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Social Media Marketing Presentation


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This is a dummy presentation project for a media design college class.
Client is Northwestern Technologies and we were tasked to provide a small power point with notes convincing their board to purchase a social media marketing solution from my company.

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Social Media Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. Northwestern Technologies A D AP TING A S OC I A L M E D I A M A R K ET ING S T R A TEGY P R E S ENTED B Y J O S E P H R . COU G H LIN
  2. 2. Agenda  Definition  Viability  Demographics  Benefits of Social Media  How to integrate into Northwestern Technologies  Expenses
  3. 3. What is social media? • Virtual, diverse, accessible, popular • 55% of usage is on mobile devices (Staff 2013) • 1.43 billion users in 2012 (Facebook 2012) • 19.2% increase over 2011 (Facebook 2012)
  4. 4. Who uses social media? • Almost everyone!!! • Overwhelming majority of people aged18-49 use social media • Surprising amount of 50+ aged people use social media • The majority of all other demographics surveyed USE SOCIAL MEDIA!!! (Popescu, 2012)
  5. 5. • 81% of marketers generated business exposure • 61% gained more traffic When to use social media marketing: A survey of business owners resulted in these statistics. • 56% found new business partners • 52% saw a rise in search engine visibility • 48% generated promising leads (Camuslo, 2009)
  6. 6. How to take advantage of social media marketing? I N TERNAL E X TE RNAL • Goal & Audit Current Program • Perform research • Decide if a consultant is beneficial • Develop &maintain accounts • Stay up to date
  7. 7. How much does social media marketing cost? • Very diverse answers dependent on a lot of variables • Internal vs External marketing teams • IADT will tailor your program specifically to address needs and goals • Please refer to the brochure for some general guidelines to IADT pricing
  8. 8. Questions and Answers!! We at IADT hope to build a wonderful partnership with you, and increase your business growth!
  9. 9. References Facebook Helps Get One in Five People Worldwide Socializing on Online Networks - eMarketer. (2012, March 15). Camulso, Z. (2009, June 15). StartupNation » Social Media Networks as a Marketing Tool (a new study). Popescu, A. (2013, April 12). Just Who Uses Social Media? A Demographic Breakdown. Staff, M. (2013, February 27). 55% of Social Networking Consumption Occurs on A Mobile Device. MarketingCharts: charts & data for marketers in online, Excel and PowerPoint formats. (Full bibilographies in notes)