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Ariel hyatt slide share 3 wise monkeys deck


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Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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Ariel hyatt slide share 3 wise monkeys deck

  1. 1. Speak No Evil: The Art of Promotion
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Ariel :)
  3. 3. “80% of marketers begin with tactics instead of goals” – eMarketer Report
  4. 4. In Promotion... It’s Crucial To: • • • Manage Your Expectations • Understand Social Media & Real ROI Understand Today’s Industry (No One Buys Music) Understand Everyone’s Scope of Work - Who Does What? And How This Relates Together
  5. 5. In Promotion... It’s Crucial To: • • • Understand ‘Typical’ Results No Longer Exist • Be Interesting and Interested Believe Small #’s Are Normal and Totally Acceptable Get That Social Media is Free But This Does NOT Mean You Never Pay
  6. 6. Your Promotions Checklist: 5 Crucial Elements 1. Invest in a Long-Term Marketing Plan (6 -12 Months / 30 pages) 2. Have Signature Story & Many Niches 3. Website – Up to date 4. The Six Rooms Of Your Social Media House •Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Newsletters, Blog, Pinterest 5. Money Making - Crowd Funding , Micro Funding, Sales
  7. 7. # 1 Your Marketing Plan - Should Cover •Branding – Across all Channels •Album or EP roll out / release plan •Fix the plague of sporadic communication with no plan or goals and no product funnel in place
  8. 8. # 1 Your Marketing Plan Should Cover • Licensing, booking & live strategy (festivals, tours) • • Organic audience / tribe building Crowd funding (Kickstarter, Rockethub, Pledge Music, Indie GoGo)
  9. 9. # 2 Signature Story & Niches • It Starts with an intriguing over-arching story then drills down into niches • Vegan, gay-parenting, bird watching, glutenfree living, reality TV, Olympic athlete, Asian, positivity, ALS, Christian, Buddhist, fan funding, wine, causes, geek, app tech, mommy / daddy blog, surfing, travel, fashion, early childhood education, cooking...
  10. 10. # 3 Website Distribution & Destination Center Should Be in Artist’s Control Wordpress = Awesome Hostbaby, Bandzoogle – Pay Monthly Responsive Design
  11. 11. # 3 Website Blog / Content Should Be THE Focus Update Frequency: Weekly or Bi-Weekly Newsletter Sign Up Must Include an Offer Make Sure Fans Can Connect To Your Socials
  12. 12. Your Website Exists To Do 3 Things: 1.Share with your community (WIIFM?) 2.Capture and engage fans 3. Make you money
  13. 13. Common Website Mistakes • Don’t Update (Stale Content) • Flash / Antiquated • No ‘What’s In It For Me’ • No Analytics (this is key)
  14. 14. The Six Rooms Of Your Social Media House ROOM 1. FACEBOOK Remember Who Facebook’s Customers Are! Fan Page vs. Personal Profile Frequency: One Post Per Day Photos Reign Supreme! 1 in 4 Posts Should be Self-Promotional
  15. 15. ROOM 1. FACEBOOK
  16. 16. 60% of photo images analyzed by Hubspot did not include a link. HUGE missed opportunity. Posts made by brands between 8pm and 7am drive 20% more engagement.
  17. 17. Common Facebook Mistakes • Don’t Know When to Post • Focusing All on Promotion • Obsessed with Numbers Instead of Engagement (Talking About)
  18. 18. The Six Rooms Of Your Social Media House ROOM 2: TWITTER Engage !! (RTs, @ mentions, favoriting) Curation of content from others allows you to better define your brand align w tribe & niches 1 in 10 Tweets Should be Self-Promotional Frequency: As Much As You’d Like!
  19. 19. The Six Rooms Of Your Social Media House KNOWING THE BASICS IS CRUCIAL!! Twitter Stream & Twitter Handle @CyberPR RTs (Retweets) @ replies DM (Direct Message) Hash Tags #3WM #FollowFriday or #FF #MusicMonday or #MM
  20. 20. Common Twitter Mistakes • Don’t Follow Enough • Broadcasting (Hyping) Vs. Engaging • Don’t Know Basics
  21. 21. The Six Rooms Of Your Social Media House ROOM 3: YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine after Google Sorry, your videos will NOT go viral... Keep videos under 3 minutes Always include call to action Frequency: One video every few weeks
  22. 22. The Six Rooms Of Your Social Media House ROOM 3: Think about audience (Niches) It doesn't’t have to be expensive to be good Know what people are searching for (analytics) Cover songs really work! leave video responses
  23. 23. Case Study: Pomplamoose How They Did It: - Created a series of quirky music videos highlighting covers of Billboard hits - Built a huge tribe of followers (each new video gained them awareness with a new group of fans) - Landed several sync placement deals for commercials, and they appeared in several ads
  24. 24. Common YouTube Mistakes • Not Using it as a Social Platform • Focusing on Monetization vs. Brand Building / Awareness • Obsessed w/ Going VIRAL
  25. 25. The Six Rooms Of Your Social Media House ROOM 4: BLOG Consistent Posts (At LEAST Twice Per Month) Social Sharing Buttons Commenting Options Newsletter Sign Up Content Curation (related articles, recent news, etc.)
  26. 26. Artists doing it right NICHE BASED: Fashion Fans Along The Ride Photography
  27. 27. Common Blogging Mistakes • No Strategy (or Don’t Post AT ALL) • Blog on Front Page & It’s Not Updated • Funnel Not Completed
  28. 28. Newsletter
  29. 29. The Six Rooms Of Your Social Media House ROOM 5: NEWSLETTER The BEST Way to Market Directly to Super Fans Frequency: Once Per Month Don’t Use to ONLY Sell Don’t CC/ BCC - Use a REAL Newsletter Service Only Include ONE Call to Action
  30. 30. The Six Rooms Of Your Social Media House ROOM 6: Great niche, tribe building opportunity Showcase your passions, your style, location.
  31. 31. 70% of user-base is women Drives more website traffic than Google+, Youtube, Reddit and LinkedIN Combined! Not just for photos (pin videos and music too!) Frequency: As much as you like. Several Pins per day
  32. 32. Common Pinterest Mistakes • Don’t Have a Pinterest Account • Not Cross Populated • Not Enough Boards (10)
  33. 33. # 5 Last But Not Least: CROWD FUNDING & MICRO FUNDING Ultimately, your marketing efforts & strategy should return to you !! Kickstarter Rockethub Pledge Indie GoGo Bandpage - Experiences
  34. 34. Last But Not Least: CROWD FUNDING Ultimately, your marketing efforts & strategy should return to you !!
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