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Speech preparation workshop by risman


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Toastmaster International District 20 Div.E Area 68 Speech Preparation Workshop on Friday, 21 Oct 2011 at 04:15 - 07:15 pm @ Pearl Hall DPS-MIS Doha.

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Speech preparation workshop by risman

  1. 1. 2011Speech Preparation Workshop TM. RISMAN HATIBI Dukhan Toastmaster Club Date : 10/21/2011 Time : 04:15 – 07:15 pm Location : Pearl Hall @ DPS – MIS Doha – Qatar.
  2. 2. SPEECH PREPARATION WORKSHOP 21 OCTOBER 2011 PLANAssembling TM ArunanWorkshop Plan / Review of objectives /judging norms TM SowrirajanSession 1Speech Type, theme, outline and bullet points DTM RajeshwarPracticalSession 2Developing the points, quotes. Jokes, stories, word power TM JayakumarPracticalBreakSession 3Tweaking, grammar, timing TM NatarajanPracticalSession 4Title, opening, closing TM SowrirajanPracticalSession 5Body and voice DTM Ajit LimayePracticalDivision Governor’s addressThanks TM Muthurangan
  3. 3. Session- 1 : Speech Type, theme, outline and bullet pointsWhy to learn public speaking ? Accolades Personal Learning and growth Confidence Chance to say something meaningfulGeneral purpose of speech : Informing speech Inspire speech How to persuade and influence people Motivation Specific purpose Clarity  Head : make audience think about  Humour : make audience laugh or at least smile  Heart : touch feeling  Heavy : significantHow to prepare Theme ? Write down 2or 3 messages Select an issue Brainstorm Choose the topic title with the notes
  4. 4. Session- 2 : Developing the points, quotes. Jokes, stories, word powerDeveloping Speech : 3 or 4 main ideas Supporting material for ideas Humour stories Focus on the subject Prepare opening / closing interseting purpose, prop, address, audience in conclusion summarize Realise what your claim :  Anything new  Believable and or persuasive  Connectivy with the audience Examples : simple, contemporary, short Evidence / Fun :  Research figures or data  Believable  Easy to grasp use quotes, jokes, personal stories
  5. 5. Session- 3 : Tweaking, Grammar and TimingStart with the speech draftReview criticallyCut long sentences 8 – 12 wordsUse simple wordsIt is then easy to understandRemove the sylable or jargonConvert passive voice into active voice where ever possibleCorrect grammatical error700 – 800 words
  6. 6. Session- 4 : Title, Opening and ClosingTitle Create interest Title used power full in speechOpening Attract attention Indicate your message Physical action Asking question Use an anecdote, a quote or a fact Use of prop Involve the audience Calling for actionPerfect delivery Grammar Pronouncition Gestures Voice pauseClosing Speech Begin by addressing Restate main idea, example : my object today was ………………………., Have I conveyed the messages ? Know your conclussion well
  7. 7. Session- 5 : Gestures and Voval VarietyGestures : Do not inhibit your natural gestures unless they cause distraction Convey confidence Align gestures with key points of your speech, mimic action and convey emotion Avoid over repeatition by substituting alternate gestures and make full use of facial gestures opportunities Appropriate posture and movement to match speech contest : time line, updown, location Avoid distracting gestures : pacing, adjusting glasses Avoid unnecessary hand gestures Smile, unless you’re conveying a somber message Maintain eye contact Match the size of your gestures to the size of the room Move to indicate transition Watch your self on video if possibleVocal Variety :  4 p’s : Pace, Peitch, Power and Pauses Pace : slow delivery of key statement or accelator to increase tension Pitch : be natural but vary pitch to add variety and emotion to dialogues Power : align with emotion. Do not over do. Pauses : after key points  Scan your speech highlight places  Align Vocal : add punch to your speech with : vocal variety, gestures and combination of both.
  8. 8. Just for share my notes as participant speech preparation workshop. Thanks for all presenters and mentors.Regards,TM. Risman HatibiMember of Dukhan Toastmaster Club and Qatar Soeciety Petroleum Engineers.