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Bina Nusantara (BiNus) university Jakarta Indonesia International Program brochure. Prsentation on Sat,10-12-11Swiss-bell hotel Doha. You can download

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Binus internationalbrochurerev4

  1. 1. DOING WHAT I LOVELOVING WHAT I DO I am proud to share with you that, since the launching of BINUS INTERNATIONAL in 2001, we have academic partnerships with reputable Australian universities, institutions in the United Kingdom and in Germany, proof that our academic quality is acceptable to world-class universities. Many factors contribute to our distinctive success, and foremost would be WELCOME NOTE our people who together create an ideal environment within which you can learn. We understand that to be successful in their careers, our graduates should From the Executive Dean have soft skills in addition to the knowledge that they gain. Therefore, aside from strongly promoting academic excellence, we also believe that a key role of our programs is to prepare people for entry to the workforce. Firdaus A. Alamsjah, Ph.D With this in mind, we have built, and are strengthening, links with industry,TABLE OF CONTENT business, overseas partner universities, and communities to help provide a focus on the types of education required to achieve the best outcome A warm welcome to BINUS INTERNATIONAL, for our students. Education at BINUS INTERNATIONAL is about creating opportunities for your future. your pathway to global recognition.01 Welcome Note 02 Remarks from the Dean of Programs 03 AboutBINUS INTERNATIONAL 07 Testimonials 09 International Exprosure At BINUS INTERNATIONAL we also see each student’s experience as more than just getting a degree - we emphasize the value of the whole11 Accounting & Finance Programs 12 Business & Management university experience. Student clubs, internships, linked and matched curricula are part of our commitment to produce excellent, smart and well-Programs 14 Computing Programs 16 Communication & Media rounded graduates.Programs 18 Art & Design Programs 22 Table of Major & Streaming BINUS INTERNATIONAL students are encouraged to think independently and creatively. Through our many partnerships with international and24 About Master Track Programs 25 Our Partners in Education local organizations, students have opportunities during their study to26 Our Core Faculty 31 Service Excellence and State of The Art Facilities work with external partners, producing real-world solutions to real-world problems. In other words, BINUS INTERNATIONAL offers practical as well32 Awards & Achievements 33 Student & Alumni Activities 34 Entry as theoretical orientations. Our students ‘do’ as well as ‘learn’.Requirements 35 BINUS SQUARE - Hall of Residence We will help prepare you for a fulfilling and exciting life as part of a local and global community, and encourage you to think of your university days as an introduction to lifelong learning and the development of an inquiring mind. BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 | 01
  2. 2. Remarks from the Dean of Programs ABOUT BINUS MINALDI LOEIS Dean of Program BINUS INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL The Student Lifestyle Here at BINUS INTERNATIONAL, you will spend the days of your study along with your fellow friends in a conducive, city campus environment. Here are glimpses of what you would experience here as a student: The BINUS INTERNATIONAL Experience FOCUSED LEARNING When we design our programs, we have the Here at BINUS INTERNATIONAL, we prioritize the need of each and ‘Student’s Experience’ in mind. We realize that every student for a more focused learning process. Each class has the current speed of change in a globalizing world has a far reaching impact on those who will enter limited seats to ensure that each and every student receives the utmost the job market and start new businesses. New attention from their lecturers. As well, a few students in class mean that ways of thinking and perspectives are necessary there is a sense of closeness between the lecturer and the students, to take on the challenges of the future. thus, ensuring their way to a brighter future. At BINUS INTERNATIONAL, we place creativity ACTIVITIES GALORE and innovation at the core of the learning You would never run out of things to do in or outside the campus of objectives in all of our programs. We believe that BINUS INTERNATIONAL. There are various kinds of clubs run by the the drivers of business growth in the future will students, each with its own engaging activities that would surely fill up be innovative knowledge workers. your days with fun and excitement. Avid readers will enjoy the library Another important aspect of the education with its collections while people-type personalities could chill at the process at BINUS INTERNATIONAL is the student lounge, mingle with fellow BINUSIANS, or enjoy a game with opportunity to learn, get immersed in, and students and lecturers alike – ping pong! experience the wonderful diversity of the world. We design our programs so that students can benefit from the various programs to learn and interact with other cultures and learn new ways of doing things. Experiencing cultural diversity is essential in today’s globalized world. We believe that students can benefit from the opportunities and experiences our unique programs offer: Learning, Studying, Experiencing, and Living in a Growing and Dynamic ASEAN city.02 | BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 03 | BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 | 03
