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Formula one


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Formula one

  1. 1. Hi, You have entered the world of F1racing! I, Riya Singh, the maker ofthis ppt want to tell you that this ppt isall my knowledge about my favoritesport F1. So, be ready for theadventure to begin…
  2. 2. F1 is considered the most prestigious form of racing in the world. It is governed by FIA, based in France. The cars are lightweight, aerodynamic, extremely
  3. 3. F1 Cars F1 race cars are single-seat, open-wheel race cars, meaning the wheels and tires are outsidethe cars body, with the engine behind the drivers cockpit.
  4. 4. RacersHad enough talk about the cars. Let usnow talk about the champions who riskbeing in the cars. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull Racing) of Germany, JensonButton (McLaren-Mercedes) of England and Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) from Spain are the three top racers according to the world rankings.
  5. 5. Sebastian Vettel Sebastian Vettel ofGermany ranked no. 1 in Grand Prix, born on 7th July 1987 came in comparison of Michael Schumacher by his 11thvictory of the year by the first Indian Grand Prix.
  6. 6. Thank you F1Lovers