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It is Power point presentation on Anand Oil company.......content Marketing, Finance, Human Resoureces, Production and many other Management related Information...........

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Anand oil ppt

  1. 1. Prof in-charge : Dr. Jayesh jani. Prepared by : Ritesh bhatt 09 Vivek kevalramani 46 Imran ansari 01 Furkan dadhi 22 Submitted to : Faculty of business Dharmsinh desai university, Nadiad-387 001. Academic year: 2012-13
  2. 2. Name of the Company : Anand oil Anand regional co operative Growers union limited. Location of the company: National highway no.8, Chikodra crossing, Chikhodra-388320 Gujarat-India. Contact : 02692241223 Form of organisation : Co operative. Mission : Mission is nothing but objective of ARCOGUL. To provide all agricultural input and allied services to its entire shareholder stackeholder. And second is to provide better returns to farmer . As they are working for betterment of farmer. Submitted to : Faculty of business administration Dharmsinh desai university, Nadiad
  3. 3. Board of directors : Vipulbhai kantibhai patel chairman Parshottamdas maganbhai parmar vice chairman Haribhai nathabhai patel Jayantibhai chalubhai rathva Hasmukhbhai ravjibhai patel Chaturbhai lallubhai patel Parshottambhai manibhai patel ishwarbhai ambalal patel Rameshbhbai javebhai patel i.m.purohit Registrar, Anand kirti manek NDDB jitendrakumar c patel incharge MD ripanbhai c patel Bank , Nadiad likvidetar Grofed repress…..
  4. 4. • Established in 1969. • By ravji bhai (krishi mantri ) in kheda. • First ginning of cotton seeds in 1988. • Starting selling edible oil under brand name “anand oil”. • Provide fertilisers and oil seeds to over 25000 farmers. • Covers 5 dist in 1990. • brand name added “kiran”. • Expaned operation area to over 35000 farmer member from 800 villages. • Colloboration with gujarat co operative. • Start work with amul. • Cover 5 types of edible oil. • Expaned capacity and quality. • Business of edible oil, agricultural goods. History
  5. 5. Organisational structures
  6. 6. Production Department
  7. 7. Production process
  8. 8. Machinery and plant capacity: Plants : capacity () Refinery : 100M.T Water spirant : plant 350: K/Shift Raw Materials: The union get from village of surrounding area and which state generally they collect the raw- material from. Transportation facility for raw material: This co-operative unit transport the raw material and finished product by trades. Inventory management:  nventory market is the heart of this unit. They have separate inventory and storage department. They receive materials from outside and maintain their own receive instruments for each item.  Annul register  Material note  Material receipts  Now all transportation is done by the computer at every department. They send order to accounts office purchase materials according the requirements for that thy also keep note.  All subentries made in matter file.  they prepared monthly of issue register  Monthly inward register  Monthly purchase register Monthly report of consumption
  9. 9. The target market of ARCOGUL are seven district of Gujarat, which are- kheda, anand, nadiad, baruch, panchma hal, dahod. It means that the ARCOGUAL targets the markets to all the classes of Housewifes. But the main target of Arcogul is this seven district of housewifes among this the Kheda, Anand, and Nadiad are most popular area of Arcogul. Here the large amount of selling is done so most targeted market of Arcogul is this Market. The ARCOGUL produces various types of products and are of good quality and they also produces small packs of Oil for there low income class customers.
  10. 10. Cotton oil 15lt Cotton oil 5lt Cotton oil 1lt 1lt Corn oil 15lt 5lt
  11. 11. Surya mukhi oil 15lt Sun flower oil 15lt 1lt Ground nut oil 15lt 5lt 1lt 1lt
  12. 12. Mustad oil 15lt 5lt 1lt Anand Kiran product 15kg teen 5lt jar 1lt bottle 1lt pouch Cotton oil Mustered oil Sun flower oil Soya bean oil Grond nuts Brand name : Product range :
  13. 13. Packaging • ARCOGUl have separate dep. 15kg-(tin). 5ltrs-(jar) 1ltrs -( bottle, pouch) They have different department for oil packing the cost of each machine of packing rs.core. In one minute the machine packs 42 packets 1ltr.. The weight is checked and sealed. Each box contain 12packets of 1ltr.
  14. 14. PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE • A set of buyers sharing common needs or characteristics that the company decides to serve because buyers have unique needs and wants a seller could potentially view each buyer as a separate target market. A period of rapid market accept and substantial profit improvement. • The Arcogual is at Maturity Stage. the sales of the Arcogual has low down to some extent. Because of its high price the customee mostly prefer to low cost products which are offered by the competitors. • As the company’s target market is middle-upper class people so now the company is trying to decline the price to some And day-by-day the company has improved the quality of product so now people have started to have products of ARCOGUAL.
  15. 15. PRICING • ARCOGUAL fixes the price according to COST BASED PRICING POLICY. Here the Arcogual considers the cost of production and competitors price for deciding the price of product. • At 12:00 P.M. the Finance Officer, purchase Manager, Managing Director and Marketing Manager sits together and decides the price of product according to Price given by Broker of other competitors price. • Price fixation according to expences and profit.
  16. 16. Sales promotion is a key ingredient in marketing campaigns. It consists of a collection of incentives tools, mostly short term, designed to stimulate quicker or greater purchase of particular products or services by consumers or the trade. Company uses the following Sales Promotion Tools. They give various discount on purchase to there Agents, Distributors. They give discounts like For advance payment cash discount is given as follow: For 15kg Rs. 5 5litrs Rs. 5 1litr Rs 2.50 500ml RS. 2 They give for delivery on bulk.. Promotion
  17. 17. Advertising: Mission Money Media Message Measurement • Media = outdoor, rarely on TV, word to mouth publicity. • Money = anand believe in quality then advt. • Mission = live with farmers and oil. • Message = taste of gujarat.
  18. 18. Distribution
  19. 19. QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENT • check quality at raw material select. •Check quality at processing time. •After production measure the quality. •Packing qualty. •Arcogul have their qualty measurement.
  20. 20. Finance Department Money are not readymade, Only by creation
  21. 21. Sr. No. Name of Ratio Year Ideal Ratio Position 2011-12 2010-11 [A] Profitability Ratios: 1. Gross Profit Ratio 1.55% 2.44% Good 2. Net Profit Ratio 0.43% 0.02% Good 3. Operating Ratio 97.59% 101.06% Good 4. Return on Shareholders Fund 23.82% 0.75% Good [B] Efficiency Ratios: 1. Debtors Velocity Ratio 10 Days 11 Days Good 2. Creditors Velocity Ratio 21 Days 28 Days Good 3. Stock Turnover Ratio 28.32 Times 19.64 Times Good 4. Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio 47.95 Times 33.39 Times Bad [C] Leverage Ratios: 1. Fixed Assets Ratio 2.58 Times 2.38 Times 2. Debt-equity Ratio 7.48% 7.89% Bad 3. Proprietary Ratio 151.67% 139.28% Bad [D] Liquidity Ratios: 1. Current Ratio 1.18:1 1.19:1 Good 2. Quick Ratio 0.72:1 0.60:1 Bad
  22. 22. In this survey, it is found that consumer gave their response on the prices of products. Most of the respondent feels that the prices of product are fair. ARCOGUL is large and successful Co-operative sector in India working for the benefit of its member not for profit making. The return on equity shareholder’s funds figure shows negative trend since2010. The ARCOGUL is suffering in losses but last year it makes profit. Fixed assets turnover Ratio shows the investment in fixed asset is continuous decrease. Creditor’s ratio is increase in year 2010 to2011 but in current year it is decrease. Debtor’s ratio is fluctuating. It was change in year 2010 to 2011. But for the last two years it remains unchanged.
  23. 23. Recruitment is making pro-suportive candidate aware about the vacancy in the organization and motivate them to apply. They issued advertisement local news paper for job and invite application of deserve people for that job they call some deserve person for interview. They authorized person selects the person then company is trained to his employees and also recruit with the help of his present employees. • Basically the sources of recruitment in ‘ARCOGUL’ are following types: • TRANSFER & PROMOTION. • ADVERTISEMENT IN LEADING NEWS PAPER. • . • EMPLOYMENT agencies. • Campus interview. • Contract base. Yes, the training to employee are necessary because from it the employee get idea how to work and from training. They have to develop their skilled and work easily. Company gives various training to its employee like on the job training, off the job training, under study experience in the on the job method. For developing executive or management level employee company use seminar role playing and training to executive. Anand oil also giving training with government training institute.
  24. 24. • ‘ARCOGUL’ provides canteen facility to the employees. It also provide transport and uniform facility besides this all facility company provide good working conditions so as employees can work. • All necesari facilities in plant. • Wash rooms. • Canteens. • Good environment for working. Company use monetary and non-monetary method for the motivation purpose motivation is the most important point of the company. The company tried to various program in the year and for recognition facilities. They use • Insurance • Bonus • Promotion • Gratuittee • Also take care before the death & disability of employees family. • financial as well as non-financial technique to motivate his employees. Company also focuses on the basic need of their employees it also provide opportunity for the career development. There is no labour problem in the company
  25. 25. Promotion is given to employees the basis of seniority and performance. ‘ARCOGUL’ spends a very good amount of money for the development of its human resource, company organizes various programe also for their development. We paid higher amount to H.R profession for development of human resources as they are a very important part of our organization. We continuous take care of development of our human resources. Performance appraisal is done by the higher authority in systematic and formal way.
  26. 26. Performance appraisal is done by the higher authority in systematic and formal way.
  27. 27. Agricultural marketing services
  28. 28. Development of members controlled cooperative structure. Management for agriculture finance and its timely availability. Price support and suitable marketing system for agricultural products. Use of Information Technology to speedy dissemination of information. Arcogul buy the different fertiliser from the major brands of india and resell to local farmer according to demand. So it is one type of middle man services provide by the arcogul and enjoying the commission.
  29. 29. Arcogul has a many storehouses so now they no use of it by giving on rent basis to AMUL for their storing. Dal project is run by mother dairy, Amul, Arcogul, in campus of this dal project make dal from the mix of the 5 different beans. It is very popular in foreign and other parts of india for making sambhar.
  30. 30. Findings & Suggestion
  31. 31. Through the study I found that awareness regarding companys financial information. It is found that company’ position is well than past year because their management is good. Winning the heart by quality and great taste and distributing sufficient dealer margin is a winning strategy of ARCOGUL. Its 'Value for money' strategy enables even a kid to buy fresh & healthy food in small prices. Indeed in a neck to neck competition ear one must implement new ideas. Arcogul has developed the think tank who continuously updates strategy in the right direction. Think win-win & Stay ahead with us. Company’s profit is more than past year. Mostly people buy these products only for the enjoyment & time pass because these products are oily and hygienic for the health. Company give advertisement for their profit so people aware about their products. This market is not available in all over gujarat so they try to deliver their market slowly in all over gujarat.
  32. 32. To improve level of awareness the customers, the company should cradle the aggressive advertisement campaign for Commodity and domestic market. Though the main source of information is mouth publicity, the company should constantly try to improve and maintain the services even in schemes and in offers. Because in product, test, best quality; so at some point of time, people will go for such company which provides a good amount of facilities. The company should provide best online facilities to their working client which helps them increase the frequency in making profit and future aspects. The company should increase their production lines like Domestic market, Indian market and facilities under one roof to attract people. The company should provide advisory services to the customers and also they should help in selecting the best products. Mostly employees and customers are not aware about the products and many things because of lack of knowledge; so the company should target properly regarding knowledge as well as facilities.