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®                                                                                        TOASTMASTER      VIEWPOINT       ...
TABLE OF CONTENTSNovember 2011                     Volume 77, No. 11DEPARTMENTS 2 VIEWPOINT:     BY MICHAEL NOTARO, DTM   ...
LETTERS TO THE TOASTMASTER                                                                                        Toastmas...
MY TURNDEVELOPING CHARACTERAn actress draws on stage strategiesto overcome nervousness.By Kathrin Lake, ACB               ...
AROUND THE GLOBE        INTERNATIONAL                              SNAPSHOT        INTERPRETATIONS                        ...
Lisa Panarello of Staten Island,                             New York, accepts her trophy in                             t...
WHAT A MATCH!How to boost your Toastmasterstraining with speech contests.By Margaret A. Oppenheimer, ACG, ALB             ...
speech. For example, Project One           movement to ramp up the fun in a          money on writing and marketingof the ...
UNSUNG HEROES OF                                           SPEECH COMPETITIONS                                           B...
ON TOP — AT LASTAfter years of trying, Australian Jock Elliott becomesToastmasters’ World Champion of Public Speaking.By P...
CONVENTION WRAP-UP   Four days in Las Vegas are festive and forward-looking.   By Paul Sterman   Toastmasters Internationa...
DARE TO DELEGATEWhen more people share the work, morepeople share the satisfaction of a job well done.By Judith E. Pearson...
SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION     By Judith Pearson, DTM, Ph.D.                                                    When you check...
Allow for creativity and                would. In fact, if you have selected       in the process. Nevertheless, recogni-v...
DON’T HESITATE — EMULATE    Modeling yourself after a favorite    speaker is a great way to learn.    By Ryan Levesque    ...
When Tom invited me to serve          I thought about how I would use         How loudly or softly would youras Toastmaste...
book The Magic of Thinking Big,               What candor! Todd told a large      we elevate our own performance.Dr. David...
BACK-POCKET SPEECHESYou can prepare for a last-minute opportunity.By Judy Huang, CCWe have an opening for a speaker at    ...
Renny Gleeson at TED2009, Session 4: “See,”   Feb. 5, 2009, Long Beach, California.                                       ...
Toastmaster magazine nov-2011
Toastmaster magazine nov-2011
Toastmaster magazine nov-2011
Toastmaster magazine nov-2011
Toastmaster magazine nov-2011
Toastmaster magazine nov-2011
Toastmaster magazine nov-2011
Toastmaster magazine nov-2011
Toastmaster magazine nov-2011
Toastmaster magazine nov-2011
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Toastmaster Magazine November 2011 edition.

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Toastmaster magazine nov-2011

  1. 1. TOASTMASTER ® NOVEMBER 2011 14 DARE TO 18 DON’T HESITATE 28 Q&A WITH DELEGATE — EMULATE RACE FOR THE CURE FOUNDER NANCY BRINKER TED TALKS and thePresenter Elizabeth Gilbertat TED 2009 World Listens Annual TED conference demonstrates the ultimate melding of communication and leadership. Page 22
  2. 2. ® TOASTMASTER VIEWPOINT PUBLISHER Daniel Rex EDITOR Suzanne Frey ASSOCIATE EDITORS Beth Black Paul Sterman JUNIOR WRITER Jennie Harris EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Michelle TylerWORDS ON FIRE ART DIRECTION Susan Campbell GRAPHIC DESIGN Deidre Gaffney TI OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS “The bullets whizzed above my head. Founder Dr. Ralph C. Smedley (1878-1965) Angry Communist soldiers shouted over a 2011-2012 OFFICERS loud speaker: ‘Do you hear me? Turn the International President Michael Notaro, DTM Alameda, California, USA boat back NOW!’ I kept my head down International President-elect John Lau, DTM and prayed as the threats got louder and First Vice President George Yen, DTM Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia louder. Finally, Dad steered our small boat Taipei, Taiwan Second Vice President Mohammed Murad, DTM out of Saigon Harbor and into the open Dubai, United Arab Emirates Immediate Past President Pat Johnson, DTM sea. I felt the ocean mist — the spray of salt Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Executive Director Daniel Rex water. Freedom, freedom at last!” Mission Viejo, California Those passionate words were spoken Secretary-Treasurer Sally Newell Cohen Mission Viejo, California by my college friend Hien, a Vietnamese immigrant and engineering student at the 2011-2012 DIRECTORS University of California, Berkeley, 27 years James Sultan, DTM David Hollingshead, DTM Kirkland, Washington Jacksonville, Florida ago in a student dining hall. His speech is ASSIGNED TO REGION 1 ASSIGNED TO REGION 8 Kevin Doyle, DTM Wendy Harding, DTM as clear to me today as the day he delivered Honolulu, Hawaii Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada ASSIGNED TO REGION 2 ASSIGNED TO REGION 9it. His fervent belief in freedom silenced a room of hungry, skeptical students. David McCallister, DTM Roberta Perry, DTMHis powerful impromptu message struck a chord. Hien lacked the mechan- Fort Worth, Texas ASSIGNED TO REGION 3 Los Angeles, California ASSIGNED TO REGION 10ics of a polished speaker — he had a heavy Vietnamese accent and didn’t Jacquie Schnider, DTM George Thomas, DTM Calgary, Alberta, Canada Doha, Qataruse gestures or make eye contact. But he made up for it with his passion and ASSIGNED TO REGION 4 ASSIGNED TO REGION 11 Andrew Little, DTM Mike Storkey, DTM New Berlin, Wisconsin Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia “Vitality is more than enthusiasm. ASSIGNED TO REGION 5 ASSIGNED TO REGION 12 Gina Cook, DTM Balraj Arunasalam, DTM Kanata, Ontario, Canada Colombo, Sri Lanka It is the force of life, vigor and truth ASSIGNED TO REGION 6 ASSIGNED TO REGION 13 Viki Kinsman, DTM Christine Temblique, DTM that radiates from the speaker.” Oakton, Virginia ASSIGNED TO REGION 7 Meycauayan, Philippines ASSIGNED TO REGION 14conviction; his exuberant words had the power to change the world. It ranks TOASTMASTERSas one of the greatest speeches I have ever heard. INTERNATIONAL P.O. Box 9052 Mission Viejo, CA 92690 U.S.A. What makes a great speech? To me, the answer is vitality. Vitality is more 949-858-8255 Fax: 949-858-1207than enthusiasm. It is the force of life, vigor and truth that radiates from the Voicemail: 949-835-1300 www.members.toastmasters.orgspeaker. Vitality is the energy and power of words drawn from within — alifetime of experience and wisdom. Vitality is the passion that resonates deep CONTACTING WORLD HEADQUARTERS For information on joiningin your soul and then rises from you to crystallize in public expression. Vital- or building a club, visit: www.toastmasters.orgity is words on fire. Article submission: Hien’s impromptu speech had vitality. He didn’t need a self-help book or Letters to the Editor: To change address, log in to: posting to find his topic. His message was deeply embedded in hisheart. He lived every word he spoke. He was authentic, genuine and passion-ate — and he spoke on a topic of significance. He expressed his deep love for The TOASTMASTER Magazine (ISSN 00408263) is published monthly by Toastmasters International, Inc., 23182 Arroyo Vista, Rancho Santa Margarita,freedom, and his message will never be forgotten. CA 92688, U.S.A. Periodicals postage paid at Mission Viejo, CA and additional mailing office. POSTMASTER: Send address change to The TOASTMASTER Toastmasters is a learning laboratory where you learn to speak with vital- Magazine, P.O. Box 9052, Mission Viejo, CA 92690, U.S.A. Published to promote the ideas and goals of Toastmasters International, aity. Before looking outward for material, look inward. We all have emotional nonprofit educational organization of clubs throughout the world dedicated to teaching skills in public speaking and leadership. Members’ subscriptions are included in the $27 semi-annual buttons in life. Is there a “fire in your belly” crying for expression? Find The official publication of Toastmasters International carries authorized notices and articles regarding the activities and interests of the organization, buta vital topic that stirs your soul. Your speech becomes vibrant and animated responsibility is not assumed for the opinions of the authors of other articles. The TOASTMASTER magazine does not endorse or guarantee the productswhen you speak from the heart, radiating power and passion. You will learn it advertises. Copyright 2011 Toastmasters International, Inc. All rights all at Toastmasters, a place where leaders are made. T Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Not responsible for unsolicited material. Toastmasters International, The TOASTMASTER and the Toastmaster International Emblem are trademarks of Toastmasters International registered in the United States, Canada and many other countries. Marca registrada en Mexico. Printed in U.S.A. MICHAEL NOTARO, DTM International President WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE2 WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTSNovember 2011 Volume 77, No. 11DEPARTMENTS 2 VIEWPOINT: BY MICHAEL NOTARO, DTM WORDS ON FIRE International President 4 LETTERS 5 MY TURN: CHARACTER DEVELOPING Calm your nerves with stage strategies. BY KATHRIN LAKE, ACB 6 AROUND THE GLOBE 2226 LEADERSHIP : WANT TO BE A REMARKABLE LEADER? Five tips for adapting to change. BY KEVIN EIKENBERRY27 LOOKING AT LANGUAGE: TO ‘EH’ OR NOT TO ‘EH’ Clearing up confusion about Canadian English. BY JENNY BARANICK Q&A: NANCY BRINKER 14 2828 Race for the Cure founder raises FEATURES breast cancer awareness. FUNNY YOU SHOULD30 SAY THAT: SIGN LANGUAGE 8 WHAT A MATCH! Consider boosting your Toastmasters training How do you survive the drive? BY JOHN CADLEY with speech contests. BY MARGARET OPPENHEIMER, ACG, ALB31 THE TRAVELING TOASTMASTER DARE TO DELEGATE 14 When more people share the work, more people share the satisfaction of a job well done.ARTICLES BY JUDITH PEARSON, DTM, Ph.D. ON TOP — AT LAST12 Jock Elliott becomes the 2011 World Champion of 22 TED TALKS … AND THE WORLD LISTENS Where the power of the story meets the Public Speaking. power of the big idea. BY PAUL STERMAN BY CRAIG HARRISON, DTM18 DON’T HESITATE — EMULATE Model yourself after your favorite speaker. Since 1924, Toastmasters International has been recognized as the leading organization dedicated to communication and leadership skill development. Through its worldwide network of clubs, each week Toastmasters helps more than a quarter million men and women BY RYAN LEVESQUE of every ethnicity, education level and profession build their competence in communication so they can gain the confidence to lead others.21 BACK-POCKET SPEECHES Be prepared for last-minute By regularly giving speeches, gaining feedback, leading teams and guiding others to achieve their goals, leaders emerge. They learn to tell their stories. They listen and answer. They plan speaking opportunities. and lead. They give feedback — and accept it. They find their path to leadership. BY JUDY HUANG, CC Toastmasters International. Where Leaders Are Made. Cover photo TED/Asa Mathat TOASTMASTER NOVEMBER 2011 3
  4. 4. LETTERS TO THE TOASTMASTER Toastmasters, for providing the least “Thanks, Toastmasters, for expensive university in the world for developing leadership and communi- providing the least expensive cation skills! university in the world for Jim Armstrong, ACB, ALB New Effective Communication club developing leadership and Guadalajara, Mexico communication skills!” Passed Torch – Jim Armstrong, ACB Working full-time, studying for a doc- torate, managing three kids and at- tending Toastmasters leaves little timeIntergenerational Clubs want to speak more often and sign up for reading the Toastmaster Magazine,Maureen Zappala’s article “Intergen- for the timer role. but when the front touted “Guidingeration Collaboration” (July) could Toastmasters has, without a doubt, Your Tribe” (August), I was hooked!have been talking about my club. When enabled me to see that I’ve always As the first president of the newlyI joined Tralee Toastmasters at age 24, been a leader. I’m more conscious of chartered Central Valley Toastmasters, II was the youngest member. I clicked what I say and how I say it, and more know all too well the struggles of guid-with one of the senior members, Celine concerned about whether the mes- ing a tribe. Passing the torch to our newSlattery, ACS, who was assigned as sage comes across clearly. After eight president a few short weeks ago wasmy mentor. Four years later, I have months, I became the vice president difficult because I left many loose endsachieved my CC and have one goal left education, a role that allowed my lead- to my successor. In my new role as im-to earn my CL –– and Celine and I are ership skills to soar. The responsibilities mediate past president, I am determinedas close as ever. of scheduling members, tracking club to walk at his side, while allowing him She introduced me to district con- goals and hosting after-club events to to take the lead as the president should.ferences and is always willing to help. keep members engaged are challenging. Paul Sterman’s article helped meLikewise, I feel I have taught Celine a I have encouraged literally every gain focus on what I need to do: helpthing or two, such as conquering her person I know to join Toastmasters. my successor inspire and engage ourfear of the computer mouse. I get excited about attending our members, show them they are individ- Tralee Toastmasters now has mem- weekly meetings and am ready to ually valued, and listen to and addressbers of all ages, which certainly makes excel at higher officer positions. their needs. As members become a lit-Table Topics more interesting. I have Mia Appling, CC, CL tle tired or unmotivated as each of usrecently become a mentor myself and Gateway 2 Toastmasters do, we must “light a fuse” and mentorhope to pass on some of the advice Newark, New Jersey others, focusing on their strengths andand support Celine has given me. keeping things interesting, while mostThank you, Celine, and Tralee Toast- Practicing English importantly, being authentic. Thankmasters, for your encouragement, In April, the article “Climbing the you for “lighting a fuse” for me andadvice and friendship. Corporate Ladder” really struck a helping me regain my enthusiasm! chord. In Guadalajara, Mexico, weVicky McCarthy, CC Debbie ZamoraTralee Toastmasters only have eight English-speaking Central Valley ToastmastersMounthalk, Tralee, Ireland Toastmaster clubs, six of which are Sanger, California company clubs within companiesEager to Act conducting business globally. Digital Kudos!I joined Toastmasters in 2009 with Members in those clubs can only Big thanks for the digital magazine! Ithe simple goal of becoming a better advance in their careers by being lead- think it is much more beneficial, sincespeaker. My initial plan was to sit ers and communicators in English. we have access to the edition every-back, observe and give speeches only Skills learned in their clubs have where in the world. It is also betterwhen asked. Two months went by and certainly helped. Since January 2011, for the environment.I was eager to do more than simply we have had 13 members promoted Filip Dabovic, CC, CLsit back and observe. The enthusiasm or find better positions [as a result HP Toastmasters Barcelonafrom my fellow members made me of] their Toastmasters skills. Thanks, Barcelona, Spain4 WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE
  5. 5. MY TURNDEVELOPING CHARACTERAn actress draws on stage strategiesto overcome nervousness.By Kathrin Lake, ACB I began looking at my club’s bestA lthough I was primarily not having an off-stage area or “green a playwright in my theater speakers and noticed that I could room.” This is the space where per- days, I also spent two years study them the same way I study formers wait before they go onstageintensively training as an actor and characters and actors. One speaker and where they do their last-minutehave performed confidently on stage in particular caught my attention: preparation, such as vocal warm-ups,many times. So why in my first days Christine, whom I admired because breathing and visualization. But inof speaking as a Toastmaster did my she was not afraid to connect with public speaking, unless you are in aknees shake, my voice quiver and my the audience. Using bold eye contact, formal setting or at the professionalpalms drip cold sweat? she walked up to audience members level, you have no green room. I had stage fright! I don’t remem- and talked directly to them when she Instead, speakers should get tober it being nearly as intense in my accentuated a point. In theater, there club meetings early to prepare. Takeacting days. I had to ask, Why? And, is what actors call a “fourth wall”— some private time to focus — evenwhy now? an imaginary barrier at the front of if that means making a bathroom stall your mini-green room. I have “ I began looking at my club’s best speakers visualized my speech, practiced my breathing and even jumped up and and noticed that I could study them the same down for an energy boost in that way I study characters and actors.” little cubicle. I now see as blessings the many transitions that knocked me for a The first difference I noticed the stage that separates the actors loop when I moved from the theaterbetween acting and speaking was the from the audience. To break through to Toastmasters. I have successfullynakedness I felt when I spoke. In the my fourth wall in public speaking, to integrated my theater tips into speak-theater I was “clothed” by playing make bold eye contact and actively ing skills, and have the fulfilling op-a character that insulated and com- connect with my audience, I started portunity to help my fellow Toastmas-forted me, but in Toastmasters I was “playing” Christine. ters, some of whom have never beenexposed. My audience was not look- No one knew I was doing this, but in the audience of a live theatre, leting at a fictional character, they were they did notice that I got better at en- alone acted in one. Now when con-looking at me! gaging my audience. Soon I integrated fronted with stage fright or speaking After I became more comfortable “playing Christine” into my speaking fright, I say: Bring it on! Tin my club, I realized that every mem- style and did not have to do it con-ber was in the same boat, and that sciously. If I ever feel unnerved or am Kathrin Lake, ACB, is a memberI should relax and get comfortable not engaging an audience, I go back of Royal-T Toastmasters clubbeing myself. Later, I realized some- to that same technique. I also teach in Vancouver, British Columbia,thing that was perhaps even more this technique, with some adaptations, Canada, and a past District 21 areasurprising: I didn’t have to completely when coaching other speakers –– and governor. She is also the author ofabandon the comfort of role-playing it works like a charm for them, too. Writing with Cold Feet. Reach herthat I had in the theater. I could just My other big transition from act- at selectively. ing to speaking was getting used to TOASTMASTER NOVEMBER 2011 5
  6. 6. AROUND THE GLOBE INTERNATIONAL SNAPSHOT INTERPRETATIONS Local Toastmasters Rosa Ritch, Ushani Abeynayake, CL, and Pamella Blackwood, CTM, CL, enjoy the pristine waters of the Cayman Islands. HOW TO AIR KISS IN FRANCE In French social settings, men and women are expected to greet each other — as well as bid adieu — with air kisses, known as la bise. These kisses aren’t real, and they don’t imply romantic intentions. Men shake hands with other men (unless they know each other well WHAT DO YOU SAY WHEN... and then air kisses are often in YOU ARE ACCEPTING AN AWARD? order, as they typically are between Members from King Boreas Toastmasters club in Saint Paul, Minnesota, respond: two women). “I receive this award with great enthusiasm. From my heart and mind, I thank you To air kiss, gently touch your for this special honor and award.” – RENEE KVASNIK, ATMG cheek to your acquaintance’s, purse “Thank you, Toastmasters, for making everything a possibility. As Toastmasters, your lips and make a kissing sound. we support each other in every endeavor. I will always be grateful for every oppor- There isn’t a rule as to which cheek tunity afforded me in this organization.” – LAURIE BUCHBERGER, DTM should get the initial kiss, but people “I am extremely honored –– and, yes, relieved –– to receive this award. The long nights typically offer their right cheek first. dreaming of this day have all been worthwhile! Thank you!” – DANA WHEELOCK, CC Change sides and “kiss” the other cheek. Depending on the region, it “When accepting an award, I usually thank those who gave it to me and tell may be customary to kiss up to four what I hope to do in the future in accordance with the award. Then I sit down and hope the attention goes to someone else.” – WAYNE BENJAMIN HANSON, DTM times. An occasional nose bump is inevitable, but c’est la vie! Congratulations to the King Boreas club on its 70-year anniversary! BOTTOM LINE Recognizing Success Across the Map Free Resources Congratulations to every member Toastmasters Visit the Brand Portal who has worked tirelessly to achieve welcomes six for tools and information, a DTM award and to clubs celebrating new countries: including brand guidelines anniversaries of 20 years or more. Angola, Aruba, and templates, at Visit Mongolia, monthly to see who is being honored. Rwanda, Slovenia and Vietnam!6 WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE
  7. 7. LEADERSHIP TIP MEMBER MOMENT COMMUNICATING AS NEW ACCREDITED SPEAKER THE LEADER Conor Cunneen, DTM, earned the coveted Ac- Being a leader gives you authori- credited Speaker designation this past August ty and power, but it also requires tact and humility if you want to at the 2011 Toastmasters International Con- inspire others. “The most dan- vention. This was the third attempt for Cun- gerous leadership myth is that neen, an Irish keynote speaker and business leaders are born –– that there is humorist who joined Toastmasters eight years a genetic factor to leadership,” ago. A member of Platinum Toastmasters club says leadership expert Warren and Windy City Professional Speakers club, G. Bennis. “This myth asserts that both near Chicago, Illinois, Cunneen describes people simply either have cer- tain charismatic qualities or not. himself as “a hound for self-improvement.” That’s nonsense; in fact, the op- What is it about the Accredited Speaker posite is true. Leaders are made Conor Cunneen rather than born.” (AS) Program that attracted you? Anyone who wants to lead The challenge. The AS Program is probably the toughest speech audition others will quickly discover the anyone can go through in any organization. value of this wisdom. Remember these important tips for honing What is the difference between speaking in clubs and speaking in your leadership skills when com- the Accredited Speaker Program? municating with others: Disneyland versus Marine boot camp. One encourages you to grow through To be a credible leader, own flattery, one through a heavy dose of reality. your position of authority. Now that you are an Accredited Speaker, will you quit your day job? If you are nervous, don’t show it. Ha! I hope not. I’ve gone through this process to improve myself in my day job, where I speak to associations and corporations. And it has Speak eloquently and profes- [done that] — big time. sionally. Express gratitude for Do you have any advice for members who are interested in seeking good teamwork. the AS designation? How you speak to others matters. While Treat it as the best learning experience to become a better speaker. If you don’t you need to appear strong, you get it, remember that you are a better speaker than if you hadn’t tried at all. should show respect to earn it. Trust your group Learn more about Conor Cunneen at members and be willing to tell For information about the Accredited Speaker Program, visit them the whole story. for Convention Accredited Speaker Tune In Listen to thePresenters Toastmasters Anniversary The Toastmasters Podcast SeriesInternational seeks experienced Accredited Speaker Program with hosts Bo Bennett andand dynamic speakers for the 2012 began 30 years ago in November Ryan Levesque for tips, newInternational Convention in Orlando, 1981. Since then, only 63 people information and laughs. VisitFlorida. Apply after November 1 at have earned the Accredited Speaker designation. TOASTMASTER NOVEMBER 2011 7
  8. 8. Lisa Panarello of Staten Island, New York, accepts her trophy in the 2010 World Championship of Public Speaking semifinals.8 WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE
  9. 9. WHAT A MATCH!How to boost your Toastmasterstraining with speech contests.By Margaret A. Oppenheimer, ACG, ALB judges, guests and fellow competitors. receive permission from your club’sT he Entertaining Speaker manual was open on my desk, While it was a challenge, the experi- vice president education.) Competent but I felt as dreary and dull as ence also brought excitement and fun. Communication manual objectivesa rain-drenched afternoon. “I’m not At the end of the event, I checked off such as getting to the point or per-funny,” I wailed. I love delivering the project in my manual. Done! Then suading with power lend themselvesinformational speeches: researching I could admire the certificate I re- to a wide variety of subject mattermassive amounts of material, boiling ceived for placing first in the contest! that will win over audiences and judg-down the findings and offering genu- es. Even the judicious use of visualinely useful factual information. But Contests Complement aids (like some props) can lead to tri-how was I going to write a humorous Too often contests are seen as extra umph. So make your manual speechesspeech? I couldn’t think of a single work at Toastmasters: time-consum- do double duty: Compete in a contestcomical incident in my life that would ing distractions that divert a mem- and have a fellow member evaluatetake more than a minute to retell. ber’s focus from working through your speech for project credit at the The solution? I signed up for the the manuals and earning educational same time. You can even use an up-Fall 2010 Humorous Speech Con- awards. Actually, the contests and coming contest as motivation to com- plete your most intimidating manual “With a little ingenuity, virtually any project project, like I did with the humorous speech in the Competent Communication speech contest. In addition to those benefits, there’s an extra advantage: manual can be presented in a contest.” When you sign up for a contest, it is a guaranteed speaking opportunity intest to force myself to tackle Project manuals complement each other. You front of your club and then maybe anThree, “Make Them Laugh.” Even can use contests to add energy and audience of new friends from otherthough I didn’t have the slightest idea forward your momentum through clubs — take advantage of it.of what I was going to speak about, the communication manuals, and at For Vice President EducationI knew I would come up with some- the same time, use the manuals to im- Francine Burke of Mad Toasters clubthing. I wouldn’t let myself disappoint prove your contest performances. Try in New York City, the manual guide-the club officers or members who the following strategies to kick-start lines kindle ideas that she developshad signed up to compete. It didn’t your progress in both areas. into contest speeches. Francine earnedtake long to discover some surprising credit for Project Six in the Compe-benefits from my solution. Give manual speeches as tent Communication manual, “Vocal The speech contest’s immutable contest speeches. With a little Variety,” with a performance she gavedeadline approached rapidly, which, ingenuity, virtually any project speech in a humorous speech competition.thankfully, saved me from agonizing in the Competent Communication “For me, a humorous speech and vocalover my speech topic for too long. On manual can be presented in a contest. variety were a natural fit,” she says.the day of the club contest, I handed (Toastmasters are allowed to give up Although the advanced manualsmy manual to a fellow member, who to two speeches per manual outside of present more of a challenge, most ofthen filled out the evaluation form their club meetings; however, before them contain at least one project thatas I delivered my speech in front of giving such speeches, you must first could be used to prepare a contest TOASTMASTER NOVEMBER 2011 9
  10. 10. speech. For example, Project One movement to ramp up the fun in a money on writing and marketingof the Public Relations manual asks contest speech. Ask yourself if you the book, I was afraid of literallyus to present a five- to seven-minute incorporated each objective from the being “on the streets” as anspeech that will build goodwill for manual, and if you didn’t, figure out impoverished writer.Toastmasters International. Did what you need to change. With only a minute left in myToastmasters change your career or A few of the speech projects — presentation, I was afraid to wingyour personal life? Make that story Project One, for instance — offer it and touch on that serious fear asthe kernel of your goodwill presenta- subtler tips. I learned through a counterpart to the optimism. Thetion to meet the requirements of the experience that carefully reading the speech was worse for it, and I didn’tproject and perhaps win an inspira- instructions for “The Ice Breaker” place. Two lines from the Ice Breakertional speech contest. is very important when it comes to speech instructions could have participating in a speech contest. helped me recognize and correct theUse the Competent Here’s what happened: weakness before the competition.Communication manual to I gave a speech that described “Share significant personal experi-improve your contest speech. how I marketed my book about an ences. The more personal your talk,The more I revisit the Competent effective but little-known dietary the warmer the relationship will beCommunication manual, the more treatment for Crohn’s disease. I titled between you and the audience.” MyI realize how skillfully its 10 projects my speech “On the Streets” because speech would have been more inspi- rational if I had shared deep personal fears that would have added emo- “I learned through experience that carefully tional resonance to the story. All of reading the instructions for ‘The Ice Breaker’ is which demonstrates the importance of carefully reading the instructions very important when it comes to participating for the manual projects you are in a speech contest.” working on. Apply contest lessons to futureare designed. Together, the projects I promoted the book by wearing a speeches. You’ll find that burnishingcover the most important elements signboard and handing out fliers a speech for competition teaches les-of any speech, regardless of topic on street corners. I talked about the sons that will make your next manualor audience. Take advantage of all funny reactions my signboard and speeches even better. Not long afterthat information! It can help you put fliers had received, and the satisfac- competing in the Humorous Speechtogether a fantastic speech, especially tion of hearing from people I had Contest, I was preparing Project Fourif you review the information given in helped. At the end, I mentioned of the Speaking to Inform manual,all the manual projects. that writing the book was one of which involves preparing a fact-find- Doing that is simple. After you the things I wanted to see in my ing report — not the type of presenta-finish writing a contest speech, go obituary, and I asked a provocative tion you immediately think of as hilar-through the manual one project at question: “What do you want to see ious. But using my contest experience,a time. Read the full text of each in your obituary?” It worked, and I I decided to make the report not justproject to see if you have missed any advanced to the next level. factual, but funny. I titled my speechideas that you could incorporate. Then, in the midst of my speech “Did You Wash Your Hands?” In aSome projects have obvious rel- at the division contest, I suddenly speech that made my audience squirmevance, such as Project Five, “Your realized that my speech title had and then laugh, I talked about germsBody Speaks.” This reminds us to a secondary, deeper meaning I and the best ways to avoid catchingscrutinize our presentations for op- hadn’t thought about: Because I a cold. This provided me with oppor-portunities to add gestures and body had spent so much of my time and tunities for highly humorous gestures Read it online @ WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE
  11. 11. UNSUNG HEROES OF SPEECH COMPETITIONS By Michelle Tyleras I mimed germs greeting each other The backbone of Toastmasters speech contests are memberson my hands. Clearly, the audience’s who stand behind the scenes, patiently watching to make surelaughter that day didn’t just material- everything runs smoothly. They see how the competitions workize. It came from my work in prior and get to know the roles and rules from the inside out. Whenmanual projects and contests that these members subsequently enter contests, they have anhelped me develop this new speech. edge over other competitors because they are acutely awareI still have a long way to go before of what is being judged.reaching the district level in speech Cindy Hinckley, DTM, has acted as chief judge and judgecompetitions. However, by learning in speech contests, but she also has served in less prestigioussimultaneously from manuals and roles such as ballot counter and timer. A member of fivecontests, I am sure to have a greattime competing as I progress through Toastmasters clubs around Watauga, Texas, she says she has enjoyed every contest role, because each has its benefits. As timer, “You always have a great view of everything, [and you] “Share significant play a very important role since time is one of the criteria for personal experiences. disqualification,” she says. Being ballot counter is fun, adds The more personal Hinckley, because you get “to know the outcome before it is announced at the contest!” your talk, the warmer Judi Hopper from Acton, Ontario, Canada, acted as the test the relationship will speaker in an Evaluation Speech Contest. She presented a be between you and speech without the chance for an award in order for contes- the audience.” tants to present their oral evaluations. Hopper said the role of test speaker had “never really occurred to me … but it was a lovely experience in every way.” Being a test speaker is aeach manual toward my next educa- great way to practice presentation skills outside of Toastmasterstional award in the communication meetings — and, at the same time, receive credit towardtrack. I am going to use the 2012International Speech Contest as Toastmasters educational awards.motivation to complete Project Two, Whatever your role may be in a speech competition, it is“Uplift the Spirit,” from the Specialty rewarding to pitch in. “There is a satisfaction in taking timeSpeeches manual. outside of my normal club meeting to help the district conduct I don’t know what I am going to fair and fun contests for the growth of everyone involved,”talk about, but it doesn’t matter. Ihave signed up to compete, so I am says Steven Timmons of the Afterburners Toastmasters club incommitted. Now — to finish writing Fortworth, Texas. And, Hinckley adds, “The contest’s successthat speech! T can be directly attributed to each and everyone who par- ticipated, whether by volunteering to help, competing or just being part of the audience.”Margaret A. Oppenheimer, ACG,ALB, is a member of Advanced So even if you are an unsung hero of a Toastmasters speechExpressions club in New York City. competition, you are invaluable to the contest process. AndA writer and editor, her most recent can learn and enjoy a thing or two along the is Beat Crohn’s! Getting toRemission with Enteral Nutrition. Michelle Tyler is the editorial assistant of the Toastmaster magazine.Reach her at margaretoppenheimer Reach her at TOASTMASTER NOVEMBER 2011 11
  12. 12. ON TOP — AT LASTAfter years of trying, Australian Jock Elliott becomesToastmasters’ World Champion of Public Speaking.By Paul StermanW aking up in his Las Vegas, awaited Toastmasters title. “Thank you and romantic partners. In his case, Nevada, hotel room on for more than a lifetime of challenge, the latter referred to his wife, Robyn the morning of August 20, opportunity and friendship,” he said in (also a Toastmaster). Laced withJock Elliott was ready to face eight accepting the first-place award in front insights and wit, his presentation,highly qualified competitors in the of a capacity audience of nearly 2,000 “Just So Lucky,” emphasized the vitallast round of the Toastmasters World people from 50 countries. nature of the “ties that bind,” notingChampionship of Public Speaking. Reflecting on his triumph a few days how much we need the people we areThis was familiar ground for Elliott later, Elliott said he has been touched closest to.— his sixth time in the championship by the flood of congratulatory mes- Elliott said he and his siblingsfinals, the most ever for a Toastmaster. sages and emails he has received from have had their differences over the What kept him plugging away after fellow members all over the world. years — like most brothers and sis-falling short so many times? “It’s been very warming,” he says in ters — but that hadn’t dimmed their “I’ve always seen [the champion- an email interview. “There are many love for each other. “Blood is thickership] as achievable and within my [members] I’ve known [personally] for than water,” said the Australian, add-reach, even if it has too often eluded years, and many more, I think, who ing playfully, “And nobody is thickermy grasp,” says Elliott, a member for have known my work, either from be- than my brother.”36 years. “I keep going because I won’t ing at the Convention the various times Elliott stressed that we must workbe beaten.” I’ve competed or from watching the on relationships, put time and effort And he wasn’t. At this year’s In- tapes [of my contest speeches].” into making them better: “If we trea-ternational Convention, the resident This year, Elliott won over the sure these ties, nurture these ties, thenof Bongaree, Queensland, Australia, judges with a speech that reflected we’ll have all the luck we’ll ever needdefeated all others and won his long- on relationships with family, friends — and we won’t need Facebook.”12 WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE
  13. 13. CONVENTION WRAP-UP Four days in Las Vegas are festive and forward-looking. By Paul Sterman Toastmasters International celebrated its new look, ignation that can be achieved in Toastmasters. It repre- and lineup of leaders, at the 80th annual International sents the mastery of professional speaking techniques. Convention. The August event ushered in a new Michael Notaro, DTM, of Alameda, California, took chapter in the organization’s 87-year history. the helm as the new International President at the Nearly 2,000 people attended the Convention –– the Convention. An attorney and a member of three clubs, most in 20 years. At the Opening Ceremonies, held Notaro joined Toastmasters 26 years ago. At that time, August 17, Toastmasters officially unveiled its updated he notes, “I just wanted to get through my next speech. brand with a comprehensive visual system that will make However, with the completion of each leadership role, the organization’s identity more clear and consistent. I felt my confidence building. I seized the opportunity Also at Opening Ceremonies, keynote speaker Dave and invested in Toastmasters International as my life- Logan gave a captivating presentation about how long professional development program.” organizations can improve their corporate culture. All John Lau, DTM, of Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, attendees received