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Thomas Kilmann VS Style Matters

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Thomas Kilmann VS Style Matters

  1. 1. Style Matters Conflict Style Inventory Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument Five-styles-of-conflict model, based on Mouton and Blake Axis X X Take in 15 minutes or less X X Suitable for individual or group purposes X X Full interpretation info included X Minimal Group discussion questions included X Designed for single culture or multicultural settings. X Scores for differing responses in settings of Calm and Storm. X Full page of tips for each style on how to bring out the best in partners and colleagues. X Reviews strengths/weaknesses of each style X X Validated in psychometric research. Researched and fully “valid and reliable”. Modest research base. Researched and fully “valid and reliable”. Large research base. PRICING (shipping extra) Cost per single print copy $8.95 in black and white $10.95 full color $17.25 Best price in bulk print purchase $6.95 in black and white $8.95 full color $16.30 each in packs of 10 Available in PDF to make your own copies $9.95 for PDF. Make copies as needed for $3.95 per copy. Not available in PDF; make own copies for $16.30. Online version $7.95; includes score report and interactive tutorial $17.25; includes score report; no tutorial Guidance for users to interpret scores Included with the print inventory, and online tutorial Additional booklet recommended for $10-$14 Detailed Trainers Guide Free 24 page Trainers Guide $199 Trainer Dashboard for Online Version, with capability to delay delivery of score reports, message users, print out score reports, and aggregate group scores. X Not available Style Matters vs. Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument Product Comparison
  2. 2. Information on Style Matters from; on Thomas Kilmann from See for yourself why trainers love Style Matters!  Comments by trainers about Style Matters  Prices and Ordering  View free Intro to Conflict Styles Powerpoint  On use of a conflict style inventory in High Context and Low Context cultural environments  About Style Matters  Free review copy of Style Matters  Free 24 page Trainer's Guide to Successful Conflict Styles Workshops, keyed to Style Matters but works for Thomas Kilmann too.  Free Trainers Guide in French  Psychometric validation  Moneyback Guarantee After over 10 years of use by trainers throughout the world, Riverhouse has yet to receive a request to honor our money back guarantee, nor do we know of a single trainer who went back to a previously used inventory after trying Style Matters! You can’t lose - Order now!