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  1. 1. Media KitBrought to you by
  2. 2. At Rising Results, Inc. we feel that our reputation for honest andreliable business conduct is tested and proven in each transaction wemake. Our experienced marketing team recognizes the fact that everyclient is unique and that what works for one client may not necessarilywork for another. As consultants to your company, we pride ourselveson responding to your unique needs and goals. You can expect us toprovide highly targeted leads that will dramatically increase yourenrollment acquisitions.If you are a company with an online advertising presence, RisingResults, Inc. can help you maximize your advertising potential.Whether you represent a prestigious university or a small businesslooking to target consumers close to home, we will create a customadvertising campaign to fit your requirements. With a customerretention rate of 95%, alongside my 18 years of marketing experience, Iam confident that whatever arena you are competing in, we have a“turn key” solution to meet your advertising needs. At RisingResults, our goal is to develop and maintain long term relationshipswith our clients; and we accomplish this by delivering quality workand service. Warmest Regards, Paul Cetrola Founder and CEO
  3. 3. About Top College Top College has one specific goal; to connect prospectivestudents to the best nationally accredited universities that the world ofonline education has to offer. By providing in-depth and diverse coverageof the world of distance learning in a friendly format, TCD acts as aninformation portal for potential students. In working with a multitude of unique schools and universities, werecognize the need for a convenient, one-stop resource that bringstogether new students and educators. Since the launch of in 2005, we havesuccessfully connected more than 3 million students to the adult onlineeducation programs of their choice and by doing so have helped to turntheir dreams into reality.
  4. 4. Top College Degrees homepage highlights selected schools in our sliding showcase. You’llinstantly catch the eye of inquiring minds.
  5. 5. Are you looking to dramatically increase new enrollment acquisitions for youruniversity? If so, Rising Results, Inc. can help. Our lead generation tools and our11+ years of advertising expertise will ensure that you acquire qualified customerswho are specific to your product or service. Inquire with one of our experiencedmarketing consultants about our rates, and which service is right for YOU!At Rising Results, we understand that advertising is most effective when it reachesthe right audience in the right mindset, and at the right time!We will place your creative on our self-owned and operated education via an eye-catching landing page. The prospectivestudent will proceed through a three-step process.Step#1: Self select the school(s) of interest.Step#2: Read detailed information about the particular school to ensure that itmeets the student’s individual needs.Step#3: Provide requested information and submit the form to ensure that anenrollment specialist from the selected school will make contact with the studentto provide any further information requested. A confirmation email is then sent tothe prospective student thanking them for interest in your school.
  6. 6. Get your university noticed instantlyin the most visually appealingsection of our website. Have yourschool listed in our rotating“Featured School Showcase”designed with your custom graphicsand logos.If your school offers unique and/orniche programs, take full advantage ofour “Career Spotlight” section on homepage andget noticed instantly! Speak to one ofour experienced representatives andget your school featured today!Along with our first rate education-oriented content, your informationwill be positioned on a banner onour homepage. Consult with anR.R. account manager to discusscampaign rates and placementoptions.
  7. 7. Advertising with TCD provides more prospective students for your enrollment counselors! Our expert technical team will design a custom landing page for your school based on your needs and at no additional cost. “We have a 95% customer retention rate because we consistently refine our site with the latest technology and marketing strategies to stay competitive in this ever-changing market.”Sample Custom Landing Pages ~Paul Cetrola, CEO
  8. 8. Leads are validated in real time via our proprietary LeadXpert software. LeadXpert will correct, standardize, and enhance contact data to fit your needs.LX employs a complete range of tools and custom filters that examine and convert the data collected, and can deliver your leads via email, FTP, XML or API Technologies. CHECKING STATUS:You’ll receive a login to our lead validation system-LX-to track theprogress of all lead flow in REAL TIME and export files for your records. Our LX software will identify any fictitious or ill-formed information such as an invalid email address. LX will also verify all address and zip code information and, most importantly, will confirm a valid phone number.
  9. 9. Why Choose • With over 11 years of experience in the field of direct marketing, Rising Results provides clients with a unique blend of strategic planning, creative thinking, and efficient production practices to maximize your enrollment goals. •Get noticed in our “Career Spotlight” sections on our home page. •Dramatically increase your enrollment acquisition . •NO set up fees and NO charges for any technical or creative updates during the life of the campaign. •Unique modeling and targeting to maximize your overall return on investment. •Use of our LeadXpert proprietary 5-tier scrubbing platform.
  10. 10. With our custom designed marketing strategies, we can dramatically increase your enrollment acquisitions and have a significant impact on your return on investment. Contact us today for a free consultation! Paul Cetrola, CEO Maria McVay, Vice President 718-370-8300 Ext. 101 718-370-8300 Ext. 102 maria@risingresults.comSales Team:Anna Cohen-D’Adamo Susan Dogali718-370-8300 Ext. 107 718-370-8300 Ext. Lina Penna Jesse Rothman 718-370-8300 Ext. 109 718-370-8300 Ext.105 Technical Team: John Ramirez Amanda Frisone Howard Stewart 718-370-8300 Ext. 103 718-370-8300 Ext. 104 718-370-8300 Ext. 110