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Tempo September 1-15, 2010


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Abu Dhabi Tempo
Issue: September 1-15, 2010

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Tempo September 1-15, 2010

  2. 2. CONTENTS VOLUME16 | SEPTEMBER | 2010 FROM THE EDITOR Hello Abu Dhabi, Ramadan offers so much in family and community togetherness. The incredible ambience seems to begin after Iftar, with lots of socializing, Ramadan festivals ENTERTAINMENT galore, and a time for the pious to draw closer to God through intensified prayer and greater good deeds. For those of you entrenched in rigid diurnal routines, do 4 USPACE try to break away for a bit, and experience the magic of Ramadan after Iftar. 6 WHAT’S HOT Speaking of good deeds, if ever there was a cause deserving our collective 8 BEAT WITH SITH generosity right now, it would be the Pakistan floods disaster. The crisis is of horrific proportions, with many on the brink of losing their lives. Fortunately aid 10 VIEW POINT is being raised at institutional and grass roots levels, so if anyone wants to donate but doesn’t know how, please drop us a line so we can put you in touch with active 11 TECH TALK local charities. To celebrate youthful expressions, we launch “Time Capsule” as a regular feature FASHION in Tempo. “Time Capsule” attempts to capture an individual’s life, thoughts and beliefs in a single graphical freeze frame of time. Tell us what you think of it, and 12 TRENDSETTER send us your own “Time Capsule” . 13 MY STYLE BLUEPRINT Peace, prayers, and generosity. FOOD 14 CITY BITES LIFESTYLE EDITOR MAGAZINE/WEB DESIGNER EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS 15 MOVIE WATCH SANA BAGERSH RIZWAN PERVAIZ MAXINE GUARNIERI 19 MY ABU DHABI RANDY PARKER FEATURES EDITOR MARKETING COORDINATOR MANJUL ABHISHEK VENITA SUBRAMANIAM 20 TIME CAPSULE ALMA KADRAGIC SIMONE MORGAN PRODUCTION COORDINATOR 22 MAKING A DIFFERENCE EDITORIAL COORDINATOR NOORI PASSELA RIZWANA SHAHID SITHARA SETHUMADHAVAN 23 RAISING THE BAR 24 TAMAKKAN 26 PEOPLE METER ADDRESS 27 SOCIAL NET To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 6673349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. ARTS NOTE TO ADVERTISERS: Advertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. To reach 28 ARTICULATE advertising call 02 6673349 or email: 29 YANK IN SANDLAND DISCLAIMER: 30 CLASSIFIEDS Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for 31 FUN PAGE errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher. Published by: MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 3 easy steps to use mobile tags Click on tag beside Download Run each article to have Application fun with online to your smart phone content, videos and Visit cool tags! on your mobile phone. Download to scan this tag on your mobile. 3
  3. 3. Dear ed, SPACE fountain and I think it will be great if the FREE ISS th e rh ythm UE of your city ENTERTA INMENT I FOOD I FASHIO N I LIFESTY LE I ARTS I happened to pick a copy of your fountain returns. AUGU S T 1, 2 01 0 magazine from the mall and I really Maya V like the stuff you guys are doing. I was JONES TAGS thinking if you can include bus routes IN ABU OBILE DHABI in your centre page, it will be useful Dear ed, WITH M for people like me who are new to the I am a 16 year old. Can you run a story on NOW capital. different career options for youngsters? I E UAE Cheers! like your cool style and funky designs. E IN TH Erika K Love you guys. IN MAGAZ CRAZ STUNY Manu L SPACE TS IN THE WALKING CAPITAL CANAD K’NA AN OLEST IAN-SO SK BOA ATE p.6 MUSIC SENSAT MALI Dear ed, ION Express your thoughts and views. Email us: ABU RDING THE CO p.9 DHAB I My father was flipping through your p.26 magazine and was very impressed Errata. The wonderful story about the reading about the Volcano fountain skateboarder in our last issue was penned by Kulsoom Zakir. initiative. I have vague memories of the saY Global Village By VK Kapoor While I was leaving India, some of my friends and relatives inquisitively enquired as to why was I going to a ‘small’ country such as the UAE. With this thought in mind, my journey began to the Arabian lands only to be taken by surprise. When I reached Abu Dhabi, I was driven from the airport to the hotel by a Bangladeshi driver; a young boy from Nepal at the concierge got my bags from the van to the hotel lobby and a pretty Philippino at the reception checked me in. The next morning, the duty manager from the southern part of India greeted me at the restaurant for breakfast followed by a gentleman from western India helped me set up my internet connection. And I relished a north Indian Thali from an Indian restaurant for lunch. My colleagues at work are from Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, and various parts of the world and I treat patients from America and Russia living in UAE, and I have an Emirati chief. I talk to my Pakistani colleagues in Hindi/ Urdu; nurses from Philippines talk to each other in Tagalong, and the Keralite nurses (who speak Malayalam), though my compatriots, I have to speak in English when they want to talk to me because Hindi (my mother tongue) and Malayalam are like Arabic and Japanese to each other – nothing in common! Who says UAE is a small place? No way, this is a global village! TWITTER QUOTES Suparna Mathur HolidayInnAUH @linavasili I saw Beandssidous awesome! mobile @abudhabitempo My family & the feature in @AbuDhabiTempo tags from @AbuDhabiTempo I loved the story on getting the can’t wait to go to Jones The finally works on my phone! Volcano fountain back in #Abu Grocer, there website looks so yaaaay! cool experience. -wink- Dhabi - have fond memories nice as well there, def a landmark! 4 Tempo September 1, 2010
  4. 4. Eid Mubarak The festival of joy! by Sithara Sethumadhavan Eid ul-Fitr is the celebration held to mark the end of Ramadan and to thank Allah for the strength he gave us to get us through this traditional period of fasting. This festival time is for fellowship, socialization, good wishes, and is celebrated with a variety of traditions all over the world. Visitors to Abu Dhabi are often caught up in the celebrations, with shouts of Eid Mubarak (meaning “blessed Eid”) ringing through the streets. Residents in the city are looking forward to celebrate the festival and here they share their joy with Tempo. Tempo: Eid wishes for anyone Eid Mubarak to everyone. Let us through Tempo? celebrate peace, and brotherhood. Eid Mubarak to all my muslim brothers and sisters. Keep spreading love, joy and happiness. Shaima Saleh, Yemeni Tempo: Your fondest memory of Eid? Barsha Shaikh, Bangladeshi I look forward to Eid and receiving Tempo:Your fondest memory of Eid? eidiyas. I make sure that I collect the maximum amount of money from my Eid is always special. My mom lives far Aadersh S K, Indian father and uncles on these days. away now and we will be missing her Tempo: Your fondest memory of Eid? this Eid. She will be fondly missed and Tempo: Tell us how a typical Eid day all the Eids that I have had with her would be for you. When I was a kid, Eid was joyous would be my fond memories. because of the long holidays that we I wake up to the smell of bukhoor and had. But today Eid is more than that. It Tempo:Tell us how a typical Eid day the delicious aroma of the breakfast. My is all about joining my friends in their would be for you. grandmother would be busy all day in celebrations. the kitchen preparing the Eid snacks. My day would begin with texting Usually there would be guests pouring Tempo: Tell us how a typical Eid day everyone Eid Mubarak and making in the morning and it is very busy and would be for you. plans. We would have a lot of outings cheerful all day. relishing sweets. An Eid day is unlike other holidays, I make it a point to spend a lot of quality because my day begins early as I visit Tempo:Eid wishes for anyone time with family and friends and have my friends’ place. Even at home, my through Tempo? fun. The highlight of these three days is mom gets into the mood and cooks May all be guided by their faith in Allah the vast Arabic spread that is prepared amazing biryani. and shine in his divine blessings. Eid for lunch. The flavours remain till the Tempo: Eid wishes for anyone Mubarak! next Eid. through Tempo. Vote Vote D Or vote through your phone My typical weekend is: In last issue Tempo asked: A. at the mall and cinema Do you think the age eligibility to start driving should be 16 years? B. at work Visit Abu Dhabi Tempo’s website C. with family on your mobile phone. Yes: 23% No: 77% Download Got to to vote to scan this tag on your mobile. 5
  5. 5. What’sHOT RAMADAN & EID 2010 From August 20 to September 14 This exhibition combines a consumer show with traditional celebration. The event starts right after Iftar, showcases family- friendly consumer goods, unique gift items, Arabic food, toys and games, as well as traditional song and dance to bring in the festivity and an ambience of togetherness during the holy month of Ramadan. What caught Tempo’s eye is Stall No. 20. Among the several exhibits on sale, this place has some beautiful jalabiya and sheilas combined with custom-woven fabrics in smooth cotton and silk. The influences were Arabia, African and Asia, all rolled into one. The designer, Safa Al Manhali, an Emirati designer who designed the collection, and is known for her trompe l’oeil and mosaic work. Pick up some nice formal wear in time for Eid. Venue: ADNEC TIESTO LIVE IN CONCERT! 1 October World famous DJ Tiesto will be bringing his electronic grooves to the capital during a one night performance as part of his world tour. The Dutch sensation will bring his record breaking Kaleidoscope World Tour to Abu Dhabi, in what is sure to be a super sensory experience of lasers, light shows and giant LED screens. The DJ will stop over after Ibiza and London performances and will then head for Miami. Promoters bill this as the biggest DJ-only tour ever; an event that will be seen by over one million music lovers over 14 months. (Would you like to review the Tiesto concert for Tempo? Enter to win Tempo press passes for the concert, with a paragraph on why you love Tiesto. Send this to Venue: ADNEC 6 Tempo September 1, 2010
  6. 6. RAMADAN ART BAZAAR From August 15 to September 9 Good news for art lovers in the city! Ghaf Gallery’s Ramadan Art Bazaar is indeed an artistic feast for those who want quality art but are limited in their spending power. The art bazaar features original art work that can be purchased at very reasonable rates. The event features 26 artists with diverse artistic influences. Among them are prominent Emirati artists such as Abdul Rahim Salem, Mohammed Al Qassab, Mattar Bin Lahej, Khalil Abdulwahid, Azza Al Qubaisi and Jalal Luqman, alongside expatriate veterans such as Neena Rai, R.P. Chezhiyan, Chritch and Emily Gordon. The exhibition offers an exciting mix of styles and media including digital paintings, sculpture and photography, in addition to more traditional art works. Venue: Ghaf Gallery FAMILY WORKSHOP From August 15 to September 5 The Islamic Embroidery workshop at the Emirates Palace is an aesthetic inspiration, even for those who aren’t textile art fans. The event which is entitled ‘A Story of Islamic Embroidery’ exhibition, offers and engaging series of workshops that can be enjoyed by all members of the family, even younger children. Explore art and pattern making, design and decoration. Workshops are conducted by art specialists. Venue: Gallery One Education Room, Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION From July 17 to October 17 The Galleria (on the Corniche) brings art culture outdoors. If you’re brave enough to endure sizzling temperatures then you should definitely head out to view the current exhibit on Arabian horses. The exhibit captures this enduring aspect of the UAE culture and heritage. The images are a journey of the past 15 years, offering a glimpse into the breed’s history in this country. The exhibition features images from the President of the UAE Cup Series, which was established in 1994 by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan to promote and celebrate the Arabian horse globally, Venue: Abu Dhabi Corniche, Gate: 4 7
