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This Slideshare presentation details what RiverLink is all about, offering information on our The Wilma Dykeman RiverWay Plan, our educational outreach, our water quality efforts and our recreational outreach, including the French Broad River Paddle Trail and our festivals. Get to know us and you'll love our work.

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All about RiverLink

  1. 1. RiverLink is a regional non-profit spearheading theeconomic and environmentalrevitalization of the French BroadRiver and its tributaries as aplace to live, work and play.RiverLink is often referred to asthe ―go-to‖ organization for waterquality and urban riverfrontissues and concerns. RiverLink provides a wide array of services focused around water quality, the environment and sustainable economic development within the region that no other non-profit or agency is providing on a regional or local level. Get to know us and youll love our work.
  2. 2. The Wilma Dykeman RiverWay And Urban Plan Linking Our Rivers and Our Region
  3. 3. At the heart of RiverLink’s work is the Wilma Dykeman RiverWay Plan, a greenway linking the French Broad and Swannanoa Rivers into a 17- mile continuous greenway with separate walking and biking trails anchored on the south at the NC Arboretum and on the east by the Blue Ridge Parkway and on the north by UNCA.RiverLink raised over $250,000 todevelop The Wilma DykemanRiverWay Plan from theNCDOT, Buncombe County, the Cityof Asheville, The AshevilleMerchants Association, TheTennessee Valley Authority andProgress Energy. The plan took overtwo years to complete and involvednumerous focus groups and publicmeetings, that encouraged a broadcross-section of our community toshare their ideas.
  4. 4. BE THEREB – Balance – Something for everyone - environmentalprotection, balancing modes of transportation, arts andindustry.E - Economic Development --- mixed income, mixed use,low impact sustainable developmentT - Transportation – a 17 mile greenway with separatewalking and biking trailsH - Health – the RiverWay offers a comprehensive approach tohealth care and wellnessE – Environment – Clean air and water are essential to oursense of place and total well being.R - Recreation –walking, biking, paddling, etc.E – Education – knowing about our rivers and our historythrough an artistically interpreted RiverWay
  5. 5. The Wilma Dykeman RiverWay and Urban Riverfront Plan Linking Our Rivers and Our Region
  6. 6. Artist rendering of the future RiverWay
  7. 7. Development of our unique River Corridor can have a significantimpact on our―Quality of Place.‖Developing our Communities“Quality of Place”is key to attractingentrepreneurs, companies, jobs, and economicdevelopment.
  8. 8. Next Steps Work with city, county DOT, State & Federal agencies for funding Create joint city-county-chamber-CIBO- RiverLink Commission Award $600,000 RFP for study area Keep getting Brownfield Agreements Keep master planning Watch this space!
  9. 9. RiverLink Volunteer Programs Volunteers are a criticallink in helping to achieve RiverLink’s mission of revitalizing the French Broad River watershed. Our small staff justcouldn’t do it without help from the community.
  10. 10. RiverLink volunteers at work…
  11. 11. RiverLink Volunteers by the numbers: RiverLink has over 600 active volunteers In one year, volunteers accomplished all of this! ~ Conducted 150 river cleanups ~ ~ Collected over 2,000 bags of trash and 500 tires ~~ Presented 600 Watershed Education lessons for over 4,000 K-12 students ~ ~ Offered 8 Riverfront Bus Tours for more than 80 people ~ ~ Contributed over 300 hours in RiverLink’s office ~ ~110 Volunteers Graduated from RiverLink’s Muddy Water Watch Program~
  12. 12. Volunteer Opportunities: Indoors• Office Assistant Filing, data entry, archiving, mailing• Media assistant web, PR, etc.• Special Events Help plan, organize, and volunteer at events
  13. 13. Volunteer Opportunities: Outdoors River Cleanup Coordinator Organize and/or participate in river clean-ups Adopt-a-Stream Recruit a team from your business, neighborhood, church, school, etc. Conduct a minimum of two cleanups a year on your adopted stream and one visual monitoring session Adopt-a-Greenway Same as Adopt-A-Stream, but group maintains a stretch of our greenway system Environmental Education Help conduct Watershed Education for K-12 students in the FBR watershed includes Enviroscape, art and poetry, and water quality testing River District Bus Tour Guides Two hour drive explores the past, present, and future of the river Outing guides Design and lead interpretive hikes and field trips in and along the river
  14. 14. Interested in gettinginvolved?Contact RiverLink’sDirector of VolunteerServices Dave Russell(828-252-8474, ext. 11; more informationand come join theTeam!
