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Micro Lux Chants (at RAW conference 2017, University of Texas at Dallas)


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An ongoing research project on the sonification of the life cycle of bioluminescent bacteria in collaboration with the Gassensmith Lab and the ArtSciLab at University of Texas at Dallas. Bioluminescence is the light that is produced naturally by organisms. Bacteria called Vibrio Fischeri live in the belly of the Hawaiian Bobtail Squid. These bioluminescent bacteria have a symbiotic relationship with the squid. We are experimenting on the sonification of the life cycle of these bioluminescent bacteria. What do they sound like during their lifetime?
The Team
Faculty: Jeremiah J Gassensmith, Scot Gresham Lancaster, Roger Malina, Cassini Nazir
Students: Victoria Nguyen, Ritwik Kaikini, Anna Lynn Edwards, Ashton Brillante
Presented at the RAW conference 2017, by School of Arts and Humanities at University of Texas at Dallas.

Published in: Science
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Micro Lux Chants (at RAW conference 2017, University of Texas at Dallas)

  1. 1. Listening to Bioluminescent Bacteria
  2. 2. Creatures of Light Bristlemouths Hawaiian Bobtail Squid Lion’s Mane Jellyfish Firefly Algae at the seashore
  3. 3. Bioluminescence Production and emission of light by organisms Bio-chemical oxidation reaction Hawaiian Bobtail Squid Vibrio Fischeri
  4. 4. Gassensmith Lab Jeremiah J Gassensmith Chemistry and Biochemistry Roger Malina Arts and Technology ArtSciLab Bioluminescence in Art Bioluminescence in Drug Delivery Systems Bioluminescence and Sonification Listening to Bioluminescent Bacteria? Scot Gresham Lancaster Sound Design
  5. 5.
  6. 6. 1. Lag Phase 2.Log Phase 3.Stationary Phase 4.Death Phase 2 days +1 day +2 days +2 days
  7. 7. Sonification The use of any form of audio to convey information or data. The data can be in the form of numbers, graph charts, images, video or any other form. Listening to data changes or just
  8. 8. Patches in Max/msp 7 Max/Msp is a visual programming language Patches are the programs written in Max. A set of objects are connected together to construct a patch. PatchInput Output
  9. 9. Patch Listening to the chants from the bacteria Diagnosis, Detection, Listening Sound of bioluminescence Visual footage of the bacteria
  10. 10. Micro Lux Chants To Sonify the Life Cycle of Bioluminescent Bacteria. The prototype will help us determine the health of bacteria by listening to them, enabling the prospect of a new form of auscultation in medicine. Listening to change is also seeing change.
  11. 11. Faculty Jeremiah J Gassensmith Scot Gresham Lancaster Roger Malina Cassini Nazir Victoria Nguyen Anna Lynn-Edwards Ritwik Kaikini Ashton Brillante Kuo-Wei Lee Students