Communique issue 4


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Dukhan Toastmasters Newsletter
Issue 4
September 2011

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Communique issue 4

  1. 1. Communiqué Dukhan Toastmasters NewsletterIssue 4 12 September 2011Inside this issue:-Editor‟s DeskThe MessageNew Panel of OfficialsExecutive CommitteeKnow our LeadersCreative Youth WorkshopArt & CraftSports DayYouth Leadership Program 02 03 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 Success YouthFun Unlimited 12Grand FinaleWe Make that Difference 13 14 “Believe in Quality Changes”What Makes 100%?News Editions 15 16 Dukhan ToastmastersSpeechcraft 2011 17 Club MottoClub Mission 17 Club No: 1054864, Area-28, Division-E, District-20 Visit us on:-
  2. 2. Editors Desk Chief Editor:- ing and finally evolving successful in bringing out this TM Arul Fernandez edition of newsletter “Communiqué ”. QP, Health, Safety & Env. (Dukhan) DOMB/1096-A, P. O. Box 100001 Dukhan, Qatar This is my primary year in toastmasters. Dur- ing various Toastmasters meetings I realized that Dukhan Toastmasters has talents, skills and poten-Former US President Franklin Roosevelt said “We tials, to inspire, motivate and even handle humourcannot always build the future for our youth, but we tactfully. Yet, it was quiet challenging to persuadecan build our youth for the future”. our Toastmasters to produce articles. I count it is my privilege to publish the wonderful thoughts of those The new committee took-over the office with a Toastmasters in this edition of newsletter.“Commitment to community” which is the Theme ofthe Year for Dukhan Toastmasters. To mould Dukhan We have included in this edition a messageYouth for a better future, a “Creative Youth Work- from our own Division E Governor TM B. Krishnashop (CYW)” was organized for the first time. The Kumar, Asst. Division E Governor Marketing TMseats were limited to 50, however, more than 200 Saquib Raza Khan, Area 28 Governor TM Eswaranchildren showed interest in the leadership program. Natarajan, President of Dukhan Toastmasters ClubThe 7 days workshop was a great success and all par- TM Nasimudheen A. Hameed, an appeal fromticipants requested to repeat such programs quite advance toastmaster, reports of seven sessions ofoften. We feel that we have done our bit in strength- Creative Youth Workshop successfully completed, aening our youth for a better tomorrow. brain teaser and much more. In this issue we bring an exclusive insight into When thinking of doing a good deed throughhow Dukhan youth were shaped to face the future toastmasters where we humbly attempt to becomethrough CYW. The details of CYW with pictures in- better human beings, these words of Mother Theresacluding press releases and all activities are portrayed. glide into my mind "Kind words can be short andTo make Dukhan Community tomorrow’s leaders; easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."preparations are in final stage for much awaitedDTM- Speech-craft 2011. The speciality about Toastmasters is receiving and giving instant feed backs. Our well wisher areWishing you a good reading. our readers who truly intends to support us in im- proving and hence we assure you that your valuable feedback will definitely used as a tool for improve- Editor:- ment, motivational punches and databank of fresh TM Mustafa A. Kalam Sange ideas etc. QP, Production Dept. (Dukhan) DOMB/ 2020-A, P. O. Box 100001 Also, we have a proposal to our readers, if you Dukhan, Qatar wish to be part of our next edition of Communiqué please do not hesitate to write to us along with any little article which you think is worth improving com- WE ARE YOU... munication and leadership skills in any turn of life. Every creation has a beginning and I count this Right from cooking to calligraphy to cyberspace toas the beginning of an opportunity to come up with atomic researches to your wonderful experiences insomething creative with a professional touch and nurturing your little ones, we are open to all, as welook. It is natural that initially any task would appear are if climbing Mount Everest. But anyhow each littlestep taken gets us up that highest peak finally. Samewas my realization, when I slowly waded throughdifficulties such as receiving matters, arranging themin certain order and criteria, formatting, proof read-Communiqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 2
  3. 3. The Message Krishna Kumar (KK), ACB, ALS ergy and talent into the Toastmasters program. Division E Governor, District 20, Toastmasters International I look toward the future, moving from good to great by tapping your talents, sharing your knowledge and experiences, and honing your communication and leadership skills. TheW elcome, Division E is in the quest of skills you learn and practice at Toastmasters “Challenging the Limits” to be the will give you vital tools to use in your everyday better amongst the best. lives. First let me thank each one in Dukhan As Division E, let´s strive collectively toToastmasters for the contribution and commit- make this Toastmasters year as Presidents Dis-ment to make the club among the top notch tinguished Division much ahead of the targetsclubs of Division E in a short span of four years. set by TMI.Everyone in the Dukhan Toastmasters deservesa “High Five” for the attempts that were made “Challenge your Limits” to be theto make it a reality. best. Starting from now! In the Communication track, DTM pro- Saquib Raza Khanduced one of the best and champion speakers Asst. Division E Governoramong toastmasters and youth. In the leader- Marketing, District 20,ship track, energetic and committed leaders Toastmasters Internationalemerged to serve the Toastmasters fraternityand community at large. C The creative workshop organized by Duk- ONGRATULATIONS!!!!! on conducting anhan team for children has drawn lot of atten- excellent workshop for the budding su-tion from all Toastmasters and Parents. It was perstars of tomorrow. It was truly verya great success in all fronts. Congratulations creative. A Youth Leadership program mixedfor such a wonderful service to the community. with sports and creativity. The grand Finale showcased the hard work and effort of the co-“Meeting the deadlines is not good enough, ordinators. Every child performed explicitlybeating the deadlines is the expectation.” well. The Dukhan Toastmasters Leadership as a My sincere thanks to you and Dukhanteam to plan, prepare, present and progress in Toastmasters for inviting me to witness theachieving the set goals ahead of target. Grand Finale of the Creative Youth Workshop. I see a tremendous amount of positive en- I could see the happiness on the face ofergy, strength and creativity in Dukhan Team. the parents watching their children perform.There is an excellent talent all around and justwaiting to be tapped among the community Please take this opportunity to convinceresidents. This will help in making better com- the QP Dukhan Management to include themunicators and leaders with in the community. Toastmasters program in their corporate activ- ity. They have opened the door by supporting By collaborating all the strengths that this Youth Workshop, now it is up to your teameach one of you have, can create a positive en- close the deal. If you need any assistance fromvironment for learning. By giving speech pro- my side, it will be my privilege.jects, taking on roles in the meetings, servingas an officer in the clubs, giving feedback or Well done and looking forward for similarasking friends to join so as to bring skills, en- events from Dukhan Toastmasters.Communiqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 3
  4. 4. The Message My predecessors have already set the bars Eswaran Natarajan, CC, ALB quite high. A special thanks to TM Mark pilling, Area 28 Governor our Immediate Past President, who did a fan- Toastmasters International tabulous job as a visionary leader who moti- vated and lead his entire team to great heights, through his sincere and selfless attempts to flourish Dukhan Toastmasters.A t the outset, I wish all Dukhan Toastmas- ters a Happy Ramadan and Eid Mubarak. Dukhan Toastmasters is committed to the community and I reassure all that, I too will It is very heartening to see the transfor- perform my duties to the best of my ability,mational work at Dukhan Toastmasters. Starting with staunch support & clear guidance from myas recently as July 2007, Dukhan Toastmasters predecessors and team members. Our target isClub has already established fame and acclaim to achieve the Best Toastmasters Club Awardamong toastmasters fraternity. Dukhan Toast- not only in the Division or District but the en-masters commitment for talent building and tire TMI.consistent high quality is commendable. Recentcreative youth leadership workshop in July 2011 Dukhan Toastmasters in association withfor 50 students has won many a praise from Integrated Facilities Department of Qatar Pe-parents, participants, Dukhan community, troleum, Dukhan, has been a pioneer in entireSchool authority, Toastmasters fraternity and Qatar to conduct an innovative and uniquemore importantly from QP Management at Duk- “Creative Youth Workshop” during July 2011,han. which could be described as one of the most beneficial, successful & memorable program to I am very happy to learn about the issue all participants and role players involved. Aof Fourth edition of Dukhan Toastmasters leadership & communications development pro-Newsletter “Communiqué”. Toastmasters news- gram of Toastmasters International “Youthletter is an important tool for showcasing the Leadership Program” constituted the main partachievements of the club as well as sharing of of the event along with some sports, craft workexperiences by members and this helps to re- and a fun trip to Aqua Park. Creativity was thelive and savour those winning moments. icon of this event where children were provided with an equal opportunity to speak in front of aMay Dukhan Toastmasters Club grow leaps and large audience.bounds under your leadership. Dukhan Toastmasters is on the verge of conducting a speechcraft for a few interested potential toastmasters in September and is Nasimudheen A. H., CC, CL open to all members of the community above President, Dukhan Toastmas- 18. ters We readily offer our humble services to conduct such creative workshops, modules and I ndeed it is my honor and trainings in future as well for the benefit of the privilege to be the Presi- community members, their families and even dent of Dukhan Toastmas- management, with the esteemed and kind sup-ters club, which in fact is a unique club that port from QP Management.functions within the margins of a multinationalcommunity in Dukhan. I accept this key respon- “Our dreams are successful, since we believesibility and thank each and every one of you, in advancing as a Team”who has extended their support to our endeav-ours.Communiqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 4
  5. 5. New Panel of Officials Chief Guest Mr. Hamad Al-Sulaiti and other Guests with DTM elected officersD ukhan Toastmasters Grand Ceremony Pilling on behalf of Dukhan Toastmasters. A was held on 29th June „11, Wednesday special award was received by the TM Mark at Dukhan Water Sports. The event was on behalf of VP PR TM Mohammed Ismayil.witnessed by an overwhelming audience in-cluding Gaveliers & parents. Area 28 Governor TM Hari Raghavan for- mally installed the newly elected officers for Inter-Gavels Speech Contest winner 2011-2012 of Dukhan toastmasters. The newSamara Waheed, Humorous Speech Contest committee consists of:Winner Narasimhan Ravi and Table Topic Con-test Winner Ameena Ismayil redelivered their TM Nasimudheen A. H. - Presidentwinning speeches as a part of their demo TM Mohammed Salauddin - VP Educationmeeting and were honoured by QP manage- TM Syed Raziulla - VP Membershipment with trophies. Mr. Hamad Saleh Al- TM Arul Fernandaz - VP PRSulaiti, Head of Business Planning was the TM Muhammad Saffar - TreasurerChief Guest. Mr. Ali Nasser Al-Kubaisi, Area TM Govindaraju Selvaraju - Sergeant @ ArmsCoordinator-DSSA and Mr. Derek Jones, Head- TM Mark Pilling - Past Presidentmaster of Dukhan English School, Toastmas-ters Division-E Governor TM Subha Anupindi Assistant Division E Governor Educationand Division E Governor elect TM Krishna & Training and Area-18 Governor Elect. TMKumar were the Guests of Honour. Sameer Hassan Moosa & Area 28 Governor elect TM Eswaran Natarajan, were distin- While addressing the audience on the guished guests at the event.occasion, Mr. Derek Jones quoted George Jes-sel “The human brain starts working the moment President Nasimudheen in his accep-you are born and never stops until you stand up to tance speech announced his plan for Dukhanspeak in public”- In toastmasters we aim to Toastmasters to serve the community with allmake your brain work all the time. resources available to the Club. Division E Governor Subha Anupindi gaveaway the LGM & LGET Achievement awardsfrom the District to TM Salauddin & TM MarkCommuniqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 5
  6. 6. Executive Committee TM Nasimudheen A. Hameed, CC, CL President TM Mark Pilling Immediate Past President TM Mohammed Salauddin, CC TM Syed Raziulla Vice President— Education Vice President— Membership TM Luis Peres, CC Asst. VP—Education TM Sebastian M., CC Asst. VP—Membership TM Kiran Kumar Kotala Asst. VP—Education TM Arul Fernandez TM Muhammad Saffar VP - Public Relations Treasurer TM Mustafa Sange TM Aswani Kumar Asst. VP - Public Relations Asst. Treasurer TM Pareeduddin Hameed TM Selvaraju Govindaraju Secretary Sergeant at Arms TM Sheik Abdul Kader Asst. Sergeant at ArmsTM KVSS Raju TM Sreelakshmi HarishAsst. Secretary Asst. SecretaryCommuniqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 6
  7. 7. Know our Leaders Division E - Excom Division Governor TM Krishna Kumar, ACB, ALS Tel: 55529205 Asst. Div. Governor Edu. & Training Division Treasurer TM Yasir Nainar TM Nemani R. Sarma, CC, ALB Tel: 55821570 Tel: 55272542Asst. Div. Governor Edu. & Trn (Arabic) Division Secretary TM Karam A Al-Shorbassi TM P K Sheik Mohamed Iqbal Tel: 55898765 Tel: 55809786 Asst. Div. Governor for Marketing Falcon Awards Chairman TM Saquib Raza Khan TM Nisar Ahmed Rana Tel: 55857654 Tel: 55880447 Division Public Relations Officer MTM Maria Irish Ramos Tel: 33289810 Area 28 - Excom Area 28 Governor TM Eswaran Natarajan, CC, CL Tel: 55006502 Asst. Area. Gov. Edu. & Training TM Nasimudheen A. Hameed, CC, CL Asst. Area Gov. Marketing Tel: 55898462 TM Asgar Ali Khan, CC, CL Tel: 55810524 Secretary / Treasurer TM Mohammed Salauddin, CC Tel: 66061731Communiqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 7
  8. 8. Creative Youth Workshop strings of balloons keeping in ing, body, conclusion, choos- highlight the theme of the ing a topic, call for action workshop “Learn with Fun”. He etc. were also a part of the also distributed the study ma- module. The children ac- terials and manuals to all par- tively participated in mock ticipants. drills on effective communi- cation. A motivating education module on “Effective Commu- Second YLP Session on nication was rendered by TM Saturday 16th July started Vicky Mustafa, Lt. Gov. Mar- with warm-up exercise “Drink keting of District 20 as a part hot and chilly soup.” Partici- of the YLP. The module pro- pants learned the art of De- Launching Ceremony bate & Table Topics. All Par- vided an insight into commu- nication skills like eye con- ticipants formed 8 groups andC reative Youth Workshop tact, smile, politeness, listen- performed debate. They all -July 2011 for Dukhan ing, speaking tone, etc. Some spoke in front of audience on Community children entertaining examples on the Table Topics with enthusi-sponsored by the Integrated parts of a speech like open- asm .Facilities Management De-partment, IF(D) in associationwith Dukhan Toastmasterswas conducted on 13th July2011 at Al-Dastour Hall. Duk-han Toastmasters Club Presi-dent Nasimudheen called thesession to order and wel-comed guests. The event wasinnovatively inaugurated byChief Guest Mr. Hamad SalehAl-Sulaiti, Head of BusinessPlanning, IFP (D) along withMr. Abdulla Jaber Al-Mohammed, A/Head of Com-munity Support & Business Re- Chief Guest Mr. Hamad Al-Sulaiti & other Guests with Partici-lation, A/IFC(D) by cutting pants & Coordinators 25 Boys & Girls of 8 nationalities aged 10 to 17 years participated in the workshopCommuniqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 8
  9. 9. Art & Craft Participants with Art & Craft CoordinatorsA rt & Craft day on Friday Flower Making with Beads Story Writing & Telling 15th July was creatively 6 Girls & boys aged 12 to 14 Creative story writing was conducted by three tal- years joined this innovative conducted by TM Sameerented Lady Coordinators, session of flower making with Moosa. He enlightened theMrs. Celine Biju, Mrs. Payal colourful beads which was Co- participants on how to writeAshik and Mrs. Sumeera ordinated by Mrs. Sumeera & narrate stories creatively.Sameer . Sameer. Various categories of story writing like humorous, hor-Glass Painting ror, romantic & fiction storiesMrs. Celine who is a profes- were explained. “Out of thesional designer trained the world" story was written byyoung participants. Twenty Aaron, "British School Middlefive Participant from 10 to 11 East Games" story by Varshayrs learned glass painting with and “Started with fun endedattractive drawings which was with police” story by Nara-a new experience to most of simhan were instantly madethe children. Folder/ Invitation cards and and narrated. file design Folder design / Invitation cards decoration was con- ducted for teenagers by Mrs. Payal Ashik. Those Designs could be utilized for Special event Invitation cards or fold- ers. Entire session was enjoyed by all participants were they could carry their piece of work to home.Communiqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 9
  10. 10. Sports DayV arious usual and crea- Girls Team Captain Team teams A & B, at the last min- tive sports were organ- Amrutha Lingampalli A ute team A made the only ized on 20 July‟ 2011 Adeeba Shams B goal of the match andand children overwhelmingly Harsha Thomas C clinched the title. This fol-participated in all the sports. Gayathri Lekshmi D lowed other creative funThe sports played were bas- games.ket ball, football, reverse Footballthrow ball and bite the choco- Boys played foot ball Reverse Throw Balllate. matches, team B won the first Reverse throw ball and bite match 6-0 against team C. the chocolate fun games wasBasket Ball Team A won 5-2 against team played by all the 8 teams.Girls‟ teams played basket D and entered the final. It This was the first time all theball matches. In the first was a thrilling final between participating children playingmatch team A won 6-0 any such games.against team B, while team C Boys Team Captain Teamwon 4-0 against team D. In Syed Ali Raza A The children wants to playthe final, team A won 5-4 de- Narasimhan Ravi B more, however, with heavyfeating team C. Idlan Bin Hafiz C hearts it was called a day. Syed Hasnain D Basket ball finalist with match referee Football finalist with match referee Reverse throw ballCommuniqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 10
  11. 11. Youth Leadership Program Module presenters with IF(D) representative Mrs. Eiman & ParticipantsY LP coordinator TM Ravi session by saying “Practice two topics given to two group opened the workshop makes you perfect”. of children to talk. TM Nasim, with a warm up exercise TM Ajith, and Mrs. Eiman“Robotic Moon walk”. 22 July‟ The debate from previ- Yousef, Business Relations Of-11 session had two module ous YLP session continued ficer (IFC/11) acted as par-presenters enlightened the with team D & H debating on ents and provided their feed-children with different lead- the topic “Home work should back on how they got con-ership programs. An interac- be stopped”. This continued vinced through children‟stive module “Animate your by an interesting second mod- view point. Aaron, Harsha,Talk” was presented by TM ule on “Persuade your par- Breezy, Sumaya, Syed Ali andAjith Limaye -DTM. He high- ents” presented by TM Veer- Gayathri were the childrenlighted the ingredients of endranath. He explained the spoke on these topics.speech like ethos, pathos and participants through exampleslogos postulated by Greek how to convince others to ac-philosopher Aristotle. He pre- cept your point. “Persuadesented practical examples on your parents to buy you a cellthe importance of persuading, phone”, “Persuade your par-energizing and inspiring the ents to allow you to go for aaudience. He concluded his foreign trip alone” were the TM Veerendranath presenting his module Mrs. Eiman with Module Presenter & PresidentCommuniqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 11
  12. 12. Fun Unlimited Participants at Aqua Theme Park, DohaF un unlimited could be the most appropriate term to describe theenthusiasm children hadthroughout the trip on 23 Ju-ly‟11. Boys and girls were putin two separate buses and la-dys & gents coordinators ac-companied them. The onehour and 15 min bus trip wasnot just any ordinary fun trip. Boys ready to RockFun filled Table Topic sessionand story telling was con-ducted throughout the jour-ney which followed by singingcompetition. Children went on all therides in Aqua park like lazyriver, wave pool, rain forest,splash pads, water slides etc. Girls at PoolAfter taking light refresh-ments, with a heavy heart thechildren boarded the bus backto Dukhan. At restaurantCommuniqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 12
  13. 13. Grand Finale All participants with Chief Guest & CoordinatorsT he Grand Finale of 7 ciation Certificate. days long workshop was held on 27th July at Al- This was followed by anDostour hall with fun and educative session on debatefrolic. Mr. Mohammed Al- with topic “Which is better,Bakar, Head of Community & books or TV” was conductedBusiness Relations was the by the children and the mod-Chief Guest for the event. erator concluded books areOther Guests from IF were All participants were better. Two teams partici-Mr. Patrick Choueiri, Busi- awarded Participation Certifi- pated and expressed theirness Relations Coordinator, cates by the Chief Guest. views on the topic. An inter-Mr. Abdulla Jaber, Catering esting table topic session wasCoordinator and Mrs. Eiman Also certificates of ap- conducted and 15 childrenYousef, Business Relations preciation were presented to activity participated andOfficer. Guest of Honour was the YLP Session Coordinator spoke in front of the audienceAssistant Division E Governor TM Ravi Ramamoorhy and As- for one minute each.for Marketting, TM Saquib sistant coordinators Mr. ArulRaza Khan and other dignitar- Fernandes, Mr. Mohammed LGM Saquib Raza Khanies from Division-E Ex-com Salauddin, Mr. Mustufa Sange gave a motivational speechwere Area-28 Governor Es- and Mr. Selvaraju. appreciating the efforts ofwaran Natarajan & Area-18 Dukhan Toastmasters andGovernor Sameer Hassan Mr. Baker also presented thanked QP Integrated Facili-Moosa. President Nasimud- the Art and Craft Session co- ties Management for havingheen Welcomed the audience. ordinators Mrs. Payal Ashiq, supported them by all means Mrs. Celine Biju and Mrs. to conduct such an innovative Masters of ceremony in- Sumeera Sameer with a token workshop.vited all 8 teams to introduce of appreciation.themselves innovatively. Theintroduction was a mixture of The Sports Session Co-animation, passion, sound & ordinators Mr. Alex Amos andenthusiasm. Mr. Preejith Thankappan were also presented with an Appre-Communiqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 13
  14. 14. We make that difference... W hile we walk down the street, we find millions passing by, all busy in their own little world. From business man to beggar busy earning their bread, while some enjoying whatever little time left from their busy schedule either alone or with their near and dear ones and finally some standing leaning on a pole, either with their arms locked and idly tapping their feet with a look that they have nothing more to do in life. Mostly, to add to their own agony and others‟ with a cloud of cigarette smoke engulfing them or a can of coke slowly draining their lives out.TM Sameer Hassan Moosa ACS, ALB Have we ever thought how these rotting live pictures or idols onArea-18 Governor & every walk of our life are slowly taking the shape of a pool of stagnatedImmediate Past Asst. Div. E matter? A pool with nothing but frustration, loss, disgust and disrespectGovernor Education & Training for oneself or others A beggar on street could be given enough money for a day or a life time. But at the end, we will stillfind him back on the same street when the money gets over. We know how many educated and well quali-fied people commit suicide due to frustration of being unable to generate anything at all out of what theyhave learned. Spiritual desires changes in people on every new corner of the street. So if some think charity in kind and cash can change lives. Yes it can but could we say that is enough? If some say that a trimmed system of education can change lives. Yes that too is right, yet to which or what extend? Turn to spirituality and world will change… God alone knows if that is true? The truth remains that, we just pull on with our lives, without truly asking ourselves how we canmake a difference to our lives and others. Frankly speaking, have we ever thought of what could bring the actual light of hope, a drizzle offreshness and stream of respect in our life and around us? My answer would be that the only factor which changes our view towards ourselves and the world isour attitude. And Toastmasters could proudly claim that we make and mould attitudes. We make our members and those watching us with restrain feel that, the development of communi-cation skills on a regular basis, can improve a person‟s confidence and view towards life with a new per-spective every day. In parallel developing their leadership skills through a learn-by-doing pattern whichhas been well experimented and proved as guaranteed success, inflates their competitiveness and putsthem on top of the rest of the world. Thus they see that, for what they have been striving throughout their lives are met through beingpart of an esteemed body or fraternity, which has not only raised their self esteem, a ladder to climb uptheir dreams, a platform to talk out their hearts, but also an attitude to serve the community by becominga catalyst for change in oneself and others around them. Toastmasters have an incredible history of changing lives of around 250000 peo-ple in around 90 countries around the globe, who can now undoubtedly claim that“We make a difference”. Living is not mere surviving; but life becomes meaninglesswhen we are not able to lead life as better human beings. Same air we breath, same water we drink, same earth on which we walk, sameblood in veins and same matter in our skull,,,,, yet WE make that difference. A tallclaim indeed, yet not baseless. a little to think and a lot to do… join us to make the world a better placeCommuniqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 14
  15. 15. What makes 100%?If:A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y ZIs equal to1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26Then,Hard WorkH+ A+ R + D+ W+ O+ R+ K8+ 1+ 18+ 4+ 23+ 15+ 18+ 11 = 98%KnowledgeK + N+ O + W + L + E+ D+ G+ E11+ 14+ 15+ 23+ 12+ 5+ 4+ 7+ 5 = 96%LoveL + O+ V+ E12+ 15+ 22+ 5 = 54%LuckL+ U+ C+ K12+ 21+ 3+ 11 = 47%Most of us think this is the most important ?Then what makes 100% ?Is it Money ? .. NO !M+O+N+E+Y13+15+14+5+25 = 72%Leadership ? …. NO ! ! !L+E+A+D+E+R+ S+H+I+P12+5+1+4+5+18+ 19+9+1 6 = 89%Every problem has a solution, only if we perhaps change our attitude.To go to the top,To that 100% ,What we really need to go further… A bit more…ATTITUDEA+T+T+I+T+U+ D+E1+20+20+9+ 20+21+4+5 = 100%It is OUR ATTITUDE towards Life and Work that makes OUR Life 100% ! ! !Have the Right Attitude in Life!!Communiqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 15
  16. 16. News Editions Public RelationsCommuniqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 16
  17. 17. Dukhan Toastmasters(Club No: 1054864, Area-28, Division-E, District-20) Confident Communicators & Leaders in MakingCommunication Skills are the most vital essentials in our day-to-day life. While fear of public speaking setsa bottleneck to our urge to march forward in life, Toastmasters act as a lid opener. All your hidden poten-tials which has an impulse to be displayed are refined through clearing off your fear, by providing you amutually supportive and friendly club atmosphere where you can sharpen your listening, thinking, speakingand leadership skills in parallel through various roles and constructive evaluations.This is the Fifth Speechcraft Session conducted by Dukhan Toastmasters since 2007 which has been contin-ued every year. Last year around 20-35 people joined this programme to reap its benefits. This programmeis specially designed by Toastmasters International USA, to benefit anyone who would like to improvethinking, listening, thinking and speaking skills.Speechcraft is a specially designed and well proven short term communication program, which has been aguide to several million people around 116 countries of the world. It is an eight session brain storming ses-sion wherein all basic aspects of complete communication are covered. Starting on 15th September 2011 CHANGE YOUR LIFE THROUGH COMMUNICATIONFor further details please contact:- This program consists ofDukhan Toastmasters Eight Brain Storming SessionsTM Mohd. Salauddin on 66061731 over 3 consecutiveTM Raziulla Syed on 55648386 Wednesdays, Fridays & SaturdaysTM Luis Pares on 55848823 (15:30 – 18:30 Hrs.)TM Nasimudheen A. H. on 55898462 Including Grande FinaleTM Arul Fernandez on 55243349 Limited RegistrationsTM Mustafa Sange on 55397617Communiqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 17
  18. 18. Dukhan Toastmasters(Club No: 1054864, Area-28, Division-E, District-20) Success through Clear CommunicationDukhan toastmasters 5th Speechcraft program will start from 15th September 2011 which include 8 Brain stormingsessions with 10 educational modules by Experienced Toastmasters. Toastmasters will give you the skills and confi-dence you need to effectively express yourself in any situation. By learning to formulate and convey your ideas, youopen a new world of possibilities. You will be more persuasive and confident when giving presentations and you willimprove your one-on-one dealings with othersBenefits of this program: : Upon completion of this program you will be able to stand & speak in front of peoplewithout fear & nervousness, Learn to communicate more effectively, Build your ability to motivate & persuade, In-crease your self confidence, Improve your presentation skills. More & More... Tentative Schedule for Speechcraft ProgramSession Date Educational Module 1 15/09/2011, Thursday, 16:30– 19:30 hrs Introduce a Speaker & Ice Breaker Speech 2 17/09/2011, Saturday, 15:00– 18:00 hrs Organize your Speech & Evaluate to Motivate 3 21/09/2011, Wednesday, 16:30– 19:30 hrs Select a Speech topic 4 23/09/2011, Friday, 15:00– 18:00 hrs Body Language & Gestures 5 24/09/2011, Saturday, 15:00– 18:00 hrs Work with words 6 30/09/2011, Friday, 15:00– 18:00 hrs Vocal Variety 7 01/10/2011, Saturday, 15:00– 18:00 hrs Table topics & Listening Skills 8 05/10/2011, Wednesday, 18:30– 21:00 hrs Grand Finale Mission of a Toastmaster ClubThe mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning envi- ronment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. For further information on our club and contacts visit www.dukhantoastmasters.orgCommuniqué | Issue 4 | September 2011 Page 18