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What's New In Social Media - Facebook Live Video at FABlog Con


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Slides from Rivka Kawano's Presentation at the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference in Denver November 2016. Topic: Facebook Live Video and how to use it to build your brand.

Published in: Business
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What's New In Social Media - Facebook Live Video at FABlog Con

  1. 1. What’s NEW in Social Media
  2. 2. What’s New In Social Media? Part 1 Facebook Live Video Part 2 Snapchat
  3. 3. Key to Success ● You have Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat on your phone ● You are ready to have fun! ● You are willing to jump in and start making posts right away!
  4. 4. Tweet and Win! #AllerGuarder #FABlogCon
  5. 5. Facebook Live Video - How to Get Started ● Currently it is only on mobile, but coming to desktop natively! ● You can install OBS software for free in order to do live from desktop
  6. 6. What You Need ● Smart Phone with Facebook app Optional Items: ○ Tripod or selfie stick ○ Mic ○ Lights ○ Background
  7. 7. Key to Success Plan ahead, and always test your system before going Live!
  8. 8. Types of Facebook Live Videos ● On the spot ● Scheduled event ● Hosted Show
  9. 9. On The Spot ● Best for… ○ Quick tips ○ Building connection and authenticity ○ Sharing fun and beautiful moments ○ Unscripted ○ Quality can be lower on this as long as you can be seen and heard
  10. 10. On The Spot ● Ideas for this type of live video ○ Showing a new product you just got for an “open the box” ○ Sharing a new find in the moment (restaurant, food, etc.) ○ Someone you bumped into unexpectedly and you want to introduce or share
  11. 11. Key to Success Imagine you are talking to a friend, and look directly at the camera to make “eye contact.”
  12. 12. Scheduled Event ● Best for… ○ Training ○ Product launch or announcement ○ Interviews ○ Special events
  13. 13. Scheduled Event ● Ideas for this video type… ○ Have an agenda ○ Plan an outline for what you want to talk about and practice ○ Create a detailed promotion plan
  14. 14. Key to Success Make it shine! This is something that will be viewed live and after the fact!
  15. 15. Hosted Show ● Best for… ○ Building your ongoing brand ○ Growing the momentum of your audience ○ A great alternative to or addition to a podcast or other content type ○ Highest level of production quality expected
  16. 16. Hosted Show ● Ideas for this type… ○ Interview show ○ Regular topic (best of, top 10, etc.) ○ Cooking show (set up may be harder)
  17. 17. Key to Success Think through your goal and plan and make sure it is sustainable!
  18. 18. Scheduling
  19. 19. Key to Success Know your audience! Pick a time when they will be online and able to engage.
  20. 20. Promoting ● Post publicly about the upcoming event ● If you have a page, use the Publishing tools to schedule ● Invite key people individually ● Send an invite to your email list and promote through other channels ● Give them sneak peeks into what you are planning to make them excited to come ● Tag any show guests, and make sure you communicate with them about promotion ahead of time
  21. 21. Key to Success Don’t be shy! Make sure your audience knows when, where, and why to tune in!
  22. 22. After the event... ● Respond to any interactions you missed ● Be sure to continue to watch for interactions and respond even for the next couple days ● Thank people (in private or public) who have helped and promoted ● Make notes immediately after about what you want to do better - always do this right away and write it down because you WILL forget!
  23. 23. Key to Success Follow up! Make people feel the love!
  24. 24. Q&A
  25. 25. Get More Information