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Communique issue2


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Dukhan Toastmasters—Newsletter, October 2010
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Communique issue2

  1. 1. Communiqué Dukhan Toastmasters—Newsletter Issue 2 – October 2010 Ex-Com Installation e ReleasIce Breakers un iqué m Co m DTM Club Moto “Believe in Quality Changes” Theme of the year: “Committed to Community”
  2. 2. Page 2 Communiqué Issue 2, 2010 Oct Communiqué Newsletter of Dukhan Toastmasters Issue-2 2010 OctDukhan Toastmasters Editor’s DeskClub No– 1054864Area– 28Division– E “Step with faith”District– 79 It was just three months ago that we launched the very first is- sue of Communiqué . Let me thank those who came up with ap- Inside this issue preciations, suggestions and creative criticism. There aren’tEditor’s Desk 2 words to describe how inspired and grateful I am for your in-Presidential 3 volvement, passion and commitment.Officers Induction 4 As Toastmasters, we all have the ability to inspire others through our words and through our actions. We are encouragedCommuniqué Release 5 to “step outside our comfort zone”, “think outside the box,” andEdu– Talk 6 accept challenges as opportunities. Toastmasters help us develop‘Toastmatics’ 6 as leaders through a continuous process of education, training,Toastmaster’s Taste buds 7 and experience. The opportunity to work with Communiqué isTackling Table Topics 8 one among them for me. I truly thank the ex-com and members of DTM for bestowing their faith on me. And my faith on myNews– DTM 9-12 team and fellow toast masters is leading me ahead.Ice Breakers 13 We have packed a handful of goodies in this issue for you, whichSpeechcraft 2010 14 include an educational article ‘Tackling Table Topics’, an inspi-Photo Toast 15 rational treat titled ‘Toastmaster’s Taste Buds’, a new column titled ‘Toastmatics’ and the fulfillment story of ice breakers etc. Editorial Team: Much has happened in past three months in DTM. New ex-comChief Editor: installation, Communiqué release, regular meetings etc. AndTM Muhammed Ismayil, preparations are in final stage for much awaited community CC, CL. event of DTM- Speachcraft 2010. Next issue of CommuniquéConsulting Editor: will be coming to you with the news of DTM’s platinum jubileeTM Sameer Hassan Moosa, meeting !!! ACS, ALB.Editors: Let us remember the words of legendary leader Martin Luther King,TM Anil Malik, CC. ‘Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t know the whole stair-TM Arul Bernandaz. case’.Address: Wishing you a good reading,# 14755 TM Muhammed Ismayil,CC,CLPB No– 100001Dukhan, Chief Editor, CommuniquéQatar. VP (PR),
  3. 3. Page 3 Communiqué Issue 2, 2010 Oct Dukhan Toastmasters Ex Com 2010-11 TM Wilfred Gonsalves, ACB, CL President Presidential TM Sameer Hassan “Congratulations” Moosa, ACS, ALB Past President Let me take this opportunity to congratulate the TM Nasimudheen A editor in chief TM. Ismayil and the whole edito- Hameed, CC, CL Vice President– rial team for the great improvement of this news Education letter. It is like a mirror to our Dukhan Toast- masters Club. I am elated to express that the TM Mohammed whole club in particular scaling new heights Salauddin Vice President– year after year. President’s Distinguished Club Membership for two consecutive years and it is going for the third time this year also. On October 1st on- wards it is conducting its 4th Speech craft pro- TM Muhammed Ismayil,CC, CL gram. In all, it is committed to the community, Vice President– PR that gives me a great pleasure. I wish the Editor in chief and his team a great TM Luis Peres Secretary success. MTM Kalavathy Sachi, CC Treasurer TM Wilfred Gonsalves, ACB, CL TM Hameed President, DTM Pareeduddin Sgt-@-Arms
  4. 4. Page 4 Communiqué Issue 2, 2010 Oct Club Officers Induction and News letter Release Toastmasters International Division E Governor MTM Subha Anupindi in- stalled 2010-11 officers of Dukhan Toastmasters Club in a grand ceremony at Dukhan Golf Club. The inducted officers are TM Wilfred Gonsalves- President, TM Nasimudheen A Hameed- Vice President (Education), TM Muhammed Salauddin- Vice President (Membership), TM Muhammed Ismayil- Vice President (Public Rela- tions), TM Luis Peres (Secretary), MTM Kalavathy Sachi (Treasurer) and TM Hameed Pareeduddin (Sgt-@-Arms). TM Sameer Hassan Moosa continued to be the Immediate Past President. President TM Wilfred announced the clubs theme of the year as “Committed to Community” during his acceptance speech. The grand ceremony was an encouraging opportunity for Dukhan audience to witness the international winning speech of DTM founder president TM Koka Prasad. DTM presented a memento to TM Koka in recognition of his wise leadership and contributions to DTM. Dukhan Toastmasters official news letter “Communiqué” released in the grand ceremony. The first copy of “Communiqué” was handed over to TM Koka Prasad by Division E governor.