  3. 3. As the campus is located in the center of a Those who are a bit more adventurous couldbusiness and entertainment area, there are many take Jakarta’s signature public transport, the WELCOMING INTERNATIONALplaces to hang out with friends. Walk across the TransJakarta. With its station located at most areascampus and you’ll be at the number one BINUSIAN in Jakarta, you could practically go from almost STUDENTShang out, Senayan City Mall. It is an entertainment anywhere in Jakarta area and get off at the Ratu Indonesia as an ASEAN Regional Huband lifestyle center with numerous shops as well Plaza, which is only a short walk away from campus Many countries in the ASEAN are considered as the countries, according to IMF data in 2010. Also, due toas various events likely to give infinite surprises. area. world’s fastest growing countries, eager to get their its strategic position, Indonesia is considered a hubWalk a bit further and you’ll be at Plaza Senayan, a hands on the larger world market. They are also for economic and business activities in the ASEANmall with different ambience focusing on elegance Moreover, the campus is highly reachable from the considered as growing markets for international trade countries. Indonesia is a great place to learn howand sophistication. This is the place for those who other BINUS institutions and facilities such as the and attracting international investors expanding their business is done in the region since students can get alike to enjoy the finer things in life. BINUS SQUARE - Hall of Residence. This means, you businesses. These countries have become gateways firsthand perspective of the culture and the way of life can expand your network and make friends not only for many businesses expanding in Asia. Among these of an ASEAN country.In the vicinity outside the campus are other with people from BINUS INTERNATIONAL, but also countries, Indonesia has always been predominant,facilities such 7-Eleven, Snapy Print Shop, with other students from other BINUS institutions. being ranked first among the organization’s six majorBoxmart, and more, all guaranteed to serve youand to keep you entertained throughout your studyyears. SUPPORT AND SERVICES FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTSSTUDENT SUPPORTStudents don’t need to worry over things that Quality Assurance Student Visa Applicationsmight distract them from focusing fully on their in Education Applying for visa could be daunting at times. However, you should not worry because BINUS INTERNATIONAL staff will assist you with your visa application. Working with trusted agents with high credibility, we make surestudies because BINUS INTERNATIONAL provides BINUS INTERNATIONAL and BINUS BUSINESS that you can rest easy as your visa processing is in good services such as the Student Service SCHOOL are continuously improving their teachingDesk, the Students and Alumni Relations, and the and learning processes to ensure students acquire the Student AccommodationsEnglish Language Services. Students can expect knowledge, skills, and competencies required for the BINUS INTERNATIONAL provides only the best to its students. We understand the need for a comfortable andacademic and non-academic support services during current increasingly competitive job market. The main safe place for you to stay during your study years. Therefore, we prepared for you a special hall of residence runand after completion of their programs at BINUS objectives in the design of our curricula are to prepare by BINUS UNIVERSITY, the BINUS SQUARE - Hall of Residence.INTERNATIONAL. students in becoming creative professionals and entrepreneurs who are able to leverage the benefitsThe Student Service Desk is your first stop for of globalizing countries and regions. Our curricula arequestions and support. Staff members are ready internationally benchmarked and assessed assist you, may it be a registration process,assignment collection, or making an appointment One of the current improvement efforts beingwith a lecturer, they are always willing to help with a undertaken is our recent membership in thefriendly smile. European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) based in Brussels, Belgium. EFMDMost students found the English Language Service provides accreditation for management education(ELS) to be very helpful in their study years. On board ELS are English lecturers from various countries Lounge 24 - hours minimart Food Galore/Cafetariawho are always ready to resolve your problemsregarding English language, academic writing, andmuch more. ELS also provides regular English Clinics.LOCATION AND ACCESSBINUS INTERNATIONAL is located in the Senayanarea, the center of business and entertainment forSouth Jakarta which means that there are various EFMDways for everyone to get there. For you who preferto travel in your own vehicle, the two main roads ofJl. Jend. Sudirman and Jl. Asia Afrika will take youdirectly to the campus area. Gymnasium Swimming Pool 04 | BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 | 05
  4. 4. Traveling in Indonesia Kuta Beach, Bali Also called Sunset Beach, this is south of Denpasar, aIndonesia is a mystical, beautiful island nation major city on the island of Bali, a famous destinationwith a myriad of culture and tradition that has for foreign tourists with many seaside cafes,attracted visitors throughout the years. We restaurants, stores, and a glorious sun perfect for TESTIMONIALSinvite you to savor the beauty and experience sunbathing.the culture and engage in travel throughout Bunaken Underwater GardenIndonesia. Bunaken is a small island in north of Sulawesi, a part of Manado City famous for its underwater sea park. The sea park of Bunaken is regarded as one with the highest sea biodiversities in the world. Tourists enjoy the sea park by riding the glass-bottomed boat or by scuba diving.Places to GoPangandaran Beach Komodo IslandA beautiful beach in the southern Ciamis Regency STUDENT Located at Nusa Tenggara Timur, this island is hostin West Java, is considered to be the finest beach in to the natural reservation park for the largest livingJava. It offers