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Communique issue 3


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Dukhan Toastmasters’ Newsletter
Issue 3 – January 2011


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Communique issue 3

  1. 1. C ommuniqué Dukhan Toastmasters’ Newsletter Issue 3 – January 2011DTM welcomes new members Y E Will” “ GOODB ISO 9001 : 2008 and YOU
  2. 2. Page 2 Communiqué Issue 3, 2011 Jan Communiqué Newsletter of Dukhan Toastmasters Issue-3 Jan 2011 Editor’s DeskDukhan ToastmastersClub No– 1054864Area– 28Division– E A stepping stone for NewcomersDistrict– 79 Dear Readers, Season Greetings, and welcome to the third issue of Communiqué. Inside this issue It was quite a challenge to initially set up the newsletter, but duringEditor’s Desk 2 the course of the first three issues it has proved a very worthwhilePresidential 3 experience and one that I am looking forward to taking further in the future issues.A Departing note 4Edu-Talk 4 While working with Communiqué I have asked myself “What doISO-9001:2008 and YOU 5 readers really want from the newsletter?” After someToastmatics 6 thought and discussion with my trusty team, I have concluded thatQatar-2022 8 readers want information about their surroundings, their work, their projects and their ..........etc. We are trying to satisfy these pointsMiscommunication 9 within the newsletter from this issue onwards. With this in mind andProblem Solving Method 10 in an attempt to bring in new writers, you will find some fresh articlesDTM welcomes new members 11 and faces inside. One, related to our work (ISO-9001:2008 and YOU),Feedback 12 another related to Toastmasters training (Problem solving method). Another article is a sincere feedback by a new face not only toPhoto Toast 13 Communiqué but also to Toastmasters. Other articles are about DTM’s 4th successful speechcraft session and induction of new Editorial Team: members etc. All these articles prove that a lot of hidden talents areChief Editor: remaining unturned in Dukhan. Hope we can bring in more new faces inTM Muhammed Ismayil, coming issues. Beside these you will find our usual columns of CC, CL.Consulting Editor: Presidential, Edu-talk, Toastmatics and Photo toast. I hope you willTM Sameer Hassan Moosa, enjoy it as much as I have and choose to be with Communiqué. ACS, ALB.Editors: Once again welcome to the winter edition of Communiqué. Let’sTM Anil Malik, CC. hope the weather will be kind to us this year. Good weather does seemTM Arul Bernandaz. to make people want to get out more and more participations in club events too. Don’t forget to keep sending items of interest to theAddress: Editor. It is YOUR newsletter.# 14755PB No– 100001 TM Muhammed Ismayil,CC,CLDukhan, Chief Editor, CommuniquéQatar. VP (PR), DTMmdismayil@gmail.com mdismayil@gmail.com
  3. 3. Page 3 Communiqué Issue 3, 2011 Jan Dukhan Toastmasters Ex Com 2010-11 Presidential “A year full of promise” TM Mark Pilling President 2011 is a year full of promise, hope and opportunity. We should all know that Toastmasters endeavor to maximize the realization of TM Wilfred these through their outreaching activities and efforts in tireless Gonsalves, ACB, CL promotion of self-development especially in the realms of public Immediate Past speaking and leadership for the benefit of a wider and growing President number of people, as is our apposite motto: Committed to Commu- nity. TM Nasimudheen A It is a great honor to take on the role of President. It is also very Hameed, CC, CL humbling when one looks around at the abilities, achievements and Vice President– work of so many people involved in the club’s rise over the years. It Education is a heartfelt expression of gratitude that I, and we all, should thank those who have contributed in enabling us to reach this posi- tion. In particular we are indebted to the executive committee TM Mohammed members past and present. Let us strive to build on their effort at Salauddin Vice President– least by maintaining the momentum with altruistic zeal. Membership Of course, we have to recognize the participation of our much loved outgoing President, TM Wilfred Gonsalves, who has been the epit- ome of dignity and humility throughout his tenure, who has encour- aged, guided and led Toastmasters. It has been our privilege to TM Muhammed Ismayil,CC, CL have benefitted from his influence. We must all wish him a happy Vice President– PR retirement. We must also recognize QP and Integrated Facilities Management Dept for the invaluable and immensely appreciated encouragement which has been unfailingly afforded us. TM Luis Peres Toastmasters is all about learning , learning through doing and do- Secretary ing it within a collaborative, supportive environment. I hope that we will all go out on a limb and push ourselves that little bit more, and reap the rewards especially in the ideal company of fellow Toastmasters. We may look towards this year as a challenge, and MTM Kalavathy Sachi, CC challenge where we aim to excel. Treasurer Finally, it is with personal excitement that I look forward to all the speeches that we are about to hear from our august community in the coming months and wish everyone a happy and fulfilling New TM Hameed Year! TM Mark Pilling, Pareeduddin Sgt-@-Arms President, DTM markpilling@gmail.com
  4. 4. Page 4 Communiqué Issue 3, 2011 Jan A Departing Note “I may be away from you, but not away from your hearts” Out of the three decades I spent in Dukhan my last three years were, the first three years of Dukhan Toastmasters Club. I was fortunate to be the President of the club for the past one year. For me Toastmasters was a whole new ex- perience in Dukhan. I thank one and all who worked hard to bring this inter- national movement to Dukhan. Dukhan Toastmasters Club by its comparatively short age of 3 years has achieved a lot. Thanks and congrats to the ex-com- present and past- and hardworking members. Distinguished club status for three consecutive years, home club of three time District 79 (Middle East and Jordan) speech champion, are some of the heights that the club was able to achieve. Beside this club was able to launch a colorful website and a newsletter too, which is yet a dream for many other clubs. I am sure DTM has the capacity to attain further heights in future under its budding leaders. I am happy to say that I myself have gained a lot through DTM. The ACB/ CL awards and opportu- nity to attend two international conferences were few among them. I owe to DTM for all these and wish to be a part of DTM in future too in any possible way. I will be following the progress of our club from wherever I am. I wish all success to DTM and its members. GOOD LUCK! TM Wilfred Gonsalves, ACB, CL gonsalves.wilfred@gmail.com Edu-talk 2010 – Another Remarkable Year HighlightsOne more gorgeous year left with remarkable achievements to Dukhan Toastmasters club.We have achieved President’s Distinguished Club Award for the third consecutive year. Clubhas conducted its first Youth Leadership Program from 7 th January-2010, that preceded thelaunching of Dukhan Gavels Club on 3rd March 2010. Release of our Newsletter Commu-niqué was another achievement. The theme of the year “Committed to Community” was de-picted in the Speechcarft -2010 through maximum participation from Dukhan Communitywhere 26 elegant & enthusiastic Speechcrafters were trained.Our own Koka Prasad (founder President) once again became District-79 InternationalSpeech contest winner for the third consecutive year.Club achieved 7 out of 10 DCP point till December-2010. Our mission is to achieve 10 out 10DCP points this year. I am pretty sure that under the Presidentship of charismatic leader TMMark Pilling, Our club will conquer new heights.I take this opportunity to thank our outgoing president TMWilfred Gonsalves whose endeavors facilitated our club to TM Nasimudheen A Hameed,become outstanding in our Division. I wish a very Happy & CC, CLprosperous new year to one and all. VP (Education), DTM nasimhameed@hotmail.com
  5. 5. Page 5 Communiqué Issue 3, 2011 Jan Toastmasters’ Approach ISO 9001 : 2008 and YOU TM Sivarajah Panjalingam We, in our routine objectives relationships) and then work life, practice an art Goals help give mean- build the plan to that contains the secrets ing to our lives and a achieve our goals. Re- of success. Many fear it, sense of purpose. If member the saying some swear at it and companies did not have “Failing to plan is plan- countless others swear business goals, i.e., to ning to fail”. by it. Love it or hate it, be profitable and be No. you cannot escape it. 1 in its industry, it What am I’m referring Doing- would not remain in to? It is the ISO 9001: business for very long. implementation 2008 Quality Manage- The same goes for us. of the plan ment Systems stan- We need to have a writ- Once the plan is ready, dards. you may say, ten goals list for our- it is time for action. Hah! “You’re mad!” . selves so that the won- Focus on the key areas No doubt you would have derful but short oppor- that will deliver the encountered it, either as tunity called “LIFE” is desired results. Use a a person responsible for not wasted. Do you Quality tool, such as Quality Systems at your have a vision for you the Pareto Principle workplace or as a person and your family’s fu- (80% of the results who regularly gets au- ture? Focus on the Cus- come from 20% of the dited (Are you among tomer: YOU! Manage- tasks) to identify the the “Swear at it” group? ment responsibility lies key tasks that need to ). To many, ISO 9001: with you to ensure your be done and then, as 2008 and its’ require- life’s objectives are NIKE says, Just Do It! ments are associated achieved. Communicate this to only with our work at all involved parties in the office. Stop and the plan to ensure that think, Is it really? Planning all understands what The ISO 9001:2008 stan- Just like planning for needs to be done. Al- dards contain concepts, shutdowns and business ways keep the commu- that are applicable not operations, we need to nication lines open. “The future is only to the workplace plan for various stages Checking, Measur- still a blank page, of our life. We need de- but also in our day-to- ing, reviewing and waiting for our tailed but flexible short day lives. These concepts analyzing story to be below, in essence, con- and long term plans for achieving our goals. Tracking and measur- written. How will tain the very steps we ing key indicators gives need to take to move to- How many of us take your story be?” indication of how we wards success. time to reflect and iden- tify what is truly impor- are progressing in Establishing and tant to us, ( spirituality, achieving our goals. documenting family, health, wealth, Setting of SMART
  6. 6. Page 6 Communiqué Issue 3, 2011 Jan (Specific, Measurable, Achiev- name of the game. Just as ani- ing value to a process, mean- able, Realistic and Time mals evolve to survive, humans ing do not do something for Bound) goals will enable us to have a need to improve their the sake of doing it. Whatever ensure we can track and take surroundings and lives. Think I you choose to do, it has to add preventive / corrective action phone 4 or the magnificent value to the process and have to stay on course. Get feedback buildings in Qatar and Dubai. tangible or intangible benefits. from trusted friends and fam- Who would have ever thought Think of your life plan- how do ily members on a regular ba- skiing was possible in the de- the objectives and the plan sis. Perform audits of your life, sert, like in Dubai! We promote add value to you and your i.e., your health, finances, rela- continual improvement at the loved ones? Important ques- tionships, skills, etc and con- workplace but how many actu- tion – Do you have a plan? duct a “Management Review” ally practice this with them- of your life on a periodic basis selves and at home? Toastmas- to ensure it is on track. Re- ters are ahead of the rest on this The above gives only a brief member, “What cannot be one, though! Continually learn- glimpse of the wealth of infor- measured, cannot be im- ing and practicing new skills en- mation that is available within proved”. sures that we can adapt to an the Standard, that, if ap- ever changing environment. As proached with an open mind, Action- they say, the only constant is can reveal more ideas for im- Change. So, be prepared by im- proving ourselves. The future Taking action to proving yourself. is still a blank page, waiting continually improve the for our story to be written. processes to ensure How will your story be? objectives are met Added value Continual improvement is the ISO 9001: 2008 emphasises add- “ Toastmatics” MTM Kalavathy Sachi Power of Mathematics and TOASTMASTER One day a box was not opening  Lawyer came applied all law but it didn’t open  Chemist came applied all reaction but it didn’t open  Physician came applied all forces but no change  Even the biologist failed  Mathematician came and said “Let’s suppose the box is open”! That is it, But that was not enough.  And finally it was the Toastmaster’s turn…. “Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. Don’t be like a closed box without any freedom. Wish to be an open box and feel free to tell your ideas like a sincere toastmaster”. A thunderous ap- plause followed.
  7. 7. Page 7 Communiqué Issue 3, 2011 Jan Meaningful Scrambled Letters Let us immerse in some famous names and words. Just scramble those letters. You will find some extra meanings hiding inside. PRINCESS DIANA ----------END IS A CAR SPIN MONICA LEWINSKY ----------NICE SILKY WOMAN DORMITORY ----------DIRTY ROOM ELECTION RESULT ----------LIE-LET’S RECOUNT ASTRONOMER ----------MOON STARRER SLOT MACHINES ----------CASH LOST IN ME DESPERATION ----------A ROPE ENDS IT ELEVEN PLUS TWO ----------TWELVE PLUS ONE A DECIMAL POINT ----------I AM A DOT IN PLACE MOTHER-IN-LAW ----------HITLER WOMAN And for the grand finale : Kalavathy Sachi, CC sachi2u@hotmail.com TOASTMASTER ----------AS TO MATTERS !!!! Goodbye ‘Will’ GOODBYE to the eldest member of DTM Club, TM Wilfred Gonsalves ACB, CL whohas been an embodiment of peace, patience and experience. Dukhan Toastmasters Club bid a commemorative farewell to TM Wilfred, who is leav-ing Qatar after his retirement from Qatar Petroleum. Asst Div Governor (E&T) TM Sameer Has-san and Past Area-28 Governor TM Ravi Ramamoorthy pinned TM Wilfred with OutstandingToastmasters Pin and Advance Leader Pin awarded from Toastmasters International. TM Sira-juddin presented a memento on behalf of Dukhan Toastmasters, in recognition of his relentlesssupport to DTM.
  8. 8. Page 8 Communiqué Issue 3, 2011 Jan THE SOUL OF A NATION – FOOTBALL (FIFA WORLD CUP 2022) TM Sameer Hassan Moosa ACS, ALB Asst. Div. E Gov. (Educ. & Train.) Qatar was a “Land of Hope” for those many hundreds of Asian expatriates in 1980, when QR.01.00 was equivalent to INR.02.00. My father who used to work for Qatar’s Sea Armed Forces (Bahariyya - Navy) used to narrate to me the conditions of this country of those days when Indian currency Rupiya was used as Qatar’s official currency. A B&W Television or an Air Conditioner was a luxury which not everyone could afford. The historical open air Amir Cin- ema of Qatar which was recently demolished as a part of Qatar city’s development projects, was the only oasis of entertainment for most who lived then in this desert. Today’s Corniche was never Corniche then and the only land mark which proudly represented Qatar was the Pyramid structured Sheraton hotel. TV was my best companion that I enjoyed from the age of 5 and there could be no debate on the most famous scream from the Q-Television Channel. “Goal…..Wallah…..Goal” every other day followed by the most celebrated song of then “Hayya Binaa …. Ayyul Qatar”. Who ever knew Ricky Martin or Shakira then? Even the cartoon that I most remember as a child on the Qatar Television is not Mickey Mouse or Tom & Jerry. It is the most famous “Captain Majid”, which is again a football saga, which kept the kids and elders equally glued to their sofas and beds for an hour without a blink, while its characters used to take almost an hour to reach from one end of a football ground to another. Bubble gums, Pepsi and even chips, all had at least a sticker or a card which was con- nected to Qatari’s craze for Football which is dated back to a few years from its Independ- ence. People within and around the globe may have thought …. Doesn’t Qatar have anything better to do and be proud of… But today 30 years from then,  when QR.01.00 values approx. INR.12:00 representing the power and security of an economy which even a major blast of recession could not shake the dust of;  when the concrete skyscrapers across the Corniche stands like grass across a football field and smiles at the little historical structures under-demolition;  when internet, fiber-optic cables and unbeatable technol- ogy challenges the best of the best across the globe;  when Qatar startled the world with star studded tennis, golf, boat races, car races, volley ball, basket ball and hosted even the most prestigious Asian Games, which the world looked at with zeal and jealousy at parallel;  when Qatar’s able leaders, brave athletes and coveted stars have earned international recognitions through their talents in all fields including sports, education, medicine and event astronomy recently;  when art, culture and history of Qatar stands at a height visible to all across the globe and Qatar has a say in every important decision of not only Gulf Region but in UN. At this juncture, State of Qatar has gone ahead and given a message to the world. “YES THE RIGHT TIME IS NOW” – (said Her Excellency Sheikha Mozza Al-Misnad). She meant that, this was the right time for the nation to declare that Football is still in our hearts and veins and to prove this, may what come, Qatar will host the most prestigious football event on earth FIFA World Cup 2022.
  9. 9. Page 9 Communiqué Issue 3, 2011 Jan Source: Internet
  10. 10. Page 10 Communiqué Issue 3, 2011 Jan Toastmasters’ Training Problem Solving Method TM Risman Hatibi I would like to share my first cific solution prepared yet. training experience with Toastmas- O - OUTCOME . When any problem ters. I was lucky to attend the train- comes up, we must define the desired ing conducted by Division-E of Dis- final outcome, “If you don’t know trict 79. The module “Improving where you are going, you might end up Your Management Skills” was some place else” – Yogi Berra Quoted. presented by Cyril Anand, CL, (Senior Sales Manager—Qtel The are three outcomes to problems: Business Solutions). The module L - LESSON LEARNED. Learning was a brief description on the follow- from previous failures and know weak- ing. nesses are very valuable. They help de-  Is management an art or a science? velop more effective process & identify  Why manage when you can lead? resources to prevent or handle re-  How to imply the problem solving occurrences. methods? L - LIMITATION. To be able to solve The problem solving method dis- problems, we must know the existing cussed was known as “APOLLO” systems. But also the limitations of A - ASSIGN talented, capable, ex- those systems. perienced, effective people to lead O – OBSERVATION. Once a problem tasks and projects. We must have comes up, Don’t Act. Stop and Pay At- trained and responsible people or we tention! The details are very impor- will jeopardize any endeavor. tant. Sherlock Holmes never developed P - PREPARE for the inevitable “theories” until he had investigated all problems that can occur with your of the data. equipment and processes and oh! yes, Accurate, detailed and complete even with people. After all, we know Observation is one of the most that “Stuff Happens”. And whether important aspects of the prob- flying through outer space or office lem solving method and the one space, every endeavor will experience most ignored. Many people will two classes of problems to prepare jump to conclusions from lim- for: ited, incidental or misleading Normal, ANTICIPAED problems data and this lead to wrong ac- due to the ordinary expected tions.“We must notfocus on just the situations or the systems We must observe all symptoms which have failed in the past. and ultimate consequencesproblem, since we We should have already de- of the failed system but also thewill also need to veloped, documented and Good system that are remain-maximize the good trained with specific proce- ing. We must not focus on justsystem for the dures and solutions. the problem, since we will alsosolution”. New, UN-ANTICIPATED situa- need to maximize the good sys- tions or system failures which tem for the solution. have never come up before and for which there is no spe-
  11. 11. Page 11 Communiqué Issue 3, 2011 Jan DTM Welcomes New Members New members with Guests, Coordinators and Club Ex-com 23 enthusiastic new members were inducted to Dukhan Toastmasters on completionof a successful speech craft session. The 4th Speechcraft Program of DTM which started on 1stOctober 2010 came to a conclusion by a Grand Finale on 1st Nov 2010. Twenty Three vibrantSpeechcrafters learned public speaking skills through 8 brainstorming sessions. Chief Coordina-tor was Vice President Education, TM Nasimudheen A Hameed and Asst. Coordinators were TMSalauddin, MTM Kalavathi Sachi, MTM Sredevi Kiran, TM Pareeduddin, TM Luis & TM AmitDesai. Education Module Presenters were TM Sameer Hassan Moosa (ADGET), TM Koka Prasad(Founder President and Dist 79 champion), TM Sudhir Pandra(Past Division-E Governer), TMVirendranath (Past Div PRO), TM Mantha Srinivas (Div E Gavels Club Coordinator) & TM PaulEasy (Past Div E Secretary). Education Modules were ‘Selecting a Topic, Work with Words,Evaluate to motivate, Body Gestures, Organize your speech and Vocal variety’. Speechcraft-2010 Grand Finale ended with stunning performances of Speech-crafters in thepresence of anelite audienceincluding digni-taries from QPDukhan Man-agement andToastmastersFraternity. TheChief Guest wasMr. Saoud AlRuwaili-AsstManager (GasRecycling) andGuests of Honorwere Mr. AliNasser Al Ku-baisi–Area Co- New members are being inducted by VP-Membership TM Saluddinordinator (DSSA), Mr. Patrick Choueiri-Business and Community Relations Coordinator,TM Mohamed Salil– A/Head of Maintenance & Engineer Support, TMI Div-E (Qatar)Governor MTM Subha S Anupindi, Div-K (Bahrain) Governor TM Dinesh, Div-E Asst.Governor (E&T) TM Sameer Hassan Moosa, Div-E Asst Governor (Marketing) TM AbidHussaini and Area 28 Governor TM Hari Raghavan.
