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Presentation for BAW, February 13, 2013

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  • Synecdoche : Part of something is used to refer to the whole thing 
  • You remember part of a lyrics of a song
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  • Google apps latest 2013 baw

    1. 1. Jazz Up your Classeswith Rita Zeinstejer Rosario, Argentina
    2. 2. Google Appsin the Classroom
    3. 3. browser or search engine….?
    4. 4. What is a browser? piece of computer software used to search for information on the World Wide Web search, chat, email, shop, bank, read the news and watch videos onlineSafari
    5. 5. What is a search engine? program/webpage that is used inside a browser seeks out information from all over the World Wide Web based on keywords that you input. NOT downloadable Google Yahoo MSN Altavista Bing
    6. 6. The world’s largest search engineStudents can use it: research class topics find “ similar pages ” search for images search from their cells
    7. 7. The world’slargestsearch engine Teachers can use it:  translate webpages  search for instructional material in different formats  restrict search in stds’ pc’s > “ safe search ”
    8. 8. 
    9. 9.  a faster, better and more secure way to access Web-based applications. will suggest searches, popular sites, visited pages a new tab will automatically display your most visited pages and closed tabs warning sites suspected of malware
    10. 10. To become a faster, smarter, more accurate web searcher…
    11. 11. Focus on precise results: usesimilar
    12. 12.
    13. 13.  Google Calendar  Google DriveAdditional   Goggle Video Google Sites  Google Earth  Google Mobile: Google Skyline  Google Groups  Google Maps  Google Images + Street View  Google News  Google Alerts  Google Reader  Google SketchUp  Google Scholar  Google Patents  Picasa  Google +
    14. 14. Why …?
    15. 15. Why …?students can use Google Apps to: collaborate with classmates using Google Sites make presentations with Google Docs keep organized using Google Calendar
    16. 16. Why …?Teachers can use Google Apps to: have easy access to their colleagues using Google Talk sign up for computerlab or library time using a Google Calendar collect assingments online using Gmail or Google Docs
    17. 17. What is it ???
    18. 18. GOOGLE cloud-storage service Google Drive: a single place to manage all your files, including Google Docs. Google Drive and Docs: the components of an integrated service that provides a single place to * store * access * create * edit * share documents, files, and folders of all types.
    19. 19. featurestwo services closely tied: share media --movies, images, music, PDFs and more in addition to Google Docs document- collaboration capabilities first 5GB: free, but Google Drive users can expand it to up to 16TB for a price
    20. 20. + features 5,000 new stock images to our library based on suggestions from our users new photos include categories: nature, weather, animals, sports, food, education, technology, music and more images: royalty free for both personal and commercial use in your Docs, Sheets, and Slides. try the feature out: go to Insert > Image, click on Search, filter to Stock photos, and search for the images that you want.
    21. 21. • royalty free• no need to cite• in Docs, Sheets, andSlides
    22. 22. three options to access all ofyour files, folders and GoogleDocs: sign into Google Drive on the web at open the Google Drive folder on your computer (created when you install Google Drive for your Mac/PC) go to the Google Drive mobile app on your Android devicework with more file types by installing Google Drive apps from the Chrome Web Store
    23. 23.  Let’s go to
    24. 24. a free, web-based word processor, spreadsheet,presentation and drawing tool that allows youto create and edit documents from anywhere andcollaborate with multiple people at the sametime
    25. 25.  Docs Forms, Surveys, Spreadsheets Presentations Drawings
    26. 26.  free online word processor create, store, share, collaborate on docs work together online > avoid attachments
    27. 27. Why ?Students can: work on their files from any pc get instant feedback publish papers and presentations to an authentic audience chat while others are presenting
    28. 28. Why ?Teachers can: provide timely feedback to stds at any point collaborate with colleagues (material/assessment) publish handouts for stds and parents make their presentations
    29. 29. How Google Docs helps educators and students helps promote group work and peer editing skills helps fulfil writing as a process aim encourages multiple revisions and peer editing
    30. 30. How Google Docs helps educators and students create, store and share instantly and securely collaborate online in real time decide exactly who can access and edit documents create new documents from scratch or upload existing documents, spreadsheets and presentations 
    31. 31. Save changes automatically saves automatically, on a regular basis see exactly what’s been revised, by whom, and when automatically saves your work as you edit a document. Each "Save" becomes a new "revision". You can review all revisions, revert back to past revisions, and even compare two revisions sort your document list by Date and see each of your students documents sorted by the last time they edited their document.
    32. 32. Add collaborators to documentsafter students invite you to their documents: review, comment, and grade their work at any time its hard for students to tell fibs when you can see their work at all times students can work together on projects and get peer feedback
    33. 33. Not just documents… but a data collection tool forms spreadsheets presentations drawings
    34. 34. Not just documents… but a data collection tool forms spreadsheets presentations drawings
    35. 35. Spreadsheet forms simplify data collection create a survey or poll in a few easy steps your respondents’ data appears in your spreadsheet as they fill it outtrip with students:
    36. 36. Online presentations import existing PowerPoint presentations or create new ones from scratch  insert images and videos, and format your slides to fit your preferences  publish and embed your presentations in a website, allowing access to a wide audience
    37. 37. Google drawings create, share, and edit drawings online edit drawings online in real time with anyone you choose invite others to view your edits in real time chat with others who are editing your drawing publish drawings online to the world as images, or download them in standard formats insert text, shapes, arrows, scribbles, and images from your hard drive or from the Web insert drawings into other Google documents, spreadsheets, or presentations using the web clipboard, then tweak them inline
    38. 38. Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office brings collaborative multi-person editing to the familiar Microsoft® Office experience share, backup and simultaneously edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint®, and Excel® documents with coworkers
    39. 39. Google Plus the newest social networking website from Google
    40. 40. Add FRIENDS from:• suggestions• Yahoo Mail• Hotmail Circles: Share your Circles! Hangout video chat with multiple people at once
    41. 41. a videoconference room
    42. 42. fro m chat f2f wherever you are host virtual meetings broadcast your conversation to the world
    43. 43. access a Hangout from your Google+ page  need a google account
    44. 44. be online with your students
    45. 45. have fun
    46. 46. · bring in an expert
    47. 47. students performances
    48. 48. Professional Development
    49. 49. connect with parents
    50. 50. do experiments and compare results
    51. 51. connect with other classrooms all over world
    52. 52. Google+ Communities: for all the people you ought to know
    53. 53. Google+ Communities public or private membership to support all kinds of groups —topics/interests discussion categories to find conversations start hangouts and plan events with community members share with your community from any +1 button across the web
    54. 54. with Google+ Communitiesyou can: bring fans together by creating your own community listen and learn from your fans keep up with community discussions get more followers by joining and participating in communities
    55. 55. !!!!!!!
    56. 56.