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Child plans ways to encourage creativity in your child

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Child plans ways to encourage creativity in your child

  1. 1.  “How should I identify if my child is creative or not?” asked a parent to a class teacher.  The answer lies in the fact that every child is creative .We just need to identify the creative abilities that can be done by giving them opportunities to know their potentials. There are certain opportunities which should be grabbed right away  When your child expresses of his boredom, provide him with the opportunities to choose, give him some colours, the watercolors, dance videos, paper a- pen or clay doe etc. This is a known fact that children are high of energy levels. Parents must constantly engage children to ensure they have the best chance at success. But there are certain we must keep in mind while bringing such thoughts to practice.  There are some studies which showing the opposite to what we generally believe in. Many known artists, directors, musicians, writers, poets and scientists have admitted that they were not constantly engaged. In fact, they were often left to their own devices. They give credit to their boredom for what they landed up to be today.
  2. 2.  The boredom leads them to explore. They questioned to what they were doing in life and hence started experimenting with the way they were doing things. They learned more about their surroundings. They started thinking in a different way .This leads them to come up with some wonderful ideas. They tested their ideas which resulted in multiple failures, but kept trying and won against all odds. Being bored is what propelled their creativity.  We make Child plans for kids, once they get summer vacations. We send them to dance classes, music classes, painting class etc. This is usual step taken by parents to keep their children away from getting bored. There is a need to examine. Are we doing the right thing without giving children to explore, know and realize their potential creativity?  Following steps can help parents to help their children know their creative potential.  Let your child get bored for some time and stick to your decision: Be strong.
  3. 3.  Keep envisioning the creativity that will be born from the boredom your child complains about. Resist the urge to give up and give the iPod or mobile phone.  Don’t use electronics. Children must be disconnected from every kind of distraction in the form of phone, T.V, iPad, and Internet. They need to learn how to disconnect to get their creativity flouring..  Be an ideal. Put away your own phone. In case you are concerned about emergency calls, you can receive the call but avoid texting, playing games and social networking for few hours in a day.  Be calculative. Be spontaneous and calculative. Let the activity children are engaged in, end naturally. And if they come to you for any suggestion, pretend busy and engaged .If they offer to join you, let them join you or find work for themselves.  Follow this activity consistent. Give them enough time to use their imagination. It’s all dependant on how frequently you step back and give opportunity to your
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