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Judging workshop 23 12-11-@risman


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Judging Workshop Toastmaster Doha Area 18 Div.E District 20 on Friday 23-12-2011. More details

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Judging workshop 23 12-11-@risman

  1. 1. Alex Ginete, DTMLieutenant Governor Education andTrainingAlex is a native of the Philippines. He hasbeen a Kingdom of Bahrain Residence for21 years. He is a Civil Engineer and an ITProfessional and works as an IT BusinessAnalyst at the Bahrain PetroleumCompany. He is married, has twodaughters and a son. He was the foundingPresident of the Filipino ClubToastmasters…where he remains as theonly active charter district leader to thisdate. Besides various district officerpositions held, he has served as DistrictTreasurer, Area Governor, DivisionGovernor and Lt. Governor Marketing. Hismarching order: "LETs DO TODAYsWORK”