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Why Riverside?


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We answer the question of "Why Riverside?" with an overview of the City's assets and benefits for businesses looking to locate here.

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Why Riverside?

  1. 1. Arts & InnovationArts & InnovationRiversideCa.govRiversideDiscover the Possibilities inOur Award Winning City!
  2. 2. Arts & InnovationArts & InnovationRiversideCa.govThe Place to Do BusinessRiverside
  3. 3. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage: Business ReadyRiversideCa.govRiverside recently completed a $1.57 billion investment in ourfuture, making it the most ambitious public investment programin Riverside’s history. Started in late 2006, Riverside Renaissanceimproved traffic flow; updated water, sewer, and electricinfrastructure; and expanded and improved police, fire, parks,library, and other community facilities that enhance the quality oflife for residents, businesses, and visitors. This aggressiveprogram completed more projects in five years than werecompleted in the last 30.The Riverside Renaissance
  4. 4. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage: Business *Subject to certain conditionsSite Selection AssistanceLiaison ServiceFast Track Permitting and ReviewTechnology OmbudsmanPublic Utilities Economic Development Rate*RPU Supplemental Economic Development Rate*Riverside Stands at the Ready to Make This Happen.We can assist in your relocation:
  5. 5. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage: Growing TechCenter! Hot Spot for Tech Growth in the United StatesForbes Magazine, January 2013
  6. 6. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage:Lower Cost to Do BusinessRiversideCa.govRiverside Public Utilities Provides Water andElectricity to Riverside Businesses.Our Rates are LOWER than Areas Serviced bySouthern California Edison.
  7. 7. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage: A 2012 Bachelors and Associates Degrees Conferred– IPEDS2012DegreesConferred:7,981Every Year, Riverside’s Colleges and Universities have a New Supplyof College Graduates Ready to Enter the Workforce…
  8. 8. Arts & InnovationArts & InnovationRiversideCa.govThe Place to LiveRiverside
  9. 9. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage: Commute Source: Google Maps - January 15, 2012 - 5:30 pmEl Monte – 21.6 MilesRiverside – 22.6 Miles 31 Minutes1 Hour,16 Minutes50 MinutesIrvine – 36 MilesBased upon typical traffic flow, an employee who lives in Chino willtravel a similar distance, but spend MUCH less time commuting.
  10. 10. Arts & Cost of Living Comparison – Based on data from Sperling’s Best PlacesRiverside Advantage: Cost of LivingEl Monte$70,286Riverside$60,000Riverside’s Cost of Living is 75% less expensive thanIrvine and 17% less than El Monte.Irvine$104,893
  11. 11. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage: Cost of Based on median value of owner-occupied housing units, 2007-2011 CensusIrvine$661,700Riverside$299,600El Monte$371,600Housing prices are 221% more expensive inIrvine and 124% more expensive in El Monte.
  12. 12. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage: Variety of HousingRiversideCa.govIn addition to being less expensive than the Coastal Counties,Riverside has 26 unique neighborhoods and a diverse housing stockranging from Brand New to Historic, from Traditional Craftsman toDowntown Condos, from Starter Homes to Large Estates.
  13. 13. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage: Low Source: 2010 CensusEl Monte11,761residents persquare mileWith a Commitment to Urban Forestation and Open Space,Most People Don’t Know that Riverside’s Population DensityClosely Resembles Growth-Controlled Orange County…Irvine3,200residents persquare mileRiverside3,800residents persquare mile
  14. 14. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage: Quality of LifeRiversideCa.gov3rd Top Performing Cityin the Nation, 2011With a Commitment to Green and Sustainable Living,Free Citywide Wi-Fi, and a Get Things Done Attitude,Riverside is Nationally Recognized for its Quality of Life.
  15. 15. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage: ShoppingRiversideCa.govRiverside is Southern California’s third largest suburbanretail community with $4.8 billion in annual sales.
  16. 16. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage: RestaurantsRiversideCa.govRiverside’s Dining Options Range FromNational Chains….
  17. 17. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage: RestaurantsRiversideCa.govTo Restaurants Uniquely Riverside….
  18. 18. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage: ParksRiversideCa.govRiverside is the home to 51 Parks, 14 Community Center, and 7 Pools.We offer year round sports, senior activities, kids activities, skating,boating, hiking, biking, golf, botanic gardens, and even model trains!
  19. 19. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage: EventsRiversideCa.govRiverside Dickens FestivalNight of Arts and Innovation
  20. 20. Arts & InnovationRiverside Advantage: Arts andEntertainmentRiversideCa.govRiverside has top notch local and national entertainment and first classvenues.
  21. 21. Arts & InnovationArts & InnovationRiversideCa.govDiscover the Possibilities inOur Award Winning City!Riverside