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Articles Essays & Stories Collection1 is a series of burning, mind-opening and motivating topics. These articles, essays and stories help everyone to gain grip on writing skill, to solve their problems and live a happy life, and keep them abreast of prevailing trends and crises etc.

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Articles essays and stories

  1. 1. A writer, web-developer, programmer, social worker, artist, and thinker.
  2. 2. Preface “Little drops of water make mighty ocean” this line has inspired me to write. It has been my dream to write books; in this regard I have taken this first little step toward the destination, which is a thousand miles away. When I look at the condition of people of my Sindh, my entire country, I become worried. People are so corrupt and selfish, that they feel no pain of poor; they have forgotten that those people are also part of their society, who sleep without eating meal. I wonder how we are living our lives happily leaving poor on the road! There must be two reasons, whether we are not humans or we have the hearts of stone, we don’t have the hearts which beat! So, the reason I write, is to remind the rich people and rulers of their responsibilities, to aware the poor to get his rights. So, I am sure my little efforts will make difference and will make our Sindh and our entire Pakistan stronger and mightier, where no one will sleep without eating meal, where no one will grow without getting education.There is always room for improvement, so if you find mistakes or don’t like any ideas or things discussed in the book, do tell me, so that I may ponder over it, and can make it better. My articles, essays and stories serve many purposes. These help students to be good at English, these help them differentiate between right and wrong, these give them new ideas and ways etc. I write on social issues, topics and problems. I try my best to give people the alternatives to live their lives to the fullest. No matter if they are poor. Through my writings and lectures, I try to change the minds of people, convince them to dosomething, make them realize that there is some kind of art hidden in every person, only they need to discover it.I also do social work, and I request all of the people who think like me, to come and join me, so that my struggle may become mightier and mightier. As little drops of water make mighty ocean. Come forward and join me and my struggle, so that we may make a mighty organization, this will work for the poor, for education, for awareness, and for the welfare. Let’s live for one another! Rizwan Ahmed Memon Facebook: Twitter: Facebook Page: Email: Website: Mobile: 03433846385
  3. 3. 1. One more chapter of injustice (Story) 2. Variety is the spice of life (Article) 3. Health is wealth (Article) 4. Like the father like the son (Article) 5. The importance of morality in making personality (Article) 6. Corruption (Essay) 7. Pollution (Essay) 8. Unemployment (Essay)9. How to study (Article)10. The role of enthusiasm in success (Article)11. Little drops of water make mighty ocean (Article)12. Attitude makes or mars friendship (Article)
  4. 4. One More Chapter of Injustice Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon BSCS University of Sindh It was a sunny day Robi was so delighted to win the prize in her class for essay competition. Her teacher said her that he was sure that one day Robi would become a great girl. Robi said to her teacher,”If God wanted I would become a doctor”. The teacher replied,“God wants that I know because He has given you all theabilities which a successful doctor should have”. Robi camehome and showed her mother the prize. Robi’s mother washappy too, but her father didn’t seem to be happy. Robi’s father is a drunker; her mother has to defray her education. She makesboth ends meet by needle work. Robi besides going to school, she also helps hermother in household works and in needle work. Days kept going by and now Robiis in class nine. At night Robi’s father said to her mother, “Now Robi has grownup”. Her mother said to him, “No she is still young, well why do you say so”? Hesaid, “Now Robi won’t go to school any more”. Her mother said, “No she has tostudy still, and she wants to be a doctor”. “A doctor impossible” he said. “Whycan’t she be a doctor she is most clever girl in the class”, said her mother. Herfather said to her mother,” Because the time has come for her to go to her realhome”. “You are thinking about Robi’s marriage? She is still too young” said she.“Well sooner or later she has to go, and this is a good work in any good work nolate”. Said Robi’s father. He further added, “I have already talked to my old friend,he has a son who works in the fields, so that will be better for her. And I don’twant to talk about it any more that’s it”.In morning when Robi was getting ready for going to school, her mother said her,”stay at home today”. Robi said, “why dear mother”. She said,” today I have a lot ofwork and I want you to help me”. Robi said’ “all right if you say, I am not going”.So on that day her mother told her that her father was going to get her married.Robi tore into pieces. Her mother said her,” it is inevitable, neither can I doanything nor you can refuse, if we go against, we will both be in trouble”. So it isbetter to be quite and bear.Robi’s dreams shattered, she felt a storm inside her, she wanted to cry as muchloudly as it could break the sky. Weeping and sobbing she slept. In few days,Robi’s father made her to get married. Now she was just an alive dead bodymoving in the world. True to his nature the man closed one more chapter of injustice with Robi.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I wonder how many other Robis’ would yet be killed, sold, and kidnappedetcetera! That so called civilized man should know, that the woman is also ahuman, she breathes the same way as he does, her heart beats as his, and likehim she has emotions too.
  5. 5. Variety is the Spice of Life By: Rizwan Ahmed Memon BSCS University of Sindh A life teeming with fun, ecstasy, and enjoyment can not be possible except variety. Variety is a thing which gives life new things, new experiences, and new ways, and these all things make one’s life memorable. Variety has decisive role in life; it adds zing to the life. Variety in other words changingmakes one’s life fabulous. If there is no change, no newness in life, the life will bedevoid of merriment, experience, and learning. Imagine, if you are in just same city from years,and when you leave the city and go in an other city. You will have new experience,you will get new things, and you will gain new knowledge. One who faces new situations, new people,and new things, he becomes adroit, experienced, and knowledgeable. Ordinarythings make bored, and extraordinary things provide fun and so many other things.One must try to have variety in his life. It is said that, the more the merrier, it means that,where there are more things or more people; there will be more fun. Likewise whenthere are more changes in the life, becomes more charming and hilarious. It has been observed that, the elder person has themore experience of the things in the life than the young, it is because, the eldermust have seen and faced more difficulties and predicaments, he has itsexperience, he knows better how to deal with them, that is why he is experienced. Many people start new activities with great zest, butthey give up after some time, which is called a nine days’ wonder. Why do peoplegive up after sometime? The reason is that, the attraction which new activities havein the early days that attraction dwindles; when they become used to it, the activitystops fascinating them. Their mind needs something new then. A song which youlisten for the first time gives you more entertainment, but if you listen to it over andover, you will be feeling irritable. It ceases entertaining you, and then you try to findsome other songs. In the world, people who do something special,something new and beneficial for others, something revolutionary, and somethingamazing, are always remembered. It is also a kind of variety which makes theminfluential and eminent. One must try to have as much variety as he can, because one day the game of life has to end, no matter if you lose or win, it is how much you lived your life with fun, righteousness and happiness. Live your life before it is your turn to leave the world.
  6. 6. Health Is Wealth Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon BSCS University of Sindh There’s no person on the earth who doesn’t want to live his life to the fullest.Everyone wants to have fun and happy life. But have you ever pondered over whatthe most important thing for a happy life is? Of course health. Nothing of this worldcan make you feel good, if you are not healthy, be it money, a palace, or any otherthing. You’ll be instead sick of these material things if you don’t feel yourself. If youare hale and hearty, then everything will appeal you and will attract you. That’s whyit’s said health is wealth. Most of us don’t take care of our health in everyday life. We stay up late at night; eat everything without considering what impact it’ll have on our health; we get up late in the morning; and have commonly bad routine and all this results in illness. Our routine matters a lot. If it’s proper, our health will have less danger. Let’s say I get up late, definitely I’d be late at work, and I’d haveimproper breakfast just in hurry fewmorsels’, in office I’d be flooded with workand I was already late, so I will have towork late to finish my work, and would come home late and very innervated. It’ll beso late when I’d go to bed after having supper. Again next morning I’d get upcertainly late because I slept late, and will have that entire hustle bustle again. At this rate, it’ll be not long when I’d be sick. So we ought to get out of this kind of routine. It’s the reason we don’t develop, we don’t progress, and instead we lose our health. So, you must pay attention to yourself and your health. Every day take some time away for exercise, go out in open air and take fresh oxygen, eat salubrious food and fruits, go for beach walks, walk barefooted on grass and bank of a river, it’ll be very good for your health and you would enjoy, experience the sunset, dance with your spouse, do something new, it’ll give your mind relaxation and you will have fun.
  7. 7. LIKE THE FATHER LIKE THE SON Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon It is an old saying, which means the son is exactly the same as his father. So as to say, the son would do absolutely alike his father does. The habits which a father possesses, the son will haveexactly the similar. The way father talks, behaves, and treats others, the sonwould follow certainly the same way of his father. So the saying implies that theparents are responsible for developing child’s positive mien and conduct. Since a new born baby doesn’t know anything aboutthis world, she comes to know step by step through parents, and then via others.Whatever a child sees at home, he adopts that, he develops everything in him,which family-members have. He follows customs and rules of his family, and actsupon them. So, it would not be wrong to say that, parents can make or mar thechild; they can make their child a superb citizen, an extraordinary child, asubmissive son, an assiduous man, a good and caring son, a selfless man and aphilanthropic man. On the contrary, they, the parents can make their child a rudeboy, a dishonest man, a disobedient son, an immoral man, a disgusting boy, andselfish man. So, the making of a child, good or bad, is in the hands of parents. Noany father would want to see and make his son a bad man, for making a childgood man, a good atmosphere, a nice upbringing and learning is of greatsignificance. The child should be given a good atmosphere, theatmosphere at home should be such, that the child should learn good thingsautomatically. The way of talking of parents with offspring and others should bepolite. Parents should be selfless and helper of poor in daily life. A properattention and time should be given to a child. At night “Bed Time” stories shouldbe told to the child. Parents should help the child in doing homework. Time forplaying and entertainment should be provided to the child. On holidays parentsshould go out with the child for a picnic. The parents should take their child withthem, when going on parties, or such occasions. Parents ought to buy the childgood books, so that the child may develop the habit of reading. The parents mustdiscuss the general and particular things with the child. In so doing, the child willdevelop terrific habits, his mind and thought would get broader, he will have asense of right and wrong, and will have the value for the time. He will be politewhen treating others, he would be assistant of humans, and would besympathetic. The child would be a good part of society, a good man, and above allan outstanding son.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions.Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character.Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” —Lao-Tze---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Its an amazing but true fact: more people are denied promotions because ofattitude and habits rather than lack of knowledge and skills. And yet most of usspend our time and money working on knowledge and skills instead of attitudeand habits.
  8. 8. THE IMPORTANCE OF MORALITY IN MAKING PERSONALITY Written by: Rizwan Ahmed Memon It is believed that, God does not see the slave’s outer beauty, but inner beauty. Inner beauty is morality, in other words morals, decency, virtue and all that jazz. Broadly talking character, morality plays a crucial role in making asuperb personality. A personality which possesses morality, is considered the bestone, is liked by everyone, and it flickers all the time. Morality begets goodness,sincerity and meekness. And these are the things which make splendid personality. A terrific personality is always based on goodmorality. One’s outer look can not impress others, in comparison to inner beauty orthe morality. Morality has got dreadfully great significance in Islam too. Holy prophetwas bestowed with marvelous morality, and it is the most exceptional and groovyquality of him. The personality, which becomes role model for others, morality isalways in possession of that. Morality expresses one’s nature, behavior, and way ofthinking. The personality, which is followed by people, that personality hasenormously excellent nature, well behavior, and superlatively positive way ofthinking. Through good morality one can change others, as once holy Prophet wasbothered and tormented by an old woman, who used to throw garbage and thorns inthe way of holy Prophet. Holy Prophet would not say her anything. For some dayshe did not found garbage and thorns in the way, he asked his fellows, what thereason was. They told him that old woman was under the weather. Then holyProphet went to ask after her. The woman became very ashamed, and thought that,I caused him annoyance and that very person has come to ask me how I am feelingnow! The woman was impressed, and then she became Muslim. One, who treats others in best way, and showsgood morality, becomes the respectable, prominent and honorable man. Moralitybrings about good habits, qualities, and reverence. One must try to have goodmorality, as it is the one of the best things, which can make one victorious, in theboth worlds, in this world and the hereafter. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, the education, the money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company... a church... a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes.~ Chuck Swindol
  9. 9. Corruption Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon Corruption is one of the major catastrophes, prevailing in various countries. Our country has also fallen prey to it since its independence. Corruption is such a crime which gives birth to so many other crimes, such as robberies, killings and so on. It is the root of all those tribulations which make life difficult.Corruption is rising day by day; in almostevery field it has got its solid roots. It exists in education field, in business, and in all other sorts of fields. There is a great deal of reasonsbehind its growth. One of the mostcrucial causes is meager salaries. Whichare by no means enough to meet one’sexpenses, and in this inflationary timeone becomes compelled to take bribe tosatisfy one’s needs. An employee earnsless than that he requires, his income isless and expenses more. He hardly getsmeal of two times through that wage. Besides it, he has to pay fee for his children’seducation, he has to maintain their health, and likewise so many other household tasks arethere for him to carry out. These kinds of responsibilities entail agreat sum of money to be fulfilled. Those duties andcircumstances force him to move to other alternative to carry outhis accountabilities and to meet his expenditures, and thatalternative is corruption.In order to get rid of corruption government ought to pay its dueattention to it. Government is supposed to keep an eye on everydepartment, government must keep check and balance systemstern, and government should augment salaries of employees, so that they may never be inthe need of giving or taking corruption.Every one of us should also be candid and blunt. As, it hasbeen described in holy Quran, they both the giver and taker ofbribe would be sent to hell. We all must work sincerely in anattempt to get rid of corruption and to be victorious in theboth worlds, in this world and the hereafter.
  10. 10. Pollution Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon BSCS University of Sindh Green soil, fresh air, peaceful atmosphere and pure water,these blessings everybody absolutely wishes to have. The hurdle in getting these blessingsis pollution. Pollution changes green soil into deserts, fresh air into hazardous gas, peacefulatmosphere into noisy atmosphere and pure water into poisonous water. When theseblessings are changed into curse by pollution, then, there remains no name of greenery ofthe soil; there remains no name of freshness of air, there remains no name of peace ofatmosphere and there remains no name of purity of water. Simultaneously, there remainsscarcity of life. The modern development of transportation, industrialization and urbanization hasgiven rise to pollution. These are on the increase, and as a result of these pollution is alsoescalating rapidly. The following sorts of pollutions are faced in this day and age. 1. Soil pollution: Soil pollution is caused by garbage, by different kinds ofwastes, by consumer products and so forth. Soil pollution is detrimental to health, andbecause of soil pollution there is lack of crops and fruits, for the reason that soil pollutionsabotages the thick layer of the earth, which is indispensable for growing fruits, trees andother crops. Soil pollution snatches greenery, brings about mess and gives birth to diseases.In order to keep soil green, trees should be sowed in large number. Trees are not onlygainful for finishing soil pollution, but also a terrific source of getting fruits and wood. Soas to dispose of soil pollution, garbage and other wastes should not be thrown in streets,and in other places. Streets must be swept, and cleanness ought to be maintained. 2. Air pollution: Smoke which comes out from vehicles, smoke of burning ofdung, tires, and smoke of industries, and all that result in air pollution. In urban areasautomobiles’ smoke and industries’ smoke is on rise, which add fuel to the fire to a greaterextent, and in consequence of that air pollution is getting bigger quickly. In rural areaspeople burn dung for numerous purposes, which multiply air pollution into the bargain. Airpollution is injurious to health, and it eradicates plants. It is also dreadfully perilous toOzone layer; it has made happen a whole in ozone layer, on account of that heat amplifies.In an effort to keep air fresh, and keep Ozone layer safe, it is quite essential to lessen smokeconsiderably. Aimless use of vehicles should be restrained, and purposeless burnings oftires, dung and other things must be avoided, and above and beyond industries’ smokeought to be dwindled. 3. Noise pollution Noise pollution is found more in cities in particular. There isnoise of vehicles, noise of aero plains, noise of trains, noise of industrial units, noise ofloud speakers, which is created by street vendors, and noise of horns. Noise pollutionaffects sense of hearing, causes anxiety, depression, irritation, blood pressure andnervousness. With the intention of getting salvation of noise pollution, useless horns, ringsand music should be restricted. Radio ought to be listened in low volume and volume oftelevision should also be low. 4. Water pollution Water pollution is caused by industries’ chemicals,wastes, and farms’ wastes, which are dumped in huge amount into seas, rivers and canals.These chemicals and wastes pollute the water, which devastate marine life. Thousands ofcreatures live in water, the polluted water exterminates them, and when humans use thatpolluted water and marine food, they become ill, and they also lose their lives. With thepurpose of getting pure water and surviving the thousands of creatures which live in water,chemicals, garbage and other wastes must not be thrown into seas, rivers and canals.
  11. 11. UNEMPLOYMENT Written by: Rizwan Ahmed Memon BSCS University of Sindh Wherever in the world, in any country, where wind of unemployment blows. It obliterates the nation of the country; it gives birth to upheaval, it weakens the stability of the country, it brings to a standstill the development of the country, and it razes the prosperity of the country. Unemployment is adversity, in which peoplebecome unable to find jobs. Whereunemployment is itself a convoluted crisis, at thesame time, it swells crimes, troubles anddelinquency, such as robberies, killings, and soforth. So as to say, unemployment is root ofvarious problems.A jobless person, who faces unemployment, simultaneously, he falls prey to so manytorments, for instance, apprehension, starvation and disquiet. A hungry person does notunderstand the right and wrong; he is forced by appetite, so he commits crimes, toextinguish the fire of the belly. He would fill his belly by hook or by cook. He will havethree alternatives to satisfy hunger of his belly, and of his family. He would make hislivelihood by corrupt means, or by fair means, or even he will beg. For surviving in theworld livelihood is so essential, and that can be made through job and work, easily andlegitimately.Unemployment rises due to plentiful reasons, for example, in this time and agecomputers have made the work easy, where ten people used to work now there oneperson with computer works. Another cause is this that employees are not adroit for thework, which is demanded by employers. However, to agreater extent skillful people are also jobless, owing tofewer seats, and less opportunities of jobs. A great numberof people, who are educated and skillful are wandering inthe quest of jobs, but are unsuccessful in finding. Many ofthem become so disappointed, that they commit suicide,and many protest for jobs but their cry listens nobody.When those people who are entitled for jobs, do not get,then they have the sense of deprivation and failure, whichcauses them depression to a great degree, and that is why many of them lose their lives.In order to dispose of unemployment, technical education should be given, so that if onefails to get job, he may open his own work. Jobs opportunities must be created in diversedepartments, through different means. Government ought to pay considerable heed tothis problem of unemployment, as it is the root of so many ills, whose we have fallenvictim to. If unemployment decreases significantly, poverty will disappear, crimes willcease to exist, and all other crises will be no more, and the prosperity would come.
  12. 12. HOW TO STUDY Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon Every student wishes to be clever in subjects he studies, and wants to have highest marks in all the subjects. But in most cases, even a good student fails to get maximum marks, he does not make the grade to achieve the prizes, which are given to the student, who obtain topmost marks in the class. Why does it happen? The answer to this question is that, copious numbers of students don’t know the way of studying. It is supposed that, the more a student consumes his timestudying, the more he will learn. But it is not so! Lots of students do not showexcellent result, despite the fact that they study for a long time on a regularbasis. Their parents get surprised, seeingupshot of them. If a student studies for an hour, 6 Learninghe will learn and understand something. If he 5spends two hours, he will gain more. If he Five Hours 4expends three hours, he will even discover Four Hoursmore. And if he continues studying for five 3 Three Hourshours, however, he will still be able to 2understand and learn. After five hours, if he Two hours Six Hourskeeps on studying even for more time, he will 1be unable to learn and get any thing. His mind 0 1 hourwill be so exhausted that, it will not take 1anything in. Instead of remembering, he’llforget even what he has learnt. It is a misunderstanding that, if you spend moretime studying, you’ll learn more. There is also another misunderstanding that,pupils after studying, just sleep to give rest to their mind. As a matter of fact, themind does not get its relaxation by sleeping. Our mind keeps working even inthe sleep. That’s why we dream! Even if we are asleep, but the mind works. Themind gets its relaxation by variety, by change, by doing different things. Such as,listening a song, going for a walk, and chatting with somebody and all that. How much time should be spent studying? It depends on thework, and also on the person. Most learners find their optimum in five hours, andsome even in less time. However five hours are appropriate. For those studentsit will be difficult to study for five hours, who study for less time. Little by littlestudent should try to study for more time. Where to study? Many students preferstudying in the library than homes. But if you don’t like going there, find suchplace where you feel comfortable. It can be your room at home, any park or anyother place. For learning any subject or getting anything, there should beenormous zeal and ambition in the man. For the reason that if we areenthusiastic about anything, we will leave no stone unturned to have that.Eagerness is of great significance. Many students are having problems ofnumerous kinds, such as financial problems, family problems, and loveproblems etcetera. As a result of such problems, they can’t pay proper heed totheir studies. However one should keep all problems aside, and let not theproblems affect his studies. Student must maintain his studies in all cases. Andfor gaining optimum cognizance and learning more, students should make themost out of modern technology, as computer and internet.
  13. 13. The Role of Enthusiasm in Success By: Rizwan Ahmed Memon Success is such a thing, which every person can not achieve in the life. No more than those individuals become victorious, who are alive with enthusiasm, who face all the difficulties bravely, and never try to elude from the challenges, and hurdles, coming in way of success. The only thing which makes one intrepid, which develops the ability toconfront problems and challenges rather courageously is ENTHUSIASM. A myriad of folks relinquish, while encountering thegigantic tasks to carry out, to be triumphant. But those people never forsake,who are avid to get a hold of their objectives. Despite the fact that they aresubjected to barriers of numerous kinds, they stick to their work. Theirwholeheartedness makes them feel that, the day, when their dreams wouldcome true, is not so away. In the making of Pakistan, Quid-e-Azam had gonethrough utmost troubles, and had borne colossal agonies. But it was his ambitionwhich made him courageous, that he ended up with a self-governing country.Benazir Butto had a dream to see democracy in Pakistan, in getting democracy,she lost her life, but did not fear and give up, and it was her enthusiasm whichmade her plucky. Success is not like taking candy from a baby, forattaining it; one has to deal with immense trials, hardships and obstacles, thesetrials, hardships and obstacles are meant to rouse, not discourage, the humansprit is to grow strong by conflict. Nelson Mandela is a case in point; he foughtagainst racial discrimination and come upon all such things in his way ofsuccess, ultimately, he took the lead and proved that no white man is better thanblack, these are only capabilities which make a distinction. For achieving the forefront, one should be bold enoughto put up with inconveniences. For the reason that most of our obstacles wouldmelt away if, instead of cowering before them we should make up our minds towalk boldly through them. And one should consider the problems guidelines, notstop signs. Definitely, you have to have darkness, for the dawn to come. All youneed is action. Since some people dream of success, while others wake up andwork hard at it. And again the desire and willingness are the things, which spuryou to action, to do something. Where the willingness is great, there the difficulties cannot be great. So you should always be all set to face difficulties, since you willovercome them, because your willingness is great. And God also never sendsus more than we can handle. Always keep in mind that, what you do today, isimportant, for the reason that you are exchanging a day of your life for it. Andthen, in due course the success would be yours.
  14. 14. Little Drops of Water make mighty ocean Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon BSCS University of Sindh A journey of thousand miles is started by taking first step. And if the steps are taken continuously the day will not be long far, whenthe destination will kiss the feet of walker. In the same way, little drops of watermake mighty ocean. No matter how little drops may be, but one day they willmake a mighty ocean. So it is implied that no matter how small your efforts are,but if they are earnest and constant, then they will one day make you successful,and will take you from earth to the sky. If you open the pages of history, you willbe inundated with the examples of triumphant people of their times, who madelittle but continuous efforts, and the time did justice with them by making themprominent, and kept their names in the golden pages of history.Today Pakistan and the other countries of the world are facing problems ofmultiple types, from poverty to corruption, from corruption to unemployment andso on. Can these problems not be solved? I believe there is solution to everyproblem in the world! So, be it poverty, corruption or unemployment all theproblems can be resolved, provided that we are sincere to resolve them.Certainly, these problems will take plenty of time to be solved, but they can besolved, when little but constant and earnest efforts are made.A new student who learns a new language, let’s say English, will take time tomaster, if he keeps on little but steady study of his subject, then one day he willbe able to speak, read, write and understand. If he learns a new word daily, hewill have plethora of words in his mind by a year. So, continuity and seriousnessare very important for everything.I take example of myself to prove my own point, I started learning English andcomputer in 2005, and by 2006 I got good knowledge of both subjects, andstarted teaching too. I would go to center to learn my subjects. My center wasquite away from my village. I used to take van for seven kilometers, and furtherabout 3 or 4 kilometers used to cross on foot. Someday it used to be sunny andsomeday rainy, but I used to go to attend my classes whether it rained or shined,whether it was summer or winter I kept my struggle nonstop. I had made a recordof not being absent from the class, even for a single day in period of two years.On this record I was given the honor from the administrator, who claimed that Iwas the only student of the institution who has been most regular, punctual,serous and diligent. These qualities made me entitled for the respect and honor,still today when I go to visit the institution where I learnt English, I am given evenmore respect. So, if I had not been serious, diligent and punctual, I might nothave learnt anything. Today I am student of University of Sindh in department ofMathematics and Computer Science, in my first year I have won the prize in logocompetition, and have topped in whole the class in English subject. People aregiven a start when they know my English, because I am computer scientist, theywonder and say how it is possible that you speak such good English when youare student of computer science! I say them; there is no limit to progress becausethere is no limit to imagination and hard work. No matter from where you are onlyyour enthusiasm and hardwork matter. I believe in hardwok.
