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Defencely.Com – India’s upcoming & Effective cloud security Services Provider


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In normal cases when people like you, webmasters, blog owners, forum admins and internet business companies are seeking a security services platform, they are all looking for one and only one thing, i.e. absolute and 100% guaranteed protection from hackers, cyber-attacks and advanced exploits.

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Defencely.Com – India’s upcoming & Effective cloud security Services Provider

  1. 1. I Have an Idea !My Big Idea :
  2. 2. I am..Ritesh A SarvaiyaFounder, CEO – Defencely | I am 33 & Serial Entrepreneur• FinanciallyWeak. Wantedme to be adoctorFamily• Started mycareer in 2002by sellingSundayExpressFirst blood• Sold glucose fora pharmacydistributor. Laterjoined RelianceLearnt Sales• Startedteaching kids• Joined WiproBPOIn love withITWorking in BPO made me think hard : What am I doing ? For whom ?Finally Launched Rikhav Infotech – 180 people Web development company2011 : left Rikhav Infotech. Conceptualized Defencely !Start of Entrepreneurial Journey :My:Story :
  3. 3. My Idea is..Defencely : India’s first 360 degree website security serviceHelps start ups / big companies to safeguard their web assets from any & everykind of web vulnerability in a proactive manner.Defencely detects the website vulnerabilities, provide intelligence and fix the sitevulnerabilities, USP : Reporting 0 day vulnerability
  4. 4. Appreciated & Recognized by :
  5. 5. How does it work ?• Clients sign up onDefencely.comStep 1• Defencely detectsand fix vulnerabilitiesStep 2• Defencely offersround the clockprotection to theclients web assetsStep 3Scan• CustomizedScanning• Unlimitedwebpages• SubdomainscanningSupport• Phone• Email• Web Chat• Dashboard• 24X7 supportManual• Manualexploitation• Expertguidance• Highly skilledteamGlobalstandards• OWASP Top20• WASC 26ClassesAnalytics• Vulnerabilitydescription• Dashboard• IntelligencereportFix• VulnerabilityfixingAffordable• Pay as peryou go plans• Monthlysubscriptions• Payaccording tonumber ofusersSimple process……but comprehensive and highly detailed
  6. 6. Global Website Security MarketOnlineSecurity14.41 billionpages as oftoday64023735wordpress sitesas of today6600 majorwebsites arehacked everyday9500 websitesget blacklisted85% of themalware comesfrom the web 80% of hostedwebsites havevulnerabilitiesOnly < 5% ofwebsites areprotectedAvg 25+vulnerabilitiesper websiteAvg 25 days toremove a seriousvulnerability(source :
  7. 7. Defencely: Why will it work ?India’s 1st 360degree WebSecurityCompanyHigh Credibility :Team has proved itsmettle by winningaccolades andrecognition frommany global internetgiantsNot just proactiveDefense butVulnerability fixing aswell, along with 0 dayvulnerability reportingPower of AutomatedScan + ManualExploitation byexpertsState of artDashboard :Intelligence reportingand analytics
  8. 8. Why it may not workGlobal Competition• Competition is less inIndia, but there are fewstartups specifically in USwho have gone forfundingBig Players• Security giant launches asimilar service in a morecost effective wayWe don’t learn fast• There are new threatseveryday, our team has tobe on its toes to keep upwith research &technologyLow Awareness• We don’t reach out to theright customer segment -in a timely and convincingmanner
  9. 9. You can reach me at: