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Trabalho de ingles - seventeen magazine


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Published in: Education, Design, Lifestyle
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Trabalho de ingles - seventeen magazine

  1. 1. What is seventeen?
  2. 2. SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE Present editor: Ann Shoket Categories: Teen Frequency: Monthly Publisher: Hearst Corporation Total circulation: 2,016,049 First issue: September 1944 Country: United States Language: English Website:
  3. 3. For whom is it directed? Young girls 14 - 21 Women’s
  4. 4. What was your first publication…? September of 1944, by HELEN VALENTINE … and why it was founded?
  5. 5. ORGANIZATHION OF MAGAZINE: Fashion Beauty Health Love Life and sometimes : “Letter from the Editor” “Horoscope” “Traumara” “What you think” “Freebies” section
  6. 6. Why this success? Seventeen use: Content analysis Letters Oral histories Promotional materials , to help create the modern concept of “teenager”. Seventeen create a parameters of the feminine beauty ideal too, like: hair makup clothes body
  7. 7. From 1994 to 2012
  8. 8. The clothes - Before: lighter colors; small neckline; a lot of hats; less jewelry - Now: a lot of colors; Normal or big neckline; less hats; more jewelry
  9. 9. Covers Before Now
  10. 10. The End !