Modern and Comfortable buses for students andFaculty  Separate Furnished Hostels for Boys and Girls
  64. 64. Scholarship Available at SSVGI
  65. 65. •A winner’s mindset - Right person with the right skills at right place – right time•Creating a High Performance Culture Raising the Performance Bar
  66. 66. AvivaOracle Microsoft Motorola Pfizer IntelUBS Warburg John Deere Philips Goldman Sachs Ford SAP Hewlett PackardGENPACT Nokia Texas Instruments ANZ Bank Citigroup General Motors Lehman Brothers Standard Chartered Bank
  67. 67. Director (SSVIT) Dr. Anil Kumar B.Tech., DISM, M.Tech., Ph.D. Specialization: Mechanical Engineering
  68. 68. Electronics & Communication Engineering Full Time 120Information Technology Full Time 60Computer Science & Engineering Full Time 60Mechanical Engineering Full Time 120Civil Engineering Full Time 60Electrical Engineering Full Time 60
  69. 69. MBA Your Gateway to success …… .. Knowledge beyond booksThe Two Year (Full Time) MBA program, affiliated to G B Technical University, Lucknow.
  70. 70. irector(SSVIM) Dr.Raj Kumar M.Com., Ph.D. Specialization: Finance
  71. 71. Specialization :•Marketing•Finance•Human Resource•Information Technology•International Business
  72. 72. Salient Features:•Highly experienced & committedfaculty•Industry oriented teaching•Corporate Resource Centre forplacements•Personality enhancement programmes•Online Journals & Digital Library•Value added courses•Well stocked library with National & International Journals
  73. 73. GUEST LECTURES Mr. Soheb Ali from ITC ltd.
  74. 74. WORKSHOPSProf. Mukesh Pandey being felicitated after conducting a workshop. (MBA IIM Calcutta, Fulbright fellow, MSU, USA)
  75. 75. Industrial visits
  76. 76. Team of our most Experienced &Renowned Faculty
  77. 77. Name Dr. Anil KumarDesignation Director (SSVIT)Department Mechanical EngineeringQualification B.Tech., DISM, M.Tech., Ph.D.Specialization Mechanical EngineeringExperience 22 YearsE-mail ID
  78. 78. Name Mr. Rajat MehrotraDesignation Trust AdministratorDepartment Mechanical EngineeringQualification B.Tech., M.Tech., PGDMSpecialization Quality Engineering & MgmtExperience 21 YearsE-mail ID
  79. 79. Name Er. Sudhakar JainDesignation Dean (Academics)Department Mechanical EngineeringQualification. B.Tech., M.Tech., Ph.D. (P)Specialization Energy ManagementExperience 16 YearsE-mail ID
  80. 80. Name Dr. H.S. GangwarDesignation HOD and Associate ProfDepartment Applied ScienceQualification M.Sc., Ph.D.Specialization Finsler GeometryExperience 12 YearsE-mail ID
  81. 81. Name Er. S.P. SaxenaDesignation HOD and Associate ProfDepartment Civil EngineeringQualification M.E.Specialization Water Supply & SewerageExperience 35 YearsE-mail ID --
  82. 82. Name Er. Manish VarshneyDesignation HOD, Associate ProfDepartment CS & ITQualification. M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D. (P)Specialization Software EngineeringExperience 11 Years itsmanishvashney@gmail.cE-mail ID om
  83. 83. Name Mohammed MustaqeemDesignation HOD, Associate ProfessorDepartment Electrical EngineeringQualification. B.Tech., M.Tech.Specialization Power System and DrivesExperience 11 Years m_mustaqeem@rediffmail.E-mail ID com
  84. 84. Name Dr Raj KumarDesignation ProfessorDepartment ManagementQualification M.Com. , Ph.D.Specialization Accounting , Financial ManagementExperience 42 YearsE-mail ID
  85. 85. Name Abhijit DasDesignation Associate ProfessorDepartment ManagementQualification MBASpecialization Consumer Behaviour, Marketing ResearchExperience 16 YearsE-mail ID
  86. 86. Library and information services play acrucial role in the educational process. TheInstitute’s library is well stocked with acollections of more than 8000 volumes onvarious topics running into titles that includetext books and books for supplementaryreading. It has a seating capacity of 200students.
  87. 87. Winner being felicitated
  88. 88. A cultural eventorganized by SPICMACAY
  89. 89. Blossom - 2010
  90. 90. Students withMr. Chetan
  91. 91.  A robust and proactive placement department, supported by experienced personnel from the industry, works in support of the students. The department provides guidance and direction in creating the career path of the students. The department takes utmost care in enduring students progress from the moment he/she sets foot on the campus till the time he/she calls it as-revoir.
  92. 92.  The department organizes guest speakers, group discussions, workshops etc. to improve the knowledge/personality of the students with the help of officials from the corporate world and industrial houses. The officials of the department keeps a track of all the upcoming jobs through various tie-ups and arrangements with placement agencies .We display the CVs of our students on the internet on large number of sites. The department comprises full time employees with
  93. 93. For Queries and Admission Contact: Shri Siddhi Vinayak Group of Institutions Shri Siddhi Vinayak Institute of Technology(GBTU code:474) Shri Siddhi Vinayak Institute of Management(GBTU code:703)Bareilly-Nainital Road, Near Dohna Railway Station, Bareilly Ph.: 0581-3249555, 9917476666, 2582222, 2582160. Toll-free number:1800 180 3820 E-mail:, Website : City office addressH-1, First Floor, Avas Vikas Shopping Complex (Near Sheel Chauraha), Rajendra Nagar, Bareilly. Ph. :8057133300 
  94. 94. Where dreams Come true Thank You