excellent surfing experience for wave lizard, the Komodo Dragon.chasers. An annual kite-flying festival is held at the Henna Mulani - School of Film Intake 2010beach every July, with colorful kites adorning the vast I chose BINUS INTERNATIONAL due to many recommendations from my high school seniors that has graduated and attended this university. I tok up the film major, at first isky. was actually really confused on what major to choose but after talking to the head of film school and attending the open house day i got attracted by the film school and ended up choosing it. to my surprise i really am enjoying myself with the course and i had learned a lot in the past two semester. i really recommend anyone who is interested in filmmaking and the works of the film industry to join BINUS INTERNATIONAL film major. Heidi Saputra - School of Marketing Intake 2010 BINUS INTERNATIONAL is a very professional university in terms of lecturer and education. They have large varieties of programs and a conducive learning environment to support their student’s learning activities. BINUS also accredited as international university. Giving us a chance to study international level of education in Indonesia. I choose to study marketing management because it matches my need in pursuing my future carrier on business. PARENTS Intan H. Nugroho – TVRI Why I chose BINUS INTERNATIONAL? one of the reasons is because all the courses are conducted in English so that I don’t have to send my daughter abroad. The other reason why I chose BINUS INTERNATIONAL is because BINUS has proven in producing qualified and reliable graduates.06 | BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 | 07
  5. 5. ALUMNI Sandy Marly Colondam, S.Kom., B.Sc. Senior Product Manager, Elasitas Technologies Ltd. School of Computer Science (double degree program) Graduation 2008 With those experiences and from studying at BINUS, I’m ready to be a successful and happy person. My Achievements: • 1st winner, Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest (2008) • 1st winner, Mobile Monday Peer Award (2008) • 1st winner, Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest (2009) • 1st winner, Yahoo Mobile Developer Award (2009) • 1st winner, Creative Solutions Award (2010) by Lintas Artha • 1st winner, Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest (2010) COMPANY I am very pleased with the students and recruiting staff from BINUS INTERNATIONAL. The It provides high quality education by combining latter facilitated the recruitment process, meeting our needs in terms of students and process. LOCAL CAMPUS WITH BINUS UNIVERSITY’s providing industry-relevant INTERNATIONAL The former impressed us. The students have a strong accounting background and excellent English skills. They shout motivation and enthusiasm. We planned to hire 1-2 graduates. We teaching with international education through ended up employed 4. partnership with reputable overseas universities. Our new recruits excite us. We believe that they will have a long and distinguished career with us, whether in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, or globally. If they desire American business school, EXPOSURE By immersing in our culturally diverse education environment, our students gain memorable and valuable learning experience to carry them forward we plan for the very best to enroll them. We are pleased that they have decided to launch their careers with us. in their careers for many years to come. The world is progressing at a rapid rate. Everything This is only the beginning of our relationship with BINUS INTERNATIONAL. We look forward changes continuously, including trends, technology International Curriculum Local Background to hiring many more whilst participating in the education of the student body, through guest and lifestyle. Thus, when it comes to choosing an lecturing. institution of higher learning for your children, it is All teaching materials are based on international important that you choose the one that would help curriculum, and are relevant, up-to-date and in line Erik Stern – CEO of Stern Stewart & Co. them deal with future challenges. A university that with the latest international educational progress. Employer of: Stern Stewart Pte.Ltd. will shape them to be global citizens with global However, the materials also keep sight of local School of Accounting – graduation 2008 (Double Degree Program) competence and local insight, and thus help pave culture and market. All courses are delivered in • Vina Vionita, SE, B.Com. - Financial Analyst, Stern Stewart Pte Ltd (Singapore), their ways to success. English to get students ready to be worthy global Stern Stewart & Co. • Christina, SE, B.Com. – Financial Analyst, Stern Stewart Pte Ltd (Singapore), citizens. Stern Stewart & Co. BINUS INTERNATIONAL, established in 2001, • Josephine Nicole, SE, B.Com. – Financial Analyst, Stern Stewart Pte Ltd (Singapore), understands the future needs and the pressure of On top of that, our lecturers hold master or Stern Stewart & Co. • Pratiwi Putri Wibowo, SE, B.Com. – Financial Analyst, PT Stern Stewart Indonesia, globalization on businesses and job market. A unique doctorate degrees from renowned overseas Stern Stewart & Co. offering from the long standing BINUS UNIVERSITY, universities and emphasize on student-centered which has more than 30 years of experience in teaching method in delivering their expertise. School of Computer Science – graduation 2008 • Daniel Liga, S.Kom. – Financial Analyst, PT Stern Stewart Indonesia, Stern Stewart & Co. providing leading education, BINUS INTERNATIONAL becomes an alternative to studying abroad.08 | BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 | 09
