Abhishek group script of role play


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Abhishek group script of role play

  1. 1. SCRIPT OF ROLE PLAYBuyer- I want to buy a tablet for my son.Seller - ok mam first of tell me what’s the age of your son?Buyer -19Seller - for what purpose he wants?Buyer- he is doing b-tech, so for his college purpose he wants a tablet sou shows me some of the popular brand of tablet like apple.Seller -no mam we don’t have apple tablet but we have 4 u tablet of HPwhich is very good it has number of features like…..Buyer - my son told me to buy apple tablet and I don’t know much aboutthis new technology so I don’t know I should buy this or not?Seller - you just buy this 4 u tablet then you will know that this is verygood it has all the features which apple is providing and the thing is it isavailable in low price than apple.Buyer - yes you are saying right, but the thing is I am buying this for myson so price does not matter for me I want to buy a good product whichwill be good for my son this 4 u tablet is new in market so why i have tobuy this?Seller - mam you are absolutely right, I know price does not matter foryou but if something best is available in low price than why to buy otherwhich has high price?Buyer - ok I agree with you give me this.
  2. 2. Seller- good morning mam how can I help you?Buyer-do u have tablets?Seller - yes mam we have tablets of different brands .so in which brandare you looking?Buyer – I am searching for apple ipad … do u have it in your store?Seller -no mam we don’t have ipad but we have Samsung tablet which isalmost in the same range and is richer in features.Buyer - no actually I want only apple tablet.Seller - ok mam then the apple store is in the last street of this area youcan get it from there. Thank youSeller - now 1 more fellow entered into the store and by his looks andquestions I came to know that he is a tough nut to crack .so Iasked mybest sales person to handle him. And for this the conversation went upon15 to 20 min this we will show directly on the dais.Buyer: I want some new mobile with android support can you show meSeller: yes sir, recently HCL launched tablet it has more than 10,000apps in its apps storeBuyer: how much speed it possessesSeller: 1Giga hertz speed, high performance for playing gamesBuyer: what are the features of it?Seller: modem operating system, 3G USB support
  3. 3. Buyer: how much memory it supportsSeller: 4GB internal memory, ram512 MB,extendable up to 32 GBBuyer: what are the additional features it has?Seller: Wi-Fi, 7”screen,800x480pixel camera, 3mp front camera,separate games apps for downloadingBuyer: how much cost it isSeller: it’s just Rs 6,999 onlyBuyer- Excuse me; I want to buy a laptop, which brand will be good forme?Seller-for what purpose you want laptop?Buyer-I am working in FMCG Company, I have to make presentationand lots of work I have to do related with my company, I have to travelfrom one place to another place to give my presentation as well as forentertainment purpose also.Seller -Mam as whatever you are telling I will suggest you to buy tabletinstead of laptop because tablet is handier and light weight u can easilycarry, coming to the features tablets has more features than laptop as youknow now a days it is very popular in market.Buyer - Which tablet will be good?Seller - As mam there are number of tablet available in market but I willsuggest you “4 U tablet “of HP brandBuyer - What are the features of this tablet? It will be good for me?
  4. 4. Seller– 1Giga hertz speed, high performance for playing gamesModem support2. 3 ginger bird operating system,3g USB support4GB internal memory, ram 512 MB, extendable up to 32 GB: Wi-Fi,7”screen, 800x480pixel camera,3 MP front camera, separategames apps for downloadingBuyer - I know about HP brand it’s a good brand, but I don’t knowabout this 4 U tablet?Seller - Mam this is a new product launched by HP brand as you alreadyknow HP is good brand so you just trust it and use it you will not faceany problem.Buyer -What is the price of this tablet?Seller - Only 7000Buyer -Do you have another brand of tablet?S-Sorry mam I don’t have another brand.Buyer -What is the unique feature in 4 U tablet?Seller - As mam I already told you about its features one of theimportant thing is it is very light in weight you can carry easily , batterybackup power is very good you can use this 2 days continuously afterhaving full charge, any other thing you want to know mam?Buyer -But its price is more than othersSeller -Yes mam its price is little bit more than others but the qualitywhich we are providing you will not get in any another tablet.
  5. 5. Buyer -Hmm ok give me some discountSeller -Sorry mam no discount.Buyer - Tell me about its warranty period.Seller - 2 years warranty and you will not face any problem if you willface any problem we are here to help you so don’t worry mam.Buyer - Ok, give me this 4 U tablet.