  7. 7. Beat withSITH By Sithara Sethumadhavan GOOGOOSH A STAR YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW! Googoosh, who will be performing live in Abu Dhabi She grew to mark her stamp alongside established Farsi says, “It is such an honour for me to perform in the UAE musicians in the industry such as Ghazal, Delkash, Elaheh capital for the first time, I am thrilled that after so long I and others. “Ghesseyeh Vafa” the first of her compositions , will finally get to sing for my Abu Dhabi fans” . kick started her musical career and made her a household name throughout the 60’s. Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music, or so they say. Meet Googoosh and you will say This music maestro who is famous beyond the borders of the same. Faegheh Atashin aka Googoosh is among one of her country, has sung duets with artists such as Ray Charles, the most celebrated music artists in the Middle East who Tina Turner, Charles Aznavour, and Silvy Vartan. She has has stayed at the top of her game for the past five decades. performed at international music festivals in France and Tunisia and had month- long sell out run in Paris. Googoosh Googoosh was born to Iranian parents and entered the also holds credit to being the only Iranian musician signed entertainment world as a child artist. Her natural talent for to European record companies Barclay of France and RCA singing and dancing drew enthusiastic crowd, and she has of Italy. had a solid, almost cult-like following ever since. With her concerts drawing large crowds of baby boomers, and a growing fan base of younger fans, she has had sell out concerts in prestigious venues such as the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Staple Centre in Los Angeles, Madison Square Gardens in New York, Globe Arena in Stockholm and Wembley Area in London. In the span of a year, she was seen by an audience of over 1 million. “For as long as I can remember Googoosh has been singing...even when I was a kid, my parents loved to hear her songs. Now I can’ t wait to go to see the concert with my mother. Isn’t that ironic?” Amira, 22 Googoosh in Abu Dhabi will be an all seated performance. To book your tickets for the event go to: Famous Googoosh Songs • Baaghe Bi Bargi • Man Hamoon Iranam • Sezavar • Geryeh Konam Yaa Nakonam Famous Googoosh Movies • Bita • Honeymoon • Hamsafar • Mamal Amricayi • 3 Crazies 8 Tempo September 1, 2010
  8. 8. ViewPoint IT'S EASIER THAN YOU THINK TO MAKE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE by Simone Morgan • Photo by David Thompson Simone Morgan, a 31 year old Australian who has been in Abu Dhabi for three months with her husband Mike, and who teaches Pilates at the Soma Pilates Studio, talks about her life’s choices. About 18 months ago I was working in a fabulous position at Vogue in Sydney. I had loved my advertising career over the past six years and couldn’t fault my role, but towards the end no matter how many people told me I had the perfect job, I wasn’t happy. After about a year of tormenting myself over whether to look for a new job or change careers completely, along came a company takeover and the usual offers of volunteer redundancy that a takeover presents. I surprised myself by jumping at the chance to take the buyout and leave my safety net. I surprised myself again by not being at all daunted by the prospect of being out of work; instead I decided to make a list of the things that I had always wanted to do. I didn’t know what direction I wanted to go in, but I knew that I wanted to try all the things I had always dreamt of doing, the passions that I had never acted on. Over the next few months I slowly worked through my list. I completed writing courses, went to cooking classes, did a TV presenting course, finished my Pilates Instructor’s course, and traveled. OK, that wouldn’t help me find a new job, but I did need a holiday after all those years of hard work! From this I found several passions that could easily turn into a job. My hobby of Pilates has earned me a role as a Pilates Instructor, my pipe dream of writing has turned into several pieces, and my passion for traveling, well, that has helped me leap into a new adventure halfway around the world in Abu Dhabi. We always hear the gurus who proclaim you will never work a day in your life if you follow your dreams. Like you, I have always thought that this could never pay the bills. It wasn’t until I was thrown into a situation that allowed me the freedom to try it for a few months that I found there was truth to what the gurus have been saying. My advice to anyone who is thinking of starting or changing a career: follow your passions, and you will be happily surprised when you see where they lead. 10 Tempo September 1, 2010
  9. 9. TechTalk By Sithara Sethumadhavan GOOGLE WAVES GOODBYE TO WAVE Google is halting further developments on Google Wave - a real time collaboration tool aiming to combine various forms of communication. The reason? “Wave has not seen the user adoption we would have liked,” Senior Vice President Urs Holzle said in his blog post. “We don’t plan to continue developing Wave as a standalone product, but we will maintain the site, at least through the end of the year, and extend the technology for use in other Google projects.” Google Wave debuted in June 2009 was subjected to debates regarding its application, right from its launch. Wave’s primary feature was to let users collaborate in real time, using an in-box-like interface that resembled a mix of Google’s Gmail Web mail service, and its Docs and Spreadsheets product. Each strand of messages, which could include text, links, and photos, was called a wave. Thanks Google for your pure genius, but for this one we wave goodbye. YOUR CAR WILL FLY! SOLAR POWERED LAPTOP CHARGERS How many times have you and your family dreaded the laptop going off charge in the outdoors. Well the good news is laptops can now be charged with the Dreams are coming true, come 2011 and the world’s sun’s power, using flying car is going to be launched. The Flying Car is solar technology. being developed by Terrafugia, a firm founded in Woburn, Massachusetts. The solar powered charger was first launched by NRG Dock and created a 15 watt panel that converts According to the company’s spokesperson, it will not enough power to run a standard laptop for a few be easy to drive the car with wings. The requirements hours. As of now, three companies have launched a for this vehicle is a runway for landing and take- off. limited version of these chargers and are planning on The car which is planned to fly under a height of a large scale launch by 2011. 10,000 feet can also fly in bad weather conditions . The solar powered laptop charger is an eco-friendly The flying car is set to be priced at $ 194,000 and will option for charging a laptop. This will effectively have a radio, transponder and plane parachute. The charge a laptop in about 10 hours but can also extend company has started booking and received 70 orders the life of your laptop battery while using the unit on for this wonder car. I definitely see myself in one of charge. With all this solar energy in the UAE, this one these at rush hour on Hamdan! feels like a sure bet! 11
  10. 10. TrendSetter Flaunt style and class this party season with exclusives from Riva at Al Wahda Mall. BANGLES Dh 49 bes! th tu t wi Try i ! c fun deli che Psy YELLOW CHAIN Dh 109 g chic nin d-tur ink Hea BLACK DRESS (CHOICE BY RIVA) ty in P Dh 1090 Pret YELLOW BAG PINK BAG Dh 273 Dh 231 SHOES Dh 203 , up. world o tied y the Carr ret ta Gar b all m, a la G r gla iato G lad 12 Tempo September 1, 2010
  11. 11. My Style BLUEPRINT Tempo spots fashionable and smart dressers around Age: the ecity. : Namnna Susa : 40 on ality an Nati th Kore Sou Onyxo Dh 574 Rolex Dh 23,932 (!!!?) Prada What do you do? Dh 2872 I have the toughest job. I am a home maker. Your most valued fashion possessions? My hand bags. Oasis Dh 300 The one thing I regret buying: I must say handbags again. I have a huge collection of expensive bags and at a time can carry just OUR FASHION one. EXPERT SAYS: The one thing I dream of buying: Nothing says class A nice big car. like black. Here you have a style that Style inspiration: Shoes exudes elegance, Simple and elegant Dh 144 sophistication and ladies. poise. My style philosophy: nail polish (???!!!) Comfortable clothing. Confidence will follow. 13
  12. 12. City Bites by Sithara Sethumadhavan DOME A quick bite and some coffee, or perhaps some peppermint tea with a cake? Then, Dome is a must-try for casual diners. With its tastefully done interiors, its lovely view (from Khalidiyah Mall cafe) and quiet ambience, it’s a nice place to relax with a book or enjoy a full meal. The Continental Breakfast with chilled juice, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes ( with extra sausage add ons) is a tasty option to start the day. If you happen to drop by the place later in the evening, then our suggestion would be to try smoked turkey sandwitch (on a ciabatta bread) with peach tea, or freshly squeezed lemon citron presse with a carrot cake. “I come here with my friend just to have the carrot cake. It has a layer of marizapan and is served with fresh cream- it lifts my spirits!” says Maliha, a regular at Dome. , Maliha also suggests trying the Dome Twister, a frozen coffee drink made from expresso extract, ice cream, chocolate and a secret blend of ingredients topped with cream. With a good variety of salads, gourmet sandwiches and coffees that are reasonably priced, Dome can be a nice a place to hang around after a busy day or just to spend a bit of time with yourself. A meal for two (including drinks) will cost around Dh 108 INDIA PALACE Spicy Indian food is a treat for the taste buds and if you are craving Indian cuisine then India Palace should be an option on your list. Though getting to the restaurant can be difficult (thanks to all construction work in Salam Street), once you get there you will be pleasantly taken back by the cozy interiors with classic Indian paintings, and beautifully embroidered cushions. This place is great for casual dining as well as larger formal get togethers. Jaya, a regular at India Palace says, “Every time I am here, I don’t miss out on the aloo parathas and zafrani lassi. The parathas are soft and just melts in the mouth. These are my favourites. I try a lot of new curries in the menu and I like the food here. “ With some good tandoori , flavoured dals and spicy biryanis, the menu has a decent array of Indian kebabs, spicy curries and yummy breads. Not to be missed, the gulab jamus are popular show stoppers. For the uninitiated, these are warm, soft waffle balls soaked in sugar syrup that tantatalise the taste buds and tickles the child in you. A meal for two (including drinks) will cost around Dh 130. 14 Tempo September 1, 2010
  13. 13. MyABU DHABI By Noori Passela Manarat Al Saadiyat takes you right into the heart of the historical and cultural vision for the development of the capital’s largest island. With the growing staple of articles on the quickening of the island to life. It is an attempt to show the thinking, pace of development in Abu Dhabi, residents and guests ideas, challenges and inspiration behind one of the most alike must often wonder about the mysterious planning remarkable projects of our time. behind Saadiyat Island. And so, against a backdrop of arid heat and desert sand, the Manarat Al Saadiyat We went through all the chapters, completely awed unravels the full story. by the sheer magnitude of what may soon come into existence in the next few years. When we headed back The building cuts quite an interesting figure, even for to the entrance the lobby did appear as cavernous as those driving by at 150 kms per hour. The beige-coloured before, but an inspirational portal into the transformative building, almost the same shade and texture of the ideas we’d just left behind. Truly history is in the making. desert sandstone itself (when not lit up in bright jewel tones at night) is a 15,400 square metre visitor centre. The structure is designed for the very purpose of welcoming Five reasons to visit curious tourists and residents into the vision behind the Manarat Al Saadiyat: stories they have seen and heard in news snippets and gossip from local grapevines. Tempo has visited Manarat 1. Discover the story of Abu Dhabi: from tiny Al Saadiyat, and can unequivocally recommend it as a coastal oasis to a cosmopolitan city. place to get all the records set straight. 2. Learn how Sadiyat is leading the way in Literally translating as ‘lighthouse’ or ‘a place that conservation technologies and philosophy. provides enlightenment’, Manarat Al Saadiyat seems cavernous on entering yet still manages to live up to its 3. A striking and immersive audio-visual title in many more ways than one. Our tour begins with experience. the first of nine chapters narrating the chain of events 4. Seven diverse districts, one destination. inspired by the farseeing vision of His Highness the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan. 5. It’s the future of Abu Dhabi, so see it before it happens! The nine chapters are an experience in totality; a journey through an interactive experience that brings the future 19
  14. 14. MY SPACE MY WAY MY LIFE 20 Tempo September 1, 2010
  15. 15. Tempo readers: put on your creative caps and send us your own ‘Time Capsule” to: 21
  16. 16. Making a By Sithara Sethumadhavan Difference NIZAR - CLIMBER FOR CANCER Each of us in his or her own way can make a difference in our world. Sometimes it is a simple gesture, and sometimes it is an act that can change someone’s life. This page is dedicated to a hero who is on a mission to help two cancer patients. “I contacted the King Hussein of 60 km up the mountain. The Cancer Center in Jordan and climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro does informed them of my plan. I asked not technically require ropes and them to help me choose their most safety harnesses. However, the real needy pediatric patients in their challenge facing Nizar will be the care to support. That’s how I came lower levels of oxygen as he goes to know about Ayham and Laween” . higher up the altitude. Nizar has Nizar who visited the children in been preparing for his climb for the hospital during the month of June past four months. His preparation was terribly moved and became combined nutrition, exercise and even more determined to complete adequate rest. the challenge. Nizar is funding his entire trip Nizar Fakhoury “Ayham is a three year old boy from personally with flights, equipment Gaza. He was diagnosed earlier this and hiking expenses in order to Nizar, a 29 year old Lebanese who year with a malignant tumor in his ensure that all private donations has been in the UAE for five years abdomen. The cancer spread to made,can be used for the and works for Nestle, describes his bones, and he must undergo treatment of Ayham and Laween. himself as a complete nature buff. chemotherapy, surgery, and a bone marrow transplant. Laween is a As of now Nizar is spreading the “Travelling around the world is beautiful one year old boy from word through the Climb for Cancer my biggest passion and most of Iraq who suffers from Leukemia. As website and social media websites my trips revolve around exploring a baby he was always in and out Facebook and Twitter. nature and the outdoors” he says. , of hospitals. They are such sweet children and they don’t deserve to “It is heart breaking to receive Indeed, come the month of be victims of this merciless disease. messages from people saying September and Nizar will be Unfortunately the families of they wish to have joined the climb climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Ayham and Laween are unable to but cannot as they too are cancer highest free-standing mountain financially support the treatment of patients themselves. in the world. But unlike other their children, which is where Climb climbers, Nizar is on a mission for Cancer comes in” . of mercy: he is climbing to raise awareness about two young cancer Nizar’s climb is planned for seven To support visit: patients from Iraq and Palestine. days: he will be hiking an average of six to eight hours per day, “Once I decided on the climb, covering an estimated distance I thought it would be a great opportunity to combine it with raising awareness for a good cause, and that’s when the Climb for Cancer concept came to me” says , Nizar. He estabished Climb for Cancer as a non-profit initiative to encourage amateur hikers and adventure enthusiasts to climb mountain peaks around the world in an effort to raise awareness and money for children suffering from cancer. Making a Difference is a celebration of good people and good deeds. Please share with us your ideas, activities, and community public-good stories. Send them to 22 Tempo September 1, 2010
  17. 17. Raising the By Venita Subramaniam Bar The Nabit Girl! As Community Manager for a group buying website GoNabit, Danielle Khoury has her finger on the pulse of what’s in, out and on the way up in Abu Dhabi. Tempo catches up with her. Danielle: Yes of course, I was putting myself out there but I believe in going after what you believe in. I turned down a job offer without even knowing if I’d get an interview with GoNabit. But I had to try. And what’s the worst that could happen? I’m so happy I did because I love my job. Not just saying it, but I enjoy every bit of it. The team is amazing and close-knit. It’s an exciting atmosphere, and we’re all in it together. Venita: What is your typical day at work ike? Danielle: My job includes a bit of everything. I manage our social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. I spread the word about the deal, and get people talking about it online. I go to the city, meet Abu Dhabi residents, find out what makes them tick. And I’m always out trying to discover new places. I Venita: Danielle tell us a little about yourself. write the copy for all the deals, so whenever you’re reading the deal descriptions, it’s what I’ve written. Danielle: I did my schooling in Abu Dhabi and went to university in Boston. After working with an advertising Venita: What deals do you usually focus on? agency for a few years I moved back to Abu Dhabi. I was about to accept a job at an advertising agency Danielle: We run a variety so there is something here, until I saw a job posting