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Appacdm ..


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Appacdm ..

  1. 1. Founded The A.P.P.A.C.D.M. is a Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of mental Children. Was created by an action of a Mother and a children mongoloid – Ms. Sheila Stilwell that: "not finding any kind of response in order to provide assistance and special education to your child and all children existing in the same situation taken care of in Portugal would be something created for purpose". She counts with a collaboration from a psychiatrist from Lisbon – Dr. Alice Mello Tavares – that, given the appropriate technical support, with help from another’s parents and friend. That allowed in 1962 an association that arose in time is designated by Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of Mongoloid Children. In 1964, the organisation belonged to the International League of Societies for the mentally disease, and now is known as - Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of Children with mental (APPACDM). In 1965 on February 2 opens the1st Education Centre in Lisbon, getting that date – The Day of Our Lady of Candles (Senhora das Candeias), become the official day of APPACDM. Since then, APPACDM has been active in various sectors to support People with Mental Disabilities. The work has been structured by responsible and qualified people there care for persons with learning disabilities in the district and their families. For whom? The activities have finality to: -propose development and maintenance capacity - Comfort Of young people and adults aged less than 16 years, with mental retardation, severe and profound. Objectives of organisation Valorize and honoring people with disabilities, making them socially useful; Promote physical, intellectual and emotional development of a person with disabilities;
  2. 2. Promote the welfare and health of a person with severe and profound mental retardation; Promote social integration and employment of people with mental retardation; Promote the development of personality, creativity, solidarity, citizenship, participation , responsibility of choice and decision; Help the family in there objectives. Activities To every young person is offered activities according to their characteristics, needs and interests. Are made activities who approaching of reality of the day, for example - garden conservation clean of public spaces Other young people are in labor market, in companies, where they do several activities with the workers. Activities are offered: Arts - drama, painting, music, dance, body language; Workshop’s - ceramics, Arraiolos, pottery, wood, tapestries, making dolls; Therapy - physical therapy, music therapy, hydrotherapy, whirlpool, hippo therapy, psychomotor, swimming; Cognitive development and autonomy - working with computers , training and transport independence of daily living (cooking, personal hygiene, housekeeping, laundry, etc.).
  3. 3. These activities are conducted in accordance with an Individualized Intervention Plan developed with the family. Human Resources Their team includes: Psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, teachers (experts), Monitors, Helpers of Establishment of Support for Disabled Children, Education Assistants, Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapist.