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Speech Preparation Workshop Feedback on 21/10/11

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Ws 211011-feedback-summary

  1. 1. SPEECH PREPARATION WORKSHOP SPEECH PREPARATION WORKSHOP on 21-10-2011 - FEEDBACK (Feedback form is appended)Summary of answers to queries 1. Twenty one participant-feedback and eight mentor-feedback forms were received. 2. Some of the twenty one were mentors, but have filled participants’ feedback due to unknown reasons. 3. All participants express approbation that the workshop was interesting and useful. 4. Three participants could not prepare a speech while eighteen others could then and there. 5. All of them are planning to deliver in their club (VPEs may heaved a sigh). We note that no one prepared a speech for the contest. 6. Three mentors said the demo speech was useful and one said it was not. Four mentors have not decided. 7. As for the other five queries, all mentors have responded positively.Summary of Comments and suggestions 1. Ten people feel that the workshop should be organized more frequently 2. Eight persons say that the workshop needs more time, may be a full day 3. Eight want all the material should be shared in advance 4. Five people expect that the participants should deliver their speeches 5. Four appreciate that the workshop was very informative 6. Three wish the workshop was more detailed 7. Two opine time control can be better 8. One person complains that the PP graphics were not that good.Other suggestions were : 9. Workshop can be done area-wise; 10. Separate workshop for persuasive and inspiring speech; Page 1
  2. 2. SPEECH PREPARATION WORKSHOP 11. Cover how to include humour in a speech; 12. Handling nervousness may be included; 13. Members can submit their speech for critical evaluation. (not clear; they can send it to their mentor)My comments and Lessons learnt : 1. As I mentioned in my earlier email, the time given for writing was only 70 minutes while our recommendation is 150 min or 5 x 30 min. as given in the regimen given at the end. We limited the toal duration to about two and a half hours fearing longer duration would send people to other Friday activities (Zzzzz…….for example) . Now that people want it, five hour or eight hour workshop may be conducted. 2. More frequent conduct of the workshop is in the power or club presidents and Area Governors. (Don’t let them sleep on Fridays) 3. We have already shared all the material with the participants this time. 4. Humour aspect can be included in future workshops. 5. Nervousness issue is not within the realm of the current idea. Rehearsal techniques may be given as a separate write-up. Toastmasters literature has some material in this. I leave it to senior toastmasters to ponder. 6. Workshop on Persuasive and inspiring speeches is a good idea. We need some time to think about this. Page 2
  3. 3. SPEECH PREPARATION WORKSHOP Speech Preparation Workshop – 21-10-2011 FEEDBACK FROM PARTICIPANTS Name Club Email MobileWas the workshop Interesting ? (tick) YES NOWas the workshop useful ? (tick) YES NOCould you prepare a speech ? (tick) YES NOWhen & where are you delivering it ?Any suggestions : Speech Preparation Workshop – 21-10-2011 FEEDBACK FROM MENTORS Name Club email MobileWas the workshop Interesting ? (tick) YES NOWas the workshop useful ? (tick) YES NOWas the PP presentation good ? (tick) YES NOWere the explanations good ? (tick) YES NOWas the Demo speech useful ? (tick) YES NOWould you like to repeat the workshop ? (tick) YES NOAny suggestions : Page 3