Waste Plastic Workgroup


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Waste Plastic Workgroup

  1. 1. ORGANIZATION NAME:NEW ORGANIZATION, NAME TOBE DETERMINEDCurrent Contact info:Rita Lacey, Managing MemberClose the Loop, (www.closetheloop.com) founded in 2000, supports small, progressive,environmentally responsible manufacturers who offer high quality & unique productsmade from recycled waste tires, plastic milk jugs & glass bottles.NOTE: This entry is based on a new company TBD, not on CLOSE THE LOOP, LLC due tothe 5-10% stake requirement in the “terms and conditions”.
  2. 2. Proposing Organizing a WastePlastic Workgroup In 2003, The Resource Conservation Challenge (RCC) Scrap Tire Workgroup was formed to prevent pollution and promote reuse and recycling of waste tires; reduce toxic chemicals in products, and conserve energy and materials. It began with a collaboration of 85 members from federal, state, industry and academia. We can do the same with plastics, watch video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AArpPgcXaOA
  3. 3. How does a Plastic WasteWorkgroup solve the problem? Focusing on three activities to enhance market growth:  Educate producers and potential users  Identify barriers and solutions  Support activities that would overcome barriers and implement solutions
  4. 4. How does it make money? New company would be a non-profit, funded through government grants, or private individuals/businesses. Mission is to organize “Waste Plastic Workgroup” and increase markets for new products which will increase jobs (as in plastic asphalt production) and reduce pollution and plastic waste. R&D for new products using waste plastics, and provide educational materials.
  5. 5. Technology: Resources required to start group Seek to identify champions and encourage participation of all states in the workgroup. Works mainly via:  Conference calls  E-mails  Annual Meetings
  6. 6. Marketing/Sales Strategy: Through press releases throughout the EPA, major news outlets, post information on pertinent websites and develop fact sheets. Educate stakeholders and encourage CE (civil engineering) applications of waste plastics. Identify limitations Address environmental concerns Social media
  7. 7. Competitors Promote all competitors with viable products: plastic asphalt, plastic lumber, large and small manufacturers who use a minimum of 65% recycled plastic to make their products (building materials, plastic asphalt, appliances, toys, carpeting, etc). Encourage large manufacturers to switch to greater percentage of recycled #1PET, #2HDPE, etc. in making their products.
  8. 8. Who’s on the Team? EPA representative Electrolux (large manufacturer) Waste Not Technologies, LLC, Patrick Kelley, Managing Member, Saylorsburg, PA (small manufacturer) Cambria Plastics Recycling, Inc, HimanshuPandya, Johnstown, PA (small manufacturer) MRF (Material Recovery Facility) Operators: David Albright, Chestnuthill Township, Monroe County, PA Ken Prue, San Diego County Recycling Program Manager Waste Management, John Kelly, Grayslake, IL Recycle America BFI waste management Marine Researchers, Algalita Marine Research Foundation, Environmentalists Huffington Post: John DeCock Cradle to Cradle: William McDonough Plastic Pollution Coalition Janet Unruh, Recycle Everything Author, http://www.recycleeverythingbook.org/ PROP ~ Professional Recyclers of PAPA Recycling Markets Center Plastics Brokers Landfill Operator: Grand Central in Wind Gap, PA Recyclebank, Philadelphia Interface Carpet Architects, Civil Engineers, Contractors, Policy makers, Political Leaders Durable Goods Manufactures - http://www.nurserysupplies.com/ Others: mobile phone company, car company, furniture makers, sporting goods, toys, electronics equip mfg, Non-durable Goods Manufacturers - cleaning supply company, packaging, containers, Bag makers – Hefty, Plastic Pallet makers - Chambers Packaging, Pittsburgh, Plastic Extruders / Plastics Manufacturers - there are many listed on http://www.thomasnet.com/ (search "plastic parts”) Recycled Plastic Product Marketing: Close the Loop, LLC, Rita Lacey, Kunkletown, PA
  9. 9. Financials: Revenue 3 years out, estimated at $ 300,000 Revenue 5 years out, estimated at $ 1M Money could be used for holding annual events to bring team together, and awarded to product manufacturers that pledge to use recycled raw material in their product (verifiably 65% or greater) and empower businesses with advanced solutions.
  10. 10. Sustainability: This new company would be ecologically sound ~ Success of goal will be measured by increased plastics recycling rates and reduced disposal of waste plastic in landfills.The Plastics Workshop would be broken up into smaller committees like:  1)Plastic Collection/Sortation and Recycling  2)Manufacturing with Recycled Plastics  3)Designing Products for ease of recycling / disassembling  4)Civil Engineering Applications of Waste Plastics  5)Human and Marine Impact of Waste Plastics
  11. 11. Current Status: I have operated a small business for 12 years online at www.closetheloop.com. I would use the prize money to setup a new non-profit business to tackle waste plastic issues and open up communications between all committed parties in the proposed “Plastic Waste Workgroup”. I had approached the EPA in 2010 with this idea, which they liked, but could not fund, due to the fact that Close the Loop, LLC was not a non-profit organization.