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Silicon Valley REVEALED! - Fragomen Melissa MHow to launch your company in the US


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Silicon Valley REVEALED! - Fragomen Melissa MHow to launch your company in the US

  1. 1. Launching Your Company in the USUS Immigration IssuesMelissa VincentyAssociate, US Team Manager, Fragomen
  2. 2. Business Structure A: “Dabbling”• Visa options: - B-1 Business Visitor - Visa Waiver Program (VWP)• Pros: - May be able to limit tax liability - No costs and complexities of maintaining additional entity - No visa application required for VWP, only ESTA• Cons: - Significant limitations on permitted activities and duration of stay
  3. 3. Business Structure B: “Jumping Ship”• Visa options: - E-2 Treaty Trader - E-3 for Australian Professionals• Pros: - More flexible visa options - May reduce corporate liability - Lends legitimacy to your US business - Eliminates costs and complexities of operating two entities - Fairly streamlined application process for E-2 and E-3• Cons: - Potential US tax liability - Complexities, time, expense involved with creating US entity
  4. 4. Business Structure C: “The Bridge”• Visa options: - L-1 Intra-company Transferee Visa - [E-2 Treaty Investor] - [E-3 for Australian Professionals]• Pros: - Can keep L-1 assignee on foreign payroll - Smoother transition to permanent resident status• Cons: - Costs and complexities of maintaining two entities - More complex, costly, and lengthy application process