  15. 15. Attitude Makes or Mars Friendship Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon BSCS University of Sindh A person close to heart, worthy of praise, and deserving respect, is he whose attitude is splendid. Attitude is a picture of one’s personality. It is the way of conducting, treating and behaving. One who possesses a superb way of talking, treating and presenting oneself, takes the place inother’s hearts. And people wish to make such person their friend. A man isknown by his comportment. One can easily get whether he is polite, caring orrude, by his behavior. However, it is not always easy. Those people, who usecourteous words, treat cordially, and keep smile while talking with us, remain inour minds, and in the hearts. We always have tendency to meet them and spendsome time with them. And those who show disgust, speak angrily, and behaverudely with us; they lose the place from our hearts. Here I would like to give example of my own friend, who used to be my bestfriend. In early stages of our friendship, my friend was quite considerate; he usedto care for me. Whenever I became worried, he came to me and used to inquirethe reason of my worry, and would say me to tell him my worries, so that I mayfeel quite relief. He used to make call to me everyday several times. And askedme what I was doing. His manners made a great place in my heart, and highrespect in my eyes. My mornings began by listening his voice. He used to callme early in the morning and talked for long time. Even my family members wereunder the illusion that there is any girl, who has fallen in love with me, that is whyshe calls me all the time. My evenings always passed by meeting him. If I didn’tgo to him, he would call me to come. And we used to go for walk to river Indus.We became so close friends that if we didn’t meet on any day, we wouldcomplain each other that why you did not come. We shared our happiness andsorrow together. Before this friend I used to pass my time alone, by readingbooks, operating computer, teaching English, and by doing such other activities.But when he came in my life, I felt that, this is the friend who I had ever needed.After his friendship, my loneliness ceased to exist, I never felt myself alone. Wehad often together breakfasts and lunches. We used to exchange our books,ideas, and all other things. When we met, we used to laugh, joke and play. I stillremember every moment that I spent with that friend. In the summer, we used tosit in dense shadow tree in fields. In the winter, we used to sit in sunlight in thepark. He used to say me if I ever left him, he would not make any friend in his
  16. 16. life. He would not depend on anybody; he would understand the whole world isunfaithful. He used to say me to send him at least five mobile messageseveryday, because he didn’t want to see his mobile having no message of mine.I got used to meet him; I became habitual of making call to him, if I didn’t meethim I felt great disquiet. For me it is so hard to define it. In my prayers I everthanked God for granting me matchless friend. Such great, pure and strongrelation of our friendship never seemed to be broken. But it broke up, for thereason of BEHAVIOR. That person, who was always so crazy about meetingme, left meeting. Who couldn’t live without making call to me, he left making call.Who used to care to great extent for me, left caring. Who sent me messageseveryday, stopped sending messages. And imagine how hard it was for me tolive without the person, who became my companion in loneliness. Who providedme the shoulder to weep on, who became only the way to remove my loneliness.My friend’s polite behavior changed into rude behavior. Despite that I kept goingto him, and he never seemed willing to meet. He used to use harsh words withme. And this act hurt me greatly. He kept his mobile off most of the time. If wecame across, he spoke angrily and left quickly. I wanted to know why he doesso. What wrong thing I have done to him, that he hurts me. Truly, there was nosuch wrong thing from my side. And then again my loneliness started, I am sodifferent and special my nature doesn’t go much with others. That is why I oftenremain alone, upstairs in my room. Before my friend, I used to be alone but thatloneliness used not to upset me as much as now, after him. I was all the timelost in thought why my friend did so with me, and yet I have not found theanswer. Perhaps, he was selfish, or he got someone else instead of me. Now Ihave also settled in my alone life. Because whenever I met him he offended me,his such behavior lost the place which he had in my heart. His treating in rudeway lost the respect, which I had in my eyes for him. In front of others he used todisrespect me. These all things brought about a complete break up. But I stillmiss him and will miss him rest of my life.So, my true example reminds you all, that you have to be caring, polite and trueto your friends. Use courteous words with the friends. Keep smile on your lipswhile talking with them. And never try to play with others feelings as my frienddid. Because God likes those people, who are kind, selfless, and true to hisslaves. Attitude is that thing, which makes or mars friendship, as my friend’spolite attitude made us friends, and his rude attitude caused my break up withhim.Vist my website, follow me on Twitter, cantact me via mail and mobile, and like me on Facebook and add me as friend. Facebook: Twitter: Facebook page: Email: Website: Mobile: 03433846385
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