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Brodhead Creek Heritage Center at ForEvergreen Nature Preserve

Brodhead Creek Heritage Center at ForEvergreen Nature Preserve is a joint effort by: The Brodhead Watershed Association and Pocono Heritage Land Trust in a successful public-private partnership with Stroud Township

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Brodhead Creek Heritage Center at ForEvergreen Nature Preserve

  1. 1. Connecting people, land and water
  2. 2. The Brodhead Creek Heritage Center is a key component to making ForEvergreen Nature Preserve a natural hub of community life. Joint effort by: The Brodhead Watershed Association Pocono Heritage Land Trust in a successful public-private partnership with Stroud Township
  3. 3. The Brodhead Creek Heritage Center is a 4,000 square-foot nature, culture and heritage center is planned to advance the goal of helping children, their parents, and grandparents connect with nature.
  4. 4. Protect our drinking water quality and supply! Brodhead Watershed Association is a grassroots organization, founded in 1989 by a group of citizens concerned about the impacts of hyper-development on water quality. Our mission is to protect and enhance water quality and quantity in the greater Brodhead watershed. Successes include: assembling scientific data over two decades on stream health, educating the public and elected officials on how water works and how they can help keep drinking water pure, advocating smart water policy, and installing and advising on green infrastructure to keep water safe. Dedicated to protecting and improving water resources and the environment in the Brodhead and Cherry Creek Watershed. Protect our land! PHLT was founded in 1984 as a 501(c)(3) non- profit organization in the Poconos, dedicated to protecting the natural heritage of our Pocono Mountains region by conserving land and providing educational and recreational activities to inspire people to care for, enjoy, and explore their natural world. Preserving our natural heritage ensures that our children and grandchildren will still have places to hike, bike, fish, hunt, see wildlife, or just sit quietly and enjoy the beauty of nature. Pocono Heritage Land Trust is supported through grants from the Monroe County Open Space Program, the Commonwealth of PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and by donations from individuals, foundations, and local businesses. Why is Pocono Heritage Land Trust important? Why is Brodhead Watershed Association important?
  5. 5. HOW A GOLF COURSE BECAME A NATURE PRESERVE ForEvergreen Nature Preserve was acquired by Stroud Township 2013 as a 43-acre permanently protected open space area designated as a nature preserve. The former Evergreen Golf course of StroudTownship is now home to the ForEvergreen Nature Preserve rural retreat dedicated to passive use suits any age group not only to to stroll, run or walk but to bike the trail, walk a dog or fish in the Brodhead Creek, widely regarded as the nascent spot of American fly fishing. Only the first leg of the loop is uphill and winds into a relaxing, flat trail hike. Most people who remember the manicured golf but usually spotted it from the roadways. Now they can enjoy a peaceful, beautiful view of the most spectacular tree stands(?) and lush grass all around to sit down when the weather warms and grab a blanket and a book for a leisurely afternoon.
  6. 6. nature preserve (noun) ~ a tract of land protected and managed so as to preserve its interesting flora, fauna, and unique natural and physical features, with dedicated areas for exploring and/or viewing nature.
  7. 7. WHAT IS FOREVERGREEN NATURE PRESERVE? This 43 acre nature and fishing preserve: • Protects half a mile of Brodhead Creek, the land and waters where fly fishing in America was born. • Expands the Brodhead Creek Greenway • Protects clean drinking water for 22,000 neighbors in Monroe County and millions in downstream cities like Easton, Allentown, Trenton, Camden, Philadelphia,Wilmington, and more are all influenced by the Brodhead. • Creates a green, open-air community space • Set aside for wildlife, habitat restoration and nature observation through a gradual and managed succession of the old field and forest habitats. Conservation volunteers work hand in hand to turn old golf greens, sand traps and fairways into a place to observe and enjoy nature’s mysteries and miracles.
  8. 8. BENEFITS PEOPLE, THE COMMUNITY, OUR ECONOMY With 4,000 square feet of space for environmental displays, education and offices, Brodhead Creek Heritage Center will welcome people of all ages and abilities, connecting them with the natural world around them. • People need nature. • Playing and learning together creates and supports a community. • Activities at the center and throughout the preserve will be guided by principles of good stewardship. •The mission of BWA and PHLT will be significantly supported by having permanent offices in a visible location. • Support to local businesses.
  9. 9. THE VISION FOR THE BRODHEAD CREEK NATURE PRESERVE: Learning, Growing, Doing Science: Special focus on the natural historical heritage of the Poconos, keeping drinking water pure, and the importance of green forests and clean water The Brodhead Creek Heritage Center is designed to provide space for multiple uses: • Rotating display space focusing on water science, the story of fly fishing, conservation exhibits and "how water works" education about creeks and groundwater, vernal pool demonstration, water quality art and photography • Water education class space available to local environmental education centers • Streamwatcher training in how to monitor and report water quality data. • Rotating display focusing on land conservation, including Air, Land, andWater Pollution, Composting, GPS Mapping, Recycling & Reuse, Earth Day Activities, Gardening, Hunting, Fairy Gardens, Crafts using Natural Materials like rocks & corks, pressed flowers and much more! • Environmental themed films for public viewing
  10. 10. THE VISION FOR THE BRODHEAD CREEK NATURE PRESERVE: Environmental Education Groups: Programs focused on pure water at the center, from creek snorkeling to bug and fish studies and real life research Volunteer Opportunities Include: • Land stewardship, trail blazing, leading walks, office help, membership, public relations and newsletter, website and social media, trail maintenance, carpentry, metalworking or other construction, GPS, surveying or map making, chainsaw use, bird, fish or other wildlife management, teaching, public speaking, graphic design or artist, web design or development, photography, video production, finance or financial management, fundraising or grant writing, creating presentations, writing & journalism, editing & proofreading, event planning and more!
  11. 11. THE VISION FOR THE BRODHEAD CREEK NATURE PRESERVE: Displays and exhibits at the Center: for tourists, locals fly fishers, historical associations • The story of fly fishing on the Brodhead; the birthplace of fly fishing • Railroads, boarding houses, and tourism in the Poconos • The Flood of 1955 • The museum hopes to include: Trout fishing memorabilia, Schauer fly rods, & photos of Henryville House, Hotel Rapids, Park House, Spruce Cabin Inn, Log Cabin Inn,Albert House, and Lighthouse Tavern.
  12. 12. THE VISION FOR THE BRODHEAD CREEK NATURE PRESERVE: Displays and exhibits at the Center: for adults & kids, hands on exhibits • Water science: • Connection between conserved forests and safe water • Cycle of water and “how water works” • Human impacts on creeks and groundwater • Where drinking water comes from and how to keep it safe • Land science: • Wildlife protection • Air, Land, andWater Pollution • Littering, waste disposal, pollution control • Recycle & Reuse • Land-use changes: how a golf course becomes a nature preserve • Natural Playground • GIS / GPS Mapping & helpful apps • Hunting &Taxidermy
  13. 13. THE VISION FOR THE BRODHEAD CREEK NATURE PRESERVE: Training for citizen-scientists: • Stream watchers! • Monitoring and reporting water quality data • Land monitoring ~ Our volunteer program provides detailed training and opportunities for volunteers who commit to serving on a monthly basis.Volunteers typically visit PHLT nature preserves on a monthly basis to monitor any litter / dumping problems, invasive plants, notify us of downed trees, etc. and will meet new people & wildlife in the woods and will learn valuable conservation tips and best land management practices, and become important Pocono Heritage LandTrust ambassadors!
  14. 14. HOW CAN YOU HELP? Fundraising is under way Please join people throughout Monroe County who care about our land and water by making a gift to the Brodhead Creek Heritage capital campaign. ESSA Foundation and the county commissioners, among others, have pledged support toward the goal of $750,000. To help make the Brodhead Creek Heritage Center a reality for the community, please donate by sending a check made out to PHLT or BWA, with a MEMO for "BCHC/ForEvergreen", mailed to either: • Pocono Heritage LandTrust BrodheadWatershed Association P.O. Box 553 P.O. Box 339 Pocono Pines, PA 18350 Henryville, PA 18332 OR DONATE ONLINE at
  15. 15. • Every gift of $50 or more will be memorialized at the center in the Friends of Brodhead Creek Heritage Center logbook.
  16. 16. HOW WE CAN PARTNER WITH YOUR ORGANIZATION: Tailored to each organization In many cases, there can be a significant benefit for a small business to partner with a non-profit organization to give back to the community and to gain exposure. A TV news story or article in the newspaper can generate buzz about both organizations.This type of partnership can truly be a win-win for all involved. Contact us! • Pocono Heritage Land Trust Brodhead Watershed Association P.O. Box 553 P.O. Box 339 Pocono Pines, PA 18350 Henryville, PA 18332 Phone: (570) 424-1514 Phone: (570) 839-1120