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Six tips for healthy thanksgiving eating


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Six tips for healthy thanksgiving eating

  1. 1. By Ron and Julie MeissSIX TIPS FOR HEALTHY THANKSGIVINGEATINGDON’T SKIP YOUR REGULAR MEALSFasting the full day until it’s time to begin enjoying yourholiday meal can only lead to overeating. Not only does agood breakfast provide energy for the day, but it can alsoget your metabolism off to a good start. If you havebreakfast and aren’t eating until later in the day, make surethat you get at least several healthy snacks such as nuts,fruit or veggies and dip, before the big meal so you’re notfamished at mealtime and more likely to over eat.PLAN TO SUCCEED Think about what you want to eat during the meal so that you don’t see the buffet table and load everything onto your plate. Picture some things that you definitely want to have and leave the others on the table. Also, plan the whole week around Thanksgiving Day by going easy for a couple of days before and after the holiday. This will even out your total weekly calorie intake.ASK FOR A SMALLER PLATEWe’ve all heard this tip, but it is an important one. By using a smaller plate you’reautomatically getting a smaller portion of each dish, which in turn means less food.Remember....choose some special items and skip the others. 1
  2. 2. By Ron and Julie MeissDON’T DEPRIVE YOURSELFAllow yourself to taste everything that really looks good to you. If there issomething that is really high in calories, such as your grandmother’s famouspumpkin pie, don’t say no to it all together, justdon’t allow yourself a whole piece. Instead offer toshare it with someone else or just simply ask for asmaller piece.Often times, cutting out entire dishes can give thementality of “I didn’t eat any pie so I can have asmuch stuffing as I want.” This throws the concept ofsmaller portions out the window. So go ahead and atleast try everything you want, it will keep you fromfeeling deprived later.TAKE TIME TO EAT SLOWLYTake it slow while you’re eating and you’ll be able to better detect when you’re full.Not only will you enjoy the food on your plate better but you’ll thank yourself later when you’re not bloated and sleepy. Try sipping some tea in between bites so that you’re not rushing through the meal. Or take time in between bites to catch up with some people you havent seen for a while. The point is to use the time to enjoy conversation instead of rushing your tasty meal.STAY AWAY FROM SECONDSBefore you head back for a second helping, take the time to question whetheryou’re doing it out of hunger or habit. More than likely, if you’re being honest, thedecision will be that you’re full enough at the time and really do not need any more. 2