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ClearBox Consulting Gives LS Intranet Top Marks in SharePoint Intranets In-a-Box Research


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As the best consultant of digital workplaces, ClearBox Consulting has deeply learned 26 Intranet solutions, based on SharePoint technology and has found only 3 Intranet solutions, which have successfully passed all the required 8 technological scenarios.
Among these products was discovered Western, Central and Eastern Europe intranet leader - LS Intranet as the cheapest and most-equipped software. From this presentation, you’ll know what exactly key advantages it has and how you can apply this software at the own digital workplace in practice.

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ClearBox Consulting Gives LS Intranet Top Marks in SharePoint Intranets In-a-Box Research

  1. 1. Digital Workplace Solution by Lizard Soft
  2. 2. Clearbox consulting, the best advisory of digital workplaces, has learned 26 different intranet solutions derived from sharepoint technology to give users a whole new perspective to your problems and problem-solving. Clearbox consulting is not commercial based as it does not offer any products for sale, rather its experts are focused on providing users with an objective and independent evaluation. The ClearBox team has recognized LS Intranet as a leader among all groups from Western, Central and Eastern Europe based on top scenario scores and they say, “It makes full use of SharePoint or Yammer features, and provides a quick and low-cost deployment.”
  3. 3. However, there arises the challenge of effective management of remote team members and which intranet software to use for the business.
  4. 4. As the software options are vast, it’s better to refer to professional opinions using consultants like Clearbox Consulting:
  5. 5. ClearBox research has transparently displayed the pros and cons of every Intranet: “Each vendor gave a demonstration of their product, and answered a questionnaire about the key features of the product, technical requirements, their client support model and details on how the product can be launched within a business.” Companies examined by ClearBox specialists were required to demonstrate how their products deal with 8 scenarios. Only 3 Intranet solutions have successfully supported all scenarios with performance ratings from 2 and up to 4 scores (highest). Among these, it was concluded that the European intranet leader LS Intranet is the most cost effective and efficient software.
  6. 6. Here’s how ClearBox Consulting tested and reviewed the LS Intranet 8 scenarios: 1. News publishing – its home page carousel displays around 5 topics and the news list consisting of 8 relevant headlines. The author uses specified classifications to target information to desired audiences; 2. Branding, look and feel – administrators can easily change the page color schemes and save favored choices as pre-set “template”, which can be used in future cases. Layout and graphs can be edited directly in page with the WYSIWYG drag and drop function of the LS Branding Tool; 3. Two-way communications – users can comment on news articles when using SharePoint or Yammer and even “reply to replies” to create interaction. Team Sites forums have been made more user friendly looking more like Facebook; 4. Mobile access – LS Intranet provides a highly responsive service, including Team Sites and document lists. On desktops or mobile devices, widgets can be hidden or displayed, allowing an optimal experience on each device;
  7. 7. 5. Community spaces - SharePoint Team sites or Yammer groups provide an improved forum experience, including a nice photo gallery that resembles Facebook albums and also permits commenting on photos; 6. Analytics replies – are given via Google Analytics or Power BI, which comes with Office 365. The Power BI bar charts depicts the page statistica like high and low page views and ‘most commended‘ and ‘likes’. This enables news publishers to track popularity, etc; 7. Transactions – LS Intranet provides around 15 ready-built transaction services, e.g. request business cards; new security badge etc. These services can be accessed from the ‘My Services’ main menu and tracked within ‘My Dashboard’. Notifications keep individuals updated about new agendas and the status of their workflow; 8. Wildcard – The LS Intranet ideological system is adaptable to Yammer or SharePoint and is all about voting on submitted ideas.
  8. 8. Being expert in Digital Workplaces’ implementation, ClearBox has distinguished LS Intranet as having these key benefits: o Homepage news selection – you can select whether your news will be published on Yammer or SharePoint. o Customization – allows every user to subscribe to news items of their personal choice via tags (which differentiates categories by being designated for a particular group of people). o Branding Tool – lets administrators change widgets and page layout using the ‘drag, resize and drop’ approach of WYSIWYG technology that doesn’t require any coding. o Analytics – displays everyday statistics of user activity. Can be calculated through the integration of Microsoft Power BI or Google Analytics.
  9. 9. o My Dashboard – has highly user-friendly design to work with. o Task notifications – operates accurately to give frequent updates. o Team Sites – responsive to be used on mobile devices. o Idea Management Tool – employees can freely express their ideas and most ‘liked’ of those can be immediately put into action. o Different language packs obtainable – for SharePoint buttons and controls to increase versatility.
  10. 10. Hence, it's clear why business leaders want to create the most efficient Digital Workplace to communicate and work under mutual goals with colleagues while also giving them time to spend in the home environment.
  11. 11. o Bilateral Yammer integration enables all the staff communicate freely on any operational issue and get managers’ approvals from any convenient device. In this way, all the employees are valued, given attention, and can also be granted public rewards using the specially developed LS Reward feature. o Due to 1-hour deployment literally, any company can spend commonly missed operation hours to ensure in LS productivity personally and with no regrets for time wasting.
  12. 12. Its obvious that organizational culture is of crucial importance nowadays, so if you cannot provide your team with modern user-friendly software, then the others will outdo you and will get a better reputation, with higher staff engagement and high ROI. “We are also technology and vendor neutral: we don’t implement any specific tools or get fees for recommending them. That means we help our clients make choices with their business needs in mind” – Clearbox has stated. In conclusion, narrow your focus to SharePoint based products that increase efficiency and with Clearbox Consulting’s global research, you’ll be able to find a solution in a jiffy. Go to LS Intranet Site