on for a for everyone. For example, we’ve had yoga classes, Community Manager for GoNabit. When I read it I had restaurants, beauty salons, and summer camps as past a gut feeling that this was my dream job. The way the Nabits. We don’t want to run deals that focus only on job description was written made it sound exciting, certain people. We want to keep as many people as young, and fun. possible happy. I read the job posting at 2 am and I tried to go to sleep Venita: What is the favorite part of your job? afterwards, but I was so excited, I couldn’t. My mind was buzzing trying to think of ways to stand out when Danielle: I go out and try so many new things. I go I send my CV. to places where I wouldn’t otherwise. I am getting to meet so many people through my job and to discover Since a big part of the job involved social media, I parts of Abu Dhabi that I didn’t even know existed. created a Facebook group to get Dan Stuart’s (CEO) attention. The idea behind it was I wanted to show him Venita: How effective is social media in Abu Dhabi? I could create buzz online, and I promised I’d have 500 followers within a week. So I emailed everyone I knew, Danielle: At the moment Facebook seems to be the messaged all my friends on Facebook asking them to most popular, and businesses have caught on to ask their friends to join too. It was cool because I had that, because now it’s almost impossible not to find random strangers writing and wishing me luck and businesses with Facebook pages. It’s really important everyone was so supportive. I had 500 followers in for a business because not only are you creating an three days. And I got the interview! online presence, but it’s essential to connect to your customers, and have conversations with them. Twitter Venita : Would it have bothered you if after is still picking up in Abu Dhabi, but there are more promoting yourself through facebook, you didn’t people joining every day, and I think we’ll reach the get the job? same level of Tweeps in Dubai soon. 23
  18. 18. Tamakkan By Alma Kadragic TAMAKKAN ENTREPRENEUR: DEEM ALBASSEM, SWITCH Deem Albassem, 24, is owner of Switch restaurant in Dubai Mall. Deem was an inspirational presenter at Tamakkan recently; we were impressed by the young lady who showed so much maturity, audacity and conviction, that we wanted to present her to Tempo readers. Tempo: Why did you decide to start Switch? made with high standard of quality and cooked with love by South Africa’s best chefs. Deem: My passion for food and art, I believe that if we want to build a productive nation, then we have to start now, and Tempo: How many employees do you have? the result of the future depends on the present. I always ask Deem: The Switch team has 25 members, 20 work on the floor myself, when will we stop consuming and start producing? and kitchen, and five are behind the scenes. When will we stop wearing what they create and start creating what we wear? How are we building a NATION if the Tempo: Who are the investors in Switch? simplest things in life are made by others and bought by us? That is my inspiration- my starting line. Deem: Al-Bassam Group is our investor. Al-Bassam is one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia and in the other Gulf Tempo: What is the Switch concept? States with a range of activities. Deem: Switch is a food and design icon and a mixture of Arab Tempo: You say there is money in the UAE for investment. and western culture, a very futuristic and modern space which What does a person have to do to get money for a project? is created locally; we serve international cuisine to visiting guests who will have the chance to experience a 21st century Deem: A great idea, a clear plan will lead you to the right creation. The colors of Switch give you a very positive energy, investors. and the typography in the ceiling gives the Arabic identity to Tempo: What is your advice for young people who might the brand. The walls are shaped like the letter ‫ س‬which is S like to start a business? in Arabic. Every element in Switch has a story that will switch you! Deem: Find your starting point, discover your passion, learn and read more, talk to people. Be inspired by the least things Tempo: The design and look of Switch are unique. in life. Be brave to say it loud, and if someone tells you you’re What is the food like? crazy, know that you are doing the right thing. Deem: We have created an international fusion cuisine; dishes Tempo: Anything else you want to say? are taken back to their basic ingredients. In the Switch kitchen we have created signature dishes like Arabian burger, Pink Deem: Never give up. Nelson Mandela said, “The greatest pasta, Nutella pudding and many more. Our food is freshly glory lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” ENTREPRENEUR ALERT: Tamakkan, the platform for young entrepreneurs and innovators, starts up right after summer with its monthly seminars. The next one is on the evening of September 29 at Mamoura Auditorium. Dr. Bob Lipsett will be giving a presentation entitled “Marketing on a Shoestring” followed by an entrepreneur case study. The event is free but registration is absolutely necessary. To register, send your name, email and phone number to 24 Tempo September 1, 2010
  19. 19. PeopleMeter People Meter is an offbeat way to learn more about our community and its people, who come from different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life. Jithin Thaj Nationality: India Time in Abu Dhabi: 5 years Other places lived: India What brought you here? How has living here changed you? A good job opportunity and the attractive dirhams to Indian rupee The city taught me time conversion rate got me here management and personally I (approx Dh 1= 13 INR). have become more humble and good with my interpersonal skills. I What were your first still wonder about what it is that is impressions of this city? influencing all this change. QUICK HITS It is clean, and I couldn’t believe If Abu Dhabi were a coffee, what Shawarma or falafel? Spicy Shawarma that this place was all desert once. kind would it be? Beaches or sand dunes? Beaches Where can we find you hanging A cappuccino without sugar. out? Dates or chocolates? Chocolates Any advice to a new arrival? <secret> to be revealed soon. I Do you speak Arabic? No (I have tried) don’t want to be tracked down by “Learn to find happiness in the my parents. smallest things of life…Otherwise it will kill you everyday. It’s true everywhere, but especially in Abu Dhabi” . Ryan-Elner Melliza Nationality: Philippines Time in Abu Dhabi: 5 years Other places lived: The cities of Makati, Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro What brought you here? If Abu Dhabi were a coffee, what kind would it be? My job got me here. Mocha Frapuccino What were your first impressions of this city? Any advice to a new arrival? It’s neat and extremely safe Be physically prepared for the extremely hot summers and cool Where can we find you hanging QUICK HITS winters out? Shawarma or falafel? Shawarma Malls and church Beaches or sand dunes? Beaches How has living here changed Dates or chocolates? Chocolates you? Do you speak Arabic? No Living in this city has generally made my life less stressful and happier. 26 Tempo September 1, 2010
  20. 20. SocialNet By Sithara Sethumadhavan Abu Dhabi is buzzing with activity and yet finding a one stop portal on the city is often like looking for water in the desert. Tempo meets up with one person who has managed to put together the A-Z of Abu Dhabi. Meet Aaron Sorenson. Aaron: I would have to disagree. There’s always something going on. With all of the events, I’ve had plenty to write about. When I first got here, I was determined to do everything the city had to offer, but after a while, found that I just didn’t have the time. In some cases, I’ve had to search things out, but there is plenty to do. It amazes me when friends who have lived in Abu Dhabi for five years have never gone to something like the camel races. Tempo: Do you feel with your blog you have been able to express yourself better? Aaron: Pretty much. It’s nice to have a creative outlet while at the same time being able to pass along information about the city. Tempo: Hi Aaron, please introduce yourself to the Tempo Tempo: If you couldn’t blog, how different life would readers. have been? Aaron: I’m originally from Milwaukee. I left the US right Aaron: Well, a Canadian friend of mine who lives in Japan after University and traveled around for a while before was trying to get me to do a podcast! ending up in Japan. I was teaching English there, and then shifted to Abu Dhabi where I teach math. I live here with Tempo: What is, and has been, your greatest inspiration in my wife and kids and we are having a great time here. the capital to write? Tempo: Tell us something about the Aaron that we Aaron: I've found that with so much to do here and so don’t know. many cultural differences from the places I've lived, I really felt the need to get my ideas out. With all of the events Aaron: Since I’ve been here, I’ve hooked up with a few going on like WOMAD and the Red Bull Air Race, along people who are serious about cycling and triathlons. I’ve with activities unique to this region like camel races and been doing a lot of training and even go out for a 100 desert camping I wanted to give people a feel for what it kilometer bike ride with friends every Friday morning. I’m was to live here. I also like to include things like getting always seeking out new things to do with my family in a driver's license and national ID to remind people that it the capital. is a city like any other...or to give advice to people living here about these processes. Initially it was meant as a way Tempo: And how did Abu Dhabi A-Z happen? to tell friends and family in the US and Japan about Abu Dhabi, but now I'm pleased at the response that I've got Aaron: The blog started out as a way to keep friends and from strangers. family updated on what was going on in my life in Abu Dhabi. It was fun writing about the strange and wonderful Tempo: What is that we can expect to read on your blog? things that were going on as well as being a good way to vent about some of the frustrating things that were Aaron: I like to think it’s fairly light reading. The blog has happening. Now, I find that the blog has been a motivator a slightly sarcastic slant with a bit of self-deprecating for me to go out and do things. I need something to write humour. I try not get too personal, but give readers a feel about so I always have to be on the lookout for for what living here is like through my news stories and new things. my own personal experiences. Tempo: Many say that Abu Dhabi is boring and nothing much happens in this city. As a writer, do you agree? Read Aaron's blog: Do you have a blog or a social media site? ( Facebook, twitter etc or photographs you want to share with us) tell us: 27
  21. 21. Art-ICULATE By Maxine Guarnier RANA’S MAGIC WAND! Andrew Wyeth, the American artist, once said: “I dream a lot. I do more painting when I’m not painting. It’s in the subconscious.” And so is it for Rana Flouty. This 34 year old from Lebanon is an artist, lawyer and a mother of three. Rana, who’s been in Abu Dhabi since 2005, says: ” Abu Dhabi is wonderful and special to me. The city has given me confidence to realize my dream of becoming an artist.” “I am an outgoing person as my profession demands it” “I am still a budding artist. I don’t limit myself she smiles and adds, “But when it came to my art work, I to a particular style. I am still experimenting in was timid about how people will receive it.” contemporary, modern and various forms to understand art on the whole,” says Rana. From a very young age Rana believed that art should be direct and comprehendible. “I have heard people Rana considers Khalil Gibran, the famous Lebanese- say good art must have a straight interpretation and I American author painter as her guru. “Khalil’s works has was scared that people would not be able to derive a personality, and that’s what I am also trying to achieve meaning from my work.” in my work. Abu Dhabi cast its magic on her. “The city is vibrant and “Some of my works, especially ‘The two human bodies multi-cultured. Many artists here, without much formal without a face’ has a deeper meaning. Anyone can training, produce wonderful pieces and are warmly relate to it and I feel that connection is vital. If I don’t received. This is because Abu Dhabi is very embracing get my viewers involved in my piece, or if I am unable of artists.” to induce a thought train, then the purpose of art is lost” says Rana. , Rana began her art journey. The first step she took was to send a copy of her works to a leading art gallery in “To enjoy art, to do art... you need to realize the town. From then on there was no looking back, and technique that you are comfortable in and then your today Rana’s works receive coverage in local media and imagination will do the magic!” she has become a regular in respected local exhibitions. 28 Tempo September 1, 2010
  22. 22. Yank insandland by Randy Parker Summer Break In the last issue, I complained about the Abu Dhabi green mountains that were visible in every direction and a summer season and how dealing with it cramps my welcoming change from the endless tawny sand scenery lifestyle. I don’t enjoy running from one air-conditioned we have here in the desert. space to another. Although I can’t change the weather, I can fortunately change where I experience it, if only for a We explored the Annecy area for the next few days. few days. Annecy, a medium sized town situated on Lac Annecy is a tourist destination and has a well preserved downtown I have a friend who lives in the Alpine region of southwest with several buildings from the medieval times. It’s a very France and a phone call confirmed her availability to show tranquil and beautiful place and is in the running as a me around the community of Annecy which is located venue for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Outdoor activities about 35 km south of Geneva. I really looked forward to abound and I actually went tandem parasailing! the cool temperatures and fresh, clear mountain air. I was not to be disappointed. All too soon, it was time to get back to reality. It felt as if I was hit with a hot steaming towel when exiting the Abu My flight left Abu Dhabi at 2:20 am (ugh!) but a few hours Dhabi terminal, but the break in more temperate climes later I was on the ground in Geneva. My friend met me did me good. In a few more months, France will be cold and we were on our way to France. I was impressed with and Abu Dhabi will be just right! 29
  24. 24. tempofunpage SUDOKU 14 STRANGE FACTS THE SADDEST SONG EVER KNOWN Ever heard about “Gloomy Sunday”? This was a song composed by the Hungarian paintist Reszõ Seress in 1933. So what is it about this song? It is said that after listening to this musical piece hundreds have committed suicide. The strangest part is that the composer himself committed suicide after playing the song. The Hungarian government has imposed a ban on this song. To date nobody knows what is it about this song that has led to so many suicides. This is when they say music can kill. <secret: you can hear this on youtube. But be sure you’re in a totally upbeat mood so it doesn’t have a tragic affect on you. Also, we don’t recommend you listen to this song if you’ve just been fired.> FUNNYQUOTES Experience is a dear teacher, and only fools will learn from no other. Benjamin Franklin History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree SUDOKU14 upon. ANSWER Napoleon Bonaparte Ideas do not stay in some minds very long because they do not like solitary confinement. Anonymous REACH FOR THE STARS Aries (March 21- April 19) Leo (July 23- August 22) Sagittarius (November 22- December 21) It is preferable to be aware of your pioneering Egotism, to the extent that you may be the Be sure that you have a ‘product’ to match all spirit and not disregard it. For acknowledging Leo who thinks no one is quite as good at the ‘advertising’ you do. Is it fact or is it fiction? it, you not only enjoy life more, but you avoid things as you are and the people around you Don’t feel lost and disillusioned. being pushed around by others. are made to feel small through your habit of Capricorn (December 22- January 19) comparison. Taurus (April 20- May 20) This is going to be your lucky month. You will Virgo (August 23- September 22) Physical things start loosing their appeal, and gain in terms of money, beauty and success. you feel more and more out of touch with Finding yourself frequently alone and unable There will be travel opportunities, however be the world around you. You stop caring about to keep friends for more than a few weeks. Try careful on the domestic differences that may money and will focus on your inner harmony. not to be too argumentative. come up. Gemini (May 21- June 20) Libra (September 23- October 22) Aquarius (January 20- February 18) You could have health problems brought Try not to pretend feelings you do not have You should practice expressing your on by overindulgence of food, drink, or the and find a way to back gracefully out of a humanity by accepting people the way they night life which only gets worse as you age. are and not find too much fault in them. You superficial relationship; look before you leap. Tame your urges and save the party times for seem to become physically ill more than you weekends only and then try not to overdo it. Scorpio (October 23- November 21) should. Cancer (June 21-July 22) If you feel persecuted and put upon you will Pisces (February 19- March 20) express it in conversation, this causes people You must come out of yourself and open up You can be oversensitive and something of a to be ‘turned off’ of you so try to change your to those around you, you have the power to clinging vine which may cause you to harbor attitude or, guard what you say. inspire others making you an important part imaginary hurts and slights, this can make for highly unsettling conditions with your of the human race; take your rightful place. partner. Please recycle this magazine: locations include Spinneys, Al Mamoura Building and behind Riyada Clinic. 31
  25. 25. Caramel Mocha Frappuccino ® Blended Coffee © 2009 Starbucks Coffee Company. All rights reserved. SUM110-09596