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Evaluation question 2


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Evaluation question 2

  1. 1. EvaluationQuestion 2
  2. 2. We used Pinnacle to edit our trailer; put shots in order as well as changinglighting in colour corrector.
  3. 3. As well as this we created an unnervingstrobing effect with the use of whitetitles in-between split clips.
  4. 4. We used the shine effect tool in Pinnacle to createthis glowing effect on the normally plain black andwhite Miramax logo. Instead of fully changing thecolour of it, we decided to keep the original blackand white (binary oppositional connotations) and toput a fiery effect on it. We decided this because firesignifies destruction, linking to the narrative andgenre of our trailer.
  5. 5. We used Pinnacle to createour interim titles whichadded narrative expositionand emphasised thequestions being asked in thetrailer.We also used pinnacle to createthe end coming soon title whichis conventional of all trailers.We also including informationsuch as: Twitter and Facebook-as well as company logos. Weused pinnacle to add effects toour different titles such as ‘citylights’.
  6. 6. We also used a variety of editingtechniques such as match on action for fastpaced action sequences as well as jumpcuts to create a intense, jumpy effect.These are commonly used in horror/thrillertrailers.
  7. 7. Match on action- used in fast paced action sequence.
  8. 8. We also used the pan and zoom tool to takea close up to an extreme close up thereforecreating a wider variety of shots.
  9. 9. We used a camera and a tripod which created asteadier shot.
  10. 10. We used Blogger to upload text, pictures, links, videos andpowerpoints: different ways of presenting information. I found itquite simple to use with very few problems.
  11. 11. We put videos on our blogs through embedding them fromvimeo. This was simple however it was also time consuming. Wealso used vimeo to embed videos onto our website. Vimeo wasreliable however videos took a while to upload.
  12. 12. Slidehare was used to upload powerpoints to beembedded in our blogs. This was a good way topresent information especially informationrequiring a large amount of pictures.
  13. 13. We used wix to create our website to go with our trailer. Nowadaysmost films have a website due to an increased use of technologyespecially the internet. Some films also have apps on IPhones, butthese are usually used for films aimed at teenagers, as they aremore likely to use them.
  14. 14. We used Macromedia fireworks to create our poster whichwas fairly easy to use and put all of our images togetherwhere we wanted them. However, when making the imagesless blurred around the edges, we found that it was very timeconsuming and quite difficult. This made us think that usinganother program such as photoshop may have worked outbetter.
  15. 15. The camera and tripod allowed us to create a wide varietyof shots such as long shots, close ups and high angle shots.The tripod also enabled steadiness.Pinnacle allowed us to edit individual shots eg. Using panand zoom or changing the lighting or colour.However wedid have some problems with pinnacle working on ourcomputer.
  16. 16. We had some small problems usingpinnacle as it kept on closing withoutsaving our work. However we solved thisby making sure we saved our work moreregularly.