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DrosNotes - Market Recap * The Week Starting June 11th


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An analysis of market activity and stocks to watch based on unusual options activity in the market as well as block trades and other insight.

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DrosNotes - Market Recap * The Week Starting June 11th

  1. 1. DrosNotes June 9, 2018 DROSNOTES The Market On Friday (the 8th & Week Ahead - Starting the 11th) Despite an early dip on Friday, the markets recovered. A great deal of the final move was on the back of biotech and $AAPL (Apple now having a market capitalization of 1 trillion dollars. A lot of my picks lean towards the biotech sectors for names I’ll be looking at. For bullish moves on ETFs, I’ll be watching $BIB $CURE $EWT $NOBL $XLV $INDYA and $EEM. DrosNotes 1 “Ad posse ad esse”
  2. 2. DrosNotes June 9, 2018 On the ETF bull-side, cases can be made for $DBA (agriculural ETF - possibly bearish on tariff talks..and the same tariff talks $CORN (Corn ETF) and solar’s $TAN ETF. I’m looking for short-terms trades on all those names. And the directions may certainly change. In-terms of stocks on my bullish watch-list, highlights include: - International Paper Co. - ($IP) - Pfizer, Inc - ($PFE) - JPMorgan Chase & Associates ($JPM) - Autozone ($AZO) - Gap Inc, ($GPS) - Nordstrom Inc. ($JWN) - Mylan, Inc ($MYL) - Freeport-McMoran Copper and Gold ($FCX) On the bear side I’ll be watching - First Solar, Inc. ($FSLR) - Nektar Thereapeutics ($NKTR) - Haliburton Corp. ($HAL) - Marthon Oil ($MRO) Energy seems to want an early week breather. $AAPL poised to open +.20 at the present moment. If that’s the case, tech might certainly maintain its’ bullish overall trend. I do expect a very volatile week, and will continue to monitor the action in the volatility futures. DrosNotes 2
  3. 3. DrosNotes June 9, 2018 As for ‘what happened’ Friday. Some notable “Buying On Weakness” and “Selling on Strength” names include: DrosNotes 3
  4. 4. DrosNotes June 9, 2018 And sector-wise: Source: So the only negative inflow sect was Telecommunications…but everything in the other sectors seems a mixed bag. Keep an eye on the names I mentioned, as well large size block trades throughout the week on $EWZ (Brazilian ETF with some bullish news that dropped Friday afternoon), as well as commodity, currency and treasury bond ETFs. On Friday I opened $AMZN weekly calls, $FOXA JUN18 $41 Cs, $SLCA SEP18 $40 Cs $EA JUN18 $138 CS and $EWZ JUN18 $34.5 Cs. Like I said, we have a volatile week ahead. Keep posted the room, my ST and my blog for updates on outlooks. I’ll be posting my Monday watchlist tomorrow night. Cheers, - Dros DrosNotes 4