  16. 16. Programs are FREE for all K-12 students in the French Broad watershed! All public, private, charter, and home schools, as well as youth afterschool and camp programs, are invited to GET RIVERLINKED! Our programs will focus on:  French Broad River ecology  Water quality and quantity  Student engagement in scientific investigation  Science as a link to personal decision making  Environmental awareness, appreciation, stewardship, and activism  National curriculum like Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)  Links to NC Standard Course of Study
  17. 17. Kids in the Creek Students will be active participants in catching and identifying aquatic insects—based on the types of bugs and their pollution sensitivity, we will calculate a Pollution Tolerance Index for the stream we are studying. Older students can conduct chemical water tests for pH, turbidity, nitrates, phosphates, and dissolved oxygen.EnviroScape™Enviroscape is a plastic model of awatershed which demonstrates the rolesof roads, buildings, animals, factories, andfarms, and how their pollution affectswater quality. Students will create arainstorm to visualize how storm-waterrunoff carries pollution such as sedimentand chemicals into our waterways. We willalso address ways to help preventpollution.
  18. 18. Voices of the RiverRiverLink annual program, Voices of theRiver, would like to invite all schools andclasses (K-12) to participate in creating artand poetry based on our local rivers.Submissions will be judged by local artistand poet celebrities and be displayed as aseveral month art exhibit. Winners will beawarded prizes from various localsponsors. All the Way to the Ocean A lesson with the sound of rain, brightly colored pictures, and googly-eyed puppets, students learn that everything entering storm drains, into rivers, streams, and eventually the ocean. Students utilize rain sticks, trash and aquatic life puppets to act out effects of pollution. They also simulate a stream clean up. "Volunteers" use pick up sticks to put trash puppets in a big orange bag. The lesson ends with a river free from trash, and happy sock puppets. Classes have the option of locating a storm drain near their school placing a real "No Dumping" sticker on it.
  19. 19. Summer Camps~ Environmental Education ~ River Recreation ~ Service Learning~ ~ Kids in the Creek ~ River of Words & Art ~ River cleanup ~ Raft Trip down the French Broad ~ Tour of River Parks, stream restorations, and rain gardens ~ Nature Journals ~ Guest Speakers ~ Crafts ~ And much more! For rising 3rd-8th graders
  20. 20. To schedule a program or for more information: Please contact Nikki Bauman (828) 252-8474 x18 RiverLink Education Coordinator education@riverlink.orgTo schedule a program or for moreinformation:Please contactNikki Bauman (828) 252-8474 x18RiverLink Education Coordinator
  21. 21. Water Quality Programs in the French Broad River Watershed Building stewardship and improving water quality through community education, outreach, program development and project implementation.
  22. 22. Stream restoration is becoming more prevalent within our urban areas, due to recognition of water quality issues, desire for public green space and environmental awareness in your own back yard. Stream Restoration is the re-establishment of the form, function, and behavior of a stream. This consists a broad range of mechanisms including re-alignment, minimizing existing up stream factors, installing structures and stream bank planting. These features collectively support the stability of the stream, increases habitat, improves water quality and recreational opportunities. RiverLink’s Stream Restoration Projects: • Swannanoa River ~ Azalea Park • Haw Creek ~ Charlie Bullman Athletic Field • Robinson Creek ~ Arden • Buttermilk Creek ~ Malvern Hills Park • Rhododendron Creek ~ West Asheville ParkSTREAM RESTORATION
  23. 23. Sedimentation is the largest water qualityissue within the French Broad River RiverLink’s Water Quality Projects:Watershed. We have localized pollution • Town Branch ~ LinkingWatersissues which have been designated • Haw Creek ~ Evergreen Charter Community Schooltarget sub-watersheds in efforts to obtain • Haw Creek ~ Jones Residencefunding to remediate the pollution issues. • Swannanoa River~ Black Mountain Well LotIn efforts to remediate these issues • Swannanoa River ~ Riverside ParkRiverLink focuses on the implementation • Buttermilk Creek ~ Malvern Hills Parkof stormwater Best Management • Rhododendron Creek ~ West Asheville ParkPractices (BMPs), community educationand engagement, and development andmanaging a residential stormwatermanagement program –WaterRICH.WATER QUALITY
  24. 24. WaterRICH Program Goals: • Empower the homeowner The program will target the • Improve water quality understanding, designing, regulations, permits, and construction • Increase water infiltration of residential stormwater features. Designed as a community • Reduce Use resource the program will develop an online layman’s guide to • Build Incentive based stormwater management, training, project assistance, and Certification Program certification. • 75 Pilot homes The Homeowner’s on-line guidebook will take a resident step-by- step through developing a Water RICH landscape. This process WaterRICH Elements: starts with examining your site, then walks you through the • Online Handbook ~ decision making process for options specific to your resource for training and yard, highlights permitting and other regulatory requirements, and workshops. then teaches you the techniques for implementation. The Water • Worksheets RICH Program will help improve surface water quality in the • Workshops French Broad River watershed by empowering residents through • Site Assessment education, implementation and certification. • CertificationWATERRICH Reuse Infiltration and Conservation for the Home Water
  25. 25. The French Broad River Paddle Trail will serve toprotect the river as a resource forrecreation, environmentalstewardship, education, and economicdevelopment. The trail will build long termpartnerships with local governing agencies andprivate landowners to assist in the development of alow impact trail with, Leave No Trace paddle–incamping every 8-10 miles along the river corridor.Paddle Trail Elements:• Access• Campsites• Informational Kiosks• Riparian ConservationFRENCH BROAD• Online/Printed Map and Guide• Managed by a Friends GroupRIVER PADDLETRAIL
  26. 26. RiverLink has accepted over 90 acres in conservationTHE FOREVER OPTION… easements through the FOREVER OPTION. Why is RiverLink interested in holding your conservation easement? Conservation easements along a riparian or steep slope area are wonderful tools for improvingRiverLink works in many ways to support the water quality, and they may also be written to allowenvironmental integrity, economic sustainability, and greenway trails and other recreational uses. Somerevitalization of the French Broad River Watershed. easements even allow public access, though this isOne of these ways is land protection through the not a requirement. Many new housing developmentsFOREVER OPTION, RiverLink’s conservation are adding easements as an amenity for theeasement program. homeowner. You can also include a stream restoration in your easement. All these benefits are in line with RiverLink’s mission to make the French Broad River Watershed a better place to live, work and play.CONSERVATION EASEMENTS
  27. 27. SpecialEventsAs part of our outreach,RiverLink also hosts events todraw people down to enjoy theirriver, the French Broad. Formany years, the French Broadwas seen as a tool to drain awaythe substances no one wantedhanging around – industrialwaste, sewerage, even deadcows. The River has enjoyed aresurgence as it has become alot cleaner over the past threedecades.Inviting people down to the Riverhelps to make them aware thatthe River and its riparian areasare a resource for recreation,such as fishing, boating, biking,walking, etc. and makes thembetter stewards of their river. We hope you will come join us at one of our events and rediscover the French Broad River and the opportunities it provides.
  28. 28. RiverFestOur signature event is RiverFest, held in August at French Broad River Park.RiverFest features a great lineup of music, local beer, arts and crafts, and foodfrom local restaurants. Groups from all around WNC put together watercraft forthe ―Anything that Floats Parade."RiverFest offers lots of fun for kids, too, with face-painters, art supplies, and aKids Parade.
  29. 29. The Fins-n-Gills fishing tournament is designedto attract fisherfolk of all ages and abilities.There’s a floating fishing derby for adults, a troutpond for kids, and prizes for almost everyone! Fins-n-Gills Fishing Tournament
  30. 30. Find us, support us…We’re on the Web: We hang out on Facebook: blog is updated daily: www. if we are not hanging around the French Broad River, we’re at170 Lyman Street in Asheville, right across the street from 12Bones.Click here for a map. Become a member or make a donation: