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Command name

  1. 1. Command Name Modifiers KeyAboutAccept All Changes in DocAccept All Changes ShownAccept Changes andAdvanceAccept Changes orAdvanceAccept Changes SelectedActivate ObjectAdd CaptionAdd Digital SignatureAdd Record DefaultAdd to ContactsAddr FontsAddressAdjust List IndentsAdvanced BrightnessContrastAdvertise Publish AsAlign BottomAlign Center HorizontalAlign Center VerticalAlign LeftAlign Right
  2. 2. Command Name Modifiers KeyAlign TopAlignment TabAll Caps Ctrl+Shift+ AAnnot Ink EraserAnnot Ink PenAnnotation Alt+Ctrl+ MAnnotation EditAnnotationsApp Maximize Alt+ F10App MinimizeApp MoveApp Restore Alt+ F5App SizeApply Heading1 Alt+Ctrl+ 1Apply Heading2 Alt+Ctrl+ 2Apply Heading3 Alt+Ctrl+ 3Apply List Bullet Ctrl+Shift+ LApply QFSet InitialApply QFSet TemplateArrange AllArrange Side By SideAuto CaptionAuto Correct
  3. 3. Command Name Modifiers KeyAuto Correct Caps LockOffAuto Correct DaysAuto Correct ExceptionsAuto Correct HECorrectAuto Correct Initial CapsAuto Correct ManagerAuto Correct Replace TextAuto Correct SentenceCapsAuto Correct SmartQuotesAuto Fit ContentAuto Fit FixedAuto Fit WindowAuto FormatAuto Format Alt+Ctrl+ KAuto Format BeginAuto Format StyleAuto ManagerAuto Mark Index EntriesAuto ScrollAuto SumAuto Summarize
  4. 4. Command Name Modifiers KeyAuto Summarize BeginAuto Summarize CloseAuto Summarize Percentof OriginalAuto Summarize ToggleViewAuto Summarize UpdateFile PropertiesAuto TextAuto TextAuto Text F3Auto Text Alt+Ctrl+Shift+ VAutomatic ChangeAWBack History ItemBackground ColorBackground Fill EffectBackground More ColorsBackground WatermarkBBProperties DlgBib Insert SourceBibliographyBibliography Bibliographyto TextBibliography Citation to
  5. 5. Command Name Modifiers KeyTextBibliography CreateSourceBibliography Edit CitationButtonBibliography Edit CitationToolbarBibliography Edit SourceBibliography Edit SourceButtonBibliography Edit SourceToolbarBibliography FilterLanguagesBibliography SourceManagerBlog Blog Account OptionsDlgBlog Blog InsertCategoriesBlog Blog Insert CategoryBlog Blog Open Blog SiteBlog Blog Open ExistingDlgBlog Blog PublishBlog Blog Publish DraftBold Ctrl+ B
  6. 6. Command Name Modifiers KeyBold Ctrl+Shift+ BBold RunBookmark Ctrl+Shift+ F5Bookshelf DefineReferenceBookshelf LookupReferenceBorder AllBorder BottomBorder Color PickerBorder HorizBorder InsideBorder LeftBorder Line ColorBorder Line StyleBorder Line WeightBorder NoneBorder OutsideBorder RightBorder TLto BRBorder TopBorder TRto BLBorder VertBorders
  7. 7. Command Name Modifiers KeyBorders and ShadingBorders and ShadingBottom AlignBottom Center AlignBottom Left AlignBottom Right AlignBreakBring ForwardBring to FrontBrowse Next Ctrl+ Page DownBrowse Prev Ctrl+ Page UpBrowse Sel Alt+Ctrl+ HomeBuilding Block BeginDocumentBuilding Block BeginSectionBuilding Block EndDocumentBuilding Block EndSectionBuilding Block FooterBuilding Block HeaderBuilding Block IPBuilding Block Organizer
  8. 8. Command Name Modifiers KeyBullet DefaultBullet List DefaultBullets and NumberingBullets GalleryBullets Numbering StyleDialogBullets NumbersCalculateCalloutCancel EscCancel Highlight ModeCaptionCaption NumberingCell OptionsCenter AlignCenter Para Ctrl+ EChange ByteChange CaseChange Case Shift+ F3Change Case FareastChange KanaChangesChar Left LeftChar Left Extend Shift+ Left
  9. 9. Command Name Modifiers KeyChar Right RightChar Right Extend Shift+ RightChar ScaleChar Scale DialogCharacter ClearFormattingCharacter Remove StyleChartCheck Box Form FieldCheck CompatibilityCheck Document PartsCheck For UpdatesCheckinCheckoutCitationCitationClear DelClear All FormattingClear Form FieldClear FormattingClear Table StyleCloseClose AllClose or Close All
  10. 10. Command Name Modifiers KeyClose or Exit Alt+ F4Close Pane Alt+Shift+ CClose Para AboveClose Para BelowClose PreviewClose Reading ModeClose Up ParaClose View Header FooterCodeColorColumn Break Ctrl+Shift+ ReturnColumn Select Ctrl+Shift+ F8Column WidthColumnsColumnsCombine CharactersComma AccentCompare DocumentsCombineCompare DocumentsCompareCompare Documents LastMajorCompare Documents LastMinor
  11. 11. Command Name Modifiers KeyCompare DocumentsVersionCompare Translation BaseDocumentsCompare VersionsCompat ChkrCondensedConfirm ConversionsConnectConsistencyConsistency CheckContact UsContent Control BuildingBlock GalleryContent Control ComboBoxContent Control DateContent ControlDropdown ListContent Control GroupContent Control PictureContent Control Rich TextContent Control TextContent Control UngroupContents Arabic
  12. 12. Command Name Modifiers KeyContext HelpContinue NumberingControl PropertiesControl RunConvert All EndnotesConvert All FootnotesConvert NotesConvert ObjectConvert Text Box toFrameCopy Ctrl+ CCopy Ctrl+ InsertCopy As PictureCopy Format Ctrl+Shift+ CCopy Ink As TextCopy Text Shift+ F2Create Auto Text Alt+ F3Create Auto Text Blockfrom SelCreate Bibliography fromSelCreate Building Blockfrom SelCreate Common FieldBlock from Sel
  13. 13. Command Name Modifiers KeyCreate Cover Page Blockfrom SelCreate DirectoryCreate EnvelopeCreate Equation Blockfrom SelCreate Footer Block fromSelCreate Header Block fromSelCreate LabelsCreate Layout Block fromSelCreate Page Num Bottomfrom SelCreate Page Num from SelCreate Page Num PageBlock from SelCreate Page Num Topfrom SelCreate Shared WorkspaceCreate SubdocumentCreate TableCreate Table Block fromSelCreate Table of Contentsfrom Sel
  14. 14. Command Name Modifiers KeyCreate TaskCreate Text Box Blockfrom SelCreate Water Mark Blockfrom SelCross ReferenceCss LinksCustomizeCustomize Add Menu Alt+Ctrl+ =ShortcutCustomize KeyboardCustomize Keyboard Alt+Ctrl+ Num +ShortcutCustomize MenusCustomize Remove Menu Alt+Ctrl+ -ShortcutCustomize ToolbarCut Ctrl+ XCut Shift+ DelDatabaseDate Field Alt+Shift+ DDate TimeDecrease IndentDecrease ParagraphSpacingDefault Char Border
  15. 15. Command Name Modifiers KeyDefault Char ShadingDefault CondensedDefault ExpandedDefine New BulletDefine New ListDefine New List StyleDefine New NumberDelete All Comments inDocDelete All CommentsShownDelete All Ink AnnotationsDelete AnnotationDelete Back Word Ctrl+ BackspaceDelete CellsDelete ColumnDelete GeneralDelete HyperlinkDelete RowDelete StyleDelete TableDelete Word Ctrl+ DelDemote ListDemote to Body Text
  16. 16. Command Name Modifiers KeyDiacritic ColorDictionaryDisplay DetailsDisplay DocumentManagement PaneDisplay Final DocDisplay For ReviewDisplay Original DocDisplay Shared WorkspacePaneDistribute ColumnDistribute GeneralDistribute Para Ctrl+Shift+ JDistribute RowDo Field Click Alt+Shift+ F9Do Not DistributeDoc Close Ctrl+ WDoc Close Ctrl+ F4Doc EncryptionDoc ExportDoc InspectorDoc Maximize Ctrl+ F10Doc MinimizeDoc Move Ctrl+ F7
  17. 17. Command Name Modifiers KeyDoc Restore Ctrl+ F5Doc Size Ctrl+ F8Doc Split Alt+Ctrl+ SDocument Actions PaneDocument MapDocument Map ReadingModeDot AccentDotted UnderlineDouble StrikethroughDouble Underline Ctrl+Shift+ DDownload PicturesDraftDraw AlignDraw Align DistributeRelative to CanvasDraw Align DistributeRelative to ContainerDraw Align DistributeRelative to ContainerDraw Align DistributeRelative to DiagramDraw Align DistributeRelative to Org ChartDraw Align DistributeRelative to Page
  18. 18. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Align DistributeRelative to SelectionDraw Attach TextDraw Auto FormatDiagramDraw Auto LayoutDiagramDraw Auto Layout OrgChartDraw Bring in Front ofTextDraw CalloutDraw Change to CycleDraw Change to PyramidDraw Change to RadialDraw Change to TargetDraw Change to VennDraw Close FreeformDraw Compress PicturesDraw Delete All InkCommentsDraw Delete DiagramNodeDraw Delete FreeformSegmentDraw Delete Org ChartNode
  19. 19. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Diagram StyleDraw Disassemble PictureDraw DistributeHorizontallyDraw DistributeHorizontallyDraw Distribute Relativeto PageDraw Distribute VerticallyDraw Distribute VerticallyDraw DuplicateDraw Edit PictureDraw Edit Word ArtDraw Exit Ink ModeDraw Exit Ink ModeDraw Exit Ink ModeDraw Expand CanvasDraw Expand DiagramDraw Expand Org ChartDraw EyedropperDraw EyedropperDraw EyedropperDraw EyedropperDraw Fill Color
  20. 20. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Fill ToggleDraw Fit Canvas toContentsDraw Fit Diagram toContentsDraw Fit Org Chart toContentsDraw Flip HorizontalDraw Flip VerticalDraw GroupDraw Insert AccentBorder Callout1Draw Insert AccentBorder Callout2Draw Insert AccentBorder Callout3Draw Insert AccentBorder Callout4Draw Insert AccentCallout1Draw Insert AccentCallout2Draw Insert AccentCallout3Draw Insert AccentCallout4Draw Insert ArcDraw Insert Arc
  21. 21. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Insert ArrowDraw Insert ArrowDraw Insert ArrowDraw Insert BalloonDraw Insert Bent ArrowDraw Insert Bent UpArrowDraw Insert BevelDraw Insert Block ArcDraw Insert BorderCallout1Draw Insert BorderCallout2Draw Insert BorderCallout3Draw Insert BorderCallout4Draw Insert Brace PairDraw Insert Bracket PairDraw Insert Bulls EyeChartDraw Insert Callout1Draw Insert Callout2Draw Insert Callout3Draw Insert Callout4Draw Insert Can
  22. 22. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Insert ChevronDraw Insert CircularArrowDraw Insert Cloud CalloutDraw Insert CubeDraw Insert CurveDraw Insert Curved DownArrowDraw Insert Curved DownRibbonDraw Insert Curved LeftArrowDraw Insert Curved RightArrowDraw Insert Curved UpArrowDraw Insert Curved UpRibbonDraw Insert Cycle ChartDraw Insert DiagramDraw Insert DiagramShapeDraw Insert DiamondDraw Insert DonutDraw Insert Double ArrowDraw Insert Double Wave
  23. 23. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Insert Down ArrowDraw Insert Down ArrowCalloutDraw Insert DrawingCanvasDraw Insert Explosion1Draw Insert Explosion2Draw Insert FilledFreeformDraw Insert Filled PolygonDraw Insert FlowchartAlternate ProcessDraw Insert FlowchartCollateDraw Insert FlowchartConnectorDraw Insert FlowchartDecisionDraw Insert FlowchartDelayDraw Insert FlowchartDisplayDraw Insert FlowchartDocumentDraw Insert FlowchartExtractDraw Insert FlowchartInput Output
  24. 24. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Insert FlowchartInternal StorageDraw Insert FlowchartMagnetic DiskDraw Insert FlowchartMagnetic DrumDraw Insert FlowchartMagnetic TapeDraw Insert FlowchartManual InputDraw Insert FlowchartManual OperationDraw Insert FlowchartMergeDraw Insert FlowchartMultidocumentDraw Insert FlowchartOffline StorageDraw Insert FlowchartOffpage ConnectorDraw Insert FlowchartOnline StorageDraw Insert Flowchart OrDraw Insert FlowchartPredefined ProcessDraw Insert FlowchartPreparationDraw Insert FlowchartProcess
  25. 25. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Insert FlowchartPunched CardDraw Insert FlowchartPunched TapeDraw Insert FlowchartSortDraw Insert FlowchartSumming JunctionDraw Insert FlowchartTerminatorDraw Insert FoldedCornerDraw Insert FreeformDraw Insert HeartDraw Insert HexagonDraw Insert Home PlateDraw Insert HorizontalScrollDraw Insert Ink SpaceDraw Insert IsoscelesTriangleDraw Insert Left ArrowDraw Insert Left ArrowCalloutDraw Insert Left BraceDraw Insert Left BracketDraw Insert Left Right
  26. 26. Command Name Modifiers KeyArrowDraw Insert Left RightArrow CalloutDraw Insert Left UpArrowDraw Insert LightningBoltDraw Insert LineDraw Insert MoonDraw Insert No SmokingDraw Insert NotchedCircular ArrowDraw Insert NotchedRight ArrowDraw Insert OctagonDraw Insert Org ChartDraw Insert Org ChartAssistantDraw Insert Org ChartCoworkerDraw Insert Org ChartSubordinateDraw Insert OvalDraw Insert ParallelogramDraw Insert PentagonDraw Insert Plaque
  27. 27. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Insert PlusDraw Insert PolygonDraw Insert Quad ArrowDraw Insert Quad ArrowCalloutDraw Insert Radial ChartDraw Insert RectangleDraw Insert RectangularCalloutDraw Insert RibbonDraw Insert Ribbon2Draw Insert Right ArrowDraw Insert Right ArrowCalloutDraw Insert Right BraceDraw Insert Right BracketDraw Insert RightTriangleDraw Insert RoundedRectangleDraw Insert RoundedRectangular CalloutDraw Insert RoundedRectangular CalloutDraw Insert ScribbleDraw Insert Seal16
  28. 28. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Insert Seal24Draw Insert Seal32Draw Insert Seal4Draw Insert Seal8Draw Insert Smiley FaceDraw Insert StackedChartDraw Insert StarDraw Insert Striped RightArrowDraw Insert SunDraw Insert TrapezoidDraw Insert Up ArrowCalloutDraw Insert Up DownArrowDraw Insert Up DownArrow CalloutDraw Insert UTurn ArrowDraw Insert VennDiagramDraw Insert VerticalScrollDraw Insert WaveDraw Insert Word ArtDraw Insert Word Picture
  29. 29. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Layout Org ChartHorizontal1Draw Layout Org ChartHorizontal2Draw Layout Org ChartVertical1Draw Layout Org ChartVertical2Draw Line ColorDraw Line ToggleDraw Marquee ObjectsDraw Menu Shadow ColorDraw Menu3 DColorDraw More Colors LinesDraw More SizeDraw Move DiagramShape BackwardDraw Move DiagramShape ForwardDraw Nudge DownDraw Nudge Down OnePixelDraw Nudge LeftDraw Nudge Left OnePixelDraw Nudge Right
  30. 30. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Nudge Right OnePixelDraw Nudge UpDraw Nudge Up One PixelDraw Open FreeformDraw Org Chart Fit TextDraw Org Chart Select AllAssistantsDraw Org Chart Select AllConnectorsDraw Org Chart SelectBranchDraw Org Chart SelectLevelDraw Org Chart StyleDraw PenDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen Style
  31. 31. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Pen StyleDraw Picture FillDraw Picture AutomaticDraw Picture Black andWhiteDraw Picture GrayscaleDraw Picture InlineDraw Picture LessBrightnessDraw Picture LessContrastDraw Picture MoreBrightnessDraw Picture More
  32. 32. Command Name Modifiers KeyContrastDraw Picture ResetDraw Picture WatermarkDraw Point AddDraw Point AutoDraw Point CornerDraw Point DeleteDraw Point SmoothDraw Point StraightDraw RegroupDraw Reset Word PictureDraw ReshapeDraw Reverse DiagramDraw Rotate LeftDraw Rotate RightDraw Run CagDraw Run Cag For MoviesDraw Run Cag ForPicturesDraw Run Cag For ShapesDraw Run Cag For SoundsDraw Segment CurvedDraw Segment StraightDraw Select All
  33. 33. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Select Multi ObjectsDraw Select NextDraw Select PreviousDraw Send Behind TextDraw Set Arrow StyleDraw Set Fill ColorDraw Set Fill EffectDraw Set Fill EffectDraw Set Fill EffectDraw Set Fill EffectDraw Set Line ColorDraw Set Line ColorDraw Set Line PatternDraw Set TransparentColorDraw Shadow ColorDraw Shadow CustomizeDraw Shadow NudgeDownDraw Shadow Nudge LeftDraw Shadow NudgeRightDraw Shadow Nudge UpDraw Shadow SemiTransparent Toggle
  34. 34. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Shadow ToggleDraw Show Auto Shapesand Drawing ToolbarsDraw Snap to GridDraw Text BoxDraw Text Box2Draw Toggle CanvasResizeDraw Toggle Canvas ScaleDraw Toggle CanvasToolbarDraw Toggle Crop ModeDraw Toggle DiagramResizeDraw Toggle DiagramScaleDraw Toggle Edit PointsModeDraw Toggle Edit PointsModeDraw Toggle InkAnnotation ToolbarDraw Toggle Ink ToolbarDraw Toggle LayerDraw Toggle Org ChartResizeDraw Toggle Org Chart
  35. 35. Command Name Modifiers KeyScaleDraw Toggle PictureToolbarDraw Toggle Rotate ModeDraw Toggle Rotate ModeDraw Toggle Select ObjectModeDraw Toggle Word ArtToolbarDraw UngroupDraw UnselectDraw Vertical Text BoxDraw Vertical Text Box2Draw Word Art AlignCenterDraw Word Art Align LeftDraw Word Art AlignLetter JustifyDraw Word Art AlignRightDraw Word Art AlignStretch JustifyDraw Word Art AlignWord JustifyDraw Word Art AutoFormatDraw Word Art Kern
  36. 36. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw Word Art RotateCharactersDraw Word Art SetCharacters to Same HeightDraw Word Art SpacingLooseDraw Word Art SpacingNormalDraw Word Art SpacingTightDraw Word Art SpacingVery LooseDraw Word Art SpacingVery TightDraw Word Art Stretch toFillDraw3 DColorDraw3 DCustomizeDraw3 DDepth InfiniteDraw3 DDepth0Draw3 DDepth1Draw3 DDepth2Draw3 DDepth3Draw3 DDepth4Draw3 DLighting FlatDraw3 DLighting Harsh
  37. 37. Command Name Modifiers KeyDraw3 DLighting NormalDraw3 DParallelDraw3 DPerspectiveDraw3 DSurface MatteDraw3 DSurface MetalDraw3 DSurface PlasticDraw3 DTilt DownDraw3 DTilt LeftDraw3 DTilt RightDraw3 DTilt UpDraw3 DToggleDraw3 DWire FrameDrawingDrawing Advanced LayoutDrawing ObjectDrawing Object WrapBehindDrawing Object WrapFrontDrawing Object WrapInlineDrawing Object WrapNoneDrawing Object WrapSquare
  38. 38. Command Name Modifiers KeyDrawing Object WrapThroughDrawing Object WrapTightDrawing Object Wrap TopBottomDrop CapDrop Down Form FieldEm SpaceEmail Attachment OptionsEmail Check NamesEmail Choose AccountEmail EnvelopeEmail FlagEmail Focus IntroductionEmail Focus SubjectEmail Message OptionsEmail OptionsEmail Save AttachmentEmail Select Bcc NamesEmail Select Cc NamesEmail Select NamesEmail Select to NamesEmail Send
  39. 39. Command Name Modifiers KeyEmail Signature OptionsEmail SourceEmail Stationery OptionsEn SpaceEnclose CharactersEnd of Column Alt+ Page DownEnd of Column Alt+Shift+ Page DownEnd of Doc Extend Ctrl+Shift+ EndEnd of Document Ctrl+ EndEnd of Line EndEnd of Line Extend Shift+ EndEnd of Row Alt+ EndEnd of Row Alt+Shift+ EndEnd of Window Alt+Ctrl+ Page DownEnd of Window Extend Alt+Ctrl+Shift+ Page DownEnd ReviewEndnote AreaEndnote Cont NoticeEndnote Cont SeparatorEndnote Now Alt+Ctrl+ DEndnote Separator
  40. 40. Command Name Modifiers KeyEng Writing AssistantEnvelope SetupEnvelope WizardEnvelopes and LabelsEquationEquation Align At EqualsEquation Align ThisCharacterEquation Array ExpansionEquation AutoProfessional FormatEquation Bar LocationEquation Centered AsGroup JustificationEquation CenteredJustificationEquation Change StyleEquation DecreaseAlignmentEquation DecreaseArgument SizeEquation Delete ArgumentEquation Delete ColumnEquation Delete RowEquation Equation ArraySpacing
  41. 41. Command Name Modifiers KeyEquation ExpansionEquation GroupingCharacter LocationEquation HorizontalCenterEquation Horizontal LeftEquation Horizontal RightEquation IncreaseAlignmentEquation IncreaseArgument SizeEquation InsertEquation Insert ArgumentAfterEquation Insert ArgumentBeforeEquation Insert ColumnAfterEquation Insert ColumnBeforeEquation Insert EmptyStructureEquation Insert Row AfterEquation Insert RowBeforeEquation Insert StructureEquation Insert Symbol
  42. 42. Command Name Modifiers KeyEquation Left JustificationEquation Limit LocationEquation Linear FormatEquation Linear FractionEquation Manual BreakEquation MatchDelimitersEquation Math AutoCorrectEquation Matrix SpacingEquation Nary LimitLocationEquation No Bar FractionEquation Normal TextEquation ProfessionalFormatEquation RecognizedFunctionsEquation RemoveStructureEquation RemoveSubscriptEquation RemoveSuperscriptEquation RightJustificationEquation Script Alignment
  43. 43. Command Name Modifiers KeyEquation Script LocationEquation Show HideBorder BLTRStrikeEquation Show HideBorder BottomEquation Show HideBorder Horizontal StrikeEquation Show HideBorder LeftEquation Show HideBorder RightEquation Show HideBorder TLBRStrikeEquation Show HideBorder TopEquation Show HideBorder Vertical StrikeEquation Show HideClosing DelimiterEquation Show HideLower LimitEquation Show HideOpening DelimiterEquation Show HidePlaceholdersEquation Show HideRadical DegreeEquation Show HideUpper Limit
  44. 44. Command Name Modifiers KeyEquation Skewed FractionEquation Stacked FractionEquation StretchDelimitersEquation Stretch NaryOperatorEquation Toggle Alt+ =Equation Vertical BottomEquation Vertical CenterEquation Vertical TopEquations OptionsEServicesExcel TableExitExpandedExtend Selection F8Fax ServiceFieldFieldField Chars Ctrl+ F9Field Codes Alt+ F9FileFill ColorFill Color Picker
  45. 45. Command Name Modifiers KeyFill Policy LabelFind Ctrl+ FFindFind Reading ModeFit TextFix MeFont Ctrl+ DFont Ctrl+Shift+ FFont ColorFont Color PickerFont SizeFont Size Select Ctrl+Shift+ PFont SubstitutionFooterFooter OnlyFootnoteFootnote AreaFootnote Cont NoticeFootnote Cont SeparatorFootnote Now Alt+Ctrl+ FFootnote SeparatorFootnotesForm Field
  46. 46. Command Name Modifiers KeyForm Field OptionsForm ShadingFormat CellFormatting Pane Alt+Ctrl+Shift+ SFormatting Pane CurrentFormatting Properties Shift+ F1Formatting RestrictionsFormulaForward History ItemFrameFrameFrame or Frame PictureFrame PropertiesFrame Remove SplitFrame Split AboveFrame Split BelowFrame Split LeftFrame Split RightFrameset TOCFrameset WizardFreeze LayoutGetting Started PaneGo Back Shift+ F5
  47. 47. Command Name Modifiers KeyGo Back Alt+Ctrl+ ZGo To Ctrl+ GGo To F5Go to First PgGo to FooterGo to Furthest Read PgGo to HeaderGo to Header FooterGo to Last PgGo to Next CommentGo to Next EndnoteGo to Next FootnoteGo to Next PageGo to Next SectionGo to Previous CommentGo to Previous EndnoteGo to Previous FootnoteGo to Previous PageGo to Previous SectionGoto Comment ScopeGoto Next Linked TextBoxGoto Prev Linked TextBox
  48. 48. Command Name Modifiers KeyGoto Table of ContentsGram SettingsGrammarGrammar HideGraphical Horizontal LineGreeting SentenceGridlinesGridlinesGrow Font Ctrl+Shift+ .Grow Font One Point Ctrl+ ]Hanging Indent Ctrl+ THead Foot Diff First PageHead Foot Diff Odd EvenPageHeaderHeader Footer Link Alt+Shift+ RHeader OnlyHeading NumberingHeadingsHelp F1HHC Alt+Ctrl+ F7Hidden Ctrl+Shift+ HHide OutlineHighlight Alt+Ctrl+ H
  49. 49. Command Name Modifiers KeyHighlight Color PickerHorizontal in VerticalHorizontal LineHyperlinkHyperlink Ctrl+ KHyperlink OpenHyphenationHyphenation Auto OffHyphenation Auto OnHyphenation ManualIchitaro HelpIgnore All ConsistenceErrorIgnore Consistence ErrorImager ScanIMEControlIMEReconversionIncrease IndentIncrease ParagraphSpacingIndent Ctrl+ MIndent CharIndent First CharIndent First Line
  50. 50. Command Name Modifiers KeyIndent LineIndexIndex and TablesInk Annotation EraserInk AnnotationsInk CommentInk Split MenuInsert CellsInsert ColumnInsert Column RightInsert GeneralInsert RowInsert Row AboveInsert Row BelowInsert TableItalic Ctrl+ IItalic Ctrl+Shift+ IItalic RunJapanese Greeting ClosingSentenceJapanese GreetingOpening SentenceJapanese GreetingPrevious Greeting
  51. 51. Command Name Modifiers KeyJoin to Previous ListJump to HeadingJustify Para Ctrl+ JJustify Para HighJustify Para LowJustify Para MediumJustify Para SpecialJustify Para ThaiLabel OptionsLanguageLanguageLearn WordsLeft Para Ctrl+ LLetters Wizard JToolbarLicense VerificationLine ColorLine Color PickerLine Down DownLine Down Extend Shift+ DownLine Num ContinuousLine Num OffLine Num Reset SectionLine Num Rest Page
  52. 52. Command Name Modifiers KeyLine Num SuppressLine SpacingLine Up UpLine Up Extend Shift+ UpLinksListList CommandsList IndentList Num Field Alt+Ctrl+ LList OutdentLoad Oss Theme fromTemplateLock DocumentLock Fields Ctrl+ 3Lock Fields Ctrl+ F11Lock Policy LabelLower Text BaselineLoweredLtr ParaLtr RunLTRMacro DialogsMacro Alt+ F8MagnifierMail As HTML
  53. 53. Command Name Modifiers KeyMail As Plain TextMail As RTFMail Check NamesMail Hide Message HeaderMail MergeMail Merge Address BlockMail Merge Ask toConvert ChevronsMail Merge Check Alt+Shift+ KMail Merge ClearDocument TypeMail Merge ConvertChevronsMail Merge Create DataSourceMail Merge Create HeaderSourceMail Merge Create ListMail Merge Data FormMail Merge Edit AddressBlockMail Merge Edit Data Alt+Shift+ ESourceMail Merge Edit GreetingLineMail Merge Edit HeaderSource
  54. 54. Command Name Modifiers KeyMail Merge Edit ListMail Merge Edit MainDocumentMail Merge Field MappingMail Merge Find EntryMail Merge Find RecordMail Merge First RecordMail Merge Go to RecordMail Merge Greeting LineMail Merge HelperMail Merge Insert AskMail Merge Insert FieldsMail Merge Insert FieldsFlyoutMail Merge Insert Fill InMail Merge Insert IfMail Merge Insert MergeKeywordMail Merge Insert MergeRecMail Merge Insert MergeSeqMail Merge Insert NextMail Merge Insert Next IfMail Merge Insert Set
  55. 55. Command Name Modifiers KeyMail Merge Insert Skip IfMail Merge Last RecordMail Merge Next RecordMail Merge Open DataSourceMail Merge Open HeaderSourceMail Merge Prev RecordMail Merge PropagateLabelMail Merge QueryOptionsMail Merge RecipientsMail Merge ResetMail Merge Set Doc TypeDirectoryMail Merge Set Doc TypeEmailMail Merge Set Doc TypeEnvelopeMail Merge Set Doc TypeFaxMail Merge Set Doc TypeForm LetterMail Merge Set Doc TypeLabelMail Merge Set DocumentType
  56. 56. Command Name Modifiers KeyMail Merge Shade FieldsMail Merge to Doc Alt+Shift+ NMail Merge to EMailMail Merge to FaxMail Merge to Printer Alt+Shift+ MMail Merge Use AddressBookMail Merge Use OutlookContactsMail Merge View DataMail Merge WizardMail Message DeleteMail Message ForwardMail Message MoveMail Message NextMail Message PreviousMail Message PropertiesMail Message ReplyMail Message Reply AllMail Select NamesManage FieldsMark As Read OnlyMark Citation Alt+Shift+ IMark Index Entry Alt+Shift+ X
  57. 57. Command Name Modifiers KeyMark Table of Contents Alt+Shift+ OEntryMaster DocumentMenu Org Chart InsertMerge CellsMerge Field Alt+Shift+ FMerge RevisionsMerge Split GeneralMerge SubdocumentMicrosoft AccessMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft Fox ProMicrosoft MailMicrosoft On The Web1Microsoft On The Web10Microsoft On The Web11Microsoft On The Web12Microsoft On The Web13Microsoft On The Web14Microsoft On The Web15Microsoft On The Web16Microsoft On The Web17Microsoft On The Web2Microsoft On The Web3
  58. 58. Command Name Modifiers KeyMicrosoft On The Web4Microsoft On The Web5Microsoft On The Web6Microsoft On The Web7Microsoft On The Web8Microsoft On The Web9Microsoft Power PointMicrosoft ProjectMicrosoft PublisherMicrosoft ScheduleMicrosoft System Info Alt+Ctrl+ F1Middle Center AlignMiddle Left AlignMiddle Right AlignMMEmail OptionsMMFax OptionsMMNew Doc OptionsMMPrint OptionsModify Table StyleMove Text F2MSWord Bib Add NewPlaceholderMultilevel DefaultNavigate Move
  59. 59. Command Name Modifiers KeyNever Use BalloonsNewNew CommentNew ContextNew Default Ctrl+ NNew DialogNew EmailNew PageNew PrintNew StyleNew WebNew WindowNext CellNext Change or CommentNext CommentNext Field F11Next Field Alt+ F1Next InsertNext Misspelling Alt+ F7Next Object Alt+ DownNext PageNext Pane F6Next Window Ctrl+ F6
  60. 60. Command Name Modifiers KeyNext Window Alt+ F6No Insertion DeletionBalloonsnonpublicNormal Alt+Ctrl+ NNormal Font PositionNormal Font SpacingNormal Style Ctrl+Shift+ NNormal Style Alt+Shift+ Clear (Num 5)Normal View Header AreaNormalize TextNote OptionsNumberNumber DefaultNumber List DefaultNumber of PagesNumbering GalleryObjectObjectObject CoreOCXOCXButtonOCXCheckbox
  61. 61. Command Name Modifiers KeyOCXDialogOCXDropdown ComboOCXFrameOCXImageOCXLabelOCXList BoxOCXOption ButtonOCXScrollbarOCXSpinOCXText BoxOCXToggle ButtonOffice CenterOffice ClipboardOffice DrawingOffice On The WebOKOnlineOnline MeetingOpen Ctrl+ OOpen Ctrl+ F12Open Alt+Ctrl+ F2Open FileOpen or Close Para Above
  62. 62. Command Name Modifiers KeyOpen or Close Para BelowOpen or Close Up Para Ctrl+ 0Open Para AboveOpen Para BelowOpen SubdocumentOpen Up ParaOptionsOptionsOptions Auto FormatOptions Auto Format AsYou TypeOptions BidiOptions CompatibilityOptions EditOptions Edit Copy PasteOptions File LocationsOptions FuzzyOptions GeneralOptions GrammarOptions HHCOptions PrintOptions RevisionsOptions SaveOptions Security
  63. 63. Command Name Modifiers KeyOptions Smart TagOptions SpellingOptions TypographyOptions User InfoOptions ViewOrganizerOther PaneOutline Alt+Ctrl+ OOutline Collapse Alt+Shift+ -Outline Collapse Alt+Shift+ Num -Outline Demote Alt+Shift+ RightOutline Expand Alt+Shift+ =Outline Expand Alt+Shift+ Num +Outline LevelOutline MasterOutline Move Down Alt+Shift+ DownOutline Move Up Alt+Shift+ UpOutline Promote Alt+Shift+ LeftOutline Promote Heading1Outline Show First Line Alt+Shift+ LOutline Show FormatOutline Split ToolbarOutlook Insert File
  64. 64. Command Name Modifiers KeyOutlook Insert File2Outlook View ZoomOvertypePage Alt+Ctrl+ PPage Borders and ShadingPage Break Ctrl+ ReturnPage Down Page DownPage Down Extend Shift+ Page DownPage Field Alt+Shift+ PPage from OutlinePage NumberPage NumbersPage SetupPage Setup LayoutPage Setup MarginsPage Setup PaperPage Up Page UpPage Up Extend Shift+ Page UpPara Down Ctrl+ DownPara Down Extend Ctrl+Shift+ DownPara Keep Lines TogetherPara Keep With Next
  65. 65. Command Name Modifiers KeyPara Page Break BeforePara Up Ctrl+ UpPara Up Extend Ctrl+Shift+ UpPara Widow OrphanControlParagraphParagraph Remove StylePaste Ctrl+ VPaste Shift+ InsertPaste Append TablePaste As HyperlinkPaste As Nested TablePaste Format Ctrl+Shift+ VPaste from ExcelPaste OptionPaste Special Alt+Ctrl+ VPaste2Pause RecorderPermissionPhonetic GuidePicturePicturePicture BulletPicture Edit
  66. 66. Command Name Modifiers KeyPicture3Policy BarcodePolicy LabelPostPostcard WizardPPProperty Editor DlgPresent ItPrev CellPrev Field Shift+ F11Prev Field Alt+Shift+ F1Prev Object Alt+ UpPrev PagePrev Pane Shift+ F6Prev Window Ctrl+Shift+ F6Prev Window Alt+Shift+ F6Previous Change orCommentPrevious CommentPrint Ctrl+ PPrint Ctrl+Shift+ F12Print DefaultPrint Preview Ctrl+ F2Print Preview Alt+Ctrl+ IPrint Preview Full Screen
  67. 67. Command Name Modifiers KeyPrint SetupPromote ListProofing F7PropertiesPropertiesProtectProtect FormProtect UnprotectDocumentPSSHelpRaise Text BaselineRaisedReading ModeReading Mode AllowEditingReading Mode Grow FontReading Mode Ink OffReading Mode LayoutReading Mode LookupReading Mode MiniReading Mode Page AutoMarginsReading Mode PageMarginsReading Mode Page No
  68. 68. Command Name Modifiers KeyMarginsReading Mode PageviewReading Mode ShrinkFontReading Mode1 PageReading Mode2 PagesRecord Macro StartRecord Macro StopRecord Macro ToggleRedefine StyleRedo Alt+Shift+ BackspaceRedo or Repeat Ctrl+ YRedo or Repeat F4Redo or Repeat Alt+ ReturnReject All Changes in DocReject All Changes ShownReject Changes andAdvanceReject Changes orAdvanceReject Changes SelectedRemove Bullets NumbersRemove Cell PartitionRemove Citation
  69. 69. Command Name Modifiers KeyRemove Cover PageRemove Current BuildingBlockRemove FooterRemove FramesRemove HeaderRemove Page NumbersRemove Record DefaultRemove SimilarFormattingRemove SubdocumentRemove Table of ContentsRemove WatermarkRename StyleRepaginateRepeat Find Shift+ F4Repeat Find Alt+Ctrl+ YReplace Ctrl+ HResearchResearch Lookup Ctrl+Shift+ OReset Char Ctrl+ SpaceReset Char Ctrl+Shift+ ZReset Form FieldReset Note Sep or Notice
  70. 70. Command Name Modifiers KeyReset Para Ctrl+ QReset ParagraphFormattingReset Side By SideRestart NumberingRestore Character StyleRestore Paragraph StyleRet Addr FontsReturn ReviewReview RevisionsReviewing PaneReviewing PaneHorizontalReviewing Pane VerticalRevision Marks AcceptRevision Marks NextRevision Marks PrevRevision Marks RejectRevision Marks Toggle Ctrl+Shift+ ERevisionsRight Para Ctrl+ RRow HeightRtl ParaRtl Run
  71. 71. Command Name Modifiers KeyRTLMacro DialogsRulerRun Print ManagerRun ToggleSave Ctrl+ SSave Shift+ F12Save Alt+Shift+ F2Save AllSave As F12Save As Other FormatsSave As Quick Format SetSave As Web PageSave Bibliography BlockSave Cover Page BlockSave EquationSave Footer BlockSave Frame AsSave Header BlockSave HtmlSave Oss Theme toTemplateSave Page Num BlockSave Page Num BottomBlock
  72. 72. Command Name Modifiers KeySave Page Num Top BlockSave Table of ContentsBlockSave TemplateSave to Doc Mgmt ServerSave Word DocxSave Word DotxSave Word11Schedule MeetingScreen RefreshSCTCTranslateSection BreakSection LayoutSecuritySelect All Ctrl+ ASelect All Ctrl+ Clear (Num 5)Select All Ctrl+ Num 5Select Bibliography StyleSelect CellSelect ColumnSelect Cur AlignmentSelect Cur ColorSelect Cur Font
  73. 73. Command Name Modifiers KeySelect Cur IndentSelect Cur SpacingSelect Cur TabsSelect Drawing ObjectsSelect NumberSelect RowSelect Similar FormattingSelect Table Alt+ Clear (Num 5)Send BackwardSend BlogSend For ReviewSend MailSend PdfSend to BackSend to FaxSend to Online MeetingParticipantsSend XpsSent LeftSent Left ExtendSent RightSent Right ExtendSeparate List
  74. 74. Command Name Modifiers KeySet Drawing DefaultsSet Numbering ValueShadingShading ColorShading Color PickerShading PatternShow Add Ins XDialogShow All Ctrl+Shift+ 8Show All AuthorsShow All ConsistencyShow All Headings Alt+Shift+ AShow All Headings Alt+Shift+ AShow Changes andCommentsShow CommentsShow ConsistencyShow FormattingShow Heading1 Alt+Shift+ 1Show Heading2 Alt+Shift+ 2Show Heading3 Alt+Shift+ 3Show Heading4 Alt+Shift+ 4Show Heading5 Alt+Shift+ 5Show Heading6 Alt+Shift+ 6Show Heading7 Alt+Shift+ 7
  75. 75. Command Name Modifiers KeyShow Heading8 Alt+Shift+ 8Show Heading9 Alt+Shift+ 9Show HideShow Ink AnnotationsShow Insertions andDeletionsShow LevelShow Markup AreaShow MeShow Next Header FooterShow ParaShow Picture ToolsShow Prev Header FooterShow Property BrowserShow RepairsShow Reviewer FilterShow Sm PaneShow Table GridlinesShow Table ToolsShow TasksShrink Font Ctrl+Shift+ ,Shrink Font One Point Ctrl+ [Shrink Selection Shift+ F8Shrink to Fit
  76. 76. Command Name Modifiers KeySign DocumentSign Out of PassportSignature LineSignaturesSigning ServicesSimple Number DefaultSkip NumberingSmall Caps Ctrl+Shift+ KSortSort ATo ZSort ZTo ASoundSound CommentSourceSpace Para1 Ctrl+ 1Space Para15 Ctrl+ 5Space Para2 Ctrl+ 2Spell SelectionSpellingSpelling HideSpelling RecheckDocumentSpike Ctrl+Shift+ F3Spike Ctrl+ F3
  77. 77. Command Name Modifiers KeySplitSplit CellsSplit SubdocumentSqm DialogStart of Column Alt+ Page UpStart of Column Alt+Shift+ Page UpStart of Doc Extend Ctrl+Shift+ HomeStart of Document Ctrl+ HomeStart of Line HomeStart of Line Extend Shift+ HomeStart of Row Alt+ HomeStart of Row Alt+Shift+ HomeStart of Window Alt+Ctrl+ Page UpStart of Window Extend Alt+Ctrl+Shift+ Page UpStart WorkflowStatus BarStrikethroughStyleStyleStyle Apply Pane Ctrl+Shift+ SStyle By ExampleStyle GalleryStyle Management
  78. 78. Command Name Modifiers KeyStyle ModifyStyle Pane New StyleStyle Quick FormatStyle Separator Alt+Ctrl+ ReturnStyle VisibilitySubdocumentSubscript Ctrl+ =Summary InfoSuperscript Ctrl+Shift+ =Swap All NotesSymbolSymbolSymbol Font Ctrl+Shift+ QSync Scroll Side By SideTable of AuthoritiesTable of ContentsTable of Contents MenuTable of FiguresTabsTask PaneTCSCTranslateTCSCTranslationTemplateProject.AutoExec.MAIN
  79. 79. Command Name Modifiers KeyTemplateProject.Calendars.MAINTemplateProject.LaunchMyob.MAINTemplateProject.LaunchMyob16.MAINTemplateProject.LaunchMyob32.MAINTemplateProject.MyBorders.MAINTemplateProject.MyobFill.MAINTemplateProject.MyobGetTag.MAINTemplatesText Box LinkingText Box UnlinkingText FlowText Form FieldText to TableThesaurusThesaurus RR Shift+ F7Time Field Alt+Shift+ TTip of The DayTo or from TextTo Text
  80. 80. Command Name Modifiers KeyTOACategoryToggle Character Code Alt+ XToggle Document ActionBarToggle Document TextToggle Dont Open Attachin Full ScreenToggle Field Display Shift+ F9Toggle Forms DesignToggle FullToggle Header FooterLinkToggle Main Text LayerToggle Master DocumentToggle Master Subdocs Ctrl+ Toggle Optimize ForLayoutToggle Page BoundariesToggle Panning HandToggle PortraitToggle Property PanelToggle Reading ModeHelpToggle Reading Mode InkToggle Reading Mode2Pages
  81. 81. Command Name Modifiers KeyToggle Ribbon Ctrl+ F1Toggle Scribble ModeToggle Text FlowToggle ThumbnailToggle ToolbarsToggle Web DesignToggle XMLStructureToggle XMLTag View Ctrl+Shift+ XToolTop AlignTop Center AlignTop Left AlignTop Right AlignTrack Changes OptionsTranslateTranslate ChineseTranslate Pane Alt+Shift+ F7Trust CenterTwo Lines in OneTxbx AutosizeUn Hang Ctrl+Shift+ TUn Indent Ctrl+Shift+ MUn Indent Char
  82. 82. Command Name Modifiers KeyUn Indent First CharUn Indent First LineUn Indent LineUnderline Ctrl+ UUnderline Ctrl+Shift+ UUnderline ColorUnderline GalleryUnderline StyleUndo Ctrl+ ZUndo Alt+ BackspaceUndo CheckoutUnlink Fields Ctrl+ 6Unlink Fields Ctrl+Shift+ F9Unlock Fields Ctrl+ 4Unlock Fields Ctrl+Shift+ F11Unlock Policy LabelUpdate Auto Format Alt+Ctrl+ UUpdate BibliographyUpdate Fields F9Update Fields Alt+Shift+ UUpdate Fields IndexUpdate Fields TableUpdate Fields Toa
  83. 83. Command Name Modifiers KeyUpdate Fields TofUpdate IMEDicUpdate Policy LabelsUpdate Source Ctrl+Shift+ F7Update StyleUpdate Table of ContentsUpdate TocUpdate Toc FullUpgrade DocumentUse BalloonsUsing HelpVBCode Alt+ F11Versions ServerVertical FrameWebWeb Add Hyperlnk toFavoritesWeb Add to FavoritesWeb AddressWeb Copy HyperlinkWeb Go Back Alt+ LeftWeb Go Forward Alt+ RightWeb Hide ToolbarsWeb Open Favorites
  84. 84. Command Name Modifiers KeyWeb Open HyperlinkWeb Open in NewWindowWeb Open Search PageWeb Open Start PageWeb OptionsWeb Page PreviewWeb RefreshWeb Select HyperlinkWeb Stop LoadingWizardWord CountWord Count List Ctrl+Shift+ GWord Count Recount Ctrl+Shift+ RWord Left Ctrl+ LeftWord Left Extend Ctrl+Shift+ LeftWord Right Ctrl+ RightWord Right Extend Ctrl+Shift+ RightWord Search LibrariesWord Set Default PasteWord Table Styles BandedColumnsWord Table Styles BandedRows
  85. 85. Command Name Modifiers KeyWord Table Styles FirstColumnWord Table Styles HeaderRowWord Table Styles LastColumnWord Table Styles TotalRowWord Underline Ctrl+Shift+ WWrap BoundaryWrappingWW7_ Decrease IndentWW7_ Draw Text BoxWW7_ Draw Vertical TextBoxWW7_ Format DrawingObjectWW7_ Increase IndentWW7_ Tools OptionsXml Expansion PacksXml SchemaXMLDocumentXMLOptionsXMLStructureZoomZoom Page Width
  86. 86. Command Name Modifiers KeyZoom Two PageZoom Whole PageZoom100Zoom100Zoom200Zoom75