  12. 12. Feed BackSpeech Craft 2010 TM Musthafa Sange How many of us can email invitation to Speech- club. I felt that anspeak? I know it is a silly craft Program – 2010 from amount of Qr. 300/- whenquestion. Well, we all Mr. Nasimudheen Abdul compared to many thou-can speak but how many of Hameed, Vice President - sands of riyals spent byus can stand firm on our Education of Dukhan people to attain self de-feet and speak to an audi- Toastmasters Club. Un- velopment was minimal.ence, express our thoughts aware an opportunity lies Then why not give a try.and convey our messages at the door step; I did not On the first day ofso clearly that, they can pay much attention to the the Speechcraft Programtake it home. Audience email. When I met him - 2010 I noticed twentycould be your boss, col- personally, he explained to plus like minded candi-leagues, family members, me the importance and definite message to the au- dates who joined the pro-friends or strangers etc. benefits of Speechcraft Pro- dience is enormous. Pre- gram to attain change. gram. But, still I was re- paring a speech and deliv- This is my journey Initially I was nervous, luctant to join. ering with conviction is antowards a change. When I having cold feet and I was art and I am learning it.first read about Toastmas- Often I use to see in shaky. As the programters in Dukhan News Bul- our mail, Toastmasters progressed gradually my I asked a question inletin, immediately a Magazine addressed to Mr. confidence started to the beginning, how many ofthought triggered in my Wilfred Gonsalves. One build. During the span of us can speak? Not everymind, are they really toast- day Mr. Gonsalves visited the Speechcraft Program one has the courage, dedi-ing bread? I also noticed my office. I was not aware I managed to give three cation and attitude to standMr. Munna Bhai receiving that he was the President projects. It was a big firm on ones feet and de-an award. It was a big of the Dukhan Toastmas- achievement for me be- liver a speech. If you likesurprise to me, how come ters Club. I asked him cause I never thought I to give it a try, an opportu-Mr. Munna Bhai (Sameer) about Toastmasters and could ever speak in front nity is available within ouris interested in toasting what they do. He ex- of an audience. community. Avail the ser-bread. As I know him per- plained that it is a place to vices at Dukhan Toastmas- From the Speech-sonally this cannot be true. learn the art of public ters Club. craft Program and Toast-After inquiring, I found speaking and invited me to masters I learnt a lot. Toastmasters defi-out that he received an join. He said that I don’t Not only how to speak but nitely brought aaward not for toasting have to say or do anything, the positive and optimis-bread but for talking… just sit and listen. Mr. change in me and it tic attitude that is to betalking… & talking… Gonsalves convinced me brought in while speak- might bring the same and I decided to join the in you. One day I received an ing. The effort that goes TM Ashraf Mohammed Toastmasters helped us to improve our confidence level and makes us feel ‘nothing is impossible’ if we approach the things with a Positive attitude, dedication and hard work". As for me, I had opportunities in life to face an audience and to present things, but it was a Himalayan task, However due to joining Toastmasters I was able to achieve it and had the opportunity to conduct a program as Master of a Ceremony. I felt that I made the right choice of joining Toastmaster to boost my confidence level. TM Rizwan Pawne I had joined the Speechcraft Program to gain the skill and confidence requiredto effectively express myself and to get rid of the fear factor. Within the first coupleof days of the program, I could effectively expressed myself in front of an audience. I would like to thank Dukhan Toastmasters for running the Speechcraft Pro-gram as we learnt the basics of evaluation, impromptu speaking etc. I definitelygained and benefitted from attending Speechcraft program and would recommend itto my fellow Dukhan residents.
  13. 13. Page 13 Communiqué Issue 3, 2011 Jan Communiqué www.dukhantoastmasters.org Ashique Jamaluddin Photo toast ashiquejam@rediffmail.com Lotuses of Lalbagh: These lotuses were photographed in Lalbagh, Bangalore, India. Do the beauty of these flowers in spite of the dirty surroundings tell us something?Designed & edited by TM Muhammed Ismayil, CC,CL-Vice President (Public Relations), DTM.