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Telenor Report

  1. 1. Institute Of Business & Management UET, Lahore Telenor Pakistan Rizwan Bashir Goraya BBA-Fall12-167
  2. 2. Telenor Pakistan History: Telenor Group was founded in 1855 and build on more than 155 years of telecom experience. Telenor Group headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Telenor Pakistan is 100% owned by the Telenor Group, an international provider of high quality voice, data, content and communication services in 12 markets across Europe and Asia. Telenor Group is among the largest mobile operators in the world with 160 million mobile subscriptions and a workforce of approximately 33,000. Telenor Pakistan has invested over US$2.3 billion in the local economy so far. It acquired a GSM license in 2004 and began commercial operations on March 15, 2005. In October 2012, Telenor Pakistan’s crossed the active subscriber base is 30 million retaining its position as the country's second largest mobile operator. Telenor Pakistan has coverage in more than 1500 cities and towns. It has more than 200 franchises in major cities and towns. Telenor Pakistan's corporate headquarters are in Islamabad, with regional offices in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad and Peshawar. Telenor Group’s revenue distribution policy for the year 2013 is Contributing To Pakistan's Economy: Telenor Pakistan continues to contribute to Pakistan's economy. It has created 2,800 direct and 25,000 plus indirect jobs and has a network of over 200,000 retailers, franchises and sales & service centers, thus providing a means to livelihood to thousands. Telenor Pakistan contributed over Rs. 121 billion in various forms of direct and indirect taxes to the economy of Pakistan since the beginning of its operations in 2005. Telenor Pakistan acquired 51% of Tameer Microfinance Bank in November 2008. In 2009 it launched 'Easypaisa' to become Pakistan's first telecom operator to partner with a bank to offer mobile financial services across Pakistan. 2
  3. 3. Telenor Pakistan In addition to our focus on extending the benefits of mobile communications, Telenor contributes to society through selected social investments. The company’s social investments are focused on long-term partnerships that can contribute to lasting change. Focus areas for Telenor Pakistan are; Disability, Education, Health, Emergency Response and Employee Volunteerism. Telenor Pakistan's flagship corporate responsibility program, Khuddar Pakistan, aims to create dignified opportunities for persons with disabilities. The purpose is to become the most disabled-friendly organization in Pakistan in terms of employment, service, and community support. Other programs include Khamoshi Ka Boycott, Karo Mumkin, Djuice Rozgar and Angotha Chalao etc. Mission , Vision & Values: Our vision crystallizes our customer focus as the cornerstone of everything we do. Our values describe what behaviors are necessary to realize that vision. Our corporate responsibility mindset ensures that our vision and values nurture social concern and help us create shared value. Our Vision: Our vision is call for action: “Empower societies” We provide the power of digital communication, enabling everyone to improve their lives, build societies and secure a better future for all. Our vision to empower societies is a clear call to action. We bring vital infrastructure, new services and products that stimulate progress, change and improvement. Our Mission: Our Mission is simple: “We are here to help” We exist to help our customers get the full benefit of communications services in their daily lives. The key to achieving this vision is a mindset where every one of us works together: Making it easy to buy and use our services, Delivering on our promises, being respectful of differences and Inspiring people to find new ways. Core Values: We believe in four core values for gaining our customers loyalty, these are as follows: Make it Easy: We're practical. We don't complicate things. Everything we produce should be easy to understand and use. Because we never forget we're trying to make customers' lives easier. Keep Promises: Everything we set out to do should work, or if it doesn't, we're here to help. We're about delivery, not over promising, actions not words. Be Inspiring: We are creative. We strive to bring energy to the things we do. Everything we produce should look good, modern and fresh. We are passionate about our business and customers. 3
  4. 4. Telenor Pakistan Be Respectful: We acknowledge and respect local cultures. We do not impose one formula worldwide. We want to be a part of local communities wherever we operate. We believe loyalty has to be earned. Products & Services: Following are the products and services offered by Telenor Pakistan: Services: • • • • • • • • • Utilities (Easy Load & Song Dedication etc.) Internet Infotainment Music & Games Education & Careers Entertainment & Sports Smart Tunes Religion Social Products: • Prepaid (Talkshawk & Djuice) • Postpaid (Personsa) Talkshawk Packages: • • • • • • • • • • Talkshawk 24 Hours Talkshawk Economy Talkshawk 75 Paisa Talkshawk Har Second Talkshawk Har Minute Talkshawk A1 Talkshawk Value Package Talkshawk Meri Pasand Offer Talkshawk Pora-Pakistan Offer Talkshawk Superstar Offer 4
  5. 5. Telenor Pakistan Djuice Packages: • • • • • • • • Djuice Din Raat Package Djuice Ghanta Package Djuice Boltay Jao Offer Djuice Free Call Offer Djuice Minutes Bundle Offer Djuice Khamoshi Torr Offer Djuice Bol Jigar Bol Offer Djuice Jagtay Raho Offer Persona Packages: • • • • • • • Persona Consumer Persona Easy (100) Persona Simple (500) Persona Free Persona Business Persona Special 5ive Persona Team Talk Pricing Strategies: • Demographic Pricing (Age, Income, Occupation) • Psychological Pricing (Social Class, Lifestyle, Personality) • • • Promotional Pricing Segmented Pricing Dynamic Pricing Promotional Strategies: • • • • • • Advertisement Bill Boards Societal Campaigns Sales Promotions Public Relation Direct Marketing 5
  6. 6. Telenor Pakistan Placement Strategies: • Coverage Coverage in more than 1500 Cities & Towns • Franchising More than 200 Franchises & 200000 Retailers • • • Channels Locations Transportation STP Modeling: The STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning) Model of Telenor is as follows: Segmentation: • Geographic (Country, Region, City, Density) • Demographic (Age, Gender, Income, Occupation) • Psychographic (Social Class, Lifestyle, Personality) • Behavioral (Occasions, Users, Benefits) Targeting: • • • • • Age & Gender Based Occupation Based Income Based Social-Class Based Area & Region Based 6
  7. 7. Telenor Pakistan • Occasion Based Positioning: • Functional Positioning (Solve Problem, Get Favorable Perception) • Symbolic Positioning (Self Image, Affective Fulfillments) • Experiential Positioning (Sensory Stimulation, Cognitive Stimulation) SWOT Analysis: The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis is as follows: Strengths: • • • • • • • • Largest Geographical Coverage Largest International Roaming Service Superior Customer Care Strong Distribution Channels 24 Hours Customer Services Competitive Price Innovative & Intense Growth More Attractive & Valued Services Weaknesses: • • • • • • • • Billing Inflexibility Growing Customer Dissatisfaction Low Growth Rate Of Persona Marketing Plan Lack Of Follow-Up From Customers Not Promising Packages European Identity Less Differentiation & Switching Cost 7
  8. 8. Telenor Pakistan Opportunities: • • • • • • • Declining Growth Of Market King Further Network Expansion Poor Network Services Of Competitors Favorable Regulatory Authority Unmet Demand Innovative Products & Services Investment Opportunity Threats: • • • • • • Aggressive Marketing By Competitors Possibility Of New Networks Entrance Close Competitive Environment Political Instability Changing Technologies Economical Challenges BCG Matrix: The BCG (Boston Consulting Group) Matrix of Telenor is as follows: Stars Question Mark Cash Cows Dogs Djuice has the high Relative Market Share and high Growth Rate so it is treated as Star. It take heavy investment. Talkshawk has the high Growth Rate and low Relative market Share that is why it is treated as Question Mark. 8
  9. 9. Telenor Pakistan Persona has high Relative Market Share and low Growth Rate, and takes less investment so it is treated as Cash Cow. Comparison: Annual Cellular Subscribers in Pakistan of various Networks: Annual Cellular Subscribers Mobilink Ufone Zong Instaphone Telenor Warid Total 2003-04 3,215,989 801,160 470,021 535,738 5,022,908 2004-05 7,469,085 2,579,103 924,486 454,147 835,727 508,655 12,771,203 2005-06 17,205,555 7,487,005 1,040,503 336,696 3,573,660 4,863,138 34,506,557 2006-07 26,466,451 14,014,044 1,024,563 333,081 10,701,332 10,620,386 63,159,857 2007-08 32,032,363 18,100,440 3,950,758 351,135 18,125,189 15,489,858 88,019,812 2008-09 29,136,839 20,004,707 6,386,571 34,048 20,893,129 17,886,736 94,342,030 2009-10 32,202,548 19,549,100 6,704,288 0 23,798,221 16,931,687 99,185,844 2010-11 33,378,161 20,533,787 10,927,693 0 26,667,079 17,387,798 108,894,518 2011-12 35,953,434 23,897,261 16,836,983 0 29,963,722 13,499,835 120,151,235 2012-13 37,121,871 24,547,986 21,044,319 0 33,513,133 12,706,353 128,933,662 Telenor Pakistan is growing year by year. 2007 was the best year in terms of increase in network subscribers when it got almost 80% growths as compare to the previous year 2006. 9
  10. 10. Telenor Pakistan Growth Rate: Telenor Pakistan showing positive growth every year as compared to other communication networks working in Pakistan. This year Telenor Pakistan showed 3.7% growth and achieved 30 Million network subscribers to be the 2nd largest communication network of Pakistan. 10
  11. 11. Telenor Pakistan Market Share: Telenor Pakistan has now got the 25.2% subscribers out of total communication subscribers in Pakistan. Telenor Pakistan is now become the 2nd largest communication network of Pakistan. 11