  5. 5. Page 5 Communiqué Issue 2, 2010 Oct Edu- Edu-talk masters. Two educational from October 1st onwards. Club modules were provided to has also planned to revive the members during meeting 67 & Gavels Club activities with 68 by Past Area-28 Governor more educational modules & Ravi Ramamoorthy & Past functions. Gavels club has re-Club Quarterly Report Div PRO TM Virendranath. started its regular meetings on Club membership is grow- 24th September -2010 after the Congratulations to all ing as per our target due to summer vacation.Dukhan Toastmasters for the tireless effort of our VPtheir enthusiasm & commit- membership TM Salauddin.ment which has been shown DTM welcomed two new mem-during past meetings. Even bers TM Risman & TM Saffarduring summer holidays we into our Toastmaters family atcould maintain excellent at- meeting NO: 66 and inductedtendance for all our meetings. them. TM Nasimudheen A Hameed,As in the past, during Rama- As part of the Community CC, CLdan club conducted two meet- Activities the club is planning VP (Education), DTMings with Iftar, which was a its 4th Speechcraft Program nasimhameed@hotmail.comunique experience for Toast- “ Toastmatics” Communication greatly depends on individuals’ ability to play with words and numbers. A skill in mathematics will help not only in answering others, but also in digesting the scenarios and reaching in decisions fast. In this column MTM Kalavathy will discuss some tricks with numbers and words. MTM Kalavathy is a post graduate degree holder in mathematics and currently serving DTM as Treasurer.1. Some months have 30 days, some have 31 days. How many months have 28 days?2. Divide 30 by half and add ten. What do you get?3. A farmer had 17 sheep. All but 9 died. How many live sheep were left?4. Take 2 apples from 3 apples. What do you have?5. If a doctor gives you 3 pills and tells you to take one pill every half hour. How long would it be before all the pills had been taken?6. If you had only one match and entered a cold and dark room where there was an oil heater, an oil lamp and a candle. Which one would you light first?7. How many animals of each species did Moses take with him in his ark? Kalavathy Sachi, CC → Page 8)
  6. 6. Page 6 Communiqué Issue 2, 2010 Oct Toastmaster’s Taste Buds For those interested in cooking don’t be surprised, cooking has everything to do with toastmasters. 1. It starts right with building an appetite, 2. then finding the right menu to match your taste, 3. collecting the right ingredients, 4. chopping & grinding those ingredients, 5. adding the right amount of spices to it 6. cooking up to the required amount, 7. adding a pinch to taste and garnishing and finally 8. serving to every plate only what is needed. You might be wondering what I mean. Well don’t be. Just imagine you are about to give a speech. 1. First of all you should have a will power, determination or an appetite to give a speech. 2. But then, a speech on anything and everything may not suit your taste. So you ini- tially find something which is of some interest to you or match your taste. 3. Then you go on to find what should be the content of your speech. 4. May be you don’t need it all and so does the audience whom you are about to face. So now you start to chop and grind your speech so that the contents fit well into the cooking pot in proper shape and size. 5. Then there goes the spices such as life incidents or experiences from your life or someone related to you or someone really famous, some suspense, some thrill or some information etc. , 6. Organize or cook your speech in a proper order like a stunning beginning, a smooth and interesting body and an end which could be taken home as a gift in memory. 7. In our speeches we replace salt with some sorrow and add some humor or happy moments in stead of sugar. The final garnish is with an appropriate and strong message. 8. But in spite of our best cooking if we are not able to serve well then what use is our cooking. So we serve it to the audience with required amount of vocal variety, body language, vocabulary and meaningful pauses. So now do you get, why toastmasters have a lot to do with cooking. And this is what makes a Toastmasters Taste Bud distinct. Let us also try to be a good cook with these tips. TM Sameer Hassan Moosa A diamond is valued when we polish the ore & ACS, ALB A personality is valued when we polish our skills Past President DTM Tomorrow is far, who knows what is in store…. Join Toastmasters today, there are no magic pills - SHM