  6. 6. ACCOUNTING & FINANCE PROGRAMS ACCOUNTINGRegional Youth Leaders Conference 2010 Visits from Virginia University, USA Workshop Co-Financing Film Through About the program Digital Media Accounting is the language of business that plays a crucial role in Finance to formulate strategic business decisions and to understand business performance. Aside from preparing financial statements and analyzing cost and efficiency, accountants play important roles in mergers, acquisitions, quality management, information systems, tax strategies and corporate governance. Skills and knowledge acquired from this program will benefit students by helping themPrestigious Partners and International Network achieve their career goal as entrepreneurs or as professionals.BINUS INTERNATIONAL works with reputable overseas partners to ensure the highest standard of education Why Accounting at BINUS INTERNATIONAL?our students can enjoy. Our partners include AUT University, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; BINUS INTERNATIONAL offer the most innovative Accounting degree in Indonesia:Bournemouth University, Northumbria University, UK; Cologne Business School (CBS), Germany; IHTTI School of • We are the first institution to teach International Financial Reporting StandardHotel Management, Switzerland; La Trobe University, Macquarie University, Murdoch University, RMIT University, (IFRS) since 2005.Queensland University of Technology (QUT), University of New South Wales (UNSW), University of Wollongong • We offer a double-degree program with partner universities for worldwide(UOW), Curtin University, Australia; SolBridge International School of Business, Woosong University, South Korea; career opportunities.University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Thailand; University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD), United Arab • We use innovative courses and facilities with the most advanced softwareEmirates; Inholland University in Amsterdam (The Netherlands); Ningbo University (Ningbo, China). We also give packages. • We have extensive industry links, particularly to the world’s Big-Four publicstudents access to international alumni networks for their global career, as well as national alumni network for accounting firms and opened opportunities for internships in companies.their return to Indonesia – an advantage often missed out by overseas graduates. Career Outlook As accounting is the backbone of any business, the Accounting major can access a wide range of career opportunities with distinguished career ladders in fields such as management, finance, tax, consultancy, financial audit, financial analysis, accounting and education in private and public sectors.10 | BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 | 11
  7. 7. BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT PROGRAMSINTERNATIONAL BUSINESSAbout the program China and India, in the Middle East, and in Europe.The International Business program provides students with Students taking the International Business program will learna comprehensive view of business at the international level, a foreign language other than English. Study overseas isas well as an opportunity to pursue a multicultural learning mandatory for international business students to completeexperience leading to a career in business. Graduates will the program. Students may choose to spend at least onehave the ability to thrive in transnational corporations or semester studying abroad or at least one year in a twinninghelp local businesses compete internationally. program. At the end of the twinning program, students are to receive a Sarjana degree from BINUS INTERNATIONAL and a HOSPITALITY &Why study International Business at BINUSINTERNATIONAL? Bachelor Degree from our overseas partner university. TOURISM MANAGEMENTThe International Business program is designed to prepare Career Outlookfuture professionals with a solid foundation of knowledge The curriculum of the International Business programand competencies required in helping businesses face prepares graduates for various career options as About the program BINUS UNIVERSITY and JW Marriott Hotel Jakartathe challenges of globalization. On top of the traditional professionals or entrepreneurs. Graduates are equipped with Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) focusing signed a cooperation agreement, where the hotelbusiness basics, students acquire international management the understanding of cross-country business operations and in double-degree program where students spend provides practical training facilities including ancompetency and in-depth knowledge in their chosen area of are ready for various posts in management. three year at BINUS INTERNATIONAL and one year exact replica of a Marriott Deluxe Room, guestexpertise such as business in the ASEAN, in the East Asia, in lecturers from the industry, table manner lessons, at a reputable university / hotel school in Australia, UK or Germany. During their study, students will gain events and activities for students and school staff, real industry work experience through 1 x 6-month industry placements of student, and vacancy offers atMARKETING internships at renowned hotels or hospitality and tourism enterprises in Indonesia and in Global BINUS Job Expo. In addition Hospitality and Tourism Management School also has a strong partnershipAbout the program Why study Marketing at BINUS INTERNATIONAL? Companies such as Marriott, Laguna, Westin with various acknowledged Hospitality and TourismMarketing involves all activities and processes carried out The curriculum is designed to equip students with basic (Starwood Group) and the Intercontinental Group. industry locally and internationally, such as Grandto create, communicate, deliver, and exchange company’s scientific marketing paradigms, theoretical frameworks, Hyat, Nikko Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, Sheraton,products, services and offerings that bring value to and applied skills as well as to familiarize them with Why study Hospitality and Tourism Management at Bvlgari Bali, St. Regist Bali, Ayana Resort and Spa,customers, partners, and other stakeholders. With increasing contemporary technology to support their competence ascompetition in business, company needs and demands for future marketing professionals. Students have the option to BINUS INTERNATIONAL? Pullman Kuching, Banyan Tree Bintan, and many professionals and managers is likewise increasing. pursue a double bachelor degree with our overseas partners The Course is designed to generate job-readyMarketing professionals and managers are required to have and to choose a streaming and a minor title based on their graduates who will become effective and innovative Career Outlookan understanding and mastery of key marketing concepts, interest. managers with in-depth knowledge and outsanding Graduates will be ready to pursue attractive careertools, and technology to stay ahead of the competition. competencies in hospitality and tourism management possibilities worldwide at hotels, exclusive residences, Career Outlook with international qualifications. This program holiday resorts, food and beverage services, MICE The Marketing major offers a wide range of employment opportunities in marketing roles from branding, marketing sets an international curriculum and syllabi that (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) communication, business development, product marketing, combine practical skills with theoretical management businesses, travel agencies, leisure centers, airlines, sales, market research, customer relationship, finance, knowledge. cruise liners and many more. The managerial positions campaign, to public relations. for the graduates vary widely in various divisions such as general affairs, residence affairs, marketing and sales, banquets and conventions, catering, event organizing, recreational clubs, food and beverage, restaurants, human resources, health and spa, tour operations, and consultancy.12 | BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 | 13
  8. 8. COMPUTING PROGRAMS COMPUTER INFORMATION SCIENCE SYSTEMS About the program In this information era, computer science has gone beyond About the program simple use of computer software. Graduates need the ability Rapid advancements in technology, together with global to understand, create and support computing solutions for lifestyle changes, are demanding more interconnections their own business, their clients, or their employers. between individuals, companies and countries. The integration of various systems runs parallel with the need Why study Computer Science at BINUS to distribute information to multiple parties across cultural, INTERNATIONAL? geographic, and state borders in more accurate, faster, The Computer Science major is designed to provide more reliable and more secure ways. Information Systems graduates with thorough understanding of the theories, is an interdisciplinary field that deals with the intelligent methods and systems used by the computing industry. It application of technology to address business challenges. produces graduates who are knowledgeable and creative, Information Systems professionals balance technological who have excellent programming skills, who are capable of knowledge with strategic and managerial skills. designing, implementing and maintaining complex software systems, and who are readily adaptable to new advances in Why Information Systems at BINUS INTERNATIONAL? the rapidly changing IT environment. The Information Systems major is designed to provide graduates with a unique blend of theoretical foundations The program provides intensive specialist courses in and practical applications, to help students interact with industry-applied skills appropriate to IT professionals in the world-class faculty and students, and to treasure cultural areas of Computer Forensics & Security, Games Technology, opportunities and diversity. Streamings encourage students and other interesting computing areas. Students enjoy the to explore their interests such as project management internationally recognized curriculum and an opportunity or information systems audit. A wide variety of elective to get professional certifications in major areas of the IT courses, contemporary minors, and accelerated master industry that will make them successful in their career. degree programs allow students to take advantage of the many unique educational opportunities available at BINUS Career Outlook INTERNATIONAL. Dual-degree programs offer students a Computer Science graduates are in a position to gain study-abroad experience, to open doors to the expanding employment as computing professionals in a number of global opportunities in the information systems industry. fields, such as systems analysis and design, applications software development, data communication, network Career Outlook computing, and multimedia production, including graphics, Graduates typically join companies either as consultants, animation and games. Graduates may join commercial business analysts, systems analysts, enterprise systems organizations, government institutions, financial institutions, architects, systems programmers, systems administrators, telecommunication companies, IT companies, or other project managers, or as IS auditors. With a solid background organizations. The career opportunities are unlimited for in strategic and managerial areas, graduates will also have computer science graduates. prospect in management positions in IT departments and IT companies.14 | BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 | 15
  9. 9. “ YOU HAVE MANY YEARS AHEAD OF YOU TO CREATE THE DREAMS THAT WE CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE DREAMING. YOU HAVE DONE MORE FOR THE COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS OF THIS PLANET THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW.” COMMUNICATION & MEDIA STEVEN SPIELBERG PROGRAMS COMMUNICATION FILM About the program About the program Why study Film at BINUS INTERNATIONAL? Streaming in Public Relations, Advertising, and Journalism. Public Relations is the practice of managing In recent years film industry in Indonesia continues to grow The program treats technical skills as an integral part in the communication between an organization or a program and the public. In most cases, public relations is and has manage to become an important part in the creative understanding the aesthetics, communication, social and concerned with maintaining the public image of high-profile person, commercial businesses and organizations, industry. The big screen movies, independent films and cultural knowledge of film. Better understanding in artistic such as non-profit associations and programs. This stream is part of the Communication program; therefore, it television shows in Indonesia have been gaining momentum choices, narratives, society’s requirements, and the media provides courses that are also useful for the Advertising and Journalism streams. in recent years after long period of dormancy. More compact world will create filmmakers who possess aesthetic and and cheaper filmmaking technology has opened doors for managerial authority – the type of filmmakers who creates Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade the public (readers, listeners or viewers). filmmakers to experiment with various themes and styles of impact in building the society. Advertising persuades by using mass media forms such as the printed newspaper, brochures, magazine movies. articles, radio, television, and the internet. Advertising can be used for commercial purposes to encourage On top of mastering the technical skills, the creative sides people to purchase products and services or for social purposes to take action on ideas. However, on top of the skills, knowledge, and creative related to storytelling, forms, styles and aesthetics, and attitudes in filmmaking, great filmmakers have to have the content; students also learn the financial and managerial Journalism is the investigation and reporting of events, issues, and trends to a broad audience. Besides sense of art and socio-cultural understanding in order to side of the film business. covering organizations and institutions such as government and business, journalism also covers the cultural create notable films that engage the audience and bring aspects of society such as arts and entertainment. economic and business benefits In addition, the program also offers student to explore film studies and film history. Why study Communication at BINUS INTERNATIONAL? Career Outlook Student who study communication at BINUS INTERNATIONAL will have competence in: Graduates have extensive knowledge and hands-on • Capability to analyze and understand the public in designing the most effective way and the best choice experience on filmmaking and are ready to pursue career of medium of communication at various positions in creative industry, such as film • Ability to speak in the front of public production, television shows, TV commercials and music • Skill to make effective presentation videos, as well as film journalist and film critic. • Skill to create descriptive, explanatory, argumentative, and persuasive writing effectively • Skill to create effective audio, visual and audio visual media presentation • Capability to plan media programming • Capacity to create written phrase, sound bytes, visual images, and audiovisual form to get public attention Career Outlook • Public Relations & Propaganda Officer • Copywriter in an advertising agency • Media Planner & Programmer • Journalist in the printed press, radio, television & internet news agencies16 | BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 | 17
  10. 10. ART & DESIGN PROGRAMS “FASHION IS NOT SOMETHING THAT EXIST IN DRESSES ONLY. FASHION IS IN THE SKY, IN THE STREET, FASHION FASHION MANAGEMENT HAS TO DO WITH IDEAS, THE WAY WE LIVE, WHAT IS HAPPENING.” About the program There’s more to the fashion industry than meets the eye. To develop fashion products and services and to design business strategies that meet customer needs, players in this field need COCO CHANEL to analyze fast-changing market needs and trends based on social, economic, political, and cultural elements. FASHION DESIGN Why study Fashion Management at BINUS INTERNATIONAL? This double-degree program includes management and creative skills to develop creative expertise for the fashion industry and business knowledge for running it. Students are groomed About the program to become qualified, professional experts in the fashion industry with knowledge in promotion, Fashion is one of the most lucrative multimillion-dollar industries in the world involving branding, visual communication skills and product development. millions of workers. One indispensable role is the creator. To capture buyers in a highly competitive market, fashion designers must challenge creativity in composing new and fresh The internship program, field trips and real projects within the industry are practical, industrial approaches to energize their products. This Bachelor of Arts program is designed for creative hands-on and eye-opening experiences. These programs develop student abilities to function thinkers interested in transforming their ideas and vision into fashion design products. professionally and learn ethical and organizational responsibilities. Aside from providing students with work experience, the industrial internship program teaches them to cope with Why Fashion Design at BINUS INTERNATIONAL? work demands and pressures. This can help and support individual career aspirations and The four-year and double degree program at BINUS INTERNATIONAL serve the needs to provide social and professional networks. expand the workplace globally. Graduates are responsive to the dynamic market of ready to wear; women’s wear, men’s wear and children’s wear. In addition, graduates are equipped with Career Outlook knowledge of trend forecast in order to shape the vision; communication skills to transform Recruitment in the fashion industry has grown beyond recruiting graduates for traditional a set of meaning to the end user and production experience to meet industrial requirements. design and production roles. Focusing on acquiring knowledge of fashion business strategy During their study, there will be one dedicated semester focus on Internship, which prepares and promotion, today’s graduates can engage in creative product development and in business the graduates as fashion professionals. management skills. These graduates are ready to work in retail industries; in fashion trends forecasting consultancies; in trends research companies; as well as in media, advertising and To support exciting learning activities, BINUS INTERNATIONAL invites lecturers and guest public relations companies. lecturers who are the industry professionals, and provides studio facilities such as garment productions workrooms, fabric lab, computer lab, and photography studio. Students may pursue a double degree to obtain a Sarjana Seni (S.Sn.) and a Bachelor of Art with Honours (BA-Hons). Career Outlook Graduates are ready to meet the industry in response to various market levels, from medium to mass production. They are ready to work in design consultancy, fashion styling, media communication, textile design, trends forecasting consultancy, retail chain networks, or as budding entrepreneurs creating their own lines to capture the diversity of styles and needs in the world of fashion.18 | BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 | 19
  11. 11. GRAPHIC DESIGN &NEW MEDIAAbout the program Career OutlookEverything that needs to be visually communicated to the Graduates will be able to pursue attractive careeraudiences – such as products, services, company images possibilities worldwide at graphic design houses,and campaign messages – needs Graphic Design and creative houses, art galleries, brand developmentNew Media process to create the visual representation consultancies, corporate communication consultancies,of ideas and relay them to the audience to create desired as well as entrepreneurs and freelancers.impact. As advertising industry develops, the need ofcapable graphic designers are more than ever.Why study Graphic Design & New Media at BINUSINTERNATIONAL?The Graphic Design and New Media Program offers avariety of opportunities in creative industry areas. It isfor any student who wants to enhance their creativityand knowledge in challenging competition of professionaldesigners and global creative industry. The four-yearstudy program offers double degree option, catering thefirst year for building solid foundation, and the remainingthree years for enhancing students’ skills in creativeproduct development. In this program, the students learnhow to integrate technical skills, theoretical knowledge Interactive Digital Mediaand imagination in art and design to meet industrystandards. About the program We live in an exciting world where new interactions between humans and machines are rapidly evolving. In choosing Interactive Digital Media, you will immerse yourself in creative processes: designing and creating new interactive content for areas such as game design, retail business, advertising, and the arts. Why study Interactive Digital Media at BINUS INTERNATIONAL? The Interactive Digital Media program is multidisciplinary in nature. Students will initially learn design processes, principles, and practice and then continue by learning computing technologies and skills in implementing their designs. Through this program, students will acquire skills in creating and using 2D and 3D imagery and animation, computer programming, and integrating content with multimedia devices. Creativity and imagination are required to enter this program. Career Outlook Graduates will be able to enter the fast developing creative industries such as the game industry, software design, fashion, art, film, and animation. In business, students can also choose careers in areas such as advertising, retailing, and product design. New career areas are also constantly developing which are open to graduates of this program. 20 | BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 | 21
  12. 12. TABLE OF MAJOR & STREAMING 2012/2013 Major Streaming Single BINUS Double Degree Degree Partners Degree Applied Accounting - SE √ Bachelor of Commerce in Applied Accounting (B.Com.) from Curtin University of Technology, Australia Accounting & Finance SE √ Bachelor of Commerce in Finance (B.Com.) Curtin University of Technology, Australia Accounting Accounting & International Business SE √ Bachelor of Arts in International Business (BA) from Cologne Business School, Germany Minor in Information Sytems Audit & Assurance √ SE Minor in Marketing √ SE Public Relation √ S.I.Kom. √ TBA Communication Advertising √ S.I.Kom. √ TBA Journalism √ S.I.Kom. √ TBA Application Programming S.Kom. √ Bachelor of Information Technology in Application Programming (B.Info.Tech.) from RMIT University, Australia Business Applications S.Kom. √ Bachelor of Information Technology in Business Application (B.Info.Tech.) from RMIT University, Australia Computer Science √ S.Kom. √ Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (B.Sc.) from Murdoch University, Australia Digital Systems Security S.Kom. √ Bachelor of Computer Science (B.Comp.Sc.) from University of Wollongong, Australia Enterprise Systems S.Kom. √ Bachelor of Computer Science (B.Comp.Sc.) from University of Wollongong, Australia Games Technology √ S.Kom. √ Bachelor of Science in Games Technology (B.Sc.) from Murdoch University, Australia Multimedia Design S.Kom. √ Bachelor of Information Technology (B.Info.Tech.) from RMIT University, Australia Multimedia & Game Development S.Kom. √ Bachelor of Computer Science (B.Comp.Sc.) from University of Wollongong, Australia Network Programming S.Kom. √ Bachelor of Information Technology (B.Info.Tech.) from RMIT University, Australia Computer Science Computer Forensics and Security √ S.Kom. Software Engineering S.Kom. √ Bachelor of Computer Science (B.Comp.Sc.) from University of Wollongong, Australia System Administration S.Kom. √ Bachelor of Information Technology (B.Info.Tech.) from RMIT University, Australia Web Systems S.Kom. √ Bachelor of Information Technology (B.Info.Tech.) from RMIT University, Australia Minor ini Accounting √ S.Kom. Minor in Graphic & New Media √ S.Kom. Minor in Information Sytems √ S.Kom. Minor in Marketing √ S.Kom. Fashion Design √ S.Sn. √ BA (Hons) : Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Fashion Management √ S.Sn. √ BA (Hons) : Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Film Production √ S.Sn. √ TBA Film Film Studies √ √ TBA S.Sn. Graphic Design and New Media √ S.Sn. √ Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Curtin University of Technology, Australia √ S.Sn. √ BA (Hons) : Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Graphic & New Media √ S.Sn. √ BA (Hons) : Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK (4 years at BINUS INTERNATIONAL) Interactive Digital Media √ S.Sn. TBA TBA √ SE √ Bachelor of Business (B.Bus.) from La Trobe University, Australia Hospitality and Tourism Management √ SE √ Bachelor of Arts (BA) from from Cologne Business School, Germany √ SE √ BA (Hons) : Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Bournemouth University, UK √ SE Swiss Higher Diploma in International Hotel & Tourism from IHTTI School of Management, Switzerland Business Information Technology S.Kom. √ Bachelor of Commerce in Business Information Technology (B.Com.) from Curtin University of Technology, Australia International Trade S.Kom. √ Bachelor of Arts in International Business (BA) from Cologne Business School, Germany Information Technology S.Kom. √ Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) from Queensland University of Technology, Australia Information Technology Service Science or S.Kom. √ - Information Systems Science Information Systems Audit & Assurance √ S.Kom. Information Systems Project Management √ S.Kom. Information Systems General √ S.Kom. Minor in Accounting √ S.Kom. Minor in Computer Science √ S.Kom. Minor in Marketing √ S.Kom. Minor in International Businesst √ S.Kom. Business in Europe SE √ Bachelor of Business Administration (B.BA) from Inholland University of Science Business in East Asia SE √ Bachelor of Art (BA in International Business) from Cologne Business School, Germany Strategic Management SE √ Bachelor of Art (BA in International Business) from Cologne Business School, Germany International Business Business in China-India SE √ Bachelor of Business Administration (B.BA) from International College, Ningbo University, China Business in ASEAN √ SE University of New South Wales, Australia; Solbridge International School of Business, Korea; Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Business in Middle East √ SE University of Wollongong, Dubai, UAE Students taking International Business are required to spend either at least 1 semester (Single Degree) or at least 1 year abroad at our partner university (Double Degree). Students may choose a destination from our list of partner universities Marketing & International Business SE √ Bachelor of Arts in International Business (BA) from Cologne Business School, Germany Marketing & Management SE √ Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing (B.Com.) from Curtin University of Technology, Australia Marketing Marketing Management √ SE Minor in Accounting √ SE Minor in Information Sytems √ SE22 | BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 | 23
  13. 13. 1 2 4 3 5 6 7 8 ABOUT MASTER TRACK 9 10 11 PROGRAM The BINUS INTERNATIONAL Master Track program was developed in cooperation OUR PARTNER IN EDUCATION with Macquarie University. This program 1. Auckland University of Technology (AUT) University, provides BINUS INTERNATIONAL students New Zealand the opportunity to earn both Bachelor and 2. Bournemouth University, United Kingdom 3. Cologne Business School (CBS), Germany Master degrees within a shorter timeframe. 4. Curtin University, Australia 5. IHTTI School of Hotel Management, Switzerland 6. InHolland University, Netherlands 7. La Trobe University, Australia 8. Macquarie University, Australia 9. Murdoch University, Australia The curriculum allows students to complete their 10. Ningbo University, China 11. Northumbria University, New Castle, UK Bachelor Degree within 7 (seven) semesters 12. Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia in Jakarta, followed by 2 (two) semesters for 13. RMIT University, Australia completing the Master Degree at Macquarie 14. SolBridge International School of Business, Woosong University, University in Sydney, Australia. South Korea 15. University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia The Master Degree options in the Master Track 16. University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC), Thailand Program are: 17. University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD), United Arab Emirates • Master of Commerce in Accounting and Finance 18. University of Wollongong (UOW), Australia • Master of Commerce in Business 19. Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand • Master of Commerce in Marketing • Master of International Business Sarjana Degree From Master Degree From 12 13 14 1524 | BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 BINUS INTERNATIONAL - BROCHURE 2012-2013 | 25 16 17 18 19