a copy of the best-selling book was selected as the International President-elect. Tribal Leadership, which Logan co-authored. Rounding out the 2011-2012 Executive Committee The four-day program at Bally’s Las Vegas hotel is First Vice President George Yen, DTM, of Taipei, included 12 communication and leadership skill-building Taiwan, and Second Vice President Mohammed sessions. In addition, Robin Sharma gave an inspirational Murad, DTM, of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. speech when honored on August 19 as Toastmasters Seven new members of Toastmasters International’s International’s 2011 Golden Gavel recipient. Board of Directors were also chosen. (For com- Conor Cunneen, DTM, of Naperville, Illinois, earned plete election results, visit the title of Accredited Speaker, the highest speaking des- AnnualBusinessMeeting). Visit to view 2011 Convention videos and FanPage for Convention photographs.A Long Journey humorously and movingly on his Now that Elliott has won the ulti-The 2011 World Championship relationship with his grandfather mate speaking title, what comes next?started with 30,000 participants from Roscoe. The elderly man’s wise words “I have become so used to being116 countries. The finalists came encouraged the speaker to persevere the bridesmaid at these [champion-from places ranging from Hollywood, and achieve his goals. ship] events that I had not given muchCalifornia, to Berlin, Germany, to Ro- The 2011 Taped Speech Winners thought to the future beyond thetorua, New Zealand. The second- and (a category for members of undistricted obvious ‘This won’t look too bad onthird-place winners in the 2011 contest clubs) were also announced at the Con- my CV,’ etc. I imagine some travel willwere Kwong Yue Yang of Guangzhou, vention. The winners are: first place, happen; I’ve already received a numberGuangdong, China, with the speech Rozmina Rana; second place, Okoth of invitations and I will certainly take“Fortune Cookie,” and Scott Pritchard Okombo; third place, Sonali S. Shah. advantage of some of them.of Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., with his All three are from Nairobi, Kenya. “It’s been a great journey, but it’sspeech “Roscoe’s Words.” Elliott loves competing in all speech not over yet.  Who knows what tomor- Yang is an Australian who moved contests. He has participated in nearly row will bring?” Tto China. With “Fortune Cookie,” he 380 Toastmasters competitions sincecharmingly chronicled his journey becoming a member. In order to grow Watch the top three speeches fromto self-confidence, revealing how as a speaker, says Elliott, “it is neces- the 2011 Toastmasters Worldhe learned to trust himself, rather sary to push the envelope.” “For me, Championship of Public Speakingthan others, when making impor- that has meant competition and also at decisions in life. With his speech professional after-dinner speaking,“Roscoe’s Words,” Pritchard reflected emcee work and training,” he adds. Paul Sterman is an associate editor at the Toastmaster magazine. Reach Watch it online @ him at TOASTMASTER NOVEMBER 2011 13
  15. 15. DARE TO DELEGATEWhen more people share the work, morepeople share the satisfaction of a job well done.By Judith E. Pearson, DTM, Ph.D. leaders cannot hire or fire, they Years ago I had the privilege toI f you want to be a leader, Toastmasters International is a must instead guide and inspire. work as an area governor under Past top-notch proving ground. You International Director Evelyn-Janecan chair committees, organize Choose the right people “E.J.” Burgay. She once said to me,conferences and contests, and hold and motivate them. “You have to know what makesoffices –– valuable experiences Once you’ve estimated how many people tick.” E.J. was an expert atthat will advance your career and people you will need, it’s time to delegating and motivating others.skyrocket your self-confidence. You delegate tasks. When looking for She knew that learning is high on mymay be thinking: Sure, I’d like to people, remember: Motivation and list of values. When she phoned mepursue leadership opportunities, dependability are more important to participate in a project, she alwaysbut it seems like too much work. than skill. said, “Judy, I have a great learningThink again! As a leader, you must The way you present the task to experience for you!” When I knewdare to delegate. others can bolster their willingness the project would match my value system, I inevitably said “yes.” “Since Toastmasters leaders cannot hire or Match the person to the task. You compliment others when you fire, they must instead guide and inspire.” ask them to participate in a task that matches or expands their skills. People enjoy demonstrating their Delegating gives a leader many to participate and follow through. expertise –– especially for a worthyadvantages. Besides reducing your Infuse your team with enthusiasm or important goal. To match thework and saving time, it teaches you for the work ahead, and emphasize person to the task, I repeat: You mustto communicate persuasively, super- the importance of the project in a get to know people.vise and train others, and expand positive manner. Some folks like working withyour sphere of influence. Those who Volunteers are most responsive technical details while others liketake part can benefit as well, enjoy- and enthusiastic when their assign- working creatively. Some excel in theing the gratification of service to a ments tie in with their needs. You limelight; others are more comfortablecause, self-improvement through can appeal to a person’s need for a behind the scenes. Some people arehands-on training and personal sense of belonging by saying, “We good with numbers; others prefergrowth through problem-solving, want you on our team.” To appeal to working with words. If you arelearning and mastery. The work self-esteem, say, “Your unique skills organizing a team or committee, makebecomes easier and often more fun. and talents will make this conference certain the members of the group haveIn addition, more people share the a success.” To appeal to achievement a good mix of talents and strengths.satisfaction of a job well done. and mastery, say “I’m going to helpDelegation is especially important you step out of your comfort zone, Define project tasks andto an organization like Toastmas- stretch your abilities and succeed at communicate them clearly.ters International where volunteers something you never thought you Clearly communicate to each teamperform most of the work. Since our could do.” member the purpose of the project, TOASTMASTER NOVEMBER 2011 15
  16. 16. SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION By Judith Pearson, DTM, Ph.D. When you check on progress, ask open-ended questions such as, As the project leader, you can show your appreciation to your “What are you working on now, team members in many ways. and what have you accomplished Put their names or photos in your Toastmasters newsletter since we last talked?” Provide sincere praise and positive reinforcement or website and offer to send copies to their employers. for all efforts. Almost everyone Hold an awards ceremony and recognize project enjoys hearing, “Well done, I knew participants with certificates, words of appreciation we could count on you.” or “Wow! and applause. That’s great progress!” or “I admire and appreciate your work.” Send thank-you cards or tokens of gratitude. If the work seems behind Hold a party for all participants and celebrate the schedule, or the finished products are flawed, maintain a helpful, completion of the project. open attitude. Explore with team Discount their registration fee for the next district or members how improvements could division event. “At project Honor your participants by giving them sought-after completion, many roles in additional events such as contests, conferences and training programs. Toastmasters will Write a letter of appreciation for enclosure in their feel satisfaction personnel file at their workplace. in knowing that When people have a satisfying volunteer experience, they they served a are more likely to offer their services the next time you ask. worthy cause.” be made. Ask what additional help or resources they may need.or her responsibilities and the sched- Track progress, give feedback If the project is not going well,ule. Specify and quantify what you ex- and help people solve problems. consider other approaches. Youpect for the final outcome and rewrite Check in with your workers may need more volunteers or acomplicated instructions in the simpler periodically and ask about their restructuring of work assignments.form of an outline or diagram. progress. Are they completing If you find that a particular person Provide access, or tell your team project milestones on time? is poorly suited to a task, you couldhow to obtain any relevant reference Do they have the resources they assign a mentor to work with him,materials, such as training manuals, need? Have unforeseen obstacles or you could ask him to take onmeeting minutes and workbooks. emerged? Do they still understand another task instead.Ask questions to ensure they un- the task? Throughout the project, If a member must resign asderstand their tasks, like “Do you your leadership responsibility a result of illness or conflictingunderstand the instructions?” and is to monitor the work, provide priorities and responsibilities,“Do you have a good concept of the guidance and give feedback. Giving empathize with any problems, thankend product?” Then give every mem- feedback is similar to giving a speech her for the work done so far andber your phone number(s) and make evaluation. Be positive and helpful. allow her to bow out gracefully.yourself available throughout the life Use phrases such as this one: “I Remember, Toastmasters is aof the project to answer questions like the way you have done this volunteer organization. A memberand provide additional guidance part of the task. Here are some who is not available for today’sand clarification. additional approaches.” project may be available for future projects –– provided you have Read it online @ maintained a positive relationship.16 WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE
  17. 17. Allow for creativity and would. In fact, if you have selected in the process. Nevertheless, recogni-variations in work style. skilled, creative and motivated people, tion and rewards are a meaningfulKeep your focus on the final result they probably will do the task better part of the volunteer’s experience.and final product(s), not on the than you would have, and you will be Share the credit and let people knowdetails of how the job gets done. pleasantly surprised with the results of their work is valuable.People accomplish their work in their endeavors! By delegating work, you will de- velop your own skills too, particularly in listening, planning, decision-making “Recognition and rewards are a meaningful and problem-solving. So organize a part of the experience. Share the credit and campaign to be elected division gover- nor. Raise your hand when your club let people know their work is valuable.” or district needs a chairperson. Let the executive committee know you wantvarious ways, according to individual At project completion, provide to coordinate the conference. You canpreferences. When people are allowed thanks, recognition and rewards. do it, because you dare to delegate! Tto work in their preferred ways, they At project completion, many Toast- Judith E. Pearson, DTM, Ph.D.,feel ownership for the work. masters will feel an inner satisfaction is a licensed psychotherapist and While some people like to work in knowing that they served a worthy trainer. She is a member of thepiecemeal, others like to complete cause. Others will be glad they helped Galloping Governors Toastmasterstasks through continual effort. The out because they learned valuable club in Fairfax, Virginia. Contactpeople on your team may not perform self-improvement and professional her through her website atthe task exactly the same way you skills and, we hope, had a good time TOASTMASTER NOVEMBER 2011 17
  18. 18. DON’T HESITATE — EMULATE Modeling yourself after a favorite speaker is a great way to learn. By Ryan Levesque D“ on’t be an original.” a point, leading the audience to someone for trying to copy Martha Unusual-sounding advice, laughter and motivating others to Stewart when decorating a cake? isn’t it? How often have you action. Let’s focus on who we want Or fault a tennis player for trying to been encouraged to be original, to be. Let’s be copycats. emulate Roger Federer? If we want unique and, of course, yourself? Somewhere a reader is shaking to improve our public speaking, why But what if you are new to public her head bitterly as she reads this, not emulate the skills, techniques and speaking? What if being yourself protesting, “No one should try to styles of terrific speakers? means overflowing with nerves, fear imitate another speaker! You need As a new Toastmaster, I remember watching my mentor, Tom Andresen, “We learn to do almost anything new — conduct our club meeting. As Toast- master, Tom came across as polished, swinging a baseball bat, baking a cake smooth and genuine. When transition- or delivering a speech — by watching, ing between speakers and meeting observing and imitating.” roles, Tom offered sincere and encour- aging words, shared how speeches touched him and made witty com- and ineffectiveness? What if it to find your own speaking style!” ments, eliciting laughter and smiles. means clutching your notes or But anyone following that advice I learned that Tom didn’t shaking at the lectern? Many of would miss the point of imitating spontaneously think of these segues us joined Toastmasters precisely an expert. We learn to do almost when he arrived at the lectern. He because we wanted to be someone anything new — swinging a baseball actively listened to find a way to else: a person who can stand bat, baking a cake or delivering a make a connection, and he prepared comfortably while addressing a speech — by watching, observing his transitions before he approached group, powerfully driving home and imitating. Who would criticize the lectern. 18 WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE
  19. 19. When Tom invited me to serve I thought about how I would use How loudly or softly would youras Toastmaster for the first time, I my voice and body movements favorite speaker speak? At whatdecided to just do what he did, as more purposefully, with passion and points would her voice build to abest as I could. No one ever called conviction. The next day I won the crescendo, and when would sheme out for trying to act like Tom. In club contest. It was clear that I had lower it to a whisper, inviting thefact, over time, fellow club members stepped up my game — overnight! audience to lean forward to catchcomplimented me on my own smooth every word? Imagine her pace —transitions. Although Tom retired Learning the Copycat Method how quickly or slowly would sheseveral years ago, his masterful Think of your favorite presenter. speak? Are there any times whenmannerisms continue to mentor me. Perhaps it’s someone you’ve she would speed up with excitement? watched on television, in your Or slow down to a crawl to empha-Drawing Inspiration workplace or at your club. What size a point?from a World Champ is it about his or her delivery that Words. What words would yourIt was the day before the club captures your attention? Take favorite presenter use? How does hespeech contest. I had worked hard your next prepared speech and paint vivid word pictures? Does sheon my speech in the preceding imagine your favorite presenter avoid using phrases that can siphonweeks. I was looking forward to at your club meeting giving your power — such as kind of, sort of and maybe? What words or phrases does he repeat to drive home the message? “Even when we imitate other speakers, After mentally reviewing your we never entirely stop being ourselves.” entire speech, review the notes you made. Put a star next to at least one quality in each category — physical presence, voice and words — thatgetting home from work, rehearsing speech. How would that person moved or impressed speech once more and getting a deliver your content?good night’s rest. And then I received Focus on three areas: physical Visualization. Close your eyes andan email. Darren LaCroix, the presence, voice and words — and watch the presentation unfold inToastmasters 2001 World Champion jot down notes on how your speech your mind like a movie, focusingof Public Speaking, was speaking might be improved. especially on how your favoritethat evening at a local library. I speaker would use those three Physical Presence. Picture the starred qualities. Now watch thedecided to attend. emcee introducing your favorite film again — only this time you Darren showed the video of his speaker. How quickly does she travel are the star.contest-winning speech. He dissected to the front of the room? As shethe speech, showing video clips from Practice. Practice the speech begins, what gestures does she use,earlier versions, demonstrating the exactly as you want to deliver it and how natural and fluid do theyevolution of the speech. Watching at your meeting. Unleash the full appear? What range of motion doessuch an accomplished speaker — on force of your enthusiasm and energy. she employ with her arms, hands,video and in person — inspired me. If you make a mistake, push through legs and feet? How much of the stage Driving home, I re-played my and keep going, resisting the urge to does she use? Does she move delib-speech in my mind as I had done start over or to pause and collect your erately? How long does she hold eyeso many times, except this time, I thoughts. As much as possible, you contact with one individual beforeimagined Darren presenting it. When want to simulate the experience of shifting her gaze?I arrived home, I slashed unnecessary delivering the speech to an audience.words and details from my notes. I Voice. Now consider what youreplaced drab images with more lively, would hear as your favorite speakercolorful ones. And most importantly, continues with your presentation. Stand and Deliver Psychology teaches us that we can adjust our attitudes by adjusting Read it online @ our physical actions. In his classic TOASTMASTER NOVEMBER 2011 19
  20. 20. book The Magic of Thinking Big, What candor! Todd told a large we elevate our own performance.Dr. David J. Schwartz writes, audience of fellow Toastmasters that And in truth, even when we imitate“Confident action produces confident he had watched and admired world- other speakers, we never entirelythinking. So, to think confidently, famous speaker Tony Robbins for stop being ourselves. Our uniqueact confidently. Act the way you years, and decided to emulate him. personalities emerge, and over time,want to feel.” Before you are in- I didn’t hear one Convention blend with the styles of the speakerstroduced to speak, think of your attendee complain that Todd Newton we work to emulate.favorite presenter’s confidence, and is a Tony Robbins knockoff. The Be a better speaker. Be a copycat. Tpretend you are that person — reason: He’s not! Todd comes acrossexcited to share your message with as natural, spontaneous, inspiring For more information about Todda delighted audience. Act the way and funny. Those qualities could Newton, see the July 2010 issue ofyou want to feel. certainly describe Tony Robbins, the Toastmaster magazine. but Robbins doesn’t have anTodd Newton’s Example exclusive claim to any of them. Ryan Levesque is a host of theAt the opening ceremonies of the When Todd began speaking, he Toastmasters Podcast (www.2010 International Convention, 1,500 used his own inspiring stories and and aToastmasters sat in the hotel ballroom examples, but he modeled himself member of Renaissance Advancedin Palm Desert, California, listening to after Tony Robbins. Those skills and Toastmasters in Westborough,keynote speaker Todd Newton. Todd mannerisms have now become part Massachusetts. He is president ofmade a confession: “I’m glad Tony of his own style., an eBook conver-Robbins isn’t here tonight, because When we try to emulate another sion company. Reach him at ryan@you’d be looking at me like I was a speaker in style or technique,, cutout carbon copy of him.” especially a spectacular speaker,20 WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE
  21. 21. BACK-POCKET SPEECHESYou can prepare for a last-minute opportunity.By Judy Huang, CCWe have an opening for a speaker at know what to talk about, work on heart in your throat, you are ready fortomorrow’s Toastmasters meeting. Is fine-tuning the speech. the last speech tip.anyone interested in giving a speech? repare. Preparation can help elax. I know you hear this all P or hinder your delivery. While R the time: Just relax, have fun andW e have all seen a similar email in our inbox. Did you too much preparation can lead to you will do fine. There is real science find the opportunity tempt- a speech that will overwhelm the behind this statement. There is a pri-ing … but also terrifying? Maybe you audience, too little preparation can mal part that activates a fight-or-flightwanted to take the speaking spot but leave a speaker overwhelmed. As with tendency. When we are stressed out,you worried about doing a poor job everything in life, the key to speech that tendency kicks into overdrive;and looking bad in front of your fellow preparation is moderation. There as Toastmaster Bernard Arias of SanToastmasters. Did the fear immobi- are two parts to this tip: writing Francisco, California, puts it, “It islize you to such an extent that all you and practicing. like a door opens and all the wordscould do was click the “delete” button As for drafting your talking points, just fly out of our brain.”with your trembling finger? you want to craft your speech so there The rational part of your brain must engage your knowledge as best it can when you are in this overdrive “As with everything in life, the key to state. Therefore, try to remain as calm speech preparation is moderation.” as possible so the rational part of your brain can kick into action and enable your presentation to go as planned. If Don’t worry! Super speech help is is a clear beginning, middle and end. you are able to relax, you may even,here. Use the following SuPeR tips to Also, make sure these sections are in- dare I say, enjoy being in the moment.deliver a speech in any situation with terlaced by a cohesive message or story. To take on that unexpected speak-little or no prior notice –– a “back- When rehearsing your speech, ing opportunity, you just need topocket” speech –– and free yourself practice it just enough so there will remember S.P.R. –– pick Subjects youfrom panic. be some spontaneity in your final love, Prepare moderately and Relax delivery. Although everyone has a dif- to enjoy your success. The next time ubject matter expertise. Some ferent answer for the magic number you receive an email announcing aS topics are near and dear to yourheart. In fact, you know these subjects of practice hours it takes to deliver a perfect speech, I believe you should speaker opening, use your finger to click “reply”— and seize that goldenso well that others see you as an ex- practice until you can pick your- opportunity. Tpert. Pick one of these for your back- self up after stumbling during yourpocket speech. You will be confident speech; yet do not practice so much Judy Huang, CC,is the president ofgiving such a speech and can express that you can recite every single word Oakland Uptown Toastmasters inyourself passionately as a result of in your speech verbatim. Now, with Oakland, California. Contact her at strong conviction. Now that you your speech in your hands and your TOASTMASTER NOVEMBER 2011 21
  22. 22. Renny Gleeson at TED2009, Session 4: “See,” Feb. 5, 2009, Long Beach, California. Bono helps host the TEDGlobal2009 preview in London, England, TEDx Curator Jessica Mah Nov. 19, 2009. Photo courtesy of Anjelika Deogirikar Photo by Bruno Vincent / Bruno Vincent for TED22 WHERE LEADERS ARE MADE