  7. 7. Page 7 Communiqué Issue 2, 2010 Oct Tackling Table Topics Table topic session in club meet- Table topic Tips ings are a nightmare for at least new members. Seasoned toast- Listen: Dont hear the words. Listen carefully. master Ravi Ramamoorthy comes Pause: pause for a few seconds to refresh your mind. up with some very helpful tips to Formulate ideas on the topic. tackle table topics. Confirm: Read the topic and reconfirm. Your brain cells will get chance to absorb concepts. F-What will be your attitude in Future Considering Tell: Begin with confident and express your ideas. past and present, I think I will .. End: Dont stop abruptly. Complete with full circle by S-M-G Method: restating the original point. Example:- Real estate is the best Investment Table Topic Methods than others. P-R-E-P Method: S-Start with the Story. I recall one true incident... Example: Internet is a boon or bane? M-State the Message you learned from the story... P- State your Position on the topic. Do you object or G-State the Gain that will benefit one. agree? A-D-S Method: R- Support your position with Reasons Example: Laptop is better than desktop. E- Explain reasons with Examples A- Tell the Advantages of the choice P-Restate your Position D- State the Disadvantages of the choice. P-P-F Method: S- End with your Suggestion to the audience. Example: What is your dream car? P- State your attitude in the Past As a child... Ravi Ramamoorthy,ACB,ALB P- State your Present attitude. I feel.... Educational Award WinnersCongratulations to the Educational Award winners of the year 2009-10.The achievers are:Adv Communicator-Silver (ACS)& Adv Leader-Bronze (ALB)TM Sameer Hassan MoosaAd v C o mm un ic a to r -B r o nz e(ACB)TM Wilfred GonsalvesCompetent Communicator (CC)TM Anil MalikMTM KalavathyTM Nasimudheen A HameedCompetent Leader (CL) Award winners with Division E governor MTM Subha,TM Muhammed Ismayil TM Koka and TM Ravi.
  8. 8. Page 8 Communiqué Issue 2, 2010 Oct Risman Hatibi 14th July 2010 evening was a Grand Ceremony for me, it was a great moment and I will remember forever in my life, because that is the evening I decided to join Dukhan Toastmasters club. 3 years back during the launching of Dukhan Toastmasters club, the founder president TM. Koka Prasad invited me to join. How- ever, I was bit confused due to my shift duties and I was not clear what is Toastmasters movement all about. Over a period of time, I noticed that shift duty people were also attend- ing Toastmasters meeting. I always went through Toastmasters articles in Dukhan news bulletin. The thing excited me was news about TM. Koka Prasad wining district level international speech competitions consecu- tively 3 times. He is one of the main motivations for me to join with Duk- han Toastmasters club. Ice Breakers Better late than never..... From my childhood I was dreaming of being on stage. But it was not becoming reality until I “T o a s t m a t i c s ” T joined Toastmasters movement. Now I am not surprised why all other friends Answers: of mine who are already in Toastmasters move- 1. All of them, Every ment feel so confident in front of an audience. month has at least Most of all the mutually helping atmosphere in club 28 days. meetings too make it easy to be out of lectern. The most beneficent tool of toastmasters is 2. 70. Dividing by half the immediate evaluation of a member’s effort. No is same as multiply- need to wait to know the result of your “test”. The ing by 2. same meeting itself you will come to know what 3. 9 live sheep. are your strengths and what are the areas you 4. 2 apples. should concentrate to improve further. And the 5. 1 hour. If you take manual designed by Toastmasters Interna- tional is the biggest asset a member can first pill at 1 O’ clock have. then next one will be at 1:30 and last one I too “believe in quality changes” and at 2 O’ clock. expect one day I will over come all the 6. The match. fears of public speaking. 7. None. It was Noah, Muhammed Saffar not Moses.
  9. 9. Page 9 Communiqué Issue 2, 2010 Oct Communiqué Ashique Jamaluddin Photo toast “Prize Winning race”: Pictured after the Podium ceremony of F1 Power Boat Champion- ship at Doha Corniche. This photo fetched the runner-up prize in American Arts Festival.Designed & edited by TM Muhammed Ismayil, CC,CL-Vice President (Public Relations), DTM.