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  1. 1. Rishi Jhunjhunwala Mobile No: 9035771612 Email: PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: Having 4 years of Experience in Oracle Database, SQL Developer, analyzing, developing and testing the Data Warehousing Projects for Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading. Skill Summary: Python: - Well Versed with Python data types, variables, input/output, Iterators, list comprehension, functions, variable scope, modules - creating and using pre-built ones, object oriented programming, inheritance, exception handling and using data structures - Know how to create and manipulate arrays using Numpy and Python. - Know how to use pandas to create and analyze data sets. - Know how to use matplotlib and seaborn libraries to create beautiful data visualization. - Have an understanding of Machine Learning and SciKit Learn. Machine Learning: - Machine learning Using Python • Linear & Logistic Regression • Support Vector Machine • Naive bayes - Natural Language Processing with Python • Language Processing and Python • Accessing Text Corpora and Lexical Resources • Processing Raw Text • Writing Structured Programs R Studio: - Well Versed with conditional statements, loops and functions to power the R scripts. - Manipulation in R with dplyr. - Visualization in R with ggvis. MongoDB: - Good understanding on Creating, Reading and Updating Data (CRUD). - Aggregation Framework used in MongoDB, Replication and Sharding • Proficient in Oracle and SQL Server Database for SQL Queries and PL/SQL. • Experience in developing mappings using Transformations using Informatica, SSIS.
  2. 2. CERTIFICATION & ACHIVEMENT: • Received Rating of 1 in Annual review at CAPGEMINI India Pvt. Ltd for the year 2014 and 2015. • Rising Star Award for the new project in the year 2015@Capgemini. • Oracle 'I-Appreciate' Award in 2016. • Oracle Certified Associate. • Oracle Certified Professionals. • The Ultimate Python Programming Tutorial from Udemy. • Python for Data Analysis and Visualization from Udemy. • Certified from DataCamp in R. • Course completion certificate on MongoDB for Developer from 10Gen, MongoDB. PROJECT SUMMARY: PROJECT-1 @ Oracle Financial Services. Project Name : OFSAA Duration : 14st May 2015 – Till Date. Technology : SQL and PL/SQL developer, MongoDB, R. Project Summary : Enhancing the OFSAA tool for better performance and as per the Client demand. Loading client data and then processing for analyzing purpose. Role : Building codes and Queries using SQL and PL/SQL Developer. Creating mapping for oracle data integrator for loading data. Using MongoDB to shard data across server PROJECT-1 @ Capgemini India Pvt Ltd. Project Name : EISAI (Pharmaceutical Company) Duration : 1st Nov 2012 – 15th Oct 2013 Technology : Toad, Kalido MDM, SSIS, Control M Project Summary : To Map the ETL tool to create relation between tables and Extract out the desired result to form data into Information which can be used for business view. Control M as Scheduling tool to handle the running of ETL Mappings based on daily, weekly monthly and yearly bases. Role : SQL Developer and creation of Mapping in Informatica and also creating scheduling jobs in Control M based on needs and handling Kalido MDM.
  3. 3. PROJECT-2 @ Capgemini India Pvt Ltd. Project Name : AO-SMO Duration : 4st Nov 2013 – 4th May 2015 Organization : Capgemini India Pvt Ltd. Technology : Oracle, SSIS Project Summary : To create a report for all the client of the organization showing the tickets raised, solved, breached and closed based on the client requirements. Role : Worked as a SQL Developer and ETL developer. Loading of Refreshed data to the Database and creating various Procedures packages according to the client requirements to populate the reporting data table. PERSONAL PROFILE: Father’s Name : Om Prakash Jhunjhunwala Address : Marathahalli, Bangalore, 560053 Gender : Male Marital Status : Single. Date of Birth : 22-06-1988 Languages Known : English, Hindi. Nationality : Indian Passport : K1332176 Hobbies : Swimming, Football, Watching Movies & Series. I hereby declare that the information furnished above is correct and true to the best of my Knowledge. Place: Bangalore Rishi Jhunjhunwala Date: