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Triprockets' Top 10 Sydney bucketlist


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With stunning harbour, iconic beaches, surely Sydney can offers travelers plenty of fun things to do, this is our top 10 ultimate Sydney experience, what do you think?

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Triprockets' Top 10 Sydney bucketlist

  1. 1. Triprockets’ Sydney Top 10 Bucketlists Stunning harbour side location, the iconic beaches, extellent restaurants, fantastic cafes and pubs, world heritage sites, terrific shopping. incredible festivals, a multicultural population, and good year round weather, Sydney offers plenty of fun things to do and see, from great walks, to beautilut beaches, from snorkelling to cycling and fish and chips, You just have to know where to look. That's why we share with you some of our Sydney's insider tips on the best things to do in Sydney
  2. 2. iconic ‘: Climbing the most ' O Syd ney Harbou r Bridge Take the climb of your life to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for an uninterrupted 134m PHONE: (2) 9274 7777 EMAIL: admin@biidgec| imb. com WEBSITE: bridgeclimhcom above sea level panorama of the city and surrounds. Let's get your specially designed outdoor gear and start climbing. Get to touch the steel supports and rivets. learn some interesting facts about the bridge along the way and experience Australia's most beautiful city from the very top! WHERE: Sydney Harbour Bidge ; 3 Cumberland Street _~ , it The Rocks. NSW2000 ‘C I 4 .
  3. 3. Sign-up for one of the famous Sydney Opera House's guided program‘ The onty tour that grants you unptecedented VIP ba(kstage access. Step Inside this iconic landmark and discover the stories and history behind Sydney Opera House. Uncover the mysteries of the backstage world and have your fill of inside! seurets, then enjoy a complimentary fu| l<ooked breakfast in the Green Room. ADDRESS: 39""9'°"9 P°"“v EMA"-3 bookings@sydneyoperahouse. com 5Yd"EY N5W 2000 WEBSITE: sydneyoperahousecom WHERE: Sydney Opera House ‘ PHONE: (2) 9250 7m
  4. 4. Ultimate Tarzan experiences, the Crazy Rider is the world's longest rollercoaster zip line at 1 km up to 31 km/ h. Aims for minimal environmental impact on the forest this park is a fantastic way to drstovcr the Great Australran Outdoors! Come monkey around with them! WHERE: Tree Top Adventure Park PHONE: (2) 3505 4300 ADDRESS: Plough 3! H3"0W- EMAIL: westernsydney@treetops. com. au W999“ 5Yd“€Y P3'k'3"d5r WEBSITE: treetops. com. au 749 Elizabeth Drive. Abbotsbury 2176
  5. 5. Winter swimmin at the famous Bondi Ice rgs ll you are not into beach, check out Icebergs. Located at the southern end of Bondi Beach, Icebergs have been a land mark for over 100 years. Enioy doing some laps in the 50 metre pool on this ocean pool with breathtaking view over Tasman Sea. Did we mention that the average water temperature hovers around 16 C. it's slightly colder than the ocean. WHERE: Bondi Icebergs Club PHONE: (2) 9130 3320 ADDRESS: l Notts AVE EMAIL: irilo(i'icebergs. com. au B°”d' 5930‘ NSW 2025 WEBSITE: lC9b('(gSrCO| T1 au
  6. 6. Take in horizon-to-horizon views at Sydney Tower Eye Exactly twice the height of the Sydney Harbour Budge, there really is no other experlence in Sydney rhar comes close to Sky Tower Eye takes you to the highest point above Sydney for breathtaking 360 degree views 0! the beautrful harbour city. From the golden beaches to the distant Blue Mountains. you'll be amazed by the views. WHERE: Sydney Tower ADDRESS; Westfreld Centre , 100 Market Street Sydney 2000 PHONE: 1-300 253 693 EMAIL: sydneytowereye@merlinemenainmentsxomau WEBSITE: sydneytowereye. com. au
  7. 7. .wH. .I. ' r~: wno= r4<. zryr'. - . ».-way A . Q m. m «L mm 3. . . mm . A mm 4- 4:. . PHONE: EMAIL: WEBSITE: www. therocks. com _ g. 4- gas The Rocks ; Playlanr Street. George Street. Jack Mundey Place Forever on the lookout for somerhnng unique, vmtage or snmply quirky and fun? You'll find the lot at The Rocks’ eclectic weekend markers. Enjoy a colourful marker scene II' the area's quaml cobblestone laneways, home to more than 200 eclecnc stalls are packed wlrh local punts. homewares, jewellery, learhergoods, arts and (rah. WHERE: ADDRESS
  8. 8. Get a fun and friend ly surf lesson on Bond i‘s best What better plaaeto learn to surfthan on world-famous Bondi Beach? Fantastlc waves. sunbathing models. yeanound sun and the coolest beachside vme anywhere. lt doesn't matter if it's your frrst time in the ocean or if you're a surfing enthusiast — you can enjoy an accredited surf school to help you improve your board skills. PHONE: (2) 9365 1800 EMAII; info@letsgosurfIng. com. au WEBSITE: letsgosurfingcom Let's Go Surfing Surf School - l28 Ramsgate Avenue Bondi Beach 2026 WHERE:
  9. 9. Exploring Sydney on a bicycle Cycling is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the city and see Sydney's famous attractions. Sign up for a guided tour and see the Sydney sights, leam about the history of Sydney, ride through historic neighbourhoods. and take in harbour views. see parts of Sydney you'll never get to see from a bus, walking or taxi cab tour. ADDRESS: 30 Harrington 511961 EMAIL: info@bonzabiketours. com The “°'3"5- WEBSITE: bonzablkelourscom Sydney 2000 WHERE: BonzaBi| teTours I mane (2)9247asoo ' 'v. —rv? w—v 'I. lrrk>(. ru'L' . .»4t~; .l
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  11. 11. Come face to with Sharks without cage Diving with highly endangered Grey Nurse Sharks at Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary. Sydney. one of only a few experiences worldwide where you're guaranteed an underwater encounter with a colony of Grey Nurse Sharks range in size from 1 to 3 metres. Take the plunge with huge sharks. massive stlngrays (and we mean MASSIVE). sea turtles and thousands of fish with no cage. No diving experience is required! WHERE: Manly S. EA LIFE Sanctuary PHONE: (2)8251 7878 Shark Dive Xtreme EMAIL: sharkdive@merlinentertainments. com. au 513035553 W95‘ E59'3"ad€ WEBSITE: man| ysea| ifesanctuary. com. au Manly 2095 im«xlm, mm~im